First Look To The Big Hero 6 Series Coming to Disney XD This 2017!

Reprising their roles are: Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass; Jamie Chung as no-nonsense, speed genius, Go Go; Scott Adsit as huggable robot, Baymax; Alan Tudyk as tech guru, Alistair Krei; Ryan Potter as tech genius, Hiro; Genesis Rodriguez as quirky scientist, Honey Lemon; David Shaughnessy as the butler, Heathcliff; and Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee as Fred’s dad.

Also joining the main voice cast are Khary Payton (The Lion Guard) as control freak Wasabi and Brooks Wheelan (Saturday Night Live) as fanboy Fred.

The series picks up immediately following the events of the feature film and continues the adventures and friendship of 14-year-old tech genius Hiro and his compassionate, cutting-edge robot Baymax. Along with their friends Wasabi, Honey Lemon, Go Go and Fred, they form the legendary superhero team Big Hero 6 and embark on high-tech adventures as they protect their city from an array of scientifically enhanced villains. In his normal day-to-day life, Hiro faces daunting academic challenges and social trials as the new prodigy at San Fransokyo Institute of Technology.

Additional guest cast includes: Jenifer Lewis (black-ish) as strict Professor Granville; Andrew Scott (Sherlock) as villain Obake; comedian Andy Richter as Globby; Diedrich Bader (American Housewife) as Bluff Dunder; Susan Sullivan (Castle) as Fred’s mother; Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs) as Richardson Mole; John Ross Bowie (Speechless) as Mel; and Haley Tju (Bella and the Bulldogs) as classmate Karmi.

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s 2014 Oscar-winning feature Big Hero 6 grossed over $657 million worldwide at the box office to become the biggest animated film of the year. In addition to winning the Best Animated Picture Oscar, it was nominated for Golden Globe, Critics Choice and BAFTA awards, and was the recipient of five Visual Effects Society Awards, the most ever for an animated feature, as well as a Cinema Audio Society Award and a Kids’ Choice Award for Favorite Animated Movie.

Kim Possible creators Mark McCorkle, Bob Schooley and Nick Filippi serve as executive producers for the series. Filippi also serves as supervising director. Big Hero 6 is a production of Disney Television Animation. It’s slated to premiere in 2017.

Finally got around to drawing my Moon team! We’re starting out with Senketsu (yes, laugh all you want fasdljg) and André!

Senketsu (Sen, for short) is the owner of a pawn shop in Konikoni City who collects watches and clocks as a hobby! André works in the shop with Sen and is also a former trial captain whom Sen idolized when they were younger. Like…Sen was his biggest fan.

Even after 30 years of being married to André, he still takes the chance to take photos like this to remember the good ol’ days as a fanboy. André doesn’t mind at all and finds this adorable.

What I learned on SPN episode 12x4

-Mary can text and Dean’s a 4 year old brat that didn’t tell Sammy that mom said hi

-British Men of Letters can suck a bag of dicks

-WhY dO yoU FeEL thE nEed to HavE DeAn gEt Hit oN bY a WoMan I meAn HeLLo hE iS MaRRied™ nOw

-Dean is totes jealous of the Angel/Demon crimefighting team

-Sam has a cool MoL wallpaper on his phone what a nerd 😍

-Sam likes 80’s hair band music

-Sam just fanboyed over Lucifer’s current meatsuit

-Sam’s hair is suspiciously short after his mom cut her hair and that’s just adorable

-Sam’s hair is cute af

-Sam saved the universe again

-Sam Sam Sam Sam Sam SamSam and I couldn’t be more pleased

Haikyuu!! At the Grocery Store
  • Kenma: *silently adds things to cart when people aren’t looking*
  • Kuroo: *tries to distract the person paying while adding his foreign sports teams merch to the cart*
  • *is smooth and almost gets away with it*
  • *his face looks like the Cheshire Cat*
  • *plans have been foiled*
  • Hinata: *will not stop jumping and fanboying until the stupid t-shirt is put into the cart*
  • Kageyama *has his own wallet and pays for his replacement gear himself*
  • Sugawara: *doesn’t go shopping anymore bc the entire team will go too, and buying 5 things will take hours*
  • Daichi: *does the online shopping for Sugawara*
  • Bokuto: *will end up carrying something pointless and random to the checkout line*
  • *will go emo mode if told to put it back*
  • Iwaizumi: *says goodbye to Trashykawa over the intercom after he checks out*
  • Oikawa: *halts his parading around the store with an alien plushie, reeses pieces, and a kaleidoscope*
  • *stops singing E.T. at the top of his lungs (which he was only doing bc Iwa-chan said to shut up)*
  • *bolts to the door faster than the freak duo could ever hope to be with that stupid quick*
  • Ushijima: *does not understand self-checkout and spends forever just stating at the screen blankly*
  • Tsukishima: *has a family reuinion in the spice isle with the Iodized, Kosher, and Himalayan sides of his family*
  • Lev: *hides behind packages of paper towels* *is concerned because he lost Yaku*
  • Yaku: *can see Lev because three packs of paper towels aren't enough to hide that child* *waits for him to venture out of "hiding"*

Ooooh, but if the theory is true that Mirio was supposed to become All Might’s successor and he trained under him… plus the fact that so much of his body language reminds of All Might… and counting on the fact that my bad feeling will probably prove wrong and it turns out that he is a complete sweetheart…

Then I really, really want him to become good friends with Izuku. The supposed successor and the real successor. All Might’s fanboys. The aspiring young heroes who can wreck their enemies when they turn serious.

Not only would they be one hell of a tag-team, they would also drive at least Endeavor and perhaps Aizawa and Bakugou up the wall by how similar the two of them are to All Might. XD

You know, like… Mirio starts with a loud, “Don’t worry!”

And Izuku recognizes it and joins in, “Why?”

Before they finish simultaneously, “Because we are here!”

(Somewhere in the background, you can hear someone whisper, “Look at these dorks.”)

Statement of Fact

Summary: Selene says it like it is. Gladion is flustered. Hau is a fanboy of a pretty actress and Lillie ships it.

Relationships: Gladion x PC, the Alolan Quartet, Hau is a fanboy.

Notes: Slightly AU. But not enough to matter.

It said a lot for the genes Lusamine had passed down to her children, Selene thought as she stared blatantly at Gladion over the food-laden table the four of them were sitting at, going over every aspect of his face like her ability was Keen Eye. It wasn’t anyone who could pull off being a punky edgelord and still have the face of an angel. Even during the times when he lived in a motel room and worked as a mercenary for Team Skull, not getting proper nutrition and under a lot of stress, Gladion had looked good.

Now, more relaxed, happier and well-fed, he was radiant. In addition to his fine-featured face - with the high cheekbones and the perfect nose and grass-green eyes shaped sharply - he had a leisurely air, like he could afford to chill. The vanished tenseness made him look both his age and a lot more approachable. 

If he smiled more, Selene thought idly, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to think that he’d get cast as a model or an actor, maybe even an idol right off the streets by any castor with halfway decent vision. 

Actually, come to think of it, that was a likely possibility even if he didn’t smile. Wasn’t the bad boy concept getting popular?

He noticed. “Why are you staring at me,” he said flatly, losing his smile. He’d gotten happier, but someone staring intently with lasers practically shooting out of their eyes would make anyone uncomfortable and wary.

“Did you know you’re really good-looking,” she replied. Like him, it wasn’t exactly a question, more a statement of fact.

Hau choked on his malasada, and Lillie dropped her fork. Both of them gawped.

Gladion stared at her with disbelief, like she had suddenly morphed into an Ultra Beast before his eyes.

What, was the fact that he was good looking new to him? Did he not look in a mirror or something? Well, if he wasn’t fully aware of how good-looking he was, she’d have to let him know.

Selene continued talking. “Have you considered a career as a model? Or an actor? I heard that celebrities who are also really great battlers are all the rage now. Like that actress, Rosa something or another.”

Hau, being Hau, was the first to recover. It might have just been the mention of his favorite actress, however. “Oh I love Rosa! She was so epic in the Full Metal Cop series! Did you know she and her Pokémon do their own stunts? Did you know a fourth movie is coming out?!”

“You could do live-action really well, too,” Selene continued on, ignoring Hau when he went into his Praise-Rosa fanboy form. “You’re already pretty edgy, so …”

A tiny giggle escaped from Lillie. Gladion shot a betrayed look at his sister, who immediately tried to wipe the amused expression off her face. Key word being ‘tried’.

“I mean,” Selene continued on, getting really passionately into it. “It’s practically your civic duty to make your face widely known. It would be a crime to keep the rest of the world from your handsome looks. Seriously, think about it, Gladion.”

He sputtered, and then abruptly got up from his seat. The force he shot up with nearly knocked the chair over.

“I’m going to go pay,” he said in a strained voice, and began speed-walking towards the counter.

“Hey, we already paid!” Hau called.

At the friendly reminder, Gladion changed his directions and marched out of the café.

He wasn’t gone quickly enough for Selene to have missed the sight of the reddened ear peeking out from between pale golden hair, however.


“You know he likes you,” Lillie chided once Hau was out of earshot. She’d deliberately sent him away, asking him to keep an eye on his brother, and he had agreed to do so cheerfully. “Don’t tease him too badly.”

Selene finished her dessert. “I promise I’m not playing with him,” she told Lillie solemnly. She was serious this time, not the faux-solemn she’d been when teasing Gladion.

“I know,” Lillie replied. Her friend wasn’t the type to play with hearts.

She put down her fork and sighed. “Do you think that was too much?” she asked, looking uncharacteristically uncertain.

Lillie stifled a laugh at just how much Selene looked like a sad Rockruff, drooping its ears and tail in fear of losing affection. “Probably not,” Lillie said. “He doesn’t hold grudges.”

He wouldn’t against Selene, anyways. Of that Lillie was sure of.

And speaking of things she was sure of . . . .

“Why not just be the first to confess yourself?” she asked. Selene was certainly bold enough to do so. If there was something she wanted, she didn’t wait around shyly silently wishing it would miraculously fall into her lap one day. She reached out and snatched it up.

Not to call her brother an ‘it’, but why not do the same with him?

Selene sighed again, this time in exasperation. “He’s only just gotten to accepting me as a rival,” she reminded Lillie. “If he won’t even admit that we’re at the friend level, how am I supposed to ask him out?”

Her friend had a point. Lillie had a duty to stand by her brother’s side … but just this once she’d go with Selene instead.

Besides, supporting Selene would probably end up making both of them happier a lot faster.

Just thinking...( spoilers)


Pre-killing game saihara was (presumably) a fan of Dangan Ronpa, enough to want to audition to be in the killing game, kill someone, AND be executed, voluntarily. Now, because Amami is revealed to be a past participant in the games, the SHSL survivor no less, you can assume he’s pretty popular in the Dangan Ronpa Show fanbase ( I think this was confirmed somewhere in his backstory, but I can’t say for sure. Team Dangan Ronpa is very focused on ratings so if Amami continuously returns to games, it is because he is liked and boosts ratings, so I assume he’s popular) So…it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to say that pre memory wipe Saihara…the big fan of killing and being killed in the killing game…might have been an Amami Rantaro fanboy of sorts…

Is nobody gonna talk about a Supernatural/Avengers crossover?

- Dean fanboying over Steve Rogers
- Sam, Tony, and Bruce all talking intellect
- Cas being weary of Thor and likewise
- Dean challenging Natasha to a shoot-off and getting his ass kicked
- Sam and Steve both being good friends because they lost someone close to them
- Cas being very fascinated by Vision, but also confused cause ‘how is this possible?!’
- Dean hitting on Natasha and Wanda
- Sam being flirted with by Wanda and Natasha to piss off Dean
- Sam and Dean showing the Avengers what TFW does for a living
- Castiel shocking everyone by being able to wield Mjolnir
- The Avengers and Team Free Will fighting against demons, almost a full out war
- Sam W. and Sam Wilson both bonding over same interests and, funnily enough, same initials
- TFW all being so interested in Bucky
- But Bucky doesn’t understand the infatuation
- And Dean soon realizes just how alike him and Bucky are
- And they both start to bond
- everyone’s just like 'wtf how?!’
- and they’re both crybaby friends
- someone give me this crossover
- please

It’s Who You Are

A/N: This was an anon request. They mentioned that anytime the team ignores Spencer/acts like he’s annoying when he rambles, they get mad. ME TOO. Like, let my baby fanboy. He can’t help himself.

So this is about the reader chewing out the team for being mean to him. 

P.S. The chess facts are actually true from what I could find. :)



“Chess really is a fascinating game,” Spencer said, much more awake than the rest of his colleagues that morning. “The longest game possible is 5,949 moves.” He finished prepping his sugar coffee (instead of coffee with sugar, because honestly Spencer could just pour coffee into a bowl of sugar and have it be the same thing), and sipped it with one hand, wildly gesturing with the other. 

“There are nearly 169,518,829,100,544,000,000,000,000,000 (or one hundred sixty-nine octillion, five hundred eighteen septillion, eight hundred twenty-nine sextillion, one hundred quintillion, five hundred forty-four quadrillion) possible combinations for the first 10 opening moves in a game and it’s even been banned throughout the course of history.” Y/N walked in right during the middle of his ramblings on chess and stopped in her tracks before prepping her coffee. “Did you know that the first folding chess board was developed by a priest because he had to find a way to sneak it around?”

As he was talking, Y/N looked around at her colleagues. Rossi was checking his watch. Hotch was smiling, but shaking his head and Emily and Morgan had nearly checked out. “I’m sorry I asked,” JJ said, patting Spencer on the shoulder and turning away. Pretty much everyone else turned away, leaving Spencer to his cup of coffee.

“What did she ask you about?” Y/N queried, genuinely curious as to how he got to fanboying about chess. She started to fix up her coffee as Spencer sighed.

“She just asked what I did this weekend,” he said, stopping himself. Like he didn’t want to bore her like he’d bored everyone else. She motioned for him to continue. “I was just playing through a bunch of different permutations.”

Y/N hated when the team made fun of him for the things he loved. So he was different. Who cared? He enjoyed talking about things. He liked facts, so was it that much for them to let him talk without rolling their eyes, or ignoring him, or making fun of him? She knew the team loved him and he loved them too, but he did get self-conscious about it; she could tell when they turned around to leave and his face fell. She always tried to be the one to listen. To let him be excited. “That sounds awesome,” she said, mixing the sweetener into her coffee. “One day you and I need to play a couple of games. I need to see if I can beat the genius Dr. Reid. It’s definitely on my bucket list.”

The smile returned to his face as he poured himself another cup of coffee. The good doctor could down coffee like no one else you knew. Even her - and that was saying something. “That sounds awesome, Y/N. I’d love that.”


Thinking back on that morning when the team had been so dismissive of Spencer, Y/N couldn’t let it go. It wasn’t the first time it had happened, and it definitely wasn’t going to be the last - unless one of their friends and teammates lovingly chewed them out a bit. So when Spencer had gone to pick up the team’s lunch, she gathered them in the conference room.

“Guys,” she started, checking behind her again to make sure Spencer wasn’t back yet, “you guys really need to lay off Spencer.”

“What do you mean?” Emily asked, confused. Everyone looked at her like they didn’t understand what the issue was.

“Really?” For some of the smartest people in the world, they could be pretty dense. “This morning when JJ asked him about his weekend and he started rambling about chess…no one was paying attention.” She splayed her hands on her hips, getting more frustrated by the second. It irked her more than she realized. “You and Morgan checked out,” she said, cocking her head at Emily, “Hotch was shaking his head. Rossi was checking his watch and JJ you made him feel like no one cared with your ‘sorry I asked’ comment.”

They all looked at the floor. They knew it. And she knew they didn’t mean it deep down. But words could hurt. “Look, I know you guys don’t mean it - and sure he can get overly excited, but it’s who he is and as his friends, he shouldn’t feel as though he’s a burden when he talks about himself. That’s how he looked this morning when you all walked away.”

JJ looked like she’d been punched in the throat. “I didn’t mean it how it sounded,” she said quietly.

“I know JJ, but it still hurts him. You all know the type of stuff he went through as a kid. So how do you think it makes him feel when his best friends act the same way?”

Hotch looked up guiltily. “You’re right, Y/N. We’ll watch ourselves more carefully.”

“Thank you,” she said, putting her hands in her pockets, “Believe me, I know you don’t mean it, but he takes words harder than most people.” Everyone shook their heads in agreement, vowing to try harder in the future, when Spencer walked back into the BAU - lunch in his hands and a smile on his face.


Spencer had asked Y/N that Friday if she wanted to get together at the park to play chess. He’d been thinking about playing her all week long. Saturday came and Y/N walked up to the bench where Spencer was waiting with his chessboard. 

“Hey, Spence,” she greeted, passing him the cup of coffee she’d purchased on the way over.

“Thanks,” he replied, taking a sip and smiling. On this cool November day, a nice cup of coffee had the ability to warm you up from the inside out. They both wanted to take in the nice weather before it got too cold.

Over the next hour or so, Spencer and Y/N played move after move. She was pretty sure she was going to beat him - internally doing a little happy dance. “Thanks for playing with me, by the way,” he said, moving one of his pawns.

“Of course, Spence. This is fun. We should play more often. I want to make a habit out of kicking your ass,” she winked.

He huffed. “You don’t have me yet, Y/N. It feels nice to know that someone else is interested in what I’m interested in - or will at least fake it.”

So he had noticed. “You know they don’t mean it,” she assured him.

“I know,” he said, watching as she moved her last remaining queen, “It still hurts occasionally. I dealt with that kind of stuff, but x1000, when I was a kid.”

“Yea, that’s what I told them,” Y/N said, stretching her arms behind her back and smiling. She totally had him beat. He looked down at the board and she knew he saw it too.

“You told them that?” he asked.

“Yea…I…I told them they shouldn’t make fun of you when you’re just talking about something you love. It’s who you are.”

He moved his last possible piece, realizing he was beaten. “You didn’t have to do that, Y/N, but thanks. It means a lot.”

“Your ramblings are one of the things I love about you. You shouldn’t have to feel bad because you get a little overly excited,” she said.

“Do you…do you like me?” he asked, seeing the look on her face.

“I can’t believe it took you that long to notice, Spence. Yea, I do. So I don’t like it when people make fun of you.” She reached her hand across the table and placed it on top of his. “You have any other chess facts? I’m actually interested. I thought the thing about the priest was really fascinating.”

The biggest smile lit up his face. “As a matter of fact, I do, Y/N. Did you know that the second book ever printed in the English language was about chess?!”

anonymous asked:

Dude Bruh, you know those posts going around about how Lance looks in the background of shots (always perfect) or how he has incredible posture most times? What if back home with his family before th Garrison he was a model? And these things are just ingrained in him, sit up straight, always look beautiful, his skin care routine? Lance as a model on earth and only Hunk and Pidge know (bcuz Hunk's his best friend and Pidge saw him on a magazine her brother had once)

I love everything about this idea, but I especially love the fact that Pidge’s brother keeps a magazine with Lance modeling on the cover. I can now only imagine the rest of the team finding out when Pidge rescues Matt and brings him back to the ship to meet everyone. The moment he sees Lance, Matt goes all drooling fanboy mode, squealing “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! IT’S LANCE MCCLAIN! KATIE YOU NEVER TOLD ME YOU’RE ON A SPACE SHIP WITH LANCE MCCLAIN! PLEASE SIGN MY PRISON SUIT!!!

But yeah, in all seriousness, I can completely see Lance doing some part-time modeling work before his time at the Garrison. He definitely has the beauty routine down and based on all the show evidence of Lance probably being a football/soccer player at some point I can even see him doing modeling for sport magazines. 


Team Rocket Executives Archer, Ariana, Proton, and Petrel.  The only reason I drew Archer was because I thought his design looked super easy. Then I noticed he had friends and drew his buddies.  Something that started as a simple thing turned into a complicated set of Pokemon gen 2 villains.  which is funny, like, no one actually remembers these people.

Archer is just a Giovanni fanboi with Giovanni posters and shrines all over his bedroom.  Archer is so in love with his senpai Giovanni, who never notices him haha.

Proton’s ass is beatiful.

Available in my store as stickers here:

Honestly I’m quite the fan of “it’s Black Siren pretending to be Laurel,” or something similar. 

But if it is Laurel, I’m just thinking about Thea’s reaction when she sees Laurel for the first time in months. When Quentin sees his daughter alive and well. Hell if/when Cisco fucking Ramon - the biggest black canary fanboy ever - sees Laurel. When/if the legends come back and Sara sees her sister after all the fucking shit.

Either way, if it is Laurel. It’s going to be so interesting seeing hows he fits back into this fuck up of a show and fuck up of a team. Or if it is Black Siren, it’ll be interesting to see the role she plays. 


Vocal Team reacting to you waking them up with kisses


I bet this precious cinnamonroll would be surprised, but so engulfed with happiness

“Good morning Jagi” with his morning voice


He probs would enjoy it but never admit it, so he would pretend to be asleep and fanboy internally, but after a while he would wake up and pretend to be a tad bit grumpy (but we all know he isn’t) and say something like

“You woke me up from a really good dream.”


When he opens his eyes, you would stop, but then he looks at you and sayas

“Who told you to stop?”


He would smile and just say

“Even though my day just started, You just made it ten times better,”


He would smile and laugh

“Awww, now I have to do the same to you one day”



“Hey, Derek,” you said going over to the brooding Derek who was sitting on the couch.

Derek sighed. “Hi, Y/N.”

“Tell me, are you Team Superman or Team Batman?” you questioned.

“I don’t understand,” he said.

“You know, like the superheroes,” you told him. “Who do you think is better? Batman or Superman?”

Derek shrugged. “I don’t know… Superman,” he answered not really caring.

“Okay then,” you scoffed.

“What?” he sighed. 

“Oh nothing, it’s just, if you had any common sense you’d say Batman was better,” you informed him. “However, since you don’t have any common sense you chose Superman. Superman is nothing more than a good looking asshole. He destroys everything without a care in the world, and Batman has to fight for what he does. Superman doesn’t give a shit, Batman gives all the shits. Do you get it now Derek? Do you? Please tell me you do. I you don’t I could go on some more if you’d like.”

“No! Shut up! Please!” Derek pleaded.

You pulled your head back and looked at him. “Don’t be such a Sourwolf,” you said to him as you got up and left.