I literally had to pause and rewind more than 10 times meanwhile watching that cheerleading gay shit. Seriously, SO. HOT. 

some thoughts on wynonna earp 2x03

- i’ve had enough of gooverly i want waverly back lol. i’m glad nicole knows something is up though
- on that note, i am glad she doesn’t even know when she’s possessed and there’s a clear distinction between waverly as herself and “gooverly” - that’s very comforting
- nicole is getting promoted! i love it it makes me happy that she’s gonna have a more important role
- speaking of nicole- she’s such a woke queen i love her. voice of reason. also she’s so smart
- the wynonna/nicole and wynonna/wayhaught stuff is v interesting. i had a feeling wynonna would doubt her when nicole brought up waverly acting weird. it made me sad tho nicole was just trying to confide in her :(
- there’s also a really subtle thing where wynonna always looks slightly uncomfortable when the idea of waverly and nicole being physical comes up. like she doesn’t really know what to think about it. idk but it’s good subtle acting and i hope it will come up in the future
- also that ending !!! i miss dolls a lot and i feel like the show is missing something without him so i’m glad he’s back anyway i just had to write these thoughts down and get them out u can ignore this


Muffins, heading back to the house with a freshly harvested group of plant familiars. He goes out to the field and spends the day coaching them as they dig themselves from the soil. These friends are mandrake x lamb’s ear crosses, so they have long, extremely soft leaves. Everyone is settled in nicely for the evening with a big pot of tea, and they’ll be ready for adoption tomorrow at noon 🌿

megalochan01  asked:

What is the relationship between AT! Papyrus and AT! Toriel? They are friends?

Heck yea, I mean, she is his older bro’s best friend/lover and is friends with Red (his lover), it’d be awkward if they weren’t friends lol.