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The Houses: *Playing Dungeons and Dragons*
Gryffindor: *Dungeon Master* Every time you jerks make a bad pun I’m giving you a disadvantage to your rolls.
Ravenclaw: It’s well worth it. After all I’m on a roll with these bad puns.
Gryffindor: That counts.
Slytherin: I think that was actually rather punny.
Gryffindor: You also get a disadvantage.
Gryffindor: *looks suspiciously at Hufflepuff*
Hufflepuff: Don’t look at me. I don’t want to face that punishment.
Gryffindor: You all are disadvantaged on your rolls.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hufflepuff: Hey, Griff? Can you get the dor?

Gryffindor: *opens the door for Slytherin* You wanna Slyther on in for some turkey?

Slytherin: *walks in and rolls their eyes* I’m so hungry. I’m going to Ravenclaw my eyes out…

Ravenclaw: (after meal) I’m so hufflestuffed, I can’t move.

Hope everyone in the United States had a wonderful Thanksgiving! And hope everyone else had a wonderful normal day!

slytherin headgirl: a playlist

just a playlist that gives you the strengh to do whatever you wat to you.
a playlist that says: “you’ve got this” and “here i am.”

muse - survival
fun. - we are young
fall out boy - champion
simple minds - don’t you (forget about me)
marina and the diamonds - power and control
panic! at the disco - victorious
powers - legendary
sia - the greatest
marina and the diamonds - starring role
the 1975 - love me
the all-american rejects - gives you hell
fall out boy - centuries
melanie martinez - cry baby
twenty one pilots - fairly local
marina and the diamonds - bubblegum bitch
fall out boy - immortals
florance + the machine - kiss with a fist
imagine dragons - warriors
the neighbourhood - afraid
halsey - castle
ac/dc - come and get it
my chemical romance - planetary [GO!]
twenty one pilots - heathens
starset - my demons
imagine dragons - demons
the offspring - you’re gonna go far, kid
fun. - some nights
queen - we will rock you
panic! at the disco - emperor’s new clothes
set it off - wolf in sheep clothing
lower than atlantis - could be worse

  • Ravenclaw: It is time to give thanks to everyone, and give out, and make reparations, and eat food, and and and
  • Slytherin: Fuck man, I just wanted to eat but now we have a full time schedule
  • Ravenclaw: You can't have pie if you don't come along
  • Slytherin: YOU WOULDN'T DARE
The Prince Of Slytherin Part III


A/n–Part 3! Happy thanksgiving! I hope I tagged everyone who asked

Warning- none

Pairing- Bucky x reader

Title– The Prince Of Slytherin: Part III

“-and then Wanda had a vision that Helmut Zemo was going to come here. To Hogwarts. And we need to prepare, to- to learn how to defend ourselves. And I need your help, Bucky. You’re the best there is.”

After Bucky pinned you to the wall, it took a few minutes for your heart to stop racing. He invited you into the nearly deserted common room to talk. (The password was silver serpent. You were close) You were now sitting in a pair of arm chairs, hidden in the shadows.

“No.” He says flatly running his hands through his hair. The tousled locks touched his forehead. It distracted you for a moment.

“Wait what? No? Just no?” You half shouted. Bucky reached out his arm to cover your mouth. Jerking you head away, you controlled your volume.

“Give me a reason. You can’t just say no.”

“I- I don’t want to mess with Zemo.” He rubbed his head, as if a sudden headache had burdened him.

“Why? I know he’s a bad guy, but Bucky we could really use your help.”

“He’s more than a bad guy, y/n. He- never mind. I just really…” He trailed off.

“I understand.” You sighed. He wouldn’t meet your eye. “I should probably go.”

You begin to stand when you feel his hand on your thigh, pushing you back down. You look at him wide eyed.

He closed his eyes and sighed.

“How many is a few people?” He asks after a few moments of silence.

“Um, I don’t have a for sure number, but i’m guessing around ten?” You say biting your lip.

“You think 10 people knowing a few spells will save a school?”

“It’s better than none.” You say defensively. “I said it’s fine. I can do this without you.”

“No…no. I’ll help.” He frowned.

“Really? You don’t seem so sure.”

“Yes. I want to help you.” He nodded, seeming more sure of himself.

“So where are we meeting?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement.” You were ready for his questions.

“The what?” He asked.

“The Room of Requirement. It’s.. I’ll show you sometime.” You say.

“Can you show me now?” He asked.

You blushed. It wasn’t a good idea to go to a place where it gave you everything you needed, when all you wanted was Bucky.

“Why are you blushing, Doll?” He asked you.

“Um, no reason.” You put the back of your hand on your burning cheeks.

“And hey don’t call me Doll.” You said, even though you secretly liked it.

“Sorry I just can’t help myself. You’ve got such a pretty face.” He looks at you through his lashes.

“Thanks.” You said flatly, even though your heart was leaping.

“So how are we going to communicate with the people in the group?” He asks while taking off his tie and unbuttoning a few buttons on his shirt.

“I-um-I can enchant jewelry to set the time and date of our meetings. I can make them vibrate until you look at the so no one will ever miss a meeting.”

“So we have a meeting place and a way to communicate. What are you going to teach them?”

“What do you mean ‘you’” You ask. “You are going to help me. You’re as much a part of this than I am.”

He gives you a look. “Alright… But I don’t guarantee that I’ll like everyone.”

“That’s fair.” You chuckle.

“Can I ask you something?” He says.

“Of course.”

“Why me?”

You played with the buttons on your cardigan before answering. “You are the smartest person in our year. That wind funnel you almost killed me with? I have no idea how to do that. It was pretty cool. And you are just… different. I thought you hated me. God- I… I spend hours wondering what I did to you to make you dislike me that much. But you just aren’t a people person. And I just- I want to figure you out. And I thought we could help each other out, you know? Everyone needs a friend.”

He looked at you with such a blazing look in his eyes, it made your entire body warm.

“I don’t hate you. I never had. Well maybe in second year when you beat me in exams.” He laughed and leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees. “And I’m sorry about that wind tunnel. I wouldn’t have let it kill you. And yeah, I could use a friend.” He smiled at you. “I think we could help eachother out.”

The grandfather clock in the corner jarred both of you out of your thoughts. You look and saw it was midnight.

“I should probably get going.” You said, wishing you could stay.

“Do you want me to walk you back to your tower?” He asks.

Yes. “No I’ll be okay. I don’t want you to get caught.”

He walked with you through the deserted common room.

“Thank you.” You say. “For everything.”

“Anything for you.” He smiles. You couldn’t tell if he was joking or not.

“Goodnight.” You say.

He looks at you with an intense expression. He reaches out to touch your cheek, his thumb sliding down to brush against your bottom lip.

“Goodnight.” He says in a low voice.

Your head was still spinning by the time you crawled into bed.

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*Harry and Draco have come to a healer*

Healer: Now, tell me, do you two share the same blood group?

Draco: Definitely, by now.

Draco: He’s been sucking my blood for years.

Draco: Do you want to know about the other things he’s been sucking?

Healer: I think I should say “NO”.




Draco: Alright, that one time… *starts gossiping*

“Didn’t get enough sleep last night?”

Harry groaned into his arms and felt his face heat up when he heard Tom’s purring voice above him. He peeked one eye open before groggily dragging his head away from the softness of his Hogwarts robes.


Tom sat across from him, his head resting against his palm, and a playful glint in his eyes. He looked the total opposite of Harry in that moment, with his smiling face, neat hair, and his glowing pale skin.

He wanted to wipe that smug look off that handsome face. He was just so tired- Merlin, why wouldn’t anyone take a hint?

Harry snarled, “Sod off, Tom.”

lololol so,, I haven’t posted any drawings for awhile I guess?? or it felt like a long time to me anyway. Here, have a Harry who’s tired from…uh, last night’s activities… and an “energized” Tommy boy. This is super messy lmao but ehhh.  I also haven’t written anything since like 3 years ago so oops.

shyasebean  asked:

Um...whats a "slytherin"? (hope its not to late to ask this)

The BEST of the Hogwarts Houses in Harry Potter motherfuckah!!!!

Nope, no way. Hufflepuff’s obviously the BEST House.

Our House has the SNAKE! Your silly badger can’t beat a snake!!!

Honey badgers are immune to cobra venom and eat snakes. So…BITE ME, HAMILTON.

I’ll fucking bite you, Laurens. You just wait until I get you alone.

Like the honey badger, I’m immune to your venom.

Are you calling me a cobra?

That’s right. I’ll have you for breakfast.