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Deku with ticklish ears and Toshi (or anyone really??) exploiting that fact is way too cute omg...

deku with ticklish ears is my new fav thing

like imagine todoroki trying to be sweet and alluring and holding deku close and whispering in his ear, and deku feels todoroki’s breath and his hair brushing his ear and deku just giggles and scrunches his shoulder up andnnnnndndgggh hes so CUTE IM CRYIN

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Steve + the back of his neck

You know how some people scrunch their shoulders up when you grab them at their nape? Steve is one of them. What is more, he will go perfectly still until you decide your next move. Rub and firmly scratch his nape, he will turn happy and calm, like a dog when patted on the head, scribble fingers over the skin or run a feather, he will giggle and slide to the floor, forming a pile of giggles. It is ticklish, but it is the nice sort of ticklish and he really enjoys it, melting each time. On a scale from 1-10, Steve’s nape is a 7.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon

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Hey what about tony & his belly

Everyone who knows Tony, knows that he has a ticklish stomach. Every touch there, causes him to curl and giggle and wriggle away. For his misfortune, he has a very cute stomach, soft and a little round and no one can resist the urge to poke it a little bit in a friendly way. To add to his misfortune, Tony loves tummy rubs, but when done with too light pressure or too fast, from soothing and pleasurable it becomes overwhelmingly ticklish. His whole stomach area is incredibly ticklish, but there are more and less ticklish spots. Steve knows them all and enjoys the whole array of giggles and laughs, sometimes blowing a raspberry on the soft skin, almost going deaf because of the overwhelming shrill and high pitched giggling. Totally worth it. On a scale from 1-10, Tony’s belly is a very solid 10, it is one of his most ticklish spots.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon


duuUUUUUUDES OMG i watch this youtube channel called channel fredarator and they have this notification squad series where they discuss cartoon topics. aND THEY ASK FOR PEOPLE TO SEND IN VOICEMIALS AND I SENT MINE AND IT WAS ON THE EPISODE AND THEY SAID I SOUNDED SWEET

*screams for an hour*

it was form last week and i didnt even realize!!!! I missed the episode i was in but i went back and watched it aaaaaaaaaah!

It’s this episode at 5:30

- mod Raven!!!!

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Sorry about that. Steve- Arch of the feet. Thanks! Love your writing by the way.💙

You want to see a hysterically laughing and pleading super soldier? Grab Steve’s feet, make claws with your hands and scraaaaaaatch at the very arches, using short, fast strokes, not stopping even for a second. Just make a list of wishes beforehand, because Steve will agree to practically anything to make you stop (Tony used that already a couple of times). On a scale from 1-10, Steve’s arches are a 12.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon

(don’t worry about it, and thank you!!)

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what about Steve on his back? XD

Steve utterly adores back rubs, especially at nights, when he wakes up from a nightmare when his past gains on him, a nice back rub is just the right medicine to help him fall back to a calm sleep. He prefers a light touch, the one that verges on ticklish and makes him laugh quietly, but he won’t move even by an inch, the touch too nice and soothing, putting his mind at ease. On a scale from 1-10, Steve’s back is a 6 (if you want to get a stronger reaction, try scratching under the shoulder blades, both spots at the same time).

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon

With it. With this. With you

A/N: Hello! I just want to apologize for that post I made this Sunday when I was drunk;;; if you didn’t see it (bc I deleted it), I am glad! Anyways, @a-flustered-paint-appeared thank you so much for this prompt! I’m sorry it took me sooo long. I hope you really really like it and enjoy it! 💕

Words: 3,934 (I am so sorry, I got a bit excited u,u. Under the cut, of course)

It was not a secret that Atsushi and Akutagawa were dating. The armed agency new, the port mafia knew and certain suicidal guy was always making sure to let everyone know in case they didn’t.

It was not a secret either that Nakajima Atsushi was the one that spoke up his feelings first, (Dazai made sure to let everyone know that, aswell); it was almost unbelievable, though, Atsushi was usually very squeaky and shy, but he managed to tell Akutagawa how he felt, and was quite amazed when Akutagawa, (in his own way of curse), told him that he felt the exact way.

They can be seen together on days off and weekends and Atsushi is always the one starting the affection: holding hands, kissing his lover’s forehead and even whispering a soft ‘I love you’ to Akutagawa, making him blush a few shades of red.

It was adorable, really. But it was still unbelievable watching Atsushi being so affectionate towards Akutagawa in the most comfortable way. Dazai was very flustered himself at Atsushi’s answer when he finally asked him why he wasn’t embarrassed of showing up their relationship:

“How can i be embarrased of showing affection to the person I love, Dazai-san?”, Atsushi asked him back, tilting his head to the side like a confused puppy. “If you hate someone you show it: by words or fights or punches, so why can’t we show love too? We’re not being vulgar, after all”

Later when Atsushi told this to Akutagawa the latter was thankful he wasn’t there when that happened. Atsushi was the one on charge to start the cuddling and stuff… Akutagawa was the one on charge to blush for the both of them.

Atsushi just finds endearing how easily Akutagawa gets flustered. He could just call him ‘love’ for all that matter and Akutagawa would blush out of this world…

… It was one of Atsushi’s favorite things.

“Ryu,” Atsushi says, entering his bedroom to find Akutagawa laying down, reading a book.

“Yes?”, he looks up and the first thing he sees is Atsushi’s bright smile, making his head spin a little. “What do you need?”

“We need to buy groceries”, Atsushi says, lifting a little notepad where he had wrote down a list with the things they needed. Atsushi takes out a pen from his back pocket and scribbles down a few more things. “Do you need something? Let’s put it on the list now before we forget”

“Erm… t-”

“I already have the tea anoted”

“Then some-”

“And figs”, Atsushi smiled after checking the list once again. “Anything else?”

Akutagawa shakes his head. “I think that’s all”

“Great, let’s go”. Atsushi tears up the page from the notepad and saves it along with the pen on his back pocket.

He pats his side pocket, making sure his little coin bag is there and, when Akutagawa is by his side, he immediately grabs his hand, lacing their fingers together.

“What-”, Akutagawa flinches, his cheeks quickly covering with a scarlet hue as he looks at Atsushi with wide eyes.

“What? Are you uncomfortable?”, Atsushi asks, furrowing his eyebrows and starting to unlock his fingers from Akutagawa’s.

“No! N-no!”, Akutagawa says, squeezing Atsushi’s hands. “Just- just let’s go”, he drags Atsushi out of his apartment, totally ignoring the tiny giggles he heard behind him.

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Tony tops of his feet?

Tony never thought that tops of feet could be ticklish. During one tickle fight, when he was stubbornly pressing his feet down to the bed to protect the soles, Steve experimented by lightly wiggling fingers at the skin near the toes. Tony roared a surprised laugh, and almost kicked his boyfriend in the face. It was still more surprising than ticklish, but Steve decided to remember that spot anyway. On a scale from 1-10, tops of Tony’s feet are a 7.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon


And it STILL works!

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Tony and neck??

It was a secret, that Tony didn’t like to have his neck touched by others. The fear developed over the years, when an extended hand towards his throat was immediately associated with the times some people tried to choke him. Steve tried to break that fear with gentle kisses, just to show his boyfriend how nice it could be. Although Tony was tensed for the most of the time, he quietly squeaked and laughed, each time Steve’s lips grazed the thin skin on the sides of his neck or the spot under his chin. Tickles by fingers don’t do much and he practically moves away with confusion written on his face, but light kisses or feathers make him squirm and laugh. On a scale from 1-10, Tony’s neck is a 6.

send me a body part + character and I will how ticklish the spot is according to my headcanon