Awhile back I had an anon ask if I was going to do the doll changes meme again, so here it is! I’m only doing the “main cast” (completed SD girls) for now.

In order:

▶ Lenoire - Asleep Eidolon Solstice (modded)
▶ Polaire - Little Monica Sophia
▶ Haerang “DJ” - SWITCH Shiho
▶ Yagi - SQLab Navi Dreaming
▶ Estelle - Fairyland Feeple60 Celine
▶ Tamako - Fairyland FLA60 (modded)

I also wrote an updated mini-profiles page here. And of course, if you want to ask about any of my OCs/dolls my askbox is always open :)


I put together a “How To” for those of you who want to try the articulated hand mod. You can see pictures of them on the other thread ( if you haven’t already.

I’m going to leave out the notes on what I did wrong and just tell you how to do it right. I recommend not painting anything. Glues and paints don’t want to stick to that soft rubber. So cut carefully.

I used paperclips for the wire pins, and a drill bit that is slightly skinnier. Shaping was done with small hobby files and 400 grit sandpaper. Also a very sharp X-Acto knife.

I do not own any of these images, please check the source for the actual owner

Since @dollsahoy was talking about 2000s doll hobby things I poked around the Men With Dolls Tips and Tricks forum and found this thread with images that wasn’t dead links. I’m kind of trying to preserve whatever relics of the bygone doll hobby I can find because I’m realising how much information is simply being lost to the sands of time now.

I remember being like 16 when I first saw this and thinking I could never do such customizing… which was 8 years ago….