Imagine the demigods at Hogwarts
  • Octavian crushing on his Divination partner Rachel
  • Calypso helping Leo with Herbology after he accidentally sets a plant on fire
  • Demigods learning about the Zoë Nightshade constellation during Astronomy class
  • Percy talking to the Giant Squid in the Great Lake
  • Piper getting jealous when she sees Jason fanboying about his favorite Quidditch teams with Annabeth and Reyna
  • Nico feeling at home with the skulls and green lighting in the Slytherin common room
  • Frank and Hazel cuddling by the Hufflepuff fireplace after finishing their Potions homework
  • Percy sneaking into the kitchen all the time and the house-elves always make him blue cookies and blue food in case he misses home
  • Piper banning Aphrodite girls from brewing love potions
  • Stoll brothers sneaking in Weasley products and pranking people with Peeves
  • Annabeth insisting on taking Muggle Studies so that she can study it from a wizarding point of view
  • Demigods sending owls between the two camps during summer when they miss each other
  • Everyone being able to see thestrals after the war