Favorite Civil War Things (spoilers)

I’ll do an updated version of this when I watch it for the second time but :

~Bucky buying Plums
~Steve saying “c'mon” when Bucky almost killed that dude
~“He said Bucky and suddenly I was 16 year old boy from Brooklyn again.”
~How much t'challa loves his father
~Black Panther’s existence
~The Bike scene
~“Bird costume?”
~“Can you move your seat up?” “No.”
~The look Bucky and Sam gave Steve after he kissed Sharon (I 178% don’t ship it though)
~“I can’t go to Germany.” “Why not?” “I have homework.”
~“Spider-ling… Crime-fighting-spider…Spider-boy..?” “Spider-man.” (and his face when he said it)
~Spider-man and talking during the airport scene
~Ant-Man fanboying and asking for orange slices
~How much Tony wanted the team to stay together
~“We haven’t met, I’m clintm” “I don’t care.”
~“Give me back my Rhodey!”
~The whole airport scene
~Bucky and Steve staring at each other intensely in the elevator
~Bucky and Steve talking about how old they are
~Black Widow fighting
~Vision cooking for Wanda
~Sam and Bucky interactions
~“Do you like cats?”
~Steve and Bucky fighting tony with the shield (as sad as it was it was great action)
~Steve dropping the shield when Tony said it didn’t belong to him (my poor stony heart)
~T'challa doing the logical thing and not let his emotions cloud his judgement + seeing that Bucky was the victim and helping him when all he wanted to do before was kill him
~Ant man + Tony interaction in prison
~Tony Stank
~How much Tony cares for Rhodes
~The letter from Steve
~“No matter what, I promise, if you need us - if you need me, we’ll be there” (AAAAAWWW)
~Steve’s face in the end when he went to break out his squad from prison



— He hasn’t changed. He’ll do anything for even just a single out and guides the team to victory. That is how Chris-senpai plays.

Watch this stunning footage of the Orion launch from 40 yards back

There’s a reason spectators of launches stand more than seven miles away from the launchpad: All that damn heat and noise would deafen and incinerate anyone too close. But for the benefit of historical records and the enjoyment of fanboys and girls like us, there’s a dedicated team that captures the awesome power of rocket launches. 

This is the job of Lockheed Martin video producer Leif Heimbold, who just finished shooting the launch of NASA’s Orion test flight. His four-person team is tasked with capturing the most unforgiving subject in all of video, where there are no do-overs and the subject is moving faster than a jet airplane.


Poke Minho Time  (∩▂∩)  Minho’s fanboys pointing out what they think is his best feature~

Let’s Go! Dream Team 130601

Big Hero 6 will release on Blu-ray and DVD on February 24!

Walt Disney Home Entertainment will release Big Hero 6 on Blu-ray and DVD. The release will be available for purchase online and in stores across the nation on February 24th.

Official synopsis: From Walt Disney Animation Studios, the team behind Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph comes Big Hero 6, an action-packed comedy-adventure about the special bond that develops between Baymax, a plus-sized inflatable robot, and prodigy Hiro Hamada. When a devastating event befalls the city of San Fransokyo and catapults Hiro into the midst of danger, he turns to Baymax and his close friends adrenaline junkie Go Go Tomago, neatnik Wasabi, chemistry whiz Honey Lemon and fanboy Fred. Determined to uncover the mystery, Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-tech heroes called Big Hero 6.

Special Features:
•Theatrical Short Feast
•Deleted Scenes
•And Never Before Seen Extras

Reasons why the Marvel Adventures line was one of my favorite Marvel books:

Storm and Captain America are co-leaders of the Avengers

Thor and Storm go on a date and the rest of the team have to distract Odin, who is trying to set Thor up with someone else

At one point, the team goes to watch old film reels of Captain America during WW2 and gives them the MST3K treatment

Janet Van Dyne is Giant-Girl and the Wasp and is totally awesome as both

Hank Pym is Janet’s nerdy scientist boyfriend. Eventually he becomes Ant-Man, but his first appearances are just as Jan’s love interest/biggest fanboy.

Also, this is my favorite version of Hank Pym. He’s nerdy, awkward, and has total confidence issues, but is also a major league sweetheart.

Ants help him win one of his first supervillain fights by singing to him to help him with his confidence issues.

Also, his roommates are ants that throw parties when he’s not home and do sarcastic commentary on stuff

Also also, Luke Cage’s mom is awesome and she sorta adopts the Avengers

At one point she interrupts a phone call from Doctor Doom and everyone pays attention to her and ignores him

There is an issue where the Avengers dogsit Orthus and Cerberus as a favor for Hercules

There is an issue where they go to a fair

There is an issue that is just Steve and Tony giving talks at schools and going to the park and playing basketball

There is an issue where they fight the Hate Monger and he turns them against each other, so they all go to therapy

Spider-Man has a girlfriend who can talk to animals

Her name is Sophia Sanduval and she’s BFF with Emma Frost

Emma Frost is there, but she’s not a villain or a hero. She just uses her powers to do whatever she wants

The Fantastic Four use Reed Richards as a bag

This went on longer than I intended, but the Marvel Adventures line is awesome. It’s all ages, so it gets away from a lot of the less pleasant things that tend to happen in various Marvel universes. It’s probably one of my favorite comics, despite the lack of Maximoffs. You should check it out!

Imagine the demigods at Hogwarts
  • Octavian crushing on his Divination partner Rachel
  • Calypso helping Leo with Herbology after he accidentally sets a plant on fire
  • Demigods learning about the Zoë Nightshade constellation during Astronomy class
  • Percy talking to the Giant Squid in the Great Lake
  • Piper getting jealous when she sees Jason fanboying about his favorite Quidditch teams with Annabeth and Reyna
  • Nico feeling at home with the skulls and green lighting in the Slytherin common room
  • Frank and Hazel cuddling by the Hufflepuff fireplace after finishing their Potions homework
  • Percy sneaking into the kitchen all the time and the house-elves always make him blue cookies and blue food in case he misses home
  • Piper banning Aphrodite girls from brewing love potions
  • Stoll brothers sneaking in Weasley products and pranking people with Peeves
  • Annabeth insisting on taking Muggle Studies so that she can study it from a wizarding point of view
  • Demigods sending owls between the two camps during summer when they miss each other
  • Everyone being able to see thestrals after the war

ok but have you seen marco reus play football? have you seen the unmatched admiration from not only from internet fangirls but also from fanboys supporting top clubs around the world and local fans and commentators and analysts and even his teammates? have you seen the youtube tutorials on how to imitate his freekick top spin and hairstyle?

have you seen how he held together the team when everyone started to think that we might be in bigger trouble? how he signed a new contract when everyone wanted him and when bvb management was applying for a license to play in the second league? how the team found a new energy and saved the season? the amount of confidence he showed in his decision when our other top players were considering a move including our captain mats? how he talked to the media about bvb’s bright future and how no one believed him? and how the positivity has spread to everyone else now?

that’s where the hype comes from.

My Reactions to Chapter 680

Everyone’s falling into the Lava!!

Kakashi saves Sakura and Obito

Naruto fanboying over Kakashi

Sasuke confirms that he had only protected Sakura and Kakashi from the Infinite Tsukuyomi because they happen to be next to Naruto. Tells Naruto to ignore them and focus on the fight.

Naruto seemingly agrees; Sakura’s face…

Naruto says, “My body just moves on its own”, alluding to the time Sasuke protected him way back on their first mission. Sakura’s inner thoughts say, “It’s as Sasuke-kun says… but… thank you Naruto”

Naruto saves Kakashi and Sakura

Sasuke gets hit with Kaguya’s attack

Zombie Kages are on the move!!

Naruto saved his team from falling and is…floating?!?!

Naruto and Kaguya clash! Sasuke joins the attack!!

Hmmm… so it has been confirmed that Sasuke doesn’t care for Sakura or Kakashi. He only sees Naruto as someone useful to help him take down the enemy, everyone else is useless to him. So I guess its safe to assume that Sasuke really was going to cut Sakura down back in chapter 676…

Sakura is so hurt by Sasuke’s attitude, but then Naruto said what he said. He could have said something like, “I will always protect my friends/ precious people” but he choose to quote Sasuke’s words from way back when (chapter 27). He wanted to remind Sasuke that we would have/has had done the same thing, protect his friends. Not only that, but it gave Sakura some reassurance. It helps her see that she is worth something to him (Naruto), and it also gives her hope that Sasuke could be like he was back then.

Naruto always protects Sakura, both physically and emotionally. How can I not ship them?

(On a less serious note… Sakura looked like Kakashi when her head protector slipped down XD)



It was you and Sean’s first day fighting together as a couple. He had always flirted with you and whatnot, but had never worked up the nerve to ask you out until now. Since it was your first day of actual work as an item, you hoped that just because he was your boyfriend now it didn’t change anything when on the job.

You two and the rest of the team were exiting the jet when he put his hand in yours. “You don’t have to do this if you don’t want to, I don’t want you getting hurt,”he told you.

“Sean, I’ve done this tons of times before, I’m fine,” you replied.

“Are you sure you don’t just want to wait in the jet?” he asked.

“I’m sure,” you assured him.

He didn’t question you anymore after that. Once, the actual battle began things got a little too much.

One of the enemies had knocked you off your balance and you fell to the floor, you weren’t hurt in anyway, it just sort of surprised you. Sean saw what happened and immediately attacked the person who did that to you. You couldn’t help smile knowing that he was defending you.

“Don’t ever touch them again!” Sean yelled right before he let out his banshee yell.

He got up and went over to you. “Are you alright?” he asked.

You nodded. “Never better”

cutekitty145  asked:

Hey! So I was thinking if you could do a reaction for Zico, Jay Park and Giriboy when they go to one of their girlfriends dance competitions and they see her and her dance team dance to one their songs. If you don't have time I understand that.

Zico would probably sit back in shock with his mouth wide open as he recognised the song as one of his own. He’d be excited to see her backstage and give her a massive hug. But while he watched the performance he wouldn’t be able to sit still.

Originally posted by alittlebitblockbbias

Jay would immediately get up and start going into full fanboy mode. He’d start jumping and yelling out the lyrics, wanting everyone to know that she used his song. At that moment he’d be the proudest boyfriend in the world as he watched her.

Originally posted by jayfatuasian

Giriboy would start blushing when his song started playing. He’d try to hide his smile and he wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off her as she danced perfectly. When he saw her backstage he’d shyly ask her why she didn’t tell him and that he thought she looked amazing during the performance. 

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- Admin E

  • GoGo Tomago: a polar opposite of Honey Lemon, she was sporty and extremely competitive. She disliked Honey Lemon because she thought her fashions were due to boys and grabbing attention. She didn’t like how Hiro ordered her what to do when they formed Big Hero 6 because she always wanted to be number 1. She is also a bike messenger with velocity and ferocity.
  • Honey Lemon: a cute blonde girl who was really into chemistry with a secret love of blowing things up. She was very concerned about her clothes and stood out due to her fashion. She had a part-time job as a barista. Honey Lemon was always shown with a big purse.
  • Fred: a lab-rat for Tadashi. He didn’t attend the same school as anyone in the team and did nothing. He loved to make movies after everyone left the lab about himself in a rubber suit and stomping on boxes. Eventually, the others helped him in his works too. Fred is also a comic-book fanboy whose comic knowledge is vital to the team’s mission. He also hasa fire-breathing monster suit.
  • Wasabi: a quiet African-American student who was into the idea of creating a plasma blade which could cut thing but humans. He was a patient and disciplined man who only talked about important matters. He disliked Fred. Wasabi is also a sushi chef with a razor sharp talent.

gogo doesn’t like honey lemon and wasabi doesn’t like fred oh god the ships are already starting to sail

"The Barve & The Bold" - Arrow 3.08 aka flarrow part 2

-Team Flash:

Cisco fanboying about the  Arrow Cave, touching everthing, being exited as a kid on xmas morning with Oliver´s toys,taking pictures and making friends all over, Caitling being an adorable cupcake, with her golden brain, and her flawless hair, Barry being all carefree, running out to pick up sushi dressed up as The Flash and giving zero fucks about his secret identity.

-Team Arrow:

Oliver being his usual brooding self but being secretly amused by all this kids in his not so top secret lair.

Felicity being the Queen (pun intended) of the Arrow kingdom, looking so beautiful that would make Princess Belle cry to sleep and kicking ass like a BAMF :

Digg being the husband of the year even without being actually married, saving Lyla and kicking ass everywhere.

Roy being amused by team flash cause they loved his suit & making Oliver and all of us so proud with his badassery.

Lyla. I was pleasantly surprised by this woman working with the team. After this episode my love for her grew immeasurably. Not only for being a BAMF adding one more name to the “strong, you woudn´t last a round against me, woman” of the show, but also for her priceless reaction to Barry´s superpowers. 

Team Flarrow:

Barry going all Yoda on Oliver and reminding him that he´s a hero, that he inspire people AS OLIVER QUEEN, and Oliver actually listening to him, and being surprised that he is this amazing kid´s hero

Digg, Cisco & Roy bonding 

Felicity, Caitlin & Lyla in the Arrow cave being better than a freaking SWAT team

Lyla & Oliver little chat. I was not expecting those two bonding!!

Barry & Oliver kicking Boomerang´s ass while the rest of the guys disarmed the bombs aka Team Flarrow saving Starling City together

Dyla being ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Barry said to Oliver “you still have light inside of you” and Felicity shows up

Felicity telling Cisco not to touch Shado´s hood, Oliver´s “I love you so much”  face & Felicity´s “I know me too” shy smile. 

Felicity remembering the land mine, Oliver remembering the landmine. THE LOOK HE GAVE HER

Justice For Bashur

I’m so done with all these butthurt fans of Keemstar making fun of Minecraft fanboys/girls of defending Bashur. I mean really?
Keemstar is making drama of something that happened over a decade ago and now his butthurt fans are defending him because of the Minecraft fans who are trying to correct of what Keemstar is doing.
Let me tell it to you straight.
Yes. Bashur WAS considered as a pedophile because he fell in love with someone three years younger than him. Bashed was suppose to go the a therapist for a week but only went once because the therapist said that he doesn’t belong there because he shouldn’t be considered a pedophile.
But seriously. Everyone is treating him like he fucking raped a minor.
guys. grow up for a second. your making such a big deal of something that has happened eleven years ago.
Bashur has had enough, you know why? Because he locked himself up in his room for eight fricking years!!! Don’t you think he’s had enough punishment!? And now all you haters are hating on him for something that has happened years ago!
Justice for Bashur!
Justice for Bashur!
Bashur deserves a second chance!
Bashur has changed!!

And just to clear some rumours up:

1. Bashur was 18 and the girl was 15.
-Sky said the girl was 13 but why would you believe sky, he was basically cyber-bullying Bashur and how many dramas has he made? Plus this is Bashur’s life story. Not sky’s so sit your ass backdown and continue scrolling if you believe what sky said because your a dumbass then.

2. Bashur did NOT try to rape or have sex with the girl!
- Bashur clearly said that they were only holding hands.

Now please. Can we all just go back and continue doing what we’re doing and give Bashur a second chance? Everything happened over a decade ago and he already punished himself by locking himself up in his room for eight years.. Bashur doesn’t deserve this guys. He’s had enough.

And the fact that your all worrying about Bashur being a pedophile to someone three years younger than him aka a minor and that happened years ago.
You should be focusing on the fact that Kylie Jenner (17) and Tyga (25) and dating and they’re considered as a cute couple.

Now guys re-think everything before you start throwing your hate at someone
-Is it worth it?
-Will it help someone?
-Do I have concrete evidence to support my topic?