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There’s no need to feel out of place, for your place is everywhere. Your home is not in one place or another, but is instead within you. It goes where you go, it is a part of you, and you are an irreplaceable part of this universe.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

“It’s good to see you smile,” Sam says. Like, literally says. Those are the actual words that come out of his mouth. Like some sap from an old black-and-white romance.

Now, normally, Dean would tease the shit out of his little brother for a sentence that schmaltzy, but Sam’s clearly got something reserved and hesitant between his teeth, so he lets it go. “Well, I said I needed a big win,” Dean answers honestly. “We got Cas back. That’s a pretty damn big win.”

Sam doesn’t react the way he’s supposed to. Dean expects a smile, maybe even a rueful laugh. Not his brother sucking in a clumsy breath and darting his eyes away. “Yeah,” he directs at the floor, turning away from Dean to fiddle with the closet. “Fair enough.” He shuts the folding doors with an odd sense of finality and just stands there for a second, looking awkward as shit with no reason not to turn around.

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My favorite things that happened today:

  • This threw me for a loop at first, but then… honestly it makes TOTAL sense and I can 100% see how this could happen if you don’t live in the US. So, I was editing a book that kept referring to “Seattle, DC.” Like in three instances. Seattle, DC. And you know, I get that. It may be wrong, but there’s still something so beautifully logical about this mistake? I love it?
  • For a citation in a bibliography, this author put “accessed at” and then honest to god pasted the file path to the download on the PDF on her computer. The path to the file, on her personal computer, right there on her own personal C drive. This is someone who has a PhD from Harvard and I had to explain that that is not a valid web link
  • There’s a guy I work with who has the thickest Boston accent, and he just got back from a Disney vacation with his very young daughter, who didn’t want to go on any of the rides, she just wanted to meet all the princesses. And there’s something that @therestisdetail pointed out about Boston accents, and it’s that they have a quality of kind of… they personify like, you’re at a bar, some guy is being a jerk, and then the boston accent walks over like “hey is this guy bohtherin you? I got eight dauwghtehs at home. I’ll kick his ass, you just lemme know if he’s givin you any trouble, alright?” So anyway, this guy with his Mega Boston Accent talking about visiting Disney princesses with his daughter was very endearing. He also asked me if I read “those Harry Pawduhh books” because he wants to know if they’re age-appropriate for his daughter. He’s a nice guy
  • THE REAL TRIUMPH OF MY DAY, MY ETERNAL VICTORY, MY EVERLASTING GLORY so I’m running low on one of my absolute favorite teas and I thought “hmm I should get some more.” And I go on the website and the tea is just… gone. It’s completely gone. Nowhere to be found. And I remember seeing it on sale a few weeks ago and I realize with a sinking feeling…….. it’s been discontinued. I only have one spoonful of tea leaves left, only one more cup… and it’s gone. forever. So I stop into a brick and mortar location that is THANKFULLY NEARBY and they’re like “yeaaaahhhh we discontinued that one, sorry. buuuuut we do have a little bit left in our last canister if you want it?” and I’m like YES. GIVE ME. I WILL TAKE. So the girl PACKS one of the larger bags full for me, and then she’s like “hey there’s only a tiny bit left, do you wanna just finish it?” and I’m like sURE WHY NOT so she gets one of the little bags for me too. And it was 40% off so that’s the story of how I walked off with the very last of this tea at a very reasonable price
  • I can’t stop buying super cheap $3 men’s tee shirts. I just like good deals. And this store reliably carries men’s smalls, and so I’m just like “yep time to get another plain men’s tee shirt for $3.” So I go up to the register, with a singular tee shirt amounting to a grand total of $3, and I make small talk with the guy, and then he asks me very out of the blue “Are you from Europe?” Which, is an odd question to be asked. Given my whole American accent thing. And I was just like “nah I was born in New Jersey” and I pay and we continue our small talk, and as I’m leaving, he thanks me for coming all the way from New York to visit their store. And you know, dude, you’re welcome. You’re welcome dude
  • It was a good day for tea, but overall not a great day for US geography
If you love something, don’t rush it. Allow yourself to feel it. Embrace it. Let its essence touch your heart, and light up your world in the most wondrous of ways. To love is a beautiful feeling, so allow for this experience to unfold for you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

20.9.17// writing in a nice coffee shop around my place. I’ve almost hit the 1000 words and it’s feeling soo good!