such love i can barely comprehend


This is set in the time when Feyre became the High Lady, then went to the Spring Court to infiltrate and destroy them…

“Feyre?” She heard behind her, but didn’t turn. She simply kept her blue gray eyes focused on the raindrops that slid down the glass window. The sun had gone down already and a dusky gray sky was all that remained. Heavy rain clouds shrouded the stars and the moon from view and she cursed them over and over again for taking them from her.

“Darling,” Feyre heard Tamlin murmur and felt an unmistakable urge to scream that there was only one person who could call her that. Feyre, Darling, carved itself gently into the corners of her mind and she bit back a sob as Tamlin’s hand came down to rest on her shoulder. “Look at me,” He finally said, voice tinged with annoyance as he tried to forcefully turn her around to face him.

I love you, Feyre sent to her mate across the bond, trying desperately to stay grounded as she did as she was asked, meeting Tamlin’s eyes.

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Perfect to Me (Daryl Dixon x Reader)

Words: 1,802

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request: You’ve always been insecure about your weight, as you’ve always been slightly chubby. This has prevented you from telling Daryl Dixon how you feel about him, since you think he could never have feelings for you back, but you’re proven otherwise one day when Daryl overhears someone talking bad about your weight and he punches them in the face.

Warnings: Asshole OC character, language, self-deprecating thoughts, angst, fluff

a/n: wow i just wanna give a big shout out to my beta reader, @cannedpicklenumber1 cause they’re amazing and they helped greatly w this

Originally posted by winchesterinterrupted


Everyone has them. Whether it’s about their face, their personality, or anything else they deem not good enough. Yours, in particular, happens to be your weight.

Even when you were younger, you’d always been a little chubbier than the average person. It didn’t bother you until you got into high school, and you started to become very aware and insecure about your weight and body shape. You wanted nothing more than to look like those models on the magazines. These insecurities never went away, and now here you are- living in Alexandria during the literal zombie apocalypse, and crushing on a man who you deem practically impossible to get: Daryl Dixon.

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The Paladins First Kiss With You {Headcanon}.

This is for @hotemotionalmess. I hope you like it!


  - Your first kiss with Shiro would probably be so planned out it’s not even funny.

  - Not planned out by you. By Shiro.

  - From the moment you said yes to being his s/o, he’s just been plotting how this moment is going to work out, and yet when he finally does it, it goes to complete shit.

  - Like, he thinks he’s being swift by leaning in all of a sudden and pecking your lips, but he’s too fast and your heads end up slamming together.

  - “Shiro, what the hell?”

  - “I’m sorry. I tried to kiss you.”

  - Upon hearing this, you, of course, grin and pull at his lapels, dragging him in for a good kiss that catches Shiro off guard so much, but he loves every moment of it.


  - Kissing??? What is this???

  - Honestly, Keith is just glad you said yes to being his s/o. He doesn’t even know there’s other things he should do.

  - So about three months into your relationship, he still hasn’t even showed interest in kissing you so you have to take things into your own hands.

  - I can imagine it just being quick. Barely even comprehended for the first few seconds of it. Like, you literally just lean in, peck his lips, pull back and go on with whatever you’re doing.

  - And he’s just standing behind you like “….” because what just happened?

- He’s super surprised that he liked it. He never saw the appeal towards the joining of mouths, but it’s different when you do it.

  - So he grabs your wrist, spins you around and kisses you again this time – sloppy and unpracticed, but it’s Keith so you let him off with it.

  - “I like doing that. I like doing that a lot.”



  - This bitch is so god damn slick.

-  Honestly. Kissing you is probably the way he asks you out in the first place.

  - You’re just standing by the counter trying to make a sandwich and Mr Worldwide slides up beside you, wraps an arm around your waist and presses a kiss to your lips.

  - He winks when he sees your reaction – just complete confusion. Not exactly the reaction he expected.

  - He tries to play it off, but he starts to think you didn’t like it because you’re just staying silent, and he’s like Damn, misread the signs again.

  - Genuinely acts like he didn’t do a thing. Like, he just starts eating food and is like “What’s wrong with you?”

  - But then you pull him towards you and kiss him yourself and you know he’s gonna be smug af because he’s Lance and the people love Lance.


  - Baby boy asks permission.

  - Like Shiro, it’s probably all planned out and he’s probably gushed about his plans with Pidge and Pidge has been giving him top notch advice on how to get his lips on yours.

  - So he takes you out. On a date. A real date.

  - In the castles kitchen, because you’re floating through space.

  - But it’s nice nonetheless. He cooks you food, sits you down, even wears a suit even though he’s literally sitting in the dining room of the ship.

  - He’s nervous the whole time.

  - And then he just looks you in the eyes, stops speaking and just stares at you.

  - And then he’s like, “Can I kiss you?”


  - Keep in mind, when he pulls away and asks if it was alright, his voice if gruff af and you’re just like Hunk? Because damn.


  - I always imagine hers being so simple and nonchalant.

  - You two are just sitting down somewhere and she goes to get up and leave, but before she does she leans down and pecks your lips like it’s no big deal.

  - She leaves and you’re just like ??? What?

  - Because she just left. Like, there was no explanation or no after speech about why she did it, which is weird since it’s Pidge.

  - When you pull her on it later, she looks at you like you’re crazy.

  - “It’s our first of many, Y/N. Might as well get the ball rolling early.”

  - And it was the first of many. I can see Pidge liking kisses a whole lot.

toris-fan-nest  asked:

How would Finn find out he was Luke's son???? *hides in a trashcan*

Omg I have so many thoughts about Finn finding out he’s Luke’s son. Like…there are so many ways you could go about having that reveal be done??

There’s the one where Finn has like….dreams of his parents. Impressions of people he’s never met in his mind. But like…he never told anyone about them. Something stopping him from reporting it to his officers when he was younger. He didn’t know why he didn’t tell, only that something stopped him, whispered that it was dangerous.

Finn, who’d been FN-2187 at that point, trusted his gut more than he trusted protocol. So he never told anyone.

So he has these dreams, which are really visions. And it’s a side-effect of being so very in tune with the Force. The son of Luke Skywalker is said to be strong in the Force and Finn, when he begins to understand that he’s not like the other stormtroopers, tries his best to keep it under wraps.

And he’s never told anyone, despite issues cropping up here and there, Finn is able to keep everything under wraps.

But then the events in TFA happen and Finn can’t help the pull in his chest whenever someone brings up Luke. A tugging in his abdomen and that very same thing whispering to him that it’s where he’s supposed to be.

Han dies and something sharp and painful rips through him and Finn doesn’t want to go through that again. Doesn’t to face the crushing weight in his chest that whispers helplessness and despair. So he turns, grabs Rey, and hurries them away.

But then Kylo stops them and Finn fights and he loses.

And as he lies in the snow, death slowly creeping up his spine, Finn imagines himself somewhere else. Somewhere slightly warmer, with water surrounding him from all sides and small animals that look up at him with wide eyes. Finn imagines and lets himself go.

Luke feels it. Like a tremor in the raging tidal wave he always feels. It’s nondescript, something anyone would overlook.

But Luke wouldn’t, not when the tremor feels so much like him he could cry. 

He sees a ship land on his island and with baited breath waits for them to reach him.

And like Finn wakes up from his coma, shaken and ripped apart but whole in a way he didn’t really feel before. Like, he feels so much more now. And it’s overwhelming. He doesn’t want to know if he wants this, never asked to be different.

And he’s still dreaming. Still dreaming of people he doesn’t know, people he feels like he should know. And it eats at him. And it eats and eats and eats. Until he snaps and everything around him sort of explodes and that’s when Leia starts to like help him out with his force training. She felt him before of course, but Finn wasn’t ready to accept her help and she wasn’t sure if she was ready to offer. But it’s out of their hands now and so Finn and she start working together.

And that’s when she makes the connection. She denies it at first, so convinced that her nephew had been killed years ago. But here’s Finn. Here’s Finn and he’s so much like his father it takes her breath away? There’s Luke in him; she can see it. From his smile, to his determination, to the way kindness just bursts out of him.

And she asks him if he knows anything about his family, still so very hopeful and Finn tells her he has dreams sometimes….that he has like…impressions of his family and he wants to know them. Wants to meet them so badly, but he’s also scared.

Maybe she decides to tell him. Maybe she sits him down and tells him about his family. Maybe she sits him down and tells him she’s his aunt. That they’d looked for him when he went missing. That the thought him to be dead. That they searched for years and Luke never really gave up hope. Not like everyone else did. Not like she did.

Maybe Finn knows Luke is his father when the other man steps out of the millenium falcon and steps onto base. Maybe they don’t do anything but look at each other, father and son. Son and father. Finally reunited. 

Maybe they take the first step at the same time. Both afraid but not willing to let this go. Both of them still looking at each other and no one else. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Or maybe Leia doesn’t even get a chance to tell him. Maybe Finn finds out through some other third party (maybe Snoke?) in the heat of battle and he feels so many emotions he can barely comprehend it. Maybe he finds out just as Luke comes onto scene and maybe there’s a split second where they’re both lost, feeling too much and too little at the same time and someone takes advantage and tries to hit Luke.

But Finn would be damned if he lost another person so he, screaming out a no, throws out a hand and feels the Force rush through him, hot and angry, and stop the blaster in the air. 

And maybe Kylo is there and yells out “impossible” and maybe, because I’m ridiculous and I would love to see this happen, Finn just looks him dead in the eye, blast still hovering in the air and says, “My name is Finn and I’m a Jedi like my father before me.”

And then I scream.

Baby Daddy [Bellamy Blake]

Title: Baby Daddy
Fandom: The 100 (TV Show)
Characters: Bellamy Blake x reader, Clarke Griffin, Jasper Jordan, Octavia Blake, Monty Green, mentions of Miller
Warnings: Teen pregnancy, a little bit of violence
Word Count: 1,591 (because I got carried away…)
Requested: By a trusty anon
Short Description: Set before the Ark came to Earth. Request by anon: Can you please write a The 100 imagine for Bellamy where you’re talking to another delinquent (maybe Jasper or someone else) about the fact that you’re pregnant. And Bellamy overhears and thinks that it’s Jasper’s child??

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Originally posted by lostinbangtan

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Devil!Au / Angst / Drabble series

Rated T for mention of nudity (and things get just a tiny bit sexual in the end wops)

Word count: 2.3k

Synopsis: Yoongi has ivory skin and silky hair; he’s beautiful in the most elegant of ways: a burning one, although his eyes are filled with ice instead of fire. He’s terribly tempting and you keep meeting him - too bad he only wants to steal your soul.      

Author’s note: This is a very random series of drabbles, a bit messy too, probably. Anyways, hope you’ll enjoy it and of course feedback is always appreciated <3  <br>

part 1 // part 2 // part 3

III. Room 66

“You know why I keep coming, right?”

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Dear Y/N (Jon Snow)

Originally posted by mancrushofhelen


My beloved Y/N,

As Valentine’s Day approaches I am deeply saddened. Valentine’s Day is the day that is supposed to a time full of passion yet I was forced to be separated from the one I love. I thought I was doing the right thing to keep the family at peace. Yet I forgot the outcome and how it would affect me personally. Never in my lifetime did I think I would ever experience emotional distress to this gratitude. I do not know how much longer I can not take being away from you, my sweet beloved, Y/N

Rest assured Y/N I am coming home to you. While I have made many great friends, their loyal and trustworthy (You and my friend Sam would get on excellently well) He is so excited to meet you when he gets the opportunity. My love, there will be the opportunity to you both to meet because I am determined to create an opportunity where you can both meet. 

I wish I could be there with you, I wish I could hold you. I wish I  could kiss you. I wish I could take you as my wife, I wish you could bare my children as we live in a small house on a hill, as we watch as our children play with Ghost. He would be sweet and kind to our children because he loves you and misses you just as much as I do. 

Father would tell me how wrong it would be so dream of such a life. 

But I refuse to let it be the thoughts that help me sleep at night. I will make this my life. You, me, ghost and our future children. 

I love you more than I can comprehend. 

Jom x  

Love Letter requests are OPEN, just send a character (Male or Female) with whatever you want the letter to be about  

I'm honestly just here to supply mitjo til mars updates again

submitted by anon:

I was pretty sure Mitch Mueller was going to kill me. As I grew up it was for different reasons but they all led to my demise. In middle school I thought he would hang me up a flag pole during summer break and let the birds eat away at my carcass. In senior year of highschool I thought he’d burying me alive in a ditch somewhere in the woods, or maybe tie me to a really heavy rock and push my in the river. A few weeks later I figured my end was near when I was asked to take pictures for prom and Mitch offered to drive me. God I hope that cyclist was okay. And now a few years later I’m staring at the bright red letters on the front of the hospital building, standing like an idiot with legs that feel like both jell-o and lead knowing damn well Mitch Mueller was going to give me a heart attack I swear.

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manju-butt-deactivated20170103  asked:

The girl Yukimura has been in love with since childhood just got married. Heartbroken, Yukkin comes home drunk out of his mind and throws himself onto Saizo, making them both fall onto the ground. Saizo can barely comprehend what is happening until Yukimura leans towards his ear and whispers, “Fuck me. Fuck my brains out.” followed by his hands quickly reaching for Saizo’s hakama; trying to untie them. How would Saizo react to this? In the morning what happens?

Huh, what will happen indeed? 

I swear this was going to be a drabble only but it turned out into a full length fic! I CANNOT RESIST SAIYUKKIN. So here’s some 2,600 words of Saiyukkin fluff! For you @manju-butt and other Saiyukkin shippers!

A Saiyukkin Fluff Fic

In hindsight, Saizo should have anticipated this. He had had many chances in the past to alter the outcome of this affair – push the Little Lord more in the ways of love, so to speak. But he had been taught not to dispense his services without proper fee – it would be unprofessional. But with Yukimura, things rarely were.

So there he was, on the roof, feeling reluctant to reveal himself to his – technically – liege lord, who was drunk out of his mind, shouting his name down below.


He sighed and cursed Yukimura’s alcohol tolerance. He should have taken that mission that would keep him away from Ueda. But for whatever strange reason, he knew the Little Lord would do something stupid and dangerous and probably hurt himself, or worse. And losing an employer would reflect badly on both his business and reputation.

“I know you’re there!”

He had gotten rid of the ladder and planned to stay perched on the roof until the sake finally knocked Yukimura out of his consciousness. Then he would carry him to his room and watch him suffer a monstrous hangover the morning after, before dispensing his wisdom.

“I’m coming up!”

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Essays in Existentialism: FtWD V

maybe more elyza??? since im currently obsessed with u

It is a difficult life to adjust to, for someone who is wild, to be suddenly stuck, listless and incapable of running free. That and the feeling of never quite being still. That and the way someone’s hand feels on her chest when she feels anchored in the best kind of ways. 

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everytime i sit here so proud of harry, so fucking proud that i can barely even comprehend, i always think “wow…if this is how i feel…i really cannot imagine how louis feels. or how anne feels. or gemma.” they must be absolutely bursting with pride seeing harry out there doing what he loves, floral suit on, rainbow flag flying. i hope he knows how loved he is and how proud everyone is. i hope he knows what a positive impact he has on this world, and so many people’s lives, for so many reasons. harry just radiates positivity, happiness, kindness, and love. and that’s so special. he’s so special 💓

“[…] this is just lovely. Perfect pacing, excellent sentences and best of all….all the feels.”

someone said this… about my writing. like something i wrote. me. words that came out of the pile of mush i called my brain. words that i smashed out on a keyboard with my own dumb fingers. 

“perfect pacing, excellent sentences”

guys. i failed english more times than i can count in school. i dropped out of high school. i can barely comprehend half the literary rules and guidelines there are. i still don’t even know when i should start a new paragraph and just break of my work into paragraphs that look like they might be correct. i only just figured out how to write dialogue properly (and i’m pretty sure i’m still not doing it perfectly). 

i’m not scholarly. i’m not educated. i was in remedial classes for most of my education. i have adhd and a severe learning disability. most days i have trouble comprehending basic explanations.

i was told i “wasn’t suited” for a career that would require a higher education.

i was told i would never excel at anything.

i was told i was stupid.

“perfect pacing, excellent sentences” 

anonymous asked:

Main three react to s/o telling them they're pregnant?

Alright, these are popular! Honestly, I think every single boy in this show would be an excellent father in their own way :3 These were super fun to come up with; thank you for the requests! I hope you like~ <3 ((Of course, Yurio and his s/o are 18+ in this request.))

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • You are going to make him the happiest man on the face of the earth with this news
  • The way you tell him is with a surprise, of course, since he loves surprises
  • and holy fuck this is a huge surprise amirite oh how the tables have turned
  • You’re cuddled up with Viktor on the couch with Makkachin at your feet and watching a movie when you decide to put your plan into action
  • You shift in Viktor’s embrace to look him in the eyes, and he immediately turns his attention to you
  • His eyes sparkle, and you have to fight a devious expression from spreading across your features
  • “Hey, (Y/N). Everything okay, sweetheart?”
  • “oh ho ho yes bitch”
  • “I’m going to get fat, Viktor.”
  • The blunt statement wipes the sweet smile right off of his lips, and replaces it with wide eyes and a face contorted with shock
  • You search his eyes for any sign of comprehension, but all you see are swimming pools of blue drowning in confusion
  • Something in Viktor snaps, and he grabs your shoulders tightly before pulling you up so you’re sitting next to him
  • The intense look on his face is kind of scary but actually kind of hot omfg slay me babe
  • Before you know it he’s bombarding you with a slew of questions that you can barely comprehend
  • “Is something wrong, baby? Do you have an eating disorder? Are you having body image issues, (Y/N)? You know I love you, right? Sweetie, please, tell me what’s wrong so I can help you pls I’m so confused wtf is going on why are you gonna get fat ??
  • You let a smile spread across your face, not being able to hold your excitement in any longer
  • Viktor continues to stare at you, looking more worried than ever as you hold his face in your hands and stroke his cheeks gently with your thumbs
  • “I have something to show you, Vitya.”
  • You nudge Makkachin with your foot, and he jumps up from his place at your feet
  • The beloved and hella smart dog runs to the bedroom, and returns to place something in Viktor’s lap
  • You pull away from Viktor to allow him to expect the item in his lap; you place your hands over your heart and feel your eyes well up with tears
  • Viktor picks up the pregnancy test and sees the positive symbol in the little results spot on the stick
  • “We’re going to be parents. I’m going to be a dad, (Y/N)!”
  • Viktor yells in excitement when he puts the pieces together and pulls you into his lap to hug you tight and kiss you with passion
  • “Are you surprised, Vitya?”
  • “Yes, and I’m so happy, too. I love you so much, (Y/N).”

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • He’s so nervo u s but soooo excited !!!!
  • You wanted to come up with a meticulous plan to break the news to him, but an idea pops into your head when you’re driving to the grocery store with Yuri
  • You do your best to hide your excitement, but you can’t help but fidget in your seat in anticipation
  • Yuri is silent and oblivious in the passenger seat as he looks out the window at the passing scenery
  • you want to start conversation so bad but you’re afraid of spilling the beans too early
  • Finally, you pull into the nearly empty parking lot of the grocery store and put your plan into action
  • You maneuver the car right up to the front row and park in the spot reserved for expectant mothers
  • You kill the engine and keep a blank expression on your face while you get ready to exit the car, and you can feel Yuri’s puzzled expression staring at you
  • “Uh, (Y/N)? There’s plenty of other open spots. This spot is reserved for expectant mothers.”
  • “Yeah, I know, Yuri.”
  • You exit the vehicle with the dull remark and start walking towards the store, with Yuri sprinting to catch up to you
  • you have to hide your shit-eating grin when he catches up to you though hoho
  • Yuri grabs your hand and stops you from entering the store before pulling you aside so you aren’t in the way of other customers
  • “(Y/N), we need to move the car. It’s not right to take that spot if you’re not-“
  • He stops mid-sentence when he sees the telltale smile on your face, and his eyes go wide
  • and he pretty much stops breathing holy shit have mercy on him
  • “Y-You’re—pre-pregnant? Like, really, actually pregnant?”
  • You nod yes and hold his hands to make sure he doesn’t fall over or anything
  • Questions start to run non-stop through his head
  • “Am I going to be a good father? What if it’s a girl and I can’t relate to her at all? What if it’s a boy and he takes after me and is super awkward and-“
  • “Yuri omg stop it’s f i n e”
  • His shocked expression soon disappears into the biggest smile you’ve ever seen on his face
  • You put your arm around the middle of his back and pull him into your side, congratulating him on becoming a father
  • His hands instinctively find your stomach and his smile softens into a tender, loving one
  • Yuri is thinking ‘omg there’s a baby there that’s my child m i n e’ omg what a cutie
  • He then envelops you in a tight hug and kisses you right there in the entrance to the grocery store
  • “Thank you so much, (Y/N).”
  • “For what?”
  • “Everything.”

[Yuri Plisetsky] 

  • ((Scenario was already done here))
  • He’s going to be super excited, but he would be the most emotional about his excitement
  • You set up a simple game to break the news to him in a cute way
  • When he comes home from skating practice on that particular day, he comes into the kitchen to see you sitting at the table with a piece of paper and pen in front of you and another set across from you
  • the ‘wtf r u doing’ look he gives you is priceless and you wish you could take a picture omfg yurio
  • “(Y/N), what the hell are you doing? Were you waiting for me?”
  • “Yuri, pls shut the fuck up and sit down here, please.”
  • He does what he’s told, but eases himself onto the chair with a look of uncertainty and quizzicality 
  • You ask him to play a game with you, and he agrees without a hitch
  • even if he said no you would’ve forced him to play tbh he wasn’t going to get out of it either way
  • You explain the game to him, saying he has to write one thing he loves about you on the piece of paper, but he can’t reveal it until you say so; you’re going to do the same thing on your own paper
  • but yours is gonna be a bit more shocking than his ho ho ho
  • “Why the hell are we playing this stupid game, (Y/N)? If you think I don’t love you or something-“
  • “Just play the goddamn game Yuri it’s gonna be lit as fuck jfc why are you like th i s
  • With a sigh, he picks up the paper and pen and begins to write, making sure to shield his words from you
  • You send him a smile before writing your own message, not being able to stop yourself from smirking; the anticipation of revealing the news is too much and you can barely contain your excitement
  • You tell Yuri to reveal his answer after a minute or two, and he turns the paper over for you to see, a bit of a blush dusting over his cheeks at his confession
  • “I love the way you put up with my shit and make me want to be closer to others,” it reads
  • you read it aloud and his blush gets a bit deeper omfg what a cutie
  • Yuri tells you it’s your turn and you take a deep breath, the anticipation leading up to the moment at it’s peak
  • You slowly turn the paper over and wait for Yuri’s reaction as he reads the writing on the paper out loud
  • “You’re going to be a father.”
  • He says it dully, but the second he finishes the sentence, his eyes nearly pop out of their sockets and he chokes on his own oxygen, sending him into a coughing fit
  • You jump up from your chair and move behind him to pat his back while his coughing fit seizes; you feel somewhat guilty about scaring him like that, but he hasn’t said anything yet
  • “Yuri? Are you okay? How do you feel?”
  • He wordlessly stands up from his chair and embraces you tighter than he ever has before, and you cling to him while you let tears of joy start to leak from your eyes
  • “I’m so happy, (Y/N). I get to be the father that I never had growing up. Thank you so much.”
  • He sounds choked up while he speaks, and you feel his tears soaking through your shirt and onto your skin
  • omfg he’s crying so hard like you’ve never seen him cry off of the ice before holy shit
  • “Oh, Yuri. Why are you crying?”
  • “I’m so happy and scared at the same time; what if the kid becomes an emo punk like me?

You Belong With Me (AO3)

Summary: Castiel has always known he was in love with his neighbour, Dean Winchester. So much so, that he has it written in big letters at the front of his notepad that he communicates to Dean with. But no one was supposed to see that.

Castiel can’t help but notice the movement out of the corner of his eye, pushing up his glasses from where they had fallen down to. He puts down his book and leans back to see Dean through his window across the divide of their houses, sitting on the edge of his bed, his head in his hands.

Castiel quickly turns back to his desk grabbing his notepad and pen and begins to write. When he turns back to get Dean’s attention he’s surprised to see Dean already looking at him, a soft look on his face that visibly brightens when he sees Castiel with his notepad.

Rough day?

Dean’s laugh is small but it still makes Castiel feel butterflies in his stomach. He knows it’s pathetic, his crush on Dean, but if this is all he’s going to get then why not make the most of it. 

Something like that.

Castiel frowns at the tired look on Dean’s face, flipping to a new page. He doesn’t like seeing Dean upset. It’s always made him want to just up and run all the way over to Dean and wrap him up in a big, warm hug. 

Are you okay?

Dean grins.

Better now that I’m talking to you.

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I love how Eren and Armin’s love is so deep and complex and true, like mirrors reflecting into each other for infinity, so much that nothing can describe it. Because even my brain can barely comprehend how much they care for each other, so words don’t even come close.

But yet, it’s so simple you can describe it in one word.


20 reasons to love min yoongi

1. his super gummy smile

2. I mean, have you seen him in skinny jeans??????

3. lets not forget his mega pale but super adorable knees

4. if you still don’t love him after seeing his blue hair then literally just block me

5. or his pink hair????

6. or his blonde hair????

7. or any other hair colour for that matter

8. look at this little bare faced muffin

9. his laugh will make you weep

10. and lets look at that smile just once more

11. so even when he’s grump he is still cute AF

12. SEE?!??!?!

13. SEE?????????????

14. his profile can revive the dead, i s2g

15. dont even get me started on his aegyo 

16. his forehead is sacred

17. LEATHER PANTS!! enough said.

18. he is super cute with the other memebers

19. n lets face it, he’s hot as hell

20. But honestly, there are so many more reasons to love this boy. He is more talented and hardworking than you’ll ever be able to comprehend and he never fails to show us how passionate he is about what he does. He cares about every single fan and always wants to please us. Even though he can seem grumpy at times he is actually incredibly thoughtful and loving, especially with the other boys. He looks after hobi as if he were his own brother and wouldn’t let anyone give any of his band members a hard time. Honestly if you don’t love and appreciate this boy then thats you’re loss because he’s so so so so precious, please show him all of your love, he really does deserve it.

So, final comments on Resurrection now that I’ve finished it until I can think of something funny to say about it

Skulduggery said “I love you too” and I squealed

The last chapter was so sweet I can barely comprehend it

This seems relatively calm but I am bouncing off the walls in my mind goddamn I love this book

The Best Kisser

Nico x everyone
1.3k words

“W-Why do I have to write about kissing anyway!” Umi slams down her pencil, grimacing at how she accidentally made the last character crooked. As Umi scrambles for the eraser, because a good handwriting is politeness, Nozomi perks up from the last row, and Nico should’ve known better that nothing good will ever come out of a debate with her best friend.

“Because it’s a love song and everyone knows how to kiss? Unless you’re Nicocchi, then maybe not-“

“Hey, why am I involved?” She yells in return, “Of course I know how to kiss!” And when Nozomi grins at her response, her heart falls as the realization sinks in. Of course she knows how to kiss. Of course.

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Got7 reaction to you being bi and previously having a girlfriend

Request: Yes

A.N. two different request just combined them since they went well with each other. I’m going to try to do a different format, bare with my this is just an experiment.

Coming out as bisexual

Honestly they would be quiet at first and comprehend what you just said. They’ll ask more questions and get a better understanding on why you didn’t tell them earlier. Once you give your reasoning it’ll be happiness from there on. Knowing that you can finally be who you truly are means so much to them. I feel like they would say something like “No matter what I love you, I would never leave you for you being you.”

Having a past relationship with a girl

The Hyung line

I feel like the hyung’s would be want to know about your ex. You clearly know about their past relationships so they would want to know why you and her didn’t work out. They’ll be a little self conscious that anybody can steal you away from them but just means they’ll be more protective over you.

The Maknae line

I feel like the maknae’s would be accepting of it. Just like the hyung’s they would want to know more about it but they would just let it not bother them. You and him are both still young; still trying to figure out life as a young adult, and truly finding out who are as a person. They’ll most likely say “Well now you’re stuck with all this sexiness.” to make you smile because you were still being awkward after telling them.