such sportsmanship

So my kids are peacefully playing Pokemon in the library floor, and my mom starts reading some random magazine article aloud to them without even considering asking them if they give a fuck, and then I guess they didn’t both start staring at her all fascinated, because she stopped and demanded to know if they were paying attention. My daughter said she was. So then my mom starts quizzing her on the person in the article’s name, and the date, like damn woman if it wasn’t in front of you I doubt you’d remember. And bless, my daughter did actually regurgitate these useless facts! Stuff it, Nana!

But I tell you because not only does this bullshit exchange resemble most of my mother’s interactions with my kids, but this is how we treat kids as a culture. This is normal. They’re playing a game which requires specialized knowledge, math, reading, sportsmanship, strategy–a lot of thinking. And she still thinks it’s fine to demand that they drop everything and listen to her, because obviously whatever they choose to do doesn’t matter. And most people would see nothing wrong with this.

Kids are people. They deserve agency and respect.

I’m tired.

shout-out to the benevolent muscle men from mob psycho 100

when mob joined the body-building club, it felt like his presence there was gonna be a punchline, but the benevolent muscle men took him in with open (burly) arms. they’ve never made fun of him nor bullied him nor teased him for being so physically weak… they’ve always treated him as an equal and looked out for him and protected him and cheer him on as he grows… they don’t even pick on the nerds in their equipment classroom. thank you, benevolent muscle men. thank you for your kindness, patience, and sportsmanship.

Can I just say I have a lot of opinions about JJ, especially from a Westerner’s point of view? Specifically, the way he’s treated by the other skaters in YOI? JJ is loud, boisterous, and toots his own horn at every chance. Does this make him a bad guy? No way. In fact, all it does is paint a picture of how the rest of the world views people from America. Now, I’m from the US, so I can’t really speak for Canada, but I have quite a few Canadian friends and we are all, by definition, “North Americans”. I notice that our cultures aren’t really that different- specifically our social culture. Most Western young men act A LOT like JJ does- making jokes at other peoples’ expenses, trying to one-up everyone around them, be it verbally or otherwise, being really competitive and thriving in a competitive atmosphere, and generally just being very loud and obnoxious. 

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I did a lot of packing and Killed It at barre class today, so now I get to take a break to write a small thing based on this perfect @kevystel headcanon:


When Minami Kenjirou comes to find Victor at Worlds, he includes Yuri Plisetsky in the conversation without question. This doesn’t surprise Victor much. In his experience, Yuuri fans naturally recognize other Yuuri fans.

Minami Kenjirou is also basically inconsolable for the first few minutes, to the point where he’s unable to form a complete sentence beyond ‘Yuuri-kun’ and wrenching sobs. Eventually, he just shows them his phone, already open to a Twitter thread.

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Ways to Have Fun in Fandom

1. Focus on creating your own content. Even if it doesn’t get a lot of traction right away, it will get seen by some people and they will enjoy it.

2. Compliment and support other artists if you like their stuff. Don’t be clingy or fantasize interacting with other popular content creators, just support them like you would an artist or a writer in real life.

3. Be generally polite to your online peers and be careful with being obsessive. Understand that everyone has personal boundaries and they all vary from user to user.

4. Spread your interests out to keep from getting creatively burnt out on something if you want to focus on it long term.

5. Write down all the ideas for content you’d like to create and pick the top three you you want to do most. You’re not going to have time or energy to make everything all at once, it’s ok if you miss other ideas.

6. Try to finish projects but don’t feel guilty about posting small sketches or writing in small chunks or works in progress.

7. Don’t feel bad about stopping production of content if you’re sick of it and want to move into anything else. Fandom usually isn’t something you do for profit, and in the grand scheme of things, notes and reblogs won’t count for much.

8. If something stops being fun, enjoy what you did and move on. It’ll still be there if you ever want to go back to it.

9. Try to stay casually in contact with people you’ve interacted with, explain why your leaving or taking a break from the fandom, and support their works if you’re still on good terms with them. Even if you do leave their fandom, it’ll show good sportsmanship.

10. Take breaks from tumblr and share work over multiple platforms. Twitter, instagram, and Facebook are all good ways to get tranction for your content, even if Tumblr is the go-to for fandom interactions.

tsuzascribbles  asked:

That Quirkless Gen. Studies!Deku AU I. AM. IN. L O V E (yes Shoto, I know, me too). You wrote it real nicely; if that will have any continuation or a possible fic group, I am so down for it!!

@crispykrimi @genderfluidragon @ethones

shkdjfhskjdfh yall are so awesome I’m so glad you liked it. It ended up being Extremely Long because I wanted to do so much with it and I will admit that after going to bed last night I was plagued with thoughts of how the rest of the story would go. Speaking of my thoughts….



Without further ado I give to you… more quirkless!Izuku and the Shouto who is maybe falling in love with him??? first ficlet can be found here.

After the USJ attack Shouto is fairly certain that Midoriya Izuku has a death wish.

First there was the fact that he was completely okay with Aizawa burying him in dirt and trusting students he didn’t even know to rescue him without hurting him. Then there was the crazy stunt he pulled in the landslide zone with the villains. After that Midoriya repeated a similar strategy with another group of villains closer to the square and Shouto made it very clear that if he did it again Shouto was going to freeze him to the floor and leave him there so that he can’t get himself killed. Midoriya had stuttered and promised to be more careful, which wasn’t reassuring at all.

Then came the fight with Shigaraki, the Nomu, and All Might, in which Midoriya threw himself into danger and nearly gave Shouto a heart attack in the process. The villains that they had already faced were small fry, pathetic weaklings who could barely call themselves villains. Shigaraki and the Nomu were far more dangerous but Midoriya barely seemed to give it a second thought. It was maddening. Only Bakugou’s quick reflexes saved Midoriya from disintegrating in front of Shouto’s eyes like Aizawa’s arm.

After that Shouto had said goodbye to Midoriya, not sure if he wanted to see Midoriya again every day for the rest of his life or never see Midoriya again, and that had been that. At least, until the Sports Festival.

The moment some purple haired boy from the General Studies department mentioned that they could be transferred into the hero course if they did well enough Shouto knew immediately that Midoriya was going to be trying every reckless thing to win.

When Shouto freezes the entire gate at the beginning of the race he hopes to put more students out of commission but all of class 1-A, most of class 1-B, and a small number of random kids from the General Studies and Support departments manage to avoid the ice. Among them, a green head of hair that makes Shouto’s heart beat harder as if it knows that it’s going to get a terrifying workout in Midoriya’s presence and wants to be prepared.

Shouto freezes the robots and lets them fall behind him, shouting a warning over his shoulder and hoping that Midoriya listens.

He doesn’t see Midoriya again for the rest of the race. He’s completely focused on Bakugou and their fight for first place so when several mines go off behind them he doesn’t think much of it. That is, until he hears the screaming coming from the sky.

Shouto and Bakugou both look up and Shouto feels his heart do something complicated and painful because he knows that hair, he knows that face, and he knows that scream.

Midoriya rockets through the sky on a flying carpet of his own making. It looks like part of one of the robots from the beginning of the race. Midoriya is screaming bloody murder and Shouto can only wonder what stupid plan he has for landing.

“Deku, you bastard,” Bakugou yells, abandoning Shouto to chase the green streak Midoriya makes above them. 

Shouto curses under his breath and freezes the mines, abandoning the careful approach. This makes a path for those behind him but if he doesn’t hurry Midoriya will hit the ground and die because he’s quirkless and incapable of thinking more than one step ahead. Shouto has a quirkless brother so he knows that these things are not mutually exclusive, it’s just a special Midoriya trait that is going to send Shouto to an early grave from heart failure.

Once the mines are frozen it’s easy to keep pace with Bakugou. They’re both keeping their eyes on Midoriya as they try to catch up to where he’s losing altitude, but Shouto is sure they have different reasons.

They reach Midoriya just as he starts to reach the ground. Shouto is trying to think of a way to save Midoriya from death without giving up any ground to Bakugou when Midoriya plants a red sneaker clad foot on Shouto’s shoulder and slams his piece of robot armor into the ground so hard it rattles Shouto’s teeth.

There’s barely a split second for Shouto to reach for Midoriya, wondering what the hell he thinks he’s doing now, and then there’s an explosion.

Midoriya goes flying off of Shouto’s shoulder and Shouto feels panic set in because he can’t see anything through the pink smoke. Midoriya could have miscalculated and thrown himself into something hard enough to become permanently injured. He could have been grabbed by Bakugou and is now being blown up by something far more deadly than Yuuei’s landmines. Any number of things can happen to a quirkless boy with a death wish and most of them are less than good.

Shouto runs forward, trying to get clear of the smoke, and that’s when he sees Midoriya. Specifically, Midoriya’s retreating back as he clears the minefield and starts on the home stretch.

With an irritated growl Shouto chases him down with a single-minded intensity. Midoriya could have died. Without a quirk what kind of landing plan could Midoriya have possibly had? If it wasn’t for Shouto and Bakugou chasing him down he would have been a smear in the dirt. Shouto’s lungs burn but he doesn’t care. Behind him he can hear explosions that probably belong to Bakugou but he can’t bring himself to be concerned with Bakugou while he’s chasing Midoriya’s back.

Midoriya gets first place but Shouto is barely a second behind him and too angry to slow down. As Midoriya’s run starts to turn into a jog Shouto grabs a fist full of his uniform and skids to a stop, pulling Midoriya in front of him so he can shake some good sense into him.

“Midoriya, what where you thinking?” Shouto pants out. Midoriya’s wide green eyes are too close but Shouto doesn’t care. “What was your landing plan?”

“Uh,” Midoriya says meekly. “I didn’t really have time to make one. I just figured that I’d improvise?”

Shouto shakes him by the front of his shirt. “You could have died! Again!”


Shouto is too angry to stop now. “Do you know how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night since the USJ from a nightmare where Bakugou is too late and you died because of your own recklessness?”

“You dream about me?” Midoriya asks, voice full of wonder, and Shouto registers what he’s said. Their faces are too close to one another so Shouto releases him and takes a step back to get some distance. He’s still breathing heavily and his face is so hot he’s worried that he’s accidentally lit himself on fire.

“That’s not the point.”

Midoriya opens his mouth but before he can say anything Bakugou is there, shouting curses and setting off little explosions and Midoriya flinches and reels back so hard he falls on his ass in the dirt. Bakugou is dragged away by Kirishima a minute later, who apologizes cheerily while Bakugou calls them all names as he goes.

In Bakugou’s absence the silence is deafening, even with the crowd still screaming. Shouto looks down at Midoriya and Midoriya looks up at Shouto.

“I’m going to take you out of the running in the next event,” Shouto says, “so that you don’t pull something else stupid and get yourself killed.”

Midoriya stares at him for a moment, completely slack-jawed, and then his expression hardens. “I’m not going anywhere. Even though I’m quirkless I’m going to find a way to be a hero.”

Shouto grits his teeth, imagines Midoriya disintegrating before his eyes or splitting apart like a watermelon on the ground, and turns away without helping Midoriya to his feet.

If you’re looking for more part three is here and part four is here.

The Mage-knights of Décentre believe they have perfected war as a sport and it’s not uncommon for them to visit for tea between skirmishes.

They hold no grudges and never take off their helmets to remain anonymous on the battlefield.

Their friendliness and ‘sportsmanship’ usually isn’t well received from enemy soldiers that are putting their lives on the line

Domestic Dog Correspondences

This took me way too long so I hope you all enjoy it! As with my other correspondences you can find it all here in my digital grim! If you see any breeds I missed and you must have, please feel free to reach out and I’ll add them in!!


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Known as the homo sapien’s best friend, dogs are highly intertwined within human culture. From its religious significance across many cultures  to its contributions to many industries. Highly versatile animals that range dramatically from the smallest of terriers to beasts bred for bear hunting they are utilized worldwide for countless reasons. Many specific groups of dogs are tied to the elements such as terriers with the earth, sighthounds with the air and hunting dogs with water.

General:  Loyalty, service, companionship, safety, devotion, hard work,  tracking/finding, friendship, diversity, protection, recently deceased.

Affenpinscher:  Adventure, good health, intellect, raucousness, cheerfulness.

Afghan Hound:  Beauty, dignity, tradition, royalty, protection, air (element), warmth, extravagance.

Afghan Shepherd/Kuchi:  Bravery, gallantry, variety/diversity, adaptability, earth (element), protection, strength.

Aidi:  Power, companionship, intellect, determination, protection, awareness, courage, bravery.  

Airedale Terrier/Mini:  Hard work, determination,  attracting positive energy, happiness, water (element), agitation, hunting, sportsmanship, versatility.

Akbash: Protection, power, strength, pride, adaptability, bravery, independence, loyalty.

Akita Inu:  Loyalty, trust, war, home, protection, awareness, resilience, emotional health, emotional strength, healing.

Alano Español:  Conflict, strength, victory, overcoming obstacles, beauty, sun, fearlessness, keeping away negativity.

Alaskan Husky:  Adaptability, strength, hunger, affection, water (element), cold, swiftness/quickness, energy.

Alaskan Klee Kai:  Intelligence, energy, happiness, friendship, love, caution, prosperity, good health.

Alaskan Malamute:  Strength, endurance, wisdom, maturity, partnerships, community, winter, gluttony, safe travels.  

Alpine Dachsbracke:  Cleverness, vigor, bravery, overcoming obstacles, structure.

American Akita:  Dedication, victory, conflict, strength, protection, trust.

American Bulldog:  Unaddressed aggression, dedication, strength, protection, emotional strength, strengthening bonds.

American Cocker Spaniel:  Elegance, poor health, slowness, affection, friendship.  

American Eskimo Dog:  Beauty, air (element), grace, humor, cheerfulness, anxiety, high intelligence, good health, gluttony.

American Hairless Terrier:  Agility, sun, grace, earth (element), joy, good health, warmth.

American Pitbull Terrier:  Dedication, strength, unfair judgements, the forbidden, danger, personal power, love.

American Staffordshire Terrier:  Protection, strength, courage, patience, family, increased psychic awareness, empathy.

American Water Spaniel:  Versatility, water (element), blurring psychic vision, warmth, irritability, possessiveness.

Anatolian Shepherd:  Great strength, independence, protection, guarding, warding, impulsiveness, courage.

Andalusian Hound/Pondeco:  Anxiety, versatility, clarity, psychic sight, seeking, clearing annoyances.

Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie:  Chaos, conflict, chasing away negative energy, good health, finding lost things, foreign affairs.

Appenzeller Sennenhund:  Protection, warding, awareness, quick learning, energy, longevity, prosperity, good health, positive energy.

Ariegeois:  Good health, intimidation, finding friendships, companionship, serenity.

Australian Cattle Dog:  Hyperactivity, competition, friendship, devotion, binding, possessiveness, destruction, curiosity.

Australian Kelpie:  Balance, beauty, conceit, spontaneity, competition, high energy, pride, problem solving.

Australian Shepherd:  Guarding, protection, devotion, versatility, ambition, success, good sportsmanship, earth (element).

Australian Silky Terrier: Vanity, cleanliness, pride, purging negativity, envy, beauty, companionship, attracting friendships.

Australian Terrier:  Success in education, poor health, protection from annoyances, cheerfulness, empathy, earth (element).

Austrian Black and Tan Hound:  Good health, longevity, happiness, air (element), beauty.

Austrian Pinscher:  Exercise, energy, anxiety, restlessness, tension, guarding, protection, strength.

Azawakh: Fire (element), wildness, impulsiveness, nature, beauty, music, protection, victory, finding lost things, possessiveness, binding, creativity.

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Real quick because it was driving me nuts; the rest of the part I intended to write for the Quirkless!Izuku au that I’ve been doing but couldn’t fit. I also call this story The Ethics of Sportsmanship (How Life isn’t Fair) which means that I’m in trouble because once I name something it grows into a larger story that goes on ao3. I guess at some point I’ll be cleaning this up and doing rewrites on it.

Part one is here, part two is here, part three is here.

Midoriya beats the other General Studies student easily. Apparently Midoriya is familiar with his quirk and the best ways to counter it. Shouto destroys Sero in combat and feels terrible about taking out his irritation on someone who has never been anything but kind in class.

Shouto passes the rest of the round thinking about his match with Midoriya. Midoriya knows the ice side of his quirk fairly well, they talked about it at length during the USJ attack and Shouto wouldn’t be surprised if Midoriya has his own observations to add. Shouto has the advantage of overwhelming power to Midoriya’s complete lack of it. He has no idea how Midoriya plans to win but he also knows that Midoriya won’t give up.

They stand across from each other in front of the entirety of Japan and Midoriya’s determined face reminds Shouto of the anger he saw Midoriya show before Shouto explained his past except more tempered.

“Midoriya,” Shouto greets as Present Mic does introductions.

“Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya greets back.

“Sorry about this,” Shouto says, because he really is.

Midoriya’s determined face gets more intense and then there’s no more time for words because the match is starting.

Shouto produces a large wave of ice, similar to the ice he produced during his match with Sero. There’s so much of it that it blocks his vision and he breathes out frost as he straightens up to examine the large iceberg. He can’t see Midoriya inside of it but he doesn’t have time to be concerned that he’s hurt Midoriya because the boy in question punches him in the face from his left side.

It isn’t hard enough to do much more than push Shouto back but it still hurts.

“Don’t be an asshole,” Midoriya cries, and then he punches Shouto in the ribs.

Shouto turns, bringing his right hand up to grab hold of Midoriya and freeze him in place but Midoriya is light on his feet. Shouto has no idea what kind of training someone without a quirk does but it must focus on dodging because he’s a slippery fighter.

Midoriya stays on Shouto’s left side and every time Shouto turns Midoriya circles him. He’s not just on Shouto’s left side but he’s also staying slightly behind Shouto so that he can’t get a good look at what Midoriya’s doing. Shouto takes two more punches to the ribs, still not strong enough to do any damage, before he’s had enough.

Instead of turning to the left to try to catch Midoriya where he can see him he spins to the right and throws his arm out behind him somewhat blindly. Midoriya makes a cute squeaking noise in surprise when Shouto’s fingers brush skin and he has no idea what he’s touching but he freezes it as much as he can before Midoriya pulls back. 

There’s a foot on Shouto’s lower back and he’s kicked forward before he can regain his balance from his spin. He does a somersault and whips around to see that he’s frozen Midoriya’s right cheek and jaw.

“Cold,” Midoriya says, rubbing at the ice with one hand like he might be able to melt it off quickly.

“That’s the idea,” Shouto replies, sending another wave of ice Midoriya’s direction.

Once again, Midoriya is surprising. He jumps over the wave of ice. It’s short enough this close that Midoriya clears it easily, jumping straight for Shouto. He’s aiming for Shouto’s left side again and Shouto isn’t fast enough to get out of the way or turn his body. Midoriya grabs his left shoulder, gets his feet back under him, and does the same throw he had used on Shinsou.

This time Shouto gets his right hand on the back of Midoriya’s uniform. He freezes it as much as possible, giving himself a jumping off point to freeze Midoriya completely the next time he can get a hand on Midoriya’s person, before his back makes contact with the concrete and the wind is knocked out of him.

Shouto slaps his right hand to the stage and spreads ice in Midoriya’s direction. With the wind knocked out of him it’s hard to control and Midoriya dodges it easily but it buys Shouto time. 

“Stop holding back,” Midoriya says and when Shouto sits up he can see that Midoriya’s expression is still determined anger. “I’m quirkless, with power like yours you should be beating me but you’ll lose because you can’t even be bothered to actually try.”

Shouto grinds his teeth together. “I told you.”

“Don’t make excuses,” Izuku spits and something that sounds like hurt is edging into his voice. “Don’t look down on me.”

Shouto surges upwards, hands outstretched to grab Midoriya and end this once and for all where Midoriya can’t dodge but Midoriya dances backwards and rips his half frozen jacket off as he goes, throwing it in Shouto’s face. By the time Shouto gets the fabric out of his vision Midoriya has run back to Shouto’s left side and he’s bringing his fist up to punch Shouto in the face again. Shouto jerks his head back and Midoriya’s fist almost grazes his nose. All Shouto can see is tan skin and he grabs it with his right hand and encases it in ice.

With a jerk Midoriya wrenches his arm out of Shouto’s grip. It’s completely frozen now but that doesn’t slow Midoriya down. He spins, lashing out with his frozen arm and hitting Shouto in the back of the head with his new ice block weapon. Shouto curses.

“This isn’t everything you can do,” Midoriya cries, dancing back and out of the way of a the plain punch Shouto throws at him with his left hand.

“I’m not going to use his fire,” Shouto growls, turning to face Midoriya fully.

“It’s not his, it’s yours.” Midoriya says back. They’re both just standing in the middle of the ring now and Midoriya’s green eyes seem to swallow Shouto’s entire world. “It’s your quirk and if you won’t even use it then what’s the point of trying to become a hero?”

Shouto thinks of Midoriya, quirkless and doing everything in his power to become a hero. He thinks of All Might and the words he had forgotten until just now. He thinks of his mother. 

He bursts into flame.

Midoriya smiles and to Shouto it looks a little crazy. His eyes reflect back Shouto’s fire, highlighting the golds in the green and making them look stunning. 

“Amazing,” Midoriya says quietly but somehow Shouto can still hear him. “Beautiful.”

Shouto wants to tell him that he’s wrong, Midoriya is the beautiful one, but that seems inappropriate. Instead he says, “Don’t smile. You’ve lost.”

“No,” Midoriya says. “I’ve won.”

Shouto’s heart skips a beat because Midoriya was doing this on purpose. Midoriya was trying to make him feel this way, powerful and heroic and complete.

Midoriya rushes him again but with fire blanketing Shouto’s left side there’s nowhere for Midoriya to strike. Still, he manages to melt the ice encasing his arm on Shouto’s fire before Shouto traps his feet. He builds the ice up Midoriya’s legs to his waist because he isn’t taking anymore chances with Midoriya’s tenacity.

Before the match is called Shouto looks Midoriya in the eye. “Thank you.”

This time Midoriya looks away. “Don’t thank me.”

Shouto opens his mouth to ask why but Midnight calls the match and the crowd loses their minds.


10 blocks in a row! 😱🏐