Okay, but what if Guzma is a Huge Ash Fanboy?

Like, Ash has failed to be champ so many times and keeps trying and that Seems like something  Guzma would relate to.

So he wants Ash to Join Team Skull as his Little Brother.

And then Team Rocket would be Super Jealous, like “How dare this wannabe try and muscle in on our twerp!?”

Also, If  Guzma doesn’t call Team Skull his Ohana at some point I’m gonna be really dissappointed

Lao Huang Appreciation Post

We all know him as Sad Dad, but there’s a lot more to sad dad than just his yelling at the weather and sad dad-ness

Can we please take a moment to appreciate the fact that Lao soloed using the worst set to solo with? I’ve tried on another file with him (he was my leader and the others died, it was also pre chapter 5 so no overdrive, and I had no arts TP gain). Long story short: it involves a lot of sprinting and Untouchable Dash. Lao also lacks access to Unstoppable and Fleet Feet, yet he soloed on a regular basis because his team is simply incompetent.

Lao is a one man army and I wish some of the other main characters really acknowledged that. Myles says Lao’s a Pathfinder ace and says you’re the only one who’s capable of matching his abilities. In the Japanese version of the game, the “A Friend in Need” mission was called “The Pathfinder”. The most anyone in the main story (besides Lao’s team of fanboys) ever acknowledges Lao’s abilities is Vandham who says Lao’s only capable “when he gives a damn”.

Lao is an Army sniper. Well, he used to be. If you read the requirements needed to be a sniper you know that he’s definitely no pushover. And strangely, he’s the first member of the Citan line to not use a katana or sword of some sort. (Citan, Jin, and Dunban).

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Written for this prompt: “Blaine preparing to audition for The Voice and fanboying (or trying not to) over Adam Levine. ("Kurt, what if he turns his chair for me…OMG why did I think this was a good idea??” But of course in the moment Blaine knows how to be charming and professional on stage and is adorable and in awe… Whether Blaine gets on the show or Adam’s team or how far he makes it if he does is your call. I just have always pictured Blaine auditioning and I’d love to see it happen.“