such perfect human being

Quick message for Jack

Jack!! We believe in you as well. We are proud of you. We love you. This relationship between you and your fans isn’t a one way street. Every feeling you have regarding us (gratitude, love, appreciation) is one we give you back.

Don’t ever worry about disappointing us. Even if you start projects and don’t finish them or if you don’t start working on them because it’s too scary.

We love you. We know you’re human. And human beings aren’t perfect, you know? You did so much for us. We couldn’t be dissapointed about such a small thing.


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Lili Reinhart is such a perfect human being. And I hate using the "perfect" word, because it sets up unrealistic expectations for us. Obviously she makes mistakes like we all do, but I just want to shout from the rooftops that she is handling fame so well and praise her for being a good role model for her fans. She is kind to us and also offers great advice--whether it's about taking time to understand our mental health or respecting the personal lives of celebrities. So proud of Lili!

S A M E!!!!!!! I wanna write an entire book for the world to read. She is so unique, with such a fresh voice with such young female empowerment. I love how she tells it like it is, owns up to her mistakes, how much love she has to give to those around her, how clever she is, how creative and ambitious she is, how non-judgemental she is, how fucking hilarious she is but most of all - I love her for being her goddess self all. the. damn. time no matter what. She’s a huge inspiration to me.

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I'm pretty sure there's a numerous list of anons that have a crush on you bbe, including me. Better keep a close eye on him before we take him for ourselves, lofi ;))

Sorry, but I’m not interested in thots who think I’m shallow enough to drop a perfect human being such as @lofispirit for someone who can’t compete. (: - Mod Kødd


Zendaya is more than just a pretty face. She’s a beautiful human being and an amazing role model, and this is why I stan for her.

[update: finally got around to fixing the caption for the the photoshop and barbie photo’s. Thanks for letting me know @underbree@merlzii ]