such terrible news

like, all I want in the day is enough time to do my work, read books, make a dent in read all the magazines accumulated on my kitchen table, noodle around on the internet, write a bunch, do some crafting, watch some tv, talk to some people I love, maybe go for a walk in the sunshine if it’s not too hot, prepare and have nice meals, allow my mind a little space to rest before I try to go to sleep

or, like, an alternative to feeling like I’m living minute to minute in an ever-devolving hellscape where just slapping some mascara on my lashes saps all the energy I have and I need to put my head down immediately after rolling out of bed

is that too much to ask really


Terrible news for Star1 and long-time K-Pop fans.

K-Pop Queens SISTAR will be disbanding after 7 years, with their comeback on May 31 being their last release.

Their company, STARSHIP Entertainment, has released a statement confirming the news.

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Footballer’s weddings | summer 2017

Lionel Messi & Antonela Roccuzzo 

Argentinian footballer and his partner are together for many year and they have two sons together. Accoring to various rumours they’re going to get married on June 30th in church in their hometown Rosario. Reception for guests including couple’s family members and friends is going to happen in Salones Puerto Norte. The bride is expected to wear dress from Rosa Clara. The couple is also planning a second reception in Barcelona for their friends who won’t be able to travel to Argentina. They already chose restuarant 9 Reinas (which serves Argentinian food)to serve food during their second reception. 

Victor Valdes & Yolanda Cardona

Goalkeeper and his fiancee are together for nearly a decade and has three kids together but after romantic engagement in Amsterdam, they decided to tie the knot this summer. The couple is going to say “sí, quiero” during chruch ceremony in Barcelona on June 9th. Then the couple’s kids Dylan, Kai and Vera are going to have a special role during their parents wedding. Yolanda is going to wear Pronovias dress. Arfter ceremony couple and theur guests are going celebrate in restaurant.

Marc Bartra & Melissa Jimenez

Spanish player and his fiancee are together since 2014 and has one daughter together. The civil ceremony will take place in Barcelona on June 18th. The bride chose the wedding dress from Rosa Clara. The special thing about the wedding is that the couple don’t want gifts from guests, but they asked them to donate to the Sant Joan Deu hospital in Barcelona and their initiative “Para Los Valientes” (“For the Brave”, for kids fighting with cancer).

Marlon Santos & Maria Souza

Young Brazilian defender from FC Barcelona B and his girlfriend Maria are going to get married this summer during church ceremony. 

Marc Andre ter Stegen & Daniela Jehle

The couple got married on May 15th during civil ceremony in Sitges. Accoring to rumours the couple is planning church ceremony in Germany to celebrate their love with their family and friends.

The phone hasn’t rung [for Doctor Who series 11] and I don’t think it will. My understanding is that Chris is sticking with a team he’s got used to working with on Broadchurch. Which makes absolute sense and frankly why wouldn’t you? I am looking forward to seeing how he writes for the Doctor we leave him with, which I understand from Steven will still be blind, cursed to continually hop on one leg, and unable to speak in anything but rhyming couplet.

Jamie Mathieson

Lumps & Bumps

This morning I got the terrible news that one of my favorite patients has a very malignant form of cancer. The good news is it was caught very early and can be treated. He has had several lumps and bumps before, all were benign, but I insisted we test this new one.

This is vital information for all pet owners and may save your pet’s life: NOBODY can tell if a lump is cancerous or not just by looking and touching it. I don’t care how experienced they are, how many lumps they’ve seen before, how many other benign lumps your pet has, it is IMPOSSIBLE to say if a lump is cancerous without getting a sample of it.

Vets can make educated guesses as to what a mass may be, but these are guesses. Often when I guess I am right and clients sometimes get upset that they “wasted money” on testing but what if I’m wrong? I have seen too many pets die of cancer because a vet didn’t offer testing because it was “just a fatty growth”. On the other side of the coin pet owners need to understand that testing is necessary for a proper diagnosis. We really cannot say if your pet has cancer just by feeling a lump.

If your pet has a lump or bump please go to the vet and get it tested. If the vet says no, insist on it. If your vet recommends it please do it. Your pet’s life may depend on poking that little bump you aren’t worried about.

For @mysterypearlweek Day 3: Creating. Pearl is introduced to the fine art of glassblowing, and she’s very concerned by the fact that the glass is on fire. And that humans blow into tubes with globs of molten glass at the end, and isn’t that dangerous?

3x5″ post-it note doodle.


Romeo Must Die {Aaliyah’s first big screen role} is released 17 years ago today {March 22, 2000}.

It is Andrzej Bartkowiak’s directorial debut with fight choreography by Corey Yuen. This film stars Jet Li, Aaliyah, Isaiah Washington, Russell Wong, Delroy Lindo, Henry O, Anthony Anderson and DMX. RMD had a budget of $25 Million but successfully grossed $91 Million worldwide and made it to the #2 movie on US charts.

The film’s setting is Oakland, California, but other than a few establishing shots, film production was entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia. The original ending of the movie was of Aaliyah and Jet Li’s characters kissing; a scene that did not test well and was ridiculed by the urban audience at a pre-release screening. Jet Li stated they filmed both {with and without the kiss} and dediced against the kissing scene because it was “somewhat strange and awkward” for Han to have witnessed his father’s suicide and then to come out and kiss someone. The studio modified the ending with Aaliyah giving Jet Li’s character a tight hug instead – did they walk away holding hands? — . According to a Filipino American director Gene Cajayon, “Mainstream America, for the most part, gets uncomfortable with seeing an Asian man portrayed in a sexual light.”

“I tried to play a trick on Jet, but it didn’t quite work. We were supposed to kiss and hug in the last scene. Right before we kissed, I put in these really disgusting false teeth and tried to shock him, but he is so focused, he didn’t crack a smile!” Aaliyah says on a failed attempt to prank her costar on the set of Romeo Must Die. “He didn’t flinch until the camera shut off and then he laughed. He liked it, but I felt like such a fool. I planned it for the whole movie and then, I couldn’t pull it off”.

Aaliyah enjoyed wearing her fake teeth on the set and pranked many of her costars on the set. Even off the set, she would wear her fake teeth and prank her best friend Missy Elliott. “One time, she put these big fake teeth in her mouth, the kind you get at a joke shop, and she came into my room and started doing the scenes from Romeo Must Die. Her personality was very playful, but she was also equally caring and compassionate” – Missy Elliott shares on her fondest memory of Aaliyah with this false teeth.

Jet Li was asked what his reaction was when he found out Aaliyah died. His response: “She was a very sweet girl and she was very charming. When she was on the set, she brought a lot of energy; she made everyone happy and would sing all the time. I was in China working on Hero and I heard the terrible news, we lost a best friend. She is still living in a lot of people’s hearts.”  When Jet Li was in New York being interviewed on the TODAY show. He commented “I have some memories of this very beautiful city … but it still makes me think about Aaliyah. She was such a talented girl and some locations when you pass by every day, you still think about her”.

Imagine Yondu getting back at you for playing a mean prank on him (smut)

(WOAH LONG ASS SMUT 😏VERY NSFW Sorry guys I just need to get this one out of my system…I just love him so much that inspiration hit me so hard it all came out…Idk if this is a mess or not but most likely it is XD Hope you guys can somehow appreciate it :) Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

You screwed up. Big time. But at least it was worth it.


You were having a blast laughing with your friends among the Guardians at the bar when suddenly it all came to a stop the instant Yondu found his way to you.

He didn’t say anything, simply grabbing you over back to the ship, away from the others. You tried to stop him, laughing in his face about it and wanting to reveal the truth but he wouldn’t have any of it.

In the end, he had you thrown into his room and pushed you to sit on the bed. As he stood back, his gaze told you to sit up straight or else, at least you that’s what you thought.

Strangely, it was quiet. You could hear the sound of your breathing and his filling the room slightly.

The tension was too obvious yet at the same time, you wondered as to why he’d stay this silent. He did went through the trouble to make a scene and pull you away mid drink and laughter, in front of Peter his “son” and the others around.

So why was he wasn’t freaking out like he should be by now. Your eyes stared vaguely to the ground, trying your best to make light of the situation.

Dryness was suddenly being felt at your throat and instinctively you tried to clear it. To Yondu, he thought you were about to talk back at him first, and instantly he put his finger to your lips.


He wasn’t going to let you have your way just as you had been for the last few years you’ve been together since he found you. He couldn’t afford to have another “Peter Quill” situation and let the other crew members think he had that much of a soft spot for Terrans, especially for the young ones.

He had to tighten his rules with you and now the opportunity was perfect. You screwed up and worse, you worried him. You made him look and sound like a weak old man, screaming and flipping out at his subordinates with slightly watery eyes.

All that show, after finding a neatly tucked piece of paper by his control console that wrote “I’m sorry…” and the audacity you had to add a little doodle of a sad face. Thousands of things ran through his mind when he saw that, you being taken, you selling yourself, and worse, you growing tired of him and walking out of his life.

“You…” That’s all he muttered. His eyes stared at you in anger and you knew you were in trouble. He stood back and taking a piece of paper out, he read it and only seemed to get angrier.

“Are you out of your goddamn mind, girl!” He spat at you, throwing the note over and his thick accent ringing through the room.

Pointing it at, he exclaimed, “You care to explain this?! What the hell were you thinking?!”

You sighed. You should’ve known you took this one too far. Looking at it subtly, you turned your gaze back towards his boots and let out a faint and nervous chuckle.

He knew it was coming, your nervous and cute explanation that would surely change the situation but not today. He wasn’t going to let that happen.

“Well…You see that was actually just a pra-”

“A prank!? You think that’s funny!? Playing with my damn feelings and making me look like an idiot in front of everyone for you?!”

You yelped as he suddenly made a move to grab a hold of you. His grip was rather tight and from his growl, you knew you weren’t going to be let off easy.

You were at lost for words. He just admitted probably the most embarrassing thing he could ever admit to you and to the others as well, you thought. You couldn’t say anything, his gaze was burning and making you sit still.

Shying away slightly from him, you ended up lowering your gaze and tensing within his tight grip.

Why did you had to be the way you were, he thought. He wanted to yell at you more but at this point he wanted to comfort you, and that turned him on.

Seeing you so still and wide eyed, his breathing ended up mixing with yours, somehow calming himself down from all of it. Thinking about it, he realized he had you in the palm of his hands now, whatever he wanted from you, he knew he would get it.

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