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Bts reaction to there GF had a hickey from them and hiding it with lace choker 💞 ;) if you know what I mean ;))))


You pass thought the corridor, passing by the monstudio. The door opens and Namjoon appears in the embrasure. You slow down and when you come up to him, you notice his naughty look. You guess that he has another idea in mind rather than working and leans against the wall, crossing your arms to look at him. You playfully stare at each other for a moment before Namjoon grabs your choker. He brings you closer to him, his smirk making you want to eat him alive. Your faces are so close that you feel his hot breath against your lips. « I want to mark you even more when I see you wearing this thing… ». You don’t say anything, just smiling mischievously, enjoying the way he devours you with his eyes. Namjoon passes a finger under your choker, brushing the hickey he gave you this morning, making you slightly grin in pain. Namjoon bites his lip and, while twisting your choker to choke you very lightly, sticks his body against you. Short of breath, the delicious pressure turning you on instantly, you hold a moan when he whispers against your mouth : « And now I’m horny. Do something about it. » He takes off his fingers from your choker to grab your throat, tightening his embrace enough to make you want to tear off his clothes. You push him inside the studio and close the door behind you, pushing him on the couch to sit on his lap, Namjoon still smirking.


You’re having a party with the boys to celebrate the release of HER. It’s just a small party, just between you eight. You wear a pretty black dress for the occasion and wears a large lace choker, not because of aestheticism, but simply because you couldn’t hide the big hickey Tae gave your last night, even under a thick layer of foundation. You hope that no one has noticed and just enjoy the evening with your friends. When Taehyung gets up to take something in the kitchen, Jimin, who sat beside you, gets up to join him. You watch them from afar, wondering what Jimin is whispering in your man’s ear. Taehyung listens attentively and when Jimin moves away from his ear to giggle, Tae stares at you. You lightly jump and look elsewhere, trying not to look suspicious. Then, Hobi asks you something and for a moment you forget the scene you have just seen. After a while, while you laugh out loud from the stupid things Yoongi & Hobi are saying, you feel a hand spreading your hair to the side. Taehyung sits behind you and strokes your choker with his fingertips. No one is looking at you, except for Jimin. You exchange an amused look while Tae slightly lowers your choker to see with his own eyes the mark he has left. He bites his lip as he puts it back in place, making you giggle. You tongue out to Jimin who starts to giggle too.


You’re about to fall asleep in your boyfriend’s arms when you feel the vibration of a quiet « Mh ? » coming from his chest. You open your eyes and feel his fingers against your neck, getting closer to your choker. « I don’t know this one » he says, trying to touch it. You gently spread his hand, not wanting him to discover the reason why you wear a choker while you stayed all day in pajamas, enjoying his day off. Jin tries to touch it again but you don’t let him, a little more keenly this time. Jin grows an annoyed whine and tries again. This time, you strike his hand. « YAH ! You little… ». It follows a ridiculous fight, Jin tightening his embrace to immobilize you while trying to touch your choker while you squirm like a carp out of the water. « Why don’t you let me touch it ? Huh ? Are you hiding something from me ? ». Jin is almost upset, trying to bite your hands when you try to escape his grip. Realizing that you will not be able to get out of it, you start shouting like him : « I don’t know, maybe I’m trying to hide the big ass hickey you gave me last night ?! » Jin stops moving, looking at you with his eyes wide open. A few moments pass before you both burst out laughing.


It’s very late at night and Taehyung is craving sweets & candies. You don’t know how but Hoseok & you found yourselves in charge of buying some for everyone in the little store down the street. So here you are, in the store, wandering in the small shelves, dressed in the worst way possible to go out : sweat pants, ugly old hoodies and baseball caps. As you look at all the varieties of candy, Hoseok comes closer to you and notices something strange in your outfit : you wear an elegant pink choker. « Why are you wearing a fancy choker right now ? ». You slightly shudder, noticing how close he is to you, and reply vaguely, wanting to escape from the conversation. You smile at him and walk away to another shelve. Hoseok giggles, suspicious and amused, and follows you. You fasten your steps and get chased by him in the tiny aisles of the store. Hoseok ends up catching you from behind and, with one arm hugging you tight so you can’t escape, lower your choker with his other hand. When he sees the hickey, he smirks and softly kisses your neck. You giggle softly and let him kiss yours lips, his hands stroking your neck.


You’re sitting in front of the mirror and finish your makeup. You smile when you see Yoongi approaching through the mirror. He puts a kiss on the top of your head as you put your lipstick back in its place. He looks at you lovingly and his eyes moves down on your choker. « That’s new ? » You nod, smiling under the caress of his fingers that come to touch the black lace choker. Through the mirror, you see that he slightly lower the choker & realize that he just saw the hickey you were trying to hide. He sneers ironically and you feel the annoyance in his voice : « So… You want to hide my marks… » You start to stutter, slightly nervous : « N-no… It’s just… ». You don’t have time to add anything : Yoongi passes his hand under your hair and tears off your choker, taking your breath away for a second. You watch the piece of fabric fly through the room and moan when Yoongi leans to sink his teeth in the sensitive flesh of your neck, slightly above the one he gave you last night. Your eyes roll behind your skull when he begins to suck your skin, causing a violent wave of heat in your body. Once he’s satisfied with the mark he just left, he starts again, a little lower, snatching a louder moan from your mouth. You pass your hand on his neck, your fingers clenching in his hair while he sucks your skin harder, leaving a new mark. « Let’s see how you’re gonna hide them, now… »


Jimin & you are seated on the terrace of a glacier, enjoying the two ice-creams you have ordered. The outside world no longer exists. Nothing else exists except the sound of your boyfriend’s laughter and the way he looks at you with all the love he has. You give him a taste of your ice cream and, after he has grown a little moan of contentment, frowns when he looks at your neck. « « I don’t know this one… It’s really pretty, but isn’t it a little too big ? » You raise your eyebrows with an incredulous look and, looking around you to make sure no one is looking, you lower your choker and gently said « Your fault. » When he sees the big hickey, Jimin almost choke on his ice cream and hides his eyes with his hand, slightly embarrassed. However, this innocent feeling doesn’t last long. You know very well that it turns Jimin on and you can’t help but getting turned on too. You spend the rest of your date flirting with each other, trying to make each other horny without even trying to hide it. Jimin even has the audacity to provoke you by softly passing his tongue on the spoon while throwing you an very naughty look. You decide to pay him back and get closer to lick his lip, lightly sucking the rest of ice cream without ceasing to look deeply into his eyes, owning a quiet grunt that vibrates in his chest.


It’s an ordinary afternoon in the bangtan dorm. Nothing special, everyone doing their usual occupations. So, naturally, you’re (literally) fighting with Tae, Jimin & Jungkook to decide who will choose the next game. You have made a lot of progress and handle the fight much longer than usual, with much better resistance to tickling and wrestling moves. You currently have a good grip on Jimin, sitting on his butt and pulling his arm on his back, making him giggle and yell at the same time. You’re sure you’re finally gonna win when you feel Tae’s arm wrapping around your neck, his stupid laugh echoing in the room. Without wanting it, he breaks your choker and startles when he notices it. Jungkook delivers you from his grip and everyone stands up to make sure he hasn’t hurt you. As you open your mouth to say that everything is fine, Jimin bursts into laughter, pointing your neck with his finger. Tae leans toward you and opens his eyes wide as he sees the enormous purple hickey that Jungkook gave you this morning. You jump and immediately hide in Jungkook’s arms, who start blushing, finding nothing better to do than insulting his best friends (who are dying from laughter)

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While browsing the site, you may have noticed that Chapstick (and many other brands of lip balms) pop up in quite a few EDCs. The obvious reason being that it prevents chapped lips, sure. But you might be surprised to learn it’s capable of much more—especially in a survival situation. While the all-natural stuff may be the best for your lips, throwing a stick or two of the oil-based kind in your EDC bag can get you out of a few jams. In this guide, you’ll learn 9 different ways to turn your ordinary lip balm into an unexpected survival tool.

Why lip balm?

It’s in the ingredients. At the core of most lip balms is a chemical called petrolatum. This waxy oil-based substance was originally discovered on oil rigs and used by their crew on cuts and burns. Now, it’s found in a variety of skin protectants, lotions, and hair care products. Petrolatum is a useful survival tool because of its flammability, resistance to water, and resistance to most other chemicals. Most chapsticks also have added sunscreens too—just check the active ingredients label.

For these examples, I’ll be using good ol’ Chapstick brand lip balm for its useful cap and oil-based composition.

Let’s take a look at what you can do with this versatile little stick…

External image

1. Make a candle

With a cotton swab (Q-tip) and a stick of lip balm you can make a long-burning emergency candle. Cut the swab in half, apply some chapstick to it, and push it (stick side down) into the stick. Light the top with your fire starter of choice and voilà—an emergency candle. It’ll burn for a long time, providing light and an easy way to get a larger fire going.

2. Start fires faster

Starting a fire with a ferro rod can be tough, especially if you don’t have the right kindling. A quick and easy way to get the fire going is with a cotton ball and some chapstick. Since petrolatum is flammable, applying a small amount to a cotton ball will keep it burning much longer than one without. If you don’t have a cotton ball handy, apply it to some bark or wood shavings for a similar effect.

3. Use as emergency waterproofing

It might not be ideal for all fabrics, but you can plug a small hole in a tarp or tent with a small blob of chapstick. Since oil-based balms are hydrophobic (read: water resistant), it’ll seal light rain and morning dew out. Don’t expect it to plug a hole in heavy rain, but if you’re out of options it’s worth a shot.

External image

4. Stop bleeding in minor cuts and scrapes

You can apply a small amount of lip balm to minor cuts and scrapes. It’s also great for healing pesky hangnails. Make sure you’re using a fresh stick (or cut a small layer off the top) to prevent infections. For small nicks and scrapes, this can help when you don’t have a bandage available. Remember to seek medical help or administer proper first-aid techniques for more serious injuries!

5. Use on high-friction areas between boots/clothing and skin

On a long hike or walk, your boots may not always get along with the back of your heel. You can use some lip balm on high-friction areas to provide some relief. Since lip balm’s main ingredient is a topical healing ointment, it helps abrasions.

6. Use as emergency sunscreen

Most lip balms have some added ingredients for SPF. While we don’t recommend slathering it all over your arms, it can be great if you’re feeling the heat on your nose or ears. Avoid sunburn and irritation by applying a thin layer to exposed skin. This Chapstick has an SPF of 25, which is more than the standard.

7. Protect the rest of your body

Chapstick is marketed for lips, but it can treat dry skin anywhere. Your hands, knuckles, knees, and elbows can all dry out from exposure to the elements. Take some preventative action and moisturize before skin cracks or splits. You’ll be glad you did. Carrying a stick or two of lip balm is much easier than a big bottle of lotion, and it’s less messy too. The Swedish military developed Hudsalve over 50 years ago, for exactly this.

External image

8. Turn your flashlight into a makeshift lantern

If you’re carrying a AAA flashlight (like the Fenix E01) you can use the cap of your chapstick as a light diffuser. By placing the top of the cap over the front of your light, you can turn that beam into a makeshift lantern. This spread out, soft lighting is great for inside of a tent, or if the power were to go out.

9. Lubricate and maintain your gear on the go

Lots of chapsticks are petroleum-based. This wax and oil mixture makes a great lubricant in a pinch. If your flashlight threads are dry, apply a small amount to the threads and they’ll be twisting like new. While you can use it on a knife hinge, it’s best to do so only in an emergency situation — it can be a bit gunky for EDC use. If your knife is carbon steel, you can add a thin layer to the blade to keep it from rusting.

What’s your most creative use of lip balm? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hello, Old Norse-reading friend. I have a question. What's your personal take on a translation for Býleistr? I've seen so many different ones and am curious as to your thoughts. Many thanks.

Hello, friend! Thanks for asking. I love getting Norse myth/language questions. :)

The most obvious translation, to my mind, is definitely “Bee-stocking” or “Bee-foot”: , a neuter word in the accusative (or nominative), meaning “bee”, and leistr, a masculine word in the nominative, meaning “ sock, stocking, stocking- foot, or foot (below the ankle), sole” [dependent upon which dictionary you consult; these are the interpretations of three separate dictionaries, lol]. We could also think of as the neuter plural, and then you get “Bees-sock”, but obviously the singular makes for a better translation. It is also possible that the we see is actually the accusative or genitive of the masculine noun býr (”farmstead, farmhouse, town, village”) which is often written bær or bœr. Then we may get brother “Town-foot”, “village-stocking”, “Sole of farmhouse”, and on and on. Lots of combos. And if we took the “i” in leistr as a phonetic insert, which I suppose it could be, then we could get lestr from the verb lesa, and we might have a “farmhouse-leaser”, “Bee-reader”, or any number of combinations thereupon (though “Bee-reader” sounds fun to me). According to the Cleasby-Vigfusson dictionary, we could possibly even read lestr as “gossiper, speaker”. Then we get things like “Bee-speaker”, “Farmhouse-gossiper”, “Town-gossiper”, etc. AND if we take our newly i-less lestr to be from the verb lesta, then we get shit like “Farmstead-breaker”, “Bee-wrecker”, “Town-damager”. There’s so many options, and I’m honestly not sure if I’m supposed to take these verb forms as warped masculine derivatives, or if they should be superlatives (”Bee-totalled”, “Farmhouse- well-read”?) There’s an awful lot going on.

The translation that I see the most often is “Bee-lightning”, which has always been my favorite because, let’s be real, it’s hilarious. but now that I´m looking into it, I must confess that I have no idea where the lightning tidbit is coming from. Is it some warped noun derived from lýsa,to light? From ljósta, to strike?nothing in these paradigms hints at any change in the root from ý or to ei. I´d love to find a way to get leistr out of ljósta but… ?? I truly have nothing to say on that matter. Perhaps @thorraborinn, who is excellent with deconstructing names, has an obvious answer as to where the lightning comes from, because I do not.

Something interesting to note: Býleistr, as referenced in Völuspá, may not even be Býleistr. Here is how the name appears in verse 49, in the Codex Regius:

That second to last letter there? It’s wonky. In the normalized Icelandic version that I have, Gisli Sigurðsson denotes this funny letter as an f, making the name Býleifr instead of Býlesitr. While “Bee-leaf” is a fun name, and most figures within the Norse mythological corpus have multiple names to their credit, I am not convinced that that thing there is an f. Take a look at this line:

Look at all those happy lil´ dotty Anglo Saxon f´s! The questionable letter above looks nothing like these. 

To my mind this derpy little guyis either a p, which would kind of ruin everything, or an elaborate s. Notice how in the above “Yggdrasils” the scribe uses two separate varieties of s? One within the word and one to cap it off? I think that final s is more along the lines of the letter in our Býleistr above, making it Býleisz. @galdramani knows more about manuscript forms than I do, so maybe he has an idea about that letter. But I digress: none of that has to do with the inherent confusing-ness of the name itself. 

I´d go with “Bee-stocking” or other variations thereupon, personally, but clearly there´s much more to this name than meets the eye. Sorry if this was more confusing than helpful! 


The good, the neutral and the bad: Christine’s maid/Serafimo costume

This too is a category where there aren’t really any stinkers. “Il Muto” is a scene most productions handle well. Possibly because it is familiar opera/rococo terrain? Basically all productions to a combo of an ambiguous blouse/shirt and/or vest with breeches under a rip-off-skirt. All versions make sense; some are really good, and a lot of them are good ideas but maybe with some not-so-well solutions in execution. So here goes:

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Translation: Myojo June 2017 - Arioka Daiki 10000 characters interview (Yabu and Hikaru part)
Please credit if sharing.

How about Yaotome-kun?

-Hikaru kun… I have known him since a long time ago. I think he did take good care of me. He used to be quite self-willed. But now he is just like Takaki, times where he thinks of “If it is for the sake of the group..” has increased. I also know he also brings back all the things he has learnt during the location filming of Hirunandesu to the group’s own variety program. He takes the lead during the studio filming and that’s Hikaru-kun with no doubt. He’s reliable.

Yaotome-kun used to put dumbbells in the bag he took for lessons, he was funky yeah?

-I know the times where Hikaru-kun was even more mischievous than he is now. So since I think he has become more mature now, I do feel a little lonely. He used to be someone who would wear his self-illustrated cap, and he had a creative side to himself and would do things which was not conventional.

How about Yabu-kun?

-During debut, I often saw him as a senior. But now I don’t. He is really easy to tease and I can say anything I want to. He feels like an elder brother who kindly accepts everything.

When did your relationship change?

-I wonder when. It wasn’t like something specific happened. I guess it is a relationship that had been steadily built up when you have been together for 10 years. When we debuted, I called him “Yabu-kun” but now I call him “Yabu-chan”. But when you ask me when did this change, honestly I don’t remember. It just happened naturally. I can also talk to him seriously about work too now. Chinen and Yabu-chan often eats together and I always join in. Two of them are often together. They are the tall-short pair so they do stand out (laugh). But for the three of us, somehow we can talk about serious matters too. It is embarrassing but we say out negative points like “How am I lately? Any bad points?” We can say that too.


Hey all welcome to Stories from Watchpoint: Gibraltar, the Overwatch Fanficition fanzine.

A rather disappointing trend I’ve noticed as a writer is that a lot of the fanzines are swayed and weighted heavily on the side of artists. However, this time we’re going to do it with the emphasis on our fanfiction writers.

There are no pairing restrictions, and we encourage ships of all orientations and genders but we do reserve the right to refuse fics that involve topics we feel are not appropriate to the spirit and tone of this zine. 

I want a variety of short and long fics! The cap on fic length is 10K words. And all fics must be complete.

Fics can contain OCs, canon, AUs, Canon Divergent. They MUST BE SAFE FOR WORK. Rated T, perhaps M if you’re careful. Sex is completely out of the question. If you have it in your work, fade to black.

The hard copies will be available for a donation, and for a larger donation, the book will have a little personal something in it from me to you. Will let you know the prices as soon as I know how many authors I have.

I’m looking to have it printed by November, so people can have it for Christmas.

All the fics will be tagged the page before, with a little blurb about the author and where you can find more of their work!

We will have a beta team that will work to keep all the work to the same quality. 

Electronic copies will be available in the new year after people have had a chance to get their hard copies.

SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED. Me and my team will be in touch with those that we want to have on the team. 

Check the blog for updates, our Twitter, and anything else you may need! Inbox the blog, and we’ll answer as soon as possible!

If you have any questions, please ask me!

Men’s hairstyles, ca. 1830

Massive post today, as usual for my fashion posts.

Talking about men’s hair is funny, because when I just line up a bunch of portraits of guys from this period, it inevitably becomes a bit of a collection of hot period pin-ups.  Who says women don’t objectify men, I guess.

In my post on ladies’ hats, I said that hats are designed to suit hair.  Now, the more I think about it, the more this only seems to apply to ladies, whose hairstyles and hat styles are in fairly frequent flux.  For gentlemen, whose hairstyles and hat styles change more slowly over time, it seems that it may be the hair that must suit itself to the hat and not vice versa.  Chicken or egg question.

Now men’s hats ca. 1830 were of two basic varieties: the brimmed cap (for working-class men, young boys, and occasionally hunting/riding), and the top hat (for pretty much all well-dressed guys).  Just as with women, there was other “shit men could put on their heads,” but these were the two basic hats, as in, “shit men could wear outdoors and not look weird.”

^^^Riding cap ca. 1830.

^^^Top hat, ca. 1830.

Let’s ignore the cap for the moment, because we’re talking about fashion, and the cap sadly has little place in fashion ca. 1830.  The top hat was what fashionable men had to contend with, and it was what they had to suit their hair to.

Men had basically two strategies for getting their hair and their hats to work together.  The first strategy I will call “vertical,” the second, “horizontal.”  The vertical solution is to pile all your hair on top of your head, or else comb it in that direction for us sad straight-haired people (who were surely resigned in this period to being plain).  This allowed for the hair to mostly sit beneath the hat.  The horizontal solution was to pile/comb the hair to the sides of the head, leaving the top of the head pretty much smooth.  This allowed for the hair to sit outside the hat (or rather, for the hat to kind of sit on the piles of hair).  Both of these methods worked, since neither allowed the hat to crush the hair.  And when a dandy takes so long to get his hair just so, nothing is worse than getting hat hair.

^^^The vertical solution.

^^^The horizontal solution.

Just like their female counterparts, fashionable men were meticulous with their hair.  They used many of the same products and methods of grooming that the ladies did, including pomade for smoothing and holding the hair in place and curling tongs, papers, and cloths for curling it.  The hair could be parted pretty much anywhere, though in the earlier years of this period (ca. 1825-1827) they were still favoring the no-part, Napoleonic-type combed-forward or piled-on-top styles, while throughout the rest of the period (ca. 1827-1835) most men favored a side part.  Side parts could even be extreme, as in, just over one ear.  The hair was often brushed forward over the temples, but expansive, unblemished foreheads were thought to be a mark of masculine beauty, and so the hair was usually brushed up and away from the forehead to leave it bare.  In describing Enjolras’ beauty in Les Misérables, Victor Hugo wrote appreciatively:

“Much forehead in a face is like much sky in a horizon.”

(He may have been a little biased.)

Curls and waves were all the rage throughout the 1820s and 1830s, and these guys had them in abundance (or made sure they obtained them in abundance).  Really, that’s all you need to know about men’s hair ca. 1830: curls, curls, CURLS.  It’s all about the curls.

External image

^^^Gotta say, this guy’s got nice hair, but he looks like a total douchebro.  One day I’ll post the whole painting, and then maybe you’ll see what I mean (body language speaks volumes), but really, if this guy was standing at the other end of the bar, giving you this look, I’ll bet you wouldn’t give him your number, would you.

^^^Even Louis-Philippe is stylin’.

^^^Ohhh, I dunno, Charles X is pushing it a little.  Those curls aren’t too curly…walking on the edge of uncool.

Because let’s face it, anybody born with stick-straight, uncurlable hair was simply screwed and should have just sat out the 1820s-1830s, because they were never going to be hot and popular.  However, they did try to make do with some sad, sore-loser comb-overs.

Or they could try to coax it to flip up…

…or forward…

…or back…

…or…whatever the hell this is:

(Also, extra points for extra skeezy facial hair on that last one.)

Sometimes they just gave up and cropped their hair:

^^^I assume this is Blanqui’s “prison chic” look, ca. 1835.

Textured hair also makes for great 1820s-1830s hair.  It’s all about the shaping: you can rock it up…

…or down…

…or Dumas, which is always the sexy choice:

In a society that values huge piles of luscious curls, the bald or balding probably had an even rougher time of it than the straight-haired guys.  Victor Hugo implicitly acknowledges how unfortunate male baldness is: being bald at twenty-five comes first in a litany of unlucky things in Laigle’s life.  Unlike for ladies, there weren’t too many opportunities for guys to cover their hair constantly with caps and kerchiefs, so a few false curls tied on in front weren’t going to go very far for them.  Of course, being that high foreheads were cool, a balding guy could always live in denial for a few years, but eventually fate would catch up to him.  Now, he could age gracefully, as I’m sure many did…

…but there were of course full and partial wigs available too for men’s use.  I haven’t yet found an extant example of such a thing, but if I ever come across one, I’ll be sure to share.  I can’t begin to imagine how they would have held these wigs securely on their heads, but there you have it.

Unlike the ladies, of course, men also had facial hair to contend with.  Facial hair was extremely popular ca. 1825-1835, even more so than in earlier decades.  Of course typical sideburns, mutton chops, and mustaches were common, but the most striking and unusual style of facial hair of this period is what I can only call the “under-the-chin beard.”  I have no idea if there is a more concise name for this odd thing, but I just call it like I see it.  This beard sits, well, under the chin and extends along the jawline, all the way up to the hairline.  Like so:

Sometimes, for the extra ick factor, it can be paired with a mustache, thusly:

This beard is extremely (extremely!) common in fashion plates ca. 1830.  It is less common in portraits of the period, but by no means absent.  Yes, guys did have these proto-Abe-Lincoln beards, and they rocked them, I must say.

^^^Work it, Champollion!  He cracked the Rosetta Stone code with the sheer force of his bushy whiskers!

As anyone who has had elaborate facial hair knows, it requires a good deal of maintenance: not only cleaning and grooming the hair itself, but shaping it and shaving the areas around it.  Just as there were professional hairdressers for ladies, there were professional barbers for gentlemen.  (And no, they didn’t all slit your throat and make you into meat pies.)

I’m sure gentlemen who could afford it either visited “tonsorial parlors” or else had barbers come to their homes, but seeing as stubble is constantly requiring attention, I think lots of men dealt with their whiskers themselves, to the best of their ability.  With straight razors, of course.  What could go wrong?

The result is some pretty fantastic facial hair.

The artist Franz Xaver Winterhalter’s self-portraits from this period show a perfect progression from 1820s to 1830s facial hair:

^^^Young Winterhalter in the mid-1820s.  Abundant curls, no facial hair.

^^^Not-quite-as-young Winterhalter ca. 1830.  Abundant curls, side-whiskers, and the beginnings of a little mustache.

^^^Mid-1830s Winterhalter.  Abundant curls (seeing a pattern here?), and full-blown under-the-chin beard with thick mustache.

And among all these perfect little Beau Brummell types who pet and cherish and maintain their hair daily, there are a number of 1830s guys who plainly don’t give a shit.  To those guys: cheers, it’s all good.

Of course, in the Romantic period just as in today’s bedhead fashion, it’s hard to tell if guys just don’t give a shit about their hair, or if they are taking, like, an absurd amount of time and effort to make it look like they don’t give a shit.  Hmmm…

Among guys not giving a shit, I should also file the long-haired dudes.  Long hair, i.e., hair down to your shoulders, no matter what you’ve been told by a million Les Mis fanarts (including my own past stuff), is not a thing in this period.  Repeat: long hair on men is not a thing.  It is the kind of hair worn by a few eccentrics, but it is by no means a thing.

^^^Audobon.  An eccentric.

^^^Paganini.  An eccentric.  (It suffices to say “artist,” right?)

^^^Liszt.  Artist.

No matter what the Japanese want you to think, Enjolras, that stern, severe “soldier of democracy” and “priest of the ideal,” would not have had a gorgeous, flowing waist-length pony.  

Sorry, it’s just not true.  It’s a little white lie, like the Tooth Fairy: harmless in the moment, but creates an atmosphere of distrust for the long run.  Consider this my PSA for the fandom: stop the long-hair madness!

Long hair looks strange and bohemian, but the award for absolute weirdest male hair I have come across in this period (aside from runner-up “prison chic” Blanqui) goes to famous caricaturist Honoré Daumier in a ca. 1829 portrait:

…Um, okay.  A straight-haired comb-over.  A kinda under-the-chin-beard.  But with, like, totally shameless panache.  Like, “What, so my hair is straight?  Fuck it, I will rock this straight hair!  I will draw further attention to it with this over-the-top flip and uncomfortably long length!  I will also make my under-the-chin beard as off-putting as possible!  I will confuse you by growing out the goatee part of it but refuse to style it sensibly!  I also will not pair it with a mustache, that is too mainstream!”  I love his confidence, but then, I guess if you’re going to spend your life mooning the government without fear of repercussions and generally being the South Park of the mid-19th century, why worry about “fashionable” people’s dumb opinions?  Instead, you should go draw a caricature of fashionable people’s dumb fashions.

After shaming movie hair design last time, I feel like I ought to go out on a positive note:

^^^Yeah, I like.  And it’s funny, too, because there’s a montage in which Pip is transforming from poor kid to fashionable gentleman, and he does suddenly go from straight-haired bedhead to 1830s dandy curls, which I really thought rang true to (1830s) life.  Sadly, the ladies’ hair didn’t live up to the example set by the gentlemen.  BBC Great Expectations (2011).

^^^His hair’s okay, but it’s really his overall look that’s so perfect.  His features are really sensual, and he has that strange 1830s dandy je-ne-sais-quoi.  To me, this is Courfeyrac, right here.  Une vieille maîtresse (2007).

^^^Slightly later period, but still pretty admirable hair design.  The Young Victoria (2009).

^^^For those of you who have spent the last two years bitching about this wig, I have a message for you, straight from the 1830s: Stop.  Just stop.  You’re wrong, and you’re making a fool of yourself.  It’s glorious.  It’s full of curls.  It’s side-parted.  It doesn’t have a ponytail.  It’s BLOND.  It’s everything that historically-accurate Enjolras hair ought to be but never has been in a movie version before.  It’s probably the best thing in this movie, and that’s saying a lot.  The first time I saw a photo of Tveit in this wig, that’s the moment I knew they were serious about this adaptation.  Musical!Enjolras has come a long way from the 1980s fro with rat-tail look:

(It’s okay, I still love the hell out of your Enjolras, Anthony Warlow!)

Marius’ hair design in the 2012 Les Mis movie is also good–suitably goofy, but still totally period:

^^^Horizontal and vertical hair strategies, you see?

I approve.  Now if you boys could just convince Fantine and Cosette to put their hair up…

wickedbrony  asked:

Tammy, Aven, on behalf of all askers, allow me to say that we are all so proud of how far you've come in such a short amount of time. As a reward…movie night! *All the Disney movies and a variety of popcorn, movie snacks, and sodas appear out of nowhere.* Enjoy! :)

[Tammy’s and Aven’s eyes light up. Aven, still a little shy, ducks behind his brother a bit, but both of them are grinning immensely wide. Papyrus beams and claps.]


“That is so kind of you!”

“hey, thanks, human.”

[Tammy curiously picks up a bottle of soda, turns it upside down, looks at it from all angles, and watches it bubble around inside. He finally tries to unscrew the cap and it fizzes over the top. At first, he looks distressed, then he just starts drinking it and is distracted by the taste. Toriel chuckles and goes to get a towel to clean up the soda on the floor.

[Meanwhile, Aven begins munching on the popcorn and candy, Sans quickly joining him.]


Stabilo vs Staedtler vs Other

Hello. I have recently seen a few people wondering whether they they should invest in stabilo, staedtler of another type of expensive pen set.As a stationery hoarder, I have created this post for you to figure out which choice is right for you. 

I will be reviewing the following pen sets:

Stabilo Point 88 set of 25 

Staedtler fineliners set of 10

Ultra fine point sharpie set of 10 

Papermate Flair felt tip M set of 16 

To start off I swatched all of the colors, the tips on the stabilos were the the thinnest, but they are new and the rest are a year old. As you can see the tips of the staedtler black pens wear down.

Pro and Con List

Staedtler: About $1.00 a pen

Pros: Bright colors and a very comfortable design, doesn’t feel or look cheap at all. I have had them for a year of heavy use and they all work perfectly.

Cons: The tips wear down quite fast on the black pen, because I use it a lot, I have gone through 3 of them in a year. Also there is no purple color at all. I only have a pack of ten so I can’t speak for the larger packs.

Stabilo: About $0.80 a pen

Pros: I have the pack of 25, so there is obviously more variety in color choices, but I love the two greys and many shades of the darker tones. Plus they are cheaper than Staedtler. Also, the tips seem the thinnest. I also really like the roll up packaging with the little zipper compartment. 

Cons: They have a reputation for wearing down. They feel cheap to me (It is hard to describe). Some of the caps are hard to get of and on and the barrel is not triangular like the Staedtlers. I thinks that they are less comfortable to write with. One of my tips split when I was trying to get the cap on. 

Papermate Flair: $1.36 per pen 

Pros: For a 16 pack I love the colors. I like the design of the pens, the caps are my favorite part. Plus it comes with a light purple, unlike the staedtlers. i have had them for a year and thee tips haven’t worn down at all nor have they ran out of ink. 

Cons: I think that price is the biggest one. They cost way more than Stabilos and even Staedtlers. They are felt tip pens, this could be a pro or a con, but when comparing them to fineliners it is a con. Also the packaging doesnt really work as a permanant storage case. 

Sharpie Ultra Fine Point: $0.63 per pen

Pros: These are cheap, available everywhere and seem to last forever. If you are going on cost alone then buy these. I find them comfortable to write with, and the color variety is very standard.

Cons: They bleed through most paper like crazy. They aren’t as bright as their alternatives (see swatch image) and the tips wear down. 

for the prompt “wore matching halloween costumes to this party (by coincidence) au” from this post.  

dedicated to my love of Dadneto and Halloween.


“Pietro! Get back here!” The green blur skidded to a halt, turning and coming back at a much more sedate pace to Erik’s side. “What were the rules for tonight?”

His son looked up at him, the nose of his costume lying across his forehead almost completely hiding his eyes. “No running ahead and no leaving Dad’s sight.”

“Good.” Erik nodded, taking his hand. Wanda was quiet on his other side, her small hand limp in his. Erik gave her hand a squeeze. “This will be fun.”

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So, so, I wasn’t this excited before but it’s 12:04 right now….

Anyway, I’m trying not to freak out. But, it’s nearly impossible.

It’s a very attractive, humorous, super sassy short British man’s birthday. So, yeah.

Happy birthday, to this little cute shit right here.















plushstiel replied to your post: Poor choices. Poor choices everywhere.

I wanted to get that but i heard that you have to buy characters in order to advance. Like, one of the reviews on amazon literally says the game will not let you advance unless you have the needed character for the next level. =/ Does it do that?

Well, we have played it for like, four hours, so…  Not really sure.

From what I can tell so far, you get the base set (yay!) which comes with a couple of mission levels and a couple of characters.  Then the Toy Box mode.

Toy Box mode is all we did.

In Toy Box mode, you run around, collect ‘sparks’ which you use as currency to unlock other items in your game.  You can fight bad guys, run simple missions for townspeople, build a house and decorate it (and we’re talking ADD ON ROOMS UNTIL YOU HAVE CREATED A NIGHTMARE THAT WOULD MAKE AN ARCHITECT CRY), drive a car, build a race track, add a city scape, add Cinderella’s castle floating fifteen feet off the ground, throw townspeople into the fountain, ride a horse around, ect.  There’s a TON of achievements, several of which we got without having a clue we were getting them. 8)

So if you’re the kind of person who likes puttering endlessly with silly little stuff, the base set’ll do you for quite some time.

But here’s the thing.  The characters and the little figures are VERY WELL DESIGNED.  They’re solid little designs, clean and cartoony, but with perfect paint application and an infinite variety of shapes and attitudes.  They retail between 11-13 dollars, depending on location and sale price, and honestly, I was going to buy Cap and Hawkeye just as figures before I got the game.  They’re really that well designed.

You can preview all of the characters in the “Hall of Heroes” and watch a video of their action moves, with the animated character standing next to it so you can get a good look at them.  So you watch Nat’s, and she’s standing off to the side, her arms folded, her hip cocked, a smile on her face.  Her head rolls in the direction of the action, like, “Yeah, I got that guy good, didn’t I?”

Then you watch Gamora’s, and her attitude is completely different.  She’s tense, she stares at the camera with a slight angry frown, her shoulders are back, her chin is up.  She’s not interested in the game play footage, she’s just waiting to get back into action.

Then you have Clint, who literally turns around, braces his hand on the edge of the video window and leans into it.  Like HEY LOOK IT’S ME I CAN SEE ME WOW LOOOOOOOOOK.

They’re different people, and a lot of effort was put into the animations and the personalities of the different characters.  Elsa is different from Honey Lemon who’s different from Jasmine who’s different from Gamora.  That’s honestly pretty rare for games aimed at kids, the girls can sometimes blur into “you get to play a girl, shut up!” so I appreciate that.

The base set is seriously expensive.  I wouldn’t have done this, except I got it on a black friday sale for half price.  Is it a money grab of a game?  YES.  Without a damn doubt.  But you know what?  It’s an honest money grab.  You can play the game with Thor, Tony and Nat, who are the included figures.  You can pick up Hawkeye if he’s your favorite.  You can snag Nick Fury or Sam “Falcon” Wilson.  

Disney has an INCREDIBLE amount of things it can draw on, and it apparently does.  You can unlock the carousel horses from Disney Parks as a mount.  You can use Mabel’s “Fists of Kittens” from Gravity Falls as a weapon.  There’s Muppet’s stuff and Pixar stuff and Marvel stuff in a giant ball of WTF?  It’s all blind bags and money grab and I’m going to be honest.

I don’t care.  I can afford it, it’s fun, and I can fill my Christmas and birthday lists with inexpensive little things.  

Once we actually play the levels, I’ll let you know what we think. 8)