Celebrity bromance commentary aka my death
  • They call Jimin “Jungkook’s mom” in Korea
  • Proud Jimin
  • Jealous Jimin
  • “He’s good at it! This is why he always throws me around.”
  • “These days he’s been acting up as a little brother.”
  • “I went bowling with Jungkook.”
  • “He’s really bad at cooking meat. He tries it once in a while when he’s with me.”
  • [imitating Jungkook] “Hyung, go to sleep if you’re tired”

I was going to make another thirsty!jungkook post, but then jimin said this; “Jungkook doesn’t have any feelings for me.” AND those editors tried to NO HOMO JIKOOK of all OTPS and im just…gonna post this. 

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ok, jimin-ssi, ok. look at that bunny, crinkly-eyed smile. 

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right, he’s TOTALLY NOT trying to get your attention bc you’re sitting on hobi’s lap. No, ABsolutely not.

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then explain to me what the hell this was??? jungkook is holding you by the HIPS and then WAIST, swayinG you to the damn music. i swear, these two. 

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yeah, sure jimin. you can’t see jungkook’s face but WE can. if that’s not the face of a man in love, i dont fucking know what is. look at that bunny smile. look at it and tell me he has NO feelings for jimin. look at me and aTTEMpt to lie.

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you cant see how jungkook’s frown lines go away when he feels your head on his shoulder jimin, but WE CAN. omg, look how no HOMO they are. so platonic. so friendly. im in tears. such friendship. 

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wow, look at jungkook PLATONICALLY grabbing jimin’s balls. omg, they are such bros. look at jimin being such a good hyung, letting kookie grab his dick. the friendship is REAL. NO HOMO BRO. 

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omg, look at jikook eyefucking each other. NO HOMO. no flirting. we’re just a bunch of dudebros making love with our eyes on stage bc we can’t keep it in our pants. okay. 

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jimin and jungkook being all shy and giggly? nope. what you see above is NOT jungkook lifting jimin up bridal style. IT IS NOT THEM BEING ALL SHY AND GIGGLY. NOPE. 

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im so fond of you bro. i wanna hold your hand and go on a date by the han river and kiss you under the stars. but NO HOMO. BROS 4Lyfe

jungkook: bro, i love your arms man. you’re so motherly, dude. 

look at jungkook. tell me he sees  jimin like his mother. I DARE YOU. LOOK ME IN THE EYES AND TELL ME. YOU CAN’T.


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i had to put this again. look at them almost make out on camera. NO HOMO, man. bros. just bros. 

conclusion: Stop trying to no homo jikook, im looking @ you editors. i refuse to watch the rest of that commentary. JIKOOK ARE IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER IN THE MOST GAY WAY POSSIBLE. FIGHT ME. 


cr. to @jikookiejar for the arms post.


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Move over Benry. There is a new bromance in town.

How can you not love what Jason did. Henry looked a little left out after the trailer ( let’s face it, Zack has not used Henry as well as he should) and Jason just seemed to pull him in as if to include him in the joy everyone was feeling.

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that celeb bromance episode just made it even more obvious that jimin deserves better than jungkook. its been brought up & mentioned so many times that jungkook doesn't care about jimin at all. and jikook shippers just think it's so cute how jungkook treats jimin, which is to be disrespectful and rude to him all the time. the ship is the worst. all the other jimin ships are better because the other members adore and think so highly of jimin, except jungkook.

oh my god it finally happened someone sent me jikook hate. give me a champagne popper, ma, because i’ve made it.

first of all, there’s no “deserving better” and you have no right to decide whether or not someone you don’t know doesn’t “deserve” to be a part of a friendship that you have literally almost zero insight to. jungkook and jimin are friends. in real life. they spend time together as members of bts, and as jimin mentioned several times in the episode they spend a lot of time together outside of schedules, as friends. because they’re very close friends. you do not get to say that their friendship is “the worst” because these are real people who adore each other. even if you don’t think the way jungkook shows affection (which has changed over the past year or so, imo) is “right.” (even tho there’s no one “right way” to show that you adore someone.)

second, jungkook doesn’t treat jimin any worse than he treats taehyung, or yoongi, or even jin. that’s just how he shows affection. he has talked in the past about how he’s a shy kid who prefers to spend time alone and doesn’t know how to express fondness to other people. and such jungkook is a teasing maknae who enjoys messing with his hyungs and getting his way. it’s his image as the maknae who is tall and buff. he teases his members but he is still touchy with them and shows that he loves them all the same (yes, even jimin. if you want, i can give you specific moments when jungkook shows affection towards jimin in the same way he does the other members.) 

third: i literally do not know how this went over your head but jimin was teasing jungkook throughout the entire episode by saying those things. the entire concept of them watching the episode (as emphasized over and over again by the on screen text and the flashback to jimin’s tweet from a week ago) was that jungkook acted differently in front of minwoo than in front of jimin, so clearly jimin is going to play that up for the camera. this is a variety show after all.

 i don’t know what possessed you to come into my askbox and say this but its like 2am and ive been awake since 6 and i’m tired and about to go to bed but i couldnt turn off the computer without answering this so here you go, have a rant lmao. have a nice day, my dude.

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If this makes you uncomfortable ignore it. What is your stance on the bromance with chilled. I'm not some crazed fangirl. But what is your honest opinion?

We’re best friends. We’ve known each other a long time and we’ve been through a lot together, despite living at opposite ends of the country up until several months ago. We see the bromance thing as something funny and embrace it. But we do shake our heads sometimes when some people see it as something serious lol.