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page delay!

[ Slight dramatization ]

As visitors of the streams may know, Eruto’s laptop has been rapidly deteriorating and is now to the point where it will overheat and shut off after just a few minutes! No laptop means she can’t work on Caretaker, and without her, there is no Caretaker comic!

But there is good news! Thanks to your extremely generous coffee contributions Eruto is already in the process of building a suped up desktop that will be 1000x better than the toaster she calls a laptop! She’s just waiting on one last piece of hardware to be delivered and once it’s here we will be back in business and better than ever before. This piece will be arriving sometime at the end of the week.

Until then, we reluctantly must accept the facts:

Thursday’s page will be delayed until this weekend. 

Rest assured that as long as nothing else goes wrong, Monday’s page will still come out on time. Thanks for bearing with us!

a computer update from eruto

there are some concerned readers in the inbox, so i thought i’d drop by to lay down some details! first: my laptop is definitely fried. it could only barely run if i had a fan pointed at it. without a fan, it turned off within 30 minutes from overheating. it was just generally failing. don’t worry, though: it was a slow decline, so i was able to grab my most important files off it before laying it to rest.

my new computer, which i had the local computer guy build, just arrived… but it is having a lot of issues, too, between ridiculous oversights and other things going wrong. it looks like it could be a few days yet before i’m able to draw, but i’ll keep you all posted if something changes.

thanks for bearing with me, everyone. 

if it weren’t for all your generous coffees, caretaker would be stopped dead with no hope of continuing. everyone who was able to give any little bit quite literally saved both this comic and my ability to draw, so from the bottom of my heart, i am so grateful to you all.

had a Good Talk with @wittyy-name today and got this Hot Tip™ for writing: make a goddamn conspiracy board. all i need now is some string and blurry photos of bigfoot. this is what writing is actually like. it’s all connected. cant u see

what you’re looking at up there is the plot of deepest shade – every event, flashback, meeting, and conversation that i know Needs To Happen so far. i’m hoping to find and patch holes so that i can write and share the best possible version of this fic with you all. it’s becoming my BFF (Big Fucking Fic) and writing it is going to be like birthing a child. i have never undertaken anything of this scope before, and i’m both excited and terrified. i’m hoping to have this bitch finished before season 3.

i hope u will all enjoy this self indulgent monster of a fic as it’s released, and humor me whining about it, and talK TO ME about it if you want!!! and thanks again wittyy, your secret ninja techniques are worKING. *rolls up sleeves* let’s go ny’all

3-28-17 | 47/100 Days of Productivity

english was fun - mythology’s so interesting, though, wHat eVEN. i think my favorite myth from greek mythology is with icarus and daedalus? like there was this children’s tv show featuring this story and i was like 6 at the time and i was SO MINDBLOWN. the myth of icarus and daedalus will forever be a fav.

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