such tenderness

a concept: one day keith overhears lance saying that he’s upset that blue roses aren’t real. so he decides to leave on a mission in secret bc he’s convinced he must find it in space (or at least something similar to it). and so he like stays a week away and everybody is worried for him esp lance, till he finds an actual space flower that seems the equivalent of a blue rose and brings it to lance triumphantly. “you said you were upset there wasn’t a real rose with your favourite color so i went to look for one”

I can’t believe Kaneki told Touka that she was beautiful. One thing is to think about it (like Haise did), but he said it out loud to her… right after she took off her bra. From all the sweet things Kaneki has done, I think this is one of the cutest ones, especially when we know how Touka felt about her beauty in the past. I love you Kaneki