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Stop being so afraid to be confident. There’s actually a lot of great things about you. Don’t deny those things, embrace them. You’re beautiful and smart and kind and you need to stop punishing yourself for acknowledging it and trying to believe it.

time for my messy unwanted unpopular opinion (again..!)

  • im sorry to say this but the reason half of you are so angry and disappointed all the time is that you take things so…personally. you think you are louis and what you believe his team is doing to him is actually happening to you? like, yall act like louis’ team is purposefully doing “bad” things just to spite YOU personally. i read shit like “i wanna stop supporting/promoting because whats the point his team doesnt want it blah blah blah”. all im gonna say is no need to be so dramatic no one is forcing you to stream in the first place but also stop being obsessed with his team…? you claim to love louis but then wanna ‘punish him’ because of his team lmao…makes no sense.
  • ppl complaining the promo is bad have literally not been there for niall’s promo but im not surprised because yall only pretend to like him anyway but if you paid attention you would realize louis had better promo than him and the reason why niall is so high now is because most songs take time to build up in the charts. SH debuted at #52 in the US. now its #19.
  • you have literally no consideration for what louis wants. you automatically assume that if what is happening is not what YOU want, then louis also doesn’t want it. you think he wastes his time in small radio stations? well maybe louis just likes meeting his fans from all over the country instead of always staying in london and seeing the same goddamn stalkers. newsflash: you are not louis. you dont get to decide whats good for him and what isnt, you also can’t get in his head to figure out what he wants.
  • you constantly project your stereotypes and bias on louis to shit on his own style. getting mad at his haircut - do you even hear yourself? being mad that what he wears looks “cheap” or “chavy” when all of his clothes are totally unaffordable (at least for me) and he fucking likes it. hes also being paid for promoting these designers so i really dont think hes crying at home. 
  • some of you dont wanna admit it but you hate it because you dont think he looks “stereotypically gay” the way harry does with his bright clothes. you think his clothes makes him look too “straight” and “masculine” and for you its incompatible with your belief that hes gay because gay people cant be masculine apparently. there’s also the fact that not liking a style personally (it’s ok we all have tastes) doesn’t make it objectively bad. you not liking it doesnt mean no one can like it.
  • another portion of you are just deadass angry because he’s (still) closeted and it appears some of you have inherent disgust for that and im not gonna elaborate on how that’s fucked up and none of your business.
  • i hate when he mentions his gf and his kid as much as everyone else but to act like its bad promo is just wrong. everyone else loves it and it makes him relatable even if its lies 80% of the time. just look at liam. so stop projecting, again, your own feelings into the state of his promo. 
  • again its just the FIRST WEEK of promo its not a disaster if he hasnt been on any TV appearance or done any performance. on the contrary, when all appearances are in the same week, the song DROPS after that because there is no more promo. that’s what all of 1d’s songs ever were: best charts the first week (first 2 days, really) then significant drop.

tl;dr relax a bit, and remind yourself at the end of the day this isnt your life its not happening to YOU and the world isnt ending. bye.

So I’m on my way to my cousins house and I’ve just seen an article about the lastest of many acid attacks on South Asians and like many of the other attacks, it had taken place around 10 minutes away from where my cousins live.

And suddenly I want to get out of London as soon as I can, but then I recieve a message from an aunt as at 10pm the night before someone had poured acid on her friend’s “for sale” board outside their house in Leicester.

And honestly, I’m terrified. I’m scared when someone walks too close or when a motorbike drives past. I’m scared when someone stares at my hijab or when I’m walking close to the roadside.

There are people out there who consciously go out there and buy acid with the intent to disfigure or even kill another person and I’ve barely heard a thing about it. And its disgusting.

And I know it doesn’t mean much for people on tumblr to reblog a post… But I haven’t seen a single post and it just feels like people just don’t care if the victims aren’t white or American.

We matter. And I wish people would be willing to care about us like they show outrage for other victims.

Please keep the victims and their families in your thoughts and pray for all the South Asian people who are currently terrified simply because they exist.

I may not live to see our glory…


7-26-17 | 96/100 Days of Productivity

hi everybody, sorry for having not posted in a like over a week. even though my summer school’s over, things have still been pretty hectic for me, oops. but i’m back, and i only have four days left for this challenge? wowza. anyways, california weather is trippy af, one minute it’s pretty nice with some cool winds, the next minute … it’s hot. very hot.

i hope you all have been alright! again, drink lots of water and be sure to treat yourself every now and then :’))

🎶 currently listening to : If You - NU’EST W (it’s such a lovely song alskjf;alskdf i hope they get all the support they truly deserve)

My July Wrap Up
hey guys this is my July wrap up, I finished only one book which took me three weeks and couldn’t finish another book in the week left soooo I only have Far From The Madding Crowd for this months wrap up, I’ll be posting my August tbr next when by which time I’ll be on holiday so you’ll have to bare with me.📚✨
Also I’ve gained a lot of followers recently on here and on Instagram (that’s alwaysreadingg as well) and I just wanted to say thank you to every single one of you, it means the world☺️💛