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You thought I was just Holt’s lackey. And you thought I was just Jake’s girlfriend. Well, I’m my own person, capable of making my own decisions, and I decided to humiliate you both.


The Pact, part 1/? 

if you think my handwriting gets worse towards the end then you are absolutely right and I am sorry

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here is the bias selfie tag where i was tagged by all these visuals (unlike myself) T^T:
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Since youre someone who knows both Loki and comics can you maybe tell me where 'I do what I want' comes from in regards with Loki? I see it all the time but its not in the movies and I dont really know if thats a fan thing or an actual relation

oh, no, it’s an actual comics thing.

based on some semi-lengthy detective work, I’ve finally figured out where this panel comes from (a question that has bedeviled me for years) - it’s on of several stories in the anthology comic Spidey Super Stories #27. the entire comic is remarkably delightful. it features the original Loki Apologist™:

Loki’s truly exceptional name-calling abilities:

and the infamous panel itself:

so yeah, that’s where the meme comes from. I’m actually really curious who first…dug up this panel from a random anthology story in a comic that came out in the 1970s, but…that’s for someone else’s detective work.

Honestly speaking can RoseGarden please not turn out canon? Like I love it as a brotp because they’re in that group of People Who Just Need A Bunch Of Hugs™ group…, but to me it only looks like Oscar seriously looks up to Ruby because she’s so damn amazing.

I don’t hate RoseGarden but I’d prefer it as a platonic ship or brotp, because seriously they complete each other in a ‘we both can help each other’ type of way..