such vulnerability

cruelty, fear of vulnerability, and/or emotional constipation disguised as objectivity, rationality, righteousness and moral authority are neither apolitical nor morally neutral; they are far from harmless or justifiable, and they are inextricable from one’s politics

using politics, activism and social criticism/commentary as means for covertly projecting personal insecurities and identity crises upon others and acting out one’s desire to be cruel, superior and impervious to others should be completely unacceptable – and yet, it is not, because it is commonly accepted that as long as one is aligned with the “right” causes and directs their unchecked cruelty toward the people who “deserve” it, anything is permissible no matter what motivates it

this is not the same thing as saying “don’t fight hate with hate” “violence is not the answer” or “if you’re mean/angry, you’re just as bad as they are”, mind U – being told things like that is solely meant to deny us the means to communicate the violence we see/experience, to protect ourselves from violence, and to interrupt hegemony

refusing to do this examination of one’s politics and the politics of those in our communities is how it becomes possible to harbour abusers, manipulators, exploiters, and opportunists – they take advantage of a veneer of moral correctness to do harm, and their behaviour is either viewed as normal and/or justifiable, or goes unchallenged because they occupy marginalised identities, are aligned with the “right” causes, or are viewed as moral authorities

and it is not just possible to harbour them – it is equally possible to become them by deceiving ourselves about thoughts and behaviour that would otherwise be understood as unacceptable or inexcusable

we must each address our insecurities, our misgivings, our negative tendencies, our flaws, our fears, our defense mechanisms, and our maliciousness because the nature and enactment of our politics are inextricably linked to and rooted in these things – they cannot be separated from each other or compartmentalised – the very violence and trauma we face in this work can and does cause us to inflict and (re)produce violence and trauma; working through this is equally as important as any other work

we must constantly think about why we are here

The Signs As Kinks

Aries: Rape Fantasy

Taurus: Roleplaying

Gemini: Face-fucking

Cancer: Rubber/ Latex/ Leather

Leo: Voyeurism and Exhibitionism

Virgo: Vulnerability

Libra: Biting and Marking

Scorpio: Breathplay

Sagittarius: Master/ Slave

Capricorn: Anonymous Sex

Aquarius: Medical/ Needle Play

Pisces: Knife/ Blood Play

Ch136 Hak

since our thunder baby wasn’t able to produce anything beside like 4 lines that told nothing about the chaos going inside him, let me most humbly volunteer to try being his voice. he really has so much going on in this chapter. 

this is the most vulnerable state for hak since he met the dragons. no, much more than before that. because then, his family wasn’t held hostages, they didn’t depend on his success in an almost impossible mission to avoid execution either. however, like you would guess, he can’t show that. not just because of his bad habit of bottling things up, but because he has to be strong for yona. what we could else guess? hmm, yes, maybe that he is in desperate need for an ally to rely on. 

oh yes imagine his relief when he saw min soo! what else to guess? that this is maybe the worst time ever for him to discover another betrayal? surely even worse if it was from someone he thought of as a ray of hope just a moment ago. 

there was no more suitable time for min soo’s revelation. really. 

he honestly couldn’t accept it. no, not another betrayal from someone he trusted awfully much, he told himself there must be reasons, they couldn’t do this to him they must have been forced.  

but they weren’t. they were fooled but they aren’t completely guiltless. you say “but min soo did nothing wrong!” for the most part i agree, and yona apparently does too, but what about hak? we didn’t really get his opinion on the matter. what we got was many pained expressions.“so he was caught in the mess but why didn’t he ever tell me he knew soo won for so long?” or something like that i guess. 

he was shaken to the core,

that he did the one thing he absolutely didn’t want to do.

his face may not say a lot, but his actions show just how much vulnerable, unstable and desperate he is right now. all the people he knew in the castle and trusted? he can’t trust a single soul of them anymore. he frantically looked for the only people in this whole country whom he can still trust without doubt. honestly, in part, there may have been a doubt, he maybe wanted to prove to himself such people still exist 

his reply here is off. yona clearly is being concerned about the wind tribe’s safety and he basically goes “yes they will listen to me no matter what” no.. she isn’t questioning their loyalty to you.. it’s more like he is addressing himself, not her.

and amid all that, in his most shaken state, when he is desperately clinging to things to hang on, this happened. 

min soo’s little visit may not have been in the most appropriate time but this was. kusanagi is slowly stripping hak of every guard, and now making him see this, that yona moved forward, that he can finally be allowed to act upon his feelings for her, will soon spin things between these two i believe. 

there is, however, one more issue to overcome before any hope of change for them. it’s high time hak developed higher sense of value about himself. you see, the main reason he is so in denial about his feelings for yona isn’t because of her feelings for soo won, but because of how little he thinks of himself. he thinks he doesn’t deserve to love her let alone have her love. he is still struggling to allow himself the little privilege of one-sided, unrequited love. there is no way he will simply ask for more. there is no way he will nod and accept even if she is the one to confess. 

hak needs to develop first so yonak could make any progress as a couple. just like yona did, he also needs to move forward. and i believe this is where kusangi is heading to now.

I know you are scared to trust this new lover because the last one left you vulnerable and alone, but don’t be so afraid that you are willing to close your heart off from it. Remember, the worst thing that could have happened to you, happened to you. And you survived it. And you’ll survive whatever is coming next

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I've been rewatching the last soundchecks and performances before C left and I just have to say, Mila's pretty resilient to not have broken down or said speeches that might have clued anyone in that she was leaving. If that was me, I would broken down in tears and stuff because I know I was going to disappoint a lot of people. It made me think that her keeping silent at times was her way of trying to be strong knowing that some fans will hate her once it was announced.

i think she was struggling when dinah started crying in Barcelona, she didn’t cry. i think it was hard for her to see DINAH vulnerable

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WHo do you think says I love you first kaz or inej

ooohhhh omg tbh i have a feeling that it might be kaz who says it first. Because although inej is the more emotional of the two, she keeps her heart well guarded. I get the feeling that her deepest emotions are almost private.
Besides, i think that she is very careful of not imposing on people or making them feel like they are forced to say or do anything. Her past experiences have taught her to value her own agency and so she respects the need for that in others.
As far as the situation goes, i think it is probably in a moment of vulnerability. Kaz is maybe half-asleep or has just had to stomach misfortune in his business ventures, etc. and he sees inej leave. He’s seen it often enough and understood it, too, but just then it was too much. He needed her there with him and so he would quietly say something along the lines of “i need you to stay with me. please. i love you.” And inej would freeze, but she’d be glad he’d said it. I feel like that would be a turning point in their relationship.
Inej wouldn’t say it back right away, i think. She would wait for a time when it feels right for her.

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So I looked up the symbolism of moths and mostly they symbolize blind faith which could be like his faith in Reigan lol. Here's some other meanings: Faith Attract Subtlety Intuition Concealment Vulnerability Determination Vulnerability would also work very well for mob in my opinion. I just found this interesting I hope you do too. XD If I draw Mob with moths would you like me to tag you in it so you can see it? I found your drawings very inspiring.

DO IT!! Oh please please.<33

I drew Moth!Mob exclusively for creepy purposes, but now that you mention the symbolism it fits well with him!! Also I found some interesting info:

*A very good person, with a big heart, whose inner power is very positive and bright, and emits a detectable light for insects, even when having a bad time. 

If the person has restrained anger, bitterness, or resentment, then surely moths do not follow, because that completely alienates them.

These insects warn of intense changes and emotions, but always of short duration. 

They are also a symbol of immaturity,  someone who is not accepting an important gift. Moth approach people who are very valuable, but the ones who do not realize it or do not accept themselves.*

ASSKADJHFSJDF now Moth!Mob makes a lot of sense! draw him you are free to do so my dear, I would be very happy to see ^^


Joy is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity. Without it we render ourselves vulnerable to depression and burnout as well as our ability to connect and be of use to the wider world. Think of each day as a blank canvas and try to fill it with things that uplift you. Look for beauty because joy is never far behind it – whether it’s a spider’s web, an art gallery or the rhythm of falling rain. Notice the things that make you laugh and lift your spirits. Give yourself permission to have more of what enthuses and impassions your life.  (One of the nine principles from We: A Manifesto For Women Everywhere)

(Jennifer) and Gillian suggest making a quiet space for yourself, with fresh flowers or a candle nearby, but once meditating becomes a habit it gets easier. ‘I had to be facing in the right direction, there could be no distractions, the candle and incense lit, my legs crossed,’ says Gillian. ‘Then at one point I was away working and had none of my usual crutches. Now I can do it anywhere – in a crowd, on a bus, at work.’ (x)

I know I’m annoying but I’m funny and endearing and kind and I don’t get what the point of putting me down is and I think everyone is sick w insecurity and I’m tired of fellow adults turning their awareness and fear of vulnerability into a sick fight for power and I’m mad at almost everyone irl

Smoke and Mirrors

I had a close friend die yesterday it hit me hard and I shall miss her terribly. But as I sit here reading the posts from today I realized that my friend was a very wise woman. In all the time that I have known her she has never gotten wrapped up in a fandom or shipped anyone. But she loved to listen to our group of friends talk about our latest ship. She was a fan of the OL books but never watched the show, so during the past couple of years she has watched our circle of friends with the keen interest of a Psych Nurse which she had been for over 40 years. 

A few things that she said have stuck with me and that I think are applicable now. “In this era of instant information/communication and constant observation, life is much like an ice berg, we only see the tip. It is not in human nature too make ourselves and those we love vulnerable by sharing our lives with outsiders. Lives lived in the public eye are about smoke and mirrors.”

So I guess you could say its all about perspective. I know what I feel and what I see. But I don’t really know what is going on with Sam and Cait…except for Hollywood is all about “Smoke and Mirrors” it always has been and always will be.

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soumako / angsty fuck buddy AU plssssss

Sousuke knows Makoto is doing this because he’s angry; angry with how his life is going, angry with the person who broke his heart a month or two ago, angry with himself for letting it be broken for the nth time.

Sousuke knows that, and he knows that having sex with him is probably not the best thing for a friend to do when he’s so obviously vulnerable, but fuck does it feel good to finally be able to kiss and touch and grasp at him, after all these years of longing to.

It’s idiotic to get his hopes up, to tell himself that anything could come from this besides hurt and guilt, but that doesn’t change how good it feels now, their bodies so close it burns and Makoto’s ever-tearless eyes glowing with a desire that Sousuke’s only ever dreamed of.

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top five connor moments? :)

hmm okay ill try to keep this just to connor and not coliver included because then id go on forever

1. the best connor moment ever was him in court defending that woman in 02x03 and his entire arc in that episode i’m still so thankful and proud bc no one was helping him and he still didn’t let the abused woman lose her fight

2. him going back to help annalise after she was shot by wes

just bc the fandom doesn’t seem to remember

3. him telling his side of the story of what happened on the night wes died. he was so vulnerable and genuinely thought he did something wrong when he didn’t :(

4. i really love connor on murder night 1.0

5. him not being okay with defending zoe and standing up to annalise. “i cannot deal with any more blood on my hands”


and yet ppl still thought he killed wes lol

We can easily become self-centered and deluded in our own thoughts. The more certain we become about things and entrenched in our views, the more vulnerable we are to deception. This is especially true and most destructive in spiritual matters. And so St Paisios advises us in the following way:

“We must always be careful and constantly question the nature of our thoughts. When someone is preoccupied and trusts his own way of thinking, he becomes vulnerable to the devil, who is capable of transforming us into sly persons, even when we are honest by nature.”

Our aim is to submit our own mind to the grace of God (taking every thought captive) in order that we might put on the mind of Christ.

anyone notice that cheryl’s lipstick goes from vicious red to a soft nude when she’s with veronica? i think it’s a metaphor for like, how her strength comes in the confidence a red lipstick can provide, and when she doesn’t need it, she’s confident enough to switch something softer and more vulnerable when she’s with someone she trusts, like veronica :) 

Sneak peek

@lathwell55, did you order a serving of Jon realizing that Sansa is a completely different woman than Ygritte? ;)

Sansa amazes Jon with her quiet strength and relentless optimism. The way she wavers between boldness and shyness confuses him, but he’s totally entranced by it. She knows exactly what she wants out of life; it’s all on her list. He listens to her explaining how she’s planning to get it and he’s easily convinced she could take on the entire world without as much as breaking a nail. The very next moment however she glances up at him with those innocent blue eyes before laying her head on his shoulder and he’s taken aback by the sweet vulnerability of her gesture.

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I remember getting the spoilers for episode 10 a few months ago and I was like if we dont -somehow- get any confirmations of feelings and some evolution for Caryl in the episode then I'm out.

Hi !  A lot of people felt just like you, it was time to get some evolution. And I think we did. I hope that is how you feel :) 

The feelings they have for each other are more obvious than ever imo. With the way Daryl talks so proudly of her, the way he defends her, fights for her life, I mean : 

“If she gets hurt, she dies… if she catches a fever, if she gets taken out by a walker… she gets hit by lightning, anything, anything happens to her, I’ll kill you.” 

If that’s not a love declaration I don’t know what is! and can we talk about how they both started to show their emotions and vulnerability the second they were facing each other ? She couldn’t help but hug him, despite spending weeks telling everyone she just wants to be alone. But when it comes to Daryl she can’t push him away. Because he is her person, and vice versa. The way he said “why’d you go ?”, with that voice one has when they’re about to burst into tears…. 

And his lie… The guy who can’t stop thinking about fighting the saviors, the guy who wants revenge stopped thinking about all this the minute he realised the truth was going to hurt her. He wants to protect her from the war, from the pain, from destroying herself. There is nothing he wouldn’t do to keep her safe. Even if it means lying. 

And the “I couldn’t lose you…”, that last hug, she didn’t want to let go of him, almost followed him… They nuzzled the hell out of each other. These two are each other’s everything. 

And let’s not forget he didn’t contradict Morgan when he suggested Daryl is holding on to Carol :)

This is love nonny. Caryl is coming. 

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That picture of mikey is a really nice photo tho like the lighting is great and the pose and everything seems really intimate and vulnerable and like has a real personality to it that makes you want to stare at it and wonder about who this person is its a really good photo like a piece of art for sure (mikey is also a piece of art)

thank you, i too stare at mikey and wonder who they are, because I Dont Know Enough

a brief list of Things I Do Know follows: they go out at night in february wearing nothing more than a thin knit sweater over a dress; they are willing to let you try their glittery make up products on; they love plastic spoons and will try to purchase them for no actual discernible reason; if you try to make them get up by laying on them they will grumble and threaten to stay in bed forever if you dont cut that shit out real quick; they cant read maps & refuse to ask strangers for help; they talk and give change to panhandlers and get acquainted with their dogs; they ask if leeches are blood-sucking slugs at times you wouldnt expect to hear such a question; they offer to hug strangers who are sad; they WILL point out lingerie shops, especially the ones selling really cheap ugly stuff; they are…. so cuddly……

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What got you into femdom?

I guess I’ve always been kinda dominant? Idk. I never really was interested in sex. It seemed less-than-satisfying or boring until I saw femdom porn. And I was relatively inexperienced up til such. I guess I’m a pretty shy person, sexually, so being able to gain some control and confidence over it by turning my darling into a blushing mess and seeing him be just as open and vulnerable to me made it enjoyable/seem interesting.
I just don’t get off on being dominated except for some few times with love and that’s only because I’m so totally comfortable with being under his control. Femdom is kinda like a safety blanket I guess? I’m more comfortable being in control. I enjoy myself more. I enjoy seeing my partner enjoy it.

I enjoy the role-reversal and closer aspect with my darling because of the whole “ownership” part of it. Like that he’s completely mine to make melt/ blush/ weaken/ open up- and that he enjoys being that for me. It makes me feel much more secure and close to him by telling him he belongs to me and him loving it.

This question didn’t ask about role-reversal in general so I’ll leave all that out.

But like… overall, it’s really what is most comfortable for me. So I am actually able to enjoy it.

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You live in Germany and don't believe feminism is needed?! Wow. Way to betray all the women being raped by men in german brothels. Way to betray all the marginalized, socially or economically vulnerable women trapped in prostitution. You're lazy and care more about your own comfort than women who suffer, that's the thing. You haven't made an intelligent and educated analysis of this. You're selfish.

Go fuck yourself baby girl

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“The women’s march was complicated for me. We do need to talk about sexism and women and gender inequality. But as a white woman, I don’t know that I feel comfortable in this moment asking men of color to march with me, or Muslims to march with me, or women of color to come in and build a better march. I feel like I [should be] marching with them. Ultimately though, I went because showing up, making compromises, that’s the work we need to do. White women need to be present alongside and in solidarity with the people who are most vulnerable. It’s about showing up for each other.”