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The Signs As Songs Off Electra Heart
  • Aries: Radioactive
  • Taurus: Vally Of The Dolls
  • Gemini: Bubblegum Bitch
  • Cancer: Teen Idle
  • Leo: Hypocrates
  • Virgo: Starring Role
  • Libra: How To Be A Heart Breaker
  • Scorpio: Power & Control
  • Sagittarius: Primadonna
  • Capricorn: Lies
  • Aquarius: Homewrecker
  • Pisces: The State Of Dreaming
Taurus- Marina & The Diamonds
  • Taurus Sun & Aries Moon: Starring Role / "It almost feels like a joke to play out a part when you are not the starring role in someone else's heart"
  • Taurus Sun & Taurus Moon: Happy / "Couldn't relax, I sang a hymn to bring me peace & then it came, a melody"
  • Taurus Sun & Gemini Moon: Froot / "Pick my petals off and make my heart explode. I’m your deadly nightshade"
  • Taurus Sun & Cancer Moon: Blue / "Gimme everything, all your heart can bring, something good and true"
  • Taurus Sun & Leo Moon: Hypocrates / "Im sick & tired of all your preaching, who are you to tell me who to be?"
  • Taurus Sun & Virgo Moon: The Outsider / "I look myself in the face and whisper "I'm in the wrong place", is there more to lose than gain if I go on my own again?"
  • Taurus Sun & Libra Moon: Weeds / "And when nothing feels enough, at least you taught me how to love"
  • Taurus Sun & Scorpio Moon: Are You Satisfied? / "High achiever don't you see, driven by a greed to succeed, nobody can stop me"
  • Taurus Sun & Sagittarius Moon: Can't Pin Me Down / "I am never gonna give you anything you expect"
  • Taurus Sun & Capricorn Moon: Power & Control / "Power and control, I’m gonna make you fall"
  • Taurus Sun & Aquarius Moon: Savages / "I'm not afraid of God, I am afraid of Man"
  • Taurus Sun & Pisces Moon: Teen Idle / "I want the world to go away, I want blood, guts and chocolate cake"

I was tagged by @kookyrainbows - Thank you for the tag! This was so much fun!

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Artist: Marina and the Diamonds 

What’s your gender: I Am Not A Robot 
Describe yourself: Hermit the Frog 
How do you feel:  Froot 
If you could go anywhere: Hollywood 
Favorite mode of transportation: Weeds
If your life was a tv show: Bubblegum Bitch
Relationship status: Sex Yeah The State of Dreaming 
Your fear: Hypocrates 

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anonymous asked:

Oh my GOD! I can't believe this. You, a fluffy marshmallow, did a great job with this arc in blind!Dean AU, with all this angst and sweet and drama and fluff; but still some people can't even say thank you! I get it that they just wanted to see Dean elaborate his reasons ot Cas, but still. Maybe I'm a hypocrate myself, and for that I'm sorry, but I wanted to thank you for your art. Thank you for keep doing this, it's really changing my day for the better.

ayYYYEEE THAAANNKK YOU MATE. I will add dean and cas talking about it, i just wanted to end that ark and to show like HEY IT’S OKAY THEY’RE STILL TOGETHER THEYRE GOING TO GET MARRIED ITS NOT THE END.