Green Day - Basket Case - Live at David Letterman Show 1994


If I don’t win a VMA for ‘Best Cake Eating In A Music Video,’ then MTV can go screw themselves.

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This image perfectly captures the spirit of Pokemon

I found this image via thetechnogeek​, an awesome gaming/music/art blog that I highly recommend. This piece is by Pixiv user zheN, and is titled ホームスイートホーム. I love this picture’s art style, the innocence it portrays, and how nostalgic it is for me. It isn’t often you see Game Boy Advance SPs shown in Pokemon fan art, and it’s a great touch. If you want to see more of zheN’s works (they’ve got some great ones), click the link below!

More: zheN’s Profile, The Rare Candy Project

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‘I want an owl’

Me too, scamp - especially if that owl was a miniature Kuro. 

Also! Return of the hippie rainbow hair, because I didn’t get a chance to draw it before and also because short hair is actually impossible to draw and I don’t think it really exists. 

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The Wall of Sharks   from

an impressive natural spectacle - schooling grey reef sharks

Music by int.Elect