such precious matesprits

It's Called Pailing, Moron || @Nuisancevantas

Futurekat sat quietly in the living room of his treehive. The term ‘his’ was used rather loosely, since the hive actually belonged to his younger self. But it was still a little bit his. Anyways- Futurekat sat on the couch as he polished his sunglasses. He rarely ever got time to himself, but the few times he did he would clean his beloved shades. Filthy lenses were absolutely horrible.

As he polished with his customized handkerchief, Futurekat waited. Soon he would have to put his sunglasses back on. Very soon. He was 99.9% sure from his previous observations that a certain troll would be coming to look for him soon. That and the fact that he’d been practicing his weird mind powers lately. If what he’d sensed was correct, Treekat’s precious matesprit would come to see Futurekat. Futurekat was well aware that Karkat hated his guts. Everyone did. And that didn’t bother Futurekat at all. But he welcomed Karkat’s bitter words with the warmest of embraces. Today, there was a very high possibility that Karkat would need his help, and the smug satisfaction already gathering inside of Futurekat was so, so sweet.