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Headcanon: Noctis was a straight A student throughout his schooling, which unfortunately gave him unwanted attention from the teachers and even the school principal. Because of this he was disliked by some of the students, due to the fact that they believed he was only getting good marks because he was the prince. Apart from the unwanted attention, this was also why he secluded himself during recess and lunch, often hanging out by himself at the back of school where no one could find him. 

However, this all changed when he entered his first year of high-school. In order to fit in, Noctis began to slack off in his studies by not paying attention in class, or purposely doing really bad in test–even the easy ones that he could do in his sleep. He would be spending many hours in the arcades after school until it was late at night. And when he did get home in his apartment, the school bag was thrown aside and it was straight to bed. 

Of course Regis, as a father, he did not fail to notice the horrifying drop in his son’s grades. In order to prevent them from getting any worse, and the risk of  damaging Noctis’ reputation as the next heir, Regis hired the best tutors in Lucis, resulting in Noctis having to study for straight hours every night after school under strict supervision. 

Let’s just say this was the last time Noctis ever dared to slack off again…until Prompto entered the picture.

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I'm not trying to be rude (I know you'll probably take it that way) but I think you overreact too much when it comes to Shameless. Saying the show is shit because you don't like what the writers are doing with a certain character is kind of ridiculous. if you think the show is shit then why bother watching it if you know you're not going to be happy with it?

the show IS shit lmao and i’m not just talking about what they’re doing with mickey’s upcoming storyline. the thrupple is bullshit, debbie is bullshit, fiona is bullshit, ian is bullshit, lip is probably bullshit, carl’s the only one i think i would still like…they’ve retconned every single character

and i don’t watch anymore, i’d never give that show another live viewing from me. but i did spend a good five years watching this show so i still keep up with the storylines and everything is so bad it’s almost comical

it’s not that hard to unfollow me, seriously, i’d rather you did anyway. i can and will complain until this shitshow is cancelled :)

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Lance: *recognizes the rover-copy is fake almost immediately and saves Coran’s life, stops Keith from being reckless and hurting the Balmorra and comes up with a better plan, is the one the Blue lion chose despite four other future Paladins being right there for the taking, is ‘officially’ more intelligent than both Keith and Hunk, is an incredibly skilled marksman*

Also Lance: you guys wanna watch me fit my whole bayard in my mouth