What I heard: “I’m into you.  I know nothing about you, except that I like your torso.  Who cares that we’re not looking for the same thing and don’t live in the same state?  You do?  Oh, you’re so fucking insane.”

Idk, guys, maybe I’m a lil unstable, but I feel like I’ll never be as big a “basket case” as any of these fuckboys who think they have a chance with me. 🐸🍵

I put up a sign.

It said, “There are falling rocks ahead! If you are vulnerable to falling rocks, do not pass this sign! Falling rocks!”

You ran right past the sign and got hit by a falling rock. Then you got pissed w/ me about there being falling rocks.

I need you to explain to me again: How am I responsible for your decisions?

If you like the guilt game, you need to play w/ someone dumber than me. I am never in control of your mind or your body.