Monsta X for GanGee July 2015: Interview (Compilation)

Monster like rookie, Monsta X, the fight for debut

The impact of name seems powerful. Please introduce the meaning of ‘Monsta X’
Wonho Monsta X means, the monster that will come to save K-Pop; ‘Mon’ means my, and ‘Sta’ means star, which when put together means ‘my star’. The ‘X’ refers to an unknown existence.

Even before debut, there was a lot of interest towards this group. The program the ‘cruel survival’ made a ruthless war zone in the road to debut. What does the word ‘debut’ mean to you?
Shownu I was a trainee for a long time, and I worked towards the goal of debut. So when I heard that I was going to debut, I knew I would never forget how I felt. I had to fight against all of the brothers I had practiced with, and it was really tough preparing for everything but… the word ‘debut’ still fills me with joy.
Wonho The word ‘debut’ is like a dream, and I’ve been working for so long to achieve that dream. The result is the I am now a member of Monsta X. We are 7 members now, but I still think that all 13 of us who participated in are still together, I hope to always show a good image.
Kihyun The final mission stage was the same studio that is filmed. We were told of our debut there, and had our debut stage of ‘Trespass’ there. The first time we performed ‘Trespass’, I felt really weird. It wasn’t something I could describe in words.
Hyungwon It was really difficult to say goodbye to my brothers that also participated in . We all knew that it was going to be a war when we started but… I want to work harder for those who were eliminated.
Minhyuk All 13 of us who participated in trained with the goal of debut. Debuting meant so much to us. However, knowing that I had to beat the friends I had trained with made it really hard and I felt torn.
Jooheon When I was chosen to be a debut member, I cried a lot. The 7 of us who made it through the survival program all felt so different. We’ll all work hard for those who aren’t with us.
I.M Debut is an amazing gift. We will show you every side of Monsta X in addition to everything we have already shown.

Rising star, big rookie, these may be how people describe you. What is your favorite to hear?
Shownu Already a star! It’s kind of embarrassing to say but when I hear it I feel good.
Wonho Monster rookie! It’s easy to remember and it sticks. Doesn’t it match our team well?
Kihyun Monster rookie! The best rookie! Big rookie! There are so many nice titles that people call us, thank you thank you.
Hyungwon Of all the rookies, they are the most prominent!
Minhyuk All the titles that people give us make us feel good and we are so thankful.
Jooheon Big rookie! Also Monster rookie!
I.M Unexpected charm!


The treasured debut album , can you explain the songs?
Jooheon Monsta X’s first debut album ‘Trespass’ has 7 songs including the title song ‘Trespass’. The songs are: ‘No Exit’, which we showed in the final mission, songs that I helped produce, ‘One Love’, ‘Blue Moon’, ‘Honestly’, in which SISTAR’s Dasom is featured, ‘Steal Your Heart’, and ‘Interstellar’. We worked hard on each song, so I hope that everyone will show support for the whole album!
Shownu ‘One Love’ is a song that tells the story of a girl who has left, and a man who regrets the breakup. Jooheon’s producing highlights the R&B, hip-hop style of the song that conveys the nostalgia of the relationship. The song was produced with Just Crew’s beatmaker.
Wonho ‘Steal Your Heart’ has minimalistic instrumentals and a hip-hop beat and groove. The lyrics, with the members’ ambition and wit, talk about how we’re going to steal all of the popularity, fans, the stage.
Minhyuk ‘No Exit’ was shown during the final mission, and is characterized by a strong drum and dubstep beat with a powerful bass.
Hyungwon ‘Interstellar’ is a song that describes Monsta X’s goals with the lyrics, ‘The space I dreamed of every day with my eyes closed. It’s getting closer. And next to me are my team.’
I.M ‘Blue Moon’ is a hip-hop song that has a memorable English rap portion, telling the story of a regretful and emotional breakup.
Kihyun ‘Honestly’ is a mellow-hiphop song, a genre that is really popular in Japan. The motive was HOT’s ‘Candy’, and it is a song that tells about the concerns of a long relationship.

What are the charms of the title song ‘Trespass’, which showcases the strong points of each member and aims to set the trend?
Jooheon The title song ‘Trespass’ is Monsta X’s competitive spirit with a trap beat and an addictive harmony and melody, featuring a groove with hints of EDM.

The second song ‘No Exit’ means, 'There is a way to come in, but no way to leave’. Is there really no exit? What is a charm that you possess that makes exiting impossible?
Shownu Even if you listen to the song 'No Exit’ I think you can feel our charms… Haha. I’m really into working out. While we were preparing for this album I hurt my arm, but I’m working hard to catch up; I started working out again recently.
Wonho I think the question is answering itself? (Laughs) Once you get into Monsta X there is no way out. These days we have a really tight schedule so I don’t have a lot of free time but I’ve really gotten into beat making! It’s really fun.
Kihyun This might sound self-obsessed but… my voice! I want to show a variety of vocal tones so I’m working hard.
Hyungwon These days I’m really into watching all the videos our fans posted of us.
Minhyuk I’m really into internet searching these days too. I read all of everyone’s comments about us.
Jooheon Contrary to my image, these days I’m listening to a lot of calm music.
I.M My talent is sleeping every minute I can. These days our schedule is so busy so sleeping is what I’m really into, yes.

Honestly (Narration by Dasom of SISTAR) has a girlfriend part narration that Dasom of SISTAR performed, how was it working with her?
I.M First off, thank you so much for helping us with our album~ While I was doing the narration, I was really embarrassed and shy, but Dasom sunbaenim helped us with what we were having trouble with, and thanks to her the song was able to be perfected


Song recommendations from Monsta X!
Shownu Monsta X’s first mini album 'Trespass’
Wonho Kanye West - Through the Wire
Kihyun Michael Jackson - A Place With No Name
Hyungwon Lana Del Rey - Young and Beautiful
Minhyuk Yoon Jongshin feat. Jung Joon Il - 말꼬리 / Lee Sora - 시시콜콜한 이야기
Jooheon SomethingALaMode - Little Bit of Feel Good
I.M Jung Joon Il - Confession / Sung Sikyung - Every Moment Of You / Crucial Star - Shops Selling Dreams

Is there any other path that you have interest in?
Shownu If I ever get the chance I’d love to expand my career. However, I don’t really have anything specific planned.
Wonho I want to be one woman’s husband! I want to be a dad.
Kihyun I like to cook! So maybe a chef^^
Hyungwon I’m interested in acting so if I ever get the chance I’d try acting.
Minhyuk Hairdresser? Marketing agent? I want to work all different kinds of jobs. In particular I’d like to try something in the marketing field in the future.
Jooheon I haven’t thought about any career other than artist.
I.M A chef! (A chef king?)

Monsta X who is a rookie but doesn’t seem like it. Do you think that the words, ‘You don’t seem like rookies’ will prove to be medicine, or poison?
Shownu I personally think that people say those words because they view us as talented.
Wonho It’s nice to hear that we don’t act like rookies, but it makes me nervous that we might shatter that image if we make a mistake, so we practice harder and try even more.
Kihyun It could prove to be either a medicine or poison, but we’re working really hard so that it will be medicine.
Hyungwon For now I’ll think of it as a positive thing. I personally think that it’s a good thing!
Minhyuk Honestly, if I hear this I tend to flinch. I will work hard so that these words will be medicine.
I.M Even with medicine, too much of it will make it a poison. I think if we keep hearing the same words, it won’t be good, but for now I think it’s a positive thing.

With Fan

Monsta X is full of beagle-like charm. Who is the most beagle like?
Shownu Jooheon → Everyone agrees, right? Jooheon is full of beagle-like charm!
Wonho I.M → He’s a guy who has a lot of hidden talent. The more you get to know him, you see that his charm is infinite.
Kihyun Jooheon → Jooheon is so beagle-like that sometimes it’s like he’s gone crazy. Also it’s really fun to tease him.
Hyungwon I.M → The maknae makes people laugh by acting strangely and unexpectedly. He’s very special.
Minhyuk I.M → He is the epitome of beagle-like. It makes you wonder, ‘How on earth do you even think of things like that?’!
Jooheon I.M → He doesn’t even need an explanation, he’s the most beagle-like member.
I.M Jooheon → Everyone already knows, right? Jooheon’s charm is the best.

What’s something that you hear a lot of from fans during fansigns or fanmeets?
Shownu Why don’t you talk more! Can you do a heart! → Sorry, a heart is still too hard for me to make.
Wonho You’re cute! Oppa! Your eyes are pretty! Thank you! → It’s because I’m shy and embarrassed.
Kihyun You’re cute! → Everyone, I am not cute.
Hyungwon You’re sweeter than I thought you’d be! → I must look very cold from the outside.
Minhyuk Sexy Minhyukkie → I once said that I wanted people to call me sexy, and now they really do.
Jooheon You’re so good at rapping! You’re cute! → I’m trying my best to show all of my talents and charms!
I.M You’re cute! → Hm… perhaps I look cute because I’m the youngest.

Can you send a message to all those who are showing Monsta X love and support?
Shownu We’re good guys(?) (Laughs) We’re really energetic so that might surprise all of you but we are really good and innocent Monsta X! (Leader pose)
Wonho All of the Monsta X members and the fans, I’m so happy that I’m able to spend this time with you. I think every minute, every second is so important. In the future I hope that you will still be there for us. Everyone make sure to eat well and don’t get hurt, stay healthy. (Mother pose)
Kihyun Careful because once you’re in there’s no escape! (Increase of confidence)
Hyungwon We still have a lot to show you so don’t be afraid to get to know us! (Dependable)
Minhyuk How does spending forever with us sound? (Pro pose~)
Jooheon Hello everyone, this is very beagle-like Monsta X. Come toward us~. But remember there is no exit! (Come in~)
I.M Don’t even think about or question it just come. (Chic)

What are your future plans?
Shownu, Wonho It’s been one month since debut. We all remember what it felt like to be onstage for debut! We will never forget our original goal while onstage. We will always show our best sides, and please look forward to seeing all different kinds of Monsta X after our debut song ‘Trespass’. We will strive to be Monsta X that constantly improves and tries harder. Thank you. We hope you show us lots of support.

Let’s Summer Play!

Honestly, the summer is so hot that we don’t pay as much attention to our clothes. Do you have any signature summer fashion tips that you would like to share? Or any must-have items that you always carry around?
Shownu Summer item! is definitely shorts, right? Comfortable shorts and t-shirt.
Wonho I like Kanye West so I look up what his style is. In addition to his style I also like how he always accessorizes with detail! Because of that I always carry around so many items, it makes my bag heavy.
Kihyun It’s hot but I like linen t-shirts! It blocks the sunlight so it’s actually less hot and it’s thin material.
Hyungwon I like styles that are simple.
Minhyuk Shorts! My legs are kind of on the skinny side but shorts are still nice, right?
Jooheon Comfort is my number one priority. (Laughs) Shorts and a loose t-shirt!
I.M The most important item during the summer is deodorant, don’t you think?

When you were younger, how did you spend your summers?
Shownu I’d go to streams and play in the water with my friends!
Wonho I went to streams or the ocean to go tubing or swimming! If the members all went together I think it would be fun.
Kihyun Is there anything as fun as playing with water guns? Once you start you have to survive until the end!
Hyungwon It doesn’t matter what season it is, I always played soccer. It’s hot but once you sweat it’s refreshing!
Minhyuk In the summer I like to stay at home rather than going anywhere. If you stay really still then it’s not as hot.
Jooheon Even if it’s summer I play soccer! Even if you sweat it’s still satisfying!
I.M During the summer, no matter what you do you sweat, so I think staying at home and sitting in front of the fan is the best thing to do!

Now that you’re adults there are a lot of fun things to do, and even though you all will probably be too busy, if you could plan this summer, what would be on your lists?
Shownu I would first, spend time with my members. Second, meet up with some friends, and lastly, go on a vacation with my family.
Wonho I want to go swimming and have a cookout with the members!
Kihyun A vacation abroad! I want to go on a plane.
Hyungwon A healing vacation in a quiet place with no people! If it’s overseas I think it would be better.
Minhyuk I’ve never been out of the country so I want to go on vacation overseas.
Jooheon Somewhre, anywhere! Maybe Koje island.
I.M I want to go to Osaka!

What do you enjoy eating during the summer?
Shownu Ice cream!
Wonho In the summer, cold noodles are the most refreshing!
Kihyun Watermelon!
Hyungwon Pork barbecue!
Minhyuk Fruit salad is refreshing!
Jooheon Cold noodles
I.M Ice cream

(Shownu interview) As the leader do you have any methods of leadership? Also we’re curious about the secret to your toned body.
Shownu Hm~ I don’t usually get mad, I try to clean the situation up calmly, and I get the members to talk to each other to resolve any conflicts. The secret to my toned body…. I don’t know, exercise? When I have time I try to exercise really hard. (Future male idol who is obsessed with working out)

(Wonho interview) Wonho has all this sexy charm but is there something more that you haven’t revealed yet? (Reveal them here~ Is there something that you have that the other member’s don’t?)
Wonho My body is toned from taekwondo and swimming! I’m one of the oldest so I can lead everyone well with my dynamic drive! (Leader pose, Oldest pose, Hyung pose)

(Minhyuk interview) Minhyuk who is known for his husky voice, does your voice get huskier when you’re sick with a cold? Just curious but…? How does your voice change? Do people say anything about it? (Also, the only type A…??)
Minhyuk It doesn’t get any huskier. People around me ask, 'Does your throat hurt?’ but they ask sometimes when I’m sick, sometimes when I’m not. I’m pretty healthy! I’m type A but I’m not really sensitive. (Kind of like type A, kind of not)

(Kihyun interview) When you look at videos from MelonTV and Mnet, there’s a member who’s receiving a lot of attention, why do you think that is? What do you really think about yourself?
Kihyun I don’t look it on the outside but every once in a while I act cute in front of fans, and even though it’s unexpected, they seem to like it a lot. I think that’s the reason for all the attention. Thank you for supporting me! Also I’m not short. (Tearing up) It’s a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding…

(Hyungwon interview) Boy from manhwa Hyungwon, do you usually read manhwa? (Share with us manhwa recommendations~ Because you’re in charge of the sexy image in the group…?)
Hyungwon These days I don’t have enough time to read manhwa but when I was younger I used to really like them. Once I read one called 'HipHop’. And I’m not in charge of the sexy image in the group, the sexy image is Wonho hyung! (Both of you are sexy…. bang bang bang!)

(Jooheon interview) You were in charge of the wild and chic image, but you have a lot of other charms. Is this it? In addition, we look forward to you work as a producer on the upcoming albums. Were there any episodes while you were producing?
Jooheon I’m only showing my wild and chic image onstage! (Laughs) I can always show different images of myself, I hope to show all different sides of me. While I was working with sunbaenims, there were a lot of episodes. They always tell me stories and praise my work! (Jooheon is growing big and strong with all the praise~)

(I.M interview) I.M who was the last to join! Because you’re the youngest you must see a lot of stuff happen in your shared dorm. (The maknae is much better than the leader at noticing things) Hope the hyungs take good care of you~ What can you reveal about dorm life? Maknae take good care of us~
I.M I haven’t felt uncomfortable so far while living in a dorm with the rest of the members. (Real? So true?) Living with the hyungs is fun. Nothing really has changedi n the dorm…. (Looks around…) If something does change I’ll let you know! (Tiptoes away)

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The Long Road to Ferguson : The Journey of the American Black Man

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Black Americans started their journey in Africa where other blacks and Arab slave traders captured them. The first leg of the journey was a brutal trek to the coast where only the very strongest survived. Then they were sold to European and American traders who selected them for size and strength. A rough sea voyage in horrific conditions again weeded out the weak and the sick. Once on shore they were again sold and selected for the best physical condition. Now, the black men who survived this torturous journey were the biggest, strongest and healthiest of those who started the journey.

This was a cruel program of forced eugenics which lasted over four hundred years. Yet as cruel as it was it made for a group of hardy and physically imposing group of people. This is the time when the myth of the “savage from the dark continent” theory sprang up. It ignored the fact that Africa was not dark to the Africans. It ignored the high cultures of Dahomey, Angola, Kush and Nubia. It ignored the fact that black men had risen to high positions of power and authority within the Muslim world.

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