such tickle

How many places can I tickle you at once?

If we were cuddling in bed, and you were the little spoon, I would enclose you in a big tight hug. My legs would be around your legs and my arms would be fully around you. You would be snug but unable to move. I could then tickle your neck with my mouth while my fingers tickle your side and hip. I could even tickle your feet with my toes in this position. Of course, I would not forget to whisper little teases into your ear all the while. Do you think you could handle having your neck, sides, hips, and feet tickled at the same time while I quietly tell you how adorable your giggles are?

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Matsun and Makki cuddle head canons with their s/o. Just for you fam~

thank you my dude, it is well appreciated <3


• lOOOVES playing with your hair when cuddling and occasionally nuzzle your hair bc shampoo smell good

• get ready to get sPOILED- he lives to make u feel comfy and safe whatever u want he will give you. 

• also really loves resting his head against your chest and just listen as your heart beats. so calming 


• "One, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war" silly silly loves playing with your hands

• to achieve the ultimate comf- he will let you wear one of his shirts. boyfriend material literally

• tells u bad puns while cuddling and if u try to get away he tickles you while still continuing saying bad puns

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If you're still taking requests I'd really like to see some Gin fluff HC uwu Your blog is amazeballs btw 💙💙💙

Aww. Thank you! (୨୧ ❛ᴗ❛)✧

Gin Ichimaru

  • Really enjoys stealing kisses from you when you least expect it. He’s really spontaneous when it comes to expressing his affections and likes to peck your cheeks or lips when you’re occupied with doing something or when you both are in a public setting and he wants to embarrass you. He especially likes it when you blush after receiving a kiss from him and it actually makes him want to do it more often.
  • If one of your many weakness is being ticklish, then you can bet that Gin will definitely launch a tickle attack on you every now and again. He loves the adorable squeal you make when he feathers his slender fingers lightly against your side or give you a small poke when he passes by you. Gin finds it so darn cute and it never fails to bring a smile to his face.
  • Never wants you to leave his side in the morning even when you absolutely must get up and ready yourself for the day and head out the door to attend to your duties. Gin always wraps his arms around your waist and holds you close to him to keep you from going and peppers sweet kisses all along your face and neck and murmurs in the cutest sleepy voice to not leave just yet and stay with him for a little while longer.

Taliesin, and by some extension Percy, must be so jealous that Vax fell ass-backwards into being the gothiest motherfucker in Vox Machina. Dude wears all black, is associated with ravens, is the Champion of the Goddess of the Moment of Death, and wrestles with dark emotions on the regular. 

Meanwhile, Percy, played by Mr. Executive Goth himself, is at his happiest we’ve ever seen him, and his character has become lighter and lighter ever since the Briarwood arc. He makes seashell jewelry for his friends. He hasn’t gotten the chance to wear the cool plague doctor mask in ages. He still got a chance to bathe/drown in the pool of blood during the Duskmeadow episode, but he’s barely been involved with the Raven Queen since then. 

Next thing you know we’ll see Percy in pastels (and I mean, after all, apparently one of Whitestone’s colors is lavender). 

It’s so very satisfying to cap the flag start-to-finish as a tiny Korean girl in a hanbok because you got de-mech’d at the start but your tiny fearless ass gives not one single fuck. At one point I almost did it three times in one game, but the enemy Mercy got so fed up with my shenanigans that she hunted me down and killed me on her own (because Mercy is the only one who’s tied for a de-mech’d D.Va when it comes to being out of fucks to give).

Probably going to paint this. :U

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