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No Poison

Megami: Everybody relax. She’s lying. She doesn’t have any poison.

Ayano: No, I don’t have any on me. But I do keep some in the fridge at the castle in the relish jar.

Akane: There’s poison in that jar? I thought I was allergic to pickles.

Kuroko: What’s in the jar with the skull and crossbones?

Ayano: Well, that’s mayonnaise. That’s a decoy.

Kuroko: And the mayo jar?

Ayano: That’s shampoo.

Akane: You’re telling me I’ve been putting shampoo on my sandwiches?

Ayano: If you’re using the mayonnaise, yeah… Probably.

miggy97  asked:

Do you think the immense and exaggerated hate for Rosegarden by most of the fandom could actually affect the chances of CRWBY ever making it canon?

Umm no. I don’t expect it to and quite frankly it shouldn’t.

I’m grateful that I’ve never encountered any examples of RoseGarden hate. I’ve always heard of it from other fellow Rosegardeners which makes me sad for fellow shippers who had to see this kind of treatment.

Let me be real, RoseGarden wouldn’t have even picked up as quickly as it did if the CRWBY Writers hadn’t hinted at it last season. I know there are Rosegardeners who started pairing Ruby and Oscar as early as V4 after Oscar was introduced but speaking for myself, I wouldn’t have jumped on this bandwagon if it weren’t for the rather unsubtle hints teased in moments between these two in V5. 

I mean…look at them. Look at those precious smiles. Look at these two beans! Why would anyone despise or be threatened by a relationship (be it romantic or even platonic) between these two younglings? 

They’re so cute with each other and I hope all the angst this season doesn’t change that. On the contrary, I hope it brings them closer than they’ve ever been before. 

If I may be blunt here again, what some anti-shippers fail to understand when they start causing discourse in the shipping community is that at the end of the day, the Writers are going to do as they please with the plot of RWBY since they are the ones moulding the story. Fan feedback and constructive criticism may aid the CRWBY in improving the way they design and tell the story but it doesn’t change what the writers already had planned for its plot.

That being said, if RoseGarden or any RWBY ship for that matter is destined to become canon or endgame, it wouldn’t be due to the influence of the fans but mostly because that’s how the Writers planned it from the get-go.

In the case of RoseGarden, I will never understand why folks would hate on something as innocent as a bond between two teenage characters who are essentially the youngest members in a group of heroes. It’s beyond my comprehension at this point which is why for the most part I tend to not entertain the ignorance of it. I would not have eagerly joined the RG bandwagon if it weren’t for the hints the show dropped last season.

The writers are obviously setting up for Ruby and Oscar to have some kind of close connection and quite frankly I’m VERY excited for that. As a proud Pinehead, I adore Oscar a lot and I’m ecstatic to see what the CRWBY Writers have planned for his development and since Ruby has been hinted to be the apple of his eye it makes me even more intrigued to see where these two smaller, more honest souls go together.

Whether romantic or platonic, you cannot deny that something special is going to come of Ruby and Oscar’s friendship and that’s all based on the way the Writers have set up their dynamic. And to people who don’t like this development because it interferes with their individual ships for Ruby, let me just state this all important point.

Regardless of if RoseGarden is canon or not in the main series, it doesn’t stop you from shipping either of these two with other characters outside of their pairing together.

Take the Avatar fandom for example. Even though Katara and Aang were endgame, people still heavily shipped Zuko with Katara long after the series ended. So there you go. It all boils back to the golden rule that you can ship whatever you like, just don’t be disrespectful with what other’s preferences are. Respect other ships and their shippers!

Besides, at this point, all the major arguments against the RG ship have been debunked by the CRWBY themselves anyways. For the folks who argued that the two year age difference between Ruby and Oscar was an issue, Miles Luna, one of the CRWBY Writers, debunked that at RTX 2017 Panel saying that “it’s fine”.

To be honest, I always felt that the Ruby and Oscar can’t date because of a measly two year age difference debate to be nonsensical especially when you acknowledge the hypocrisy of it since fans shipped Ruby Rose (the former baby of the bunch before Oscar was introduced) with characters older than her by two years and above since season one.

Whiterose, Lancaster and Nuts and Dolts are all ships featuring Ruby being paired off with characters two years older than her and yet, those ships are well-received. But somehow, against all odds…RoseGarden isn’t, just because this time the shoe in on the other foot and Ruby is paired with someone two years younger than her. This argument will always leave a sour taste in my mouth because it’s such hypocritical nonsense.

Even the whole ‘RoseGarden NO work because of Ozpin’ debacle has been tanked because, as show in the recent third episode of V6, Ozpin/Ozma isn’t selfish to not allow his successors to have lives and relationships outside of their duty to humanity. As a matter of fact, according to the episode, Ozma learnt to coexist comfortably with his incarnates and never overstepped his boundaries when it came to his successors having romance.

At this point, Ozpin/Ozma is basically the uncle living with you and your family. You know he’s there but his presence doesn’t necessarily affect how you mingle with your family. This actually makes me curious to know if the families or partners of Ozpin’s past incarnates knew of his existence or was he kept a secret?

Either way, it seems like Ozpin sharing a mind with Oscar isn’t going to affect his development with Ruby as sourly as others proclaimed in the past. Even if Ruby and Oscar start to develop feelings for one another that transcend a close friendship, Ozpin will be respective of it. He might even offer Oscar support and advice. But for the most part, he’ll be open to it since as we saw—Ozpin/Ozma doesn’t intrude on his successor’s love lives. He learns to coexist with them and accepts it with open arms. This isn’t me saying it as an RG shipper, this is me pointing out the canon facts.

I don’t expect everyone to accept it. I mean I’m sure that there will be still be those one or two antis who are still going to argue against this ship regardless of what the Writers do. And at this point, it’s their opinion against my own. For me, I’ve never had a problem with any of the arguments presented against RG.

You know where I stand with the 2 year age difference and I never saw Oz as a threat to Oscar’s bond with Ruby since I always saw Oscar and Oz for who they were—two separate characters sharing a mind and body while always remaining mindful of differentiating the two when it came to their respective relationships with other characters.

Ozpin’s presence never stopped me from shipping Ruby and Oscar since RoseGarden has and always will a bond between Ruby and Oscar. That’s how I saw it and I’m glad that the series took it’s time to address that as well. So to the Rosegardeners who were skittish before or on the fence about Ozpin interfering with our pairing, I think we’re good for now.

And again, if the antis still want to fight this topic and make discourse about RG, let them. They’re within their choice to voice whatever opinions they have just as how I and any other fellow Rosegardener, have a choice not to listen to them. And for what it’s worth, I’m not gonna allow any foolish negativity stop me from liking what I like about my favourite RWBY OTP. 

Nuff said.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2018)

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