such great chemistry

Oookay since last week I realize something more intense in the scenes karamel, I do not know you but at each scene the actors are, how can I say, connected, the final scene of the episode past the looks and the will of them there in the eyes of both and now The final scene of this episode GOD I DO NOT KNOW MORE WHAT TO THINK THEY TWO HAVE A CHEMISTRY SO GREAT SO MUCH AND I CAN NOT EXPLAIN THAT GOD NEEDS MORE SCENES SO (I would love to have some more of that scene, a little hotter but I’m happy with the fanfics, come on guys I’m waiting anxiously) I really need to stop seeing things where there is not much shipp much as actors and fictional characters AAAAAAAAAAAAAA (I saw a smile there, I SAW AND I HAVE ALMOST THE SURE THAT THEY GOT THAT SCENE AAAAA IF NOT) GOD LIKE I THOUGHT THAT SUPER HOT, SAME HOT!!!!! ❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍💏

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what's your opinion on subaek?

suho and bbh are very good friends and they have great chemistry and fun together.. they both like each other very much and the both of them have very nice, bright and friendly auras, and they both make people feel good..! they’ve probably never argued with each other in their life lmao suho laughs at what bbh says and bbh laughs at what suho says. they’re close and fun! i also feel like they have deep respect for each other as friends and artists, and idk, they’re both bright people that make others feel good. they work together.
Margot Robbie's 'Harley Quinn' Spin-Off Is An Opportunity To Dump Jared Leto's 'Joker'
Margot Robbie's performance overshadowed Jared Leto, and her solo project needs to move on without him.
By Dani Di Placido

“…introducing a same-sex relationship to a comic book film would be nothing short of groundbreaking.

The contrast between hyperactive Harley Quinn and the quietly deceptive Poison Ivy might produce great chemistry, and the relationship could develop into an interesting character arc for Harley.”

^^^^^^ Please.

  • France: everyone look! I made a new element, it's amazing, oui?
  • England: what? You created it??
  • France: I was experimenting with a couple of elements a few days ago and discovered an entirely new molecular structure!
  • China: ...can we cook it?
  • America: can we eat it?
  • Russia: can we play with it?
  • England: it's not magic, so it's lame.
  • France: why do I even bother telling you guys anything...

Lowkey regret choosing three sciences out of the four available because of the workload but two were prerequisites and one (psych) was chosen out of pure curiosity… I felt kinda guilty about leaving Gatsby to the last minute but my mindset was, “if I can finish a 60k chanbaek fanfic in just under 3 hours, I should be able to finish Gatsby in just under 2,” (and I did) so whoops.
—> Don’t be like me, kids.

“but how can you headcanon that male character with the other male character? he was dating a woman!”

“but how can you ship him with that guy sometimes but with that girl too?” 

“but he has such great chemistry with this guy, if you ship him with that girl you’re erasing queer representation!”

“i know he’s shown canon interest in women but he’s with a guy now! he was obviously just a closeted/confused gay!”

"Not everything is gay"/"Stop seeing the gay in everything." - People when they hear about same sex OTPs

Yeah, you’re right. Not everything is gay. It rarely is. Even when two characters in a TV series or a book series have great chemistry that can be developed in to a healthy LGBT relationship,they’re conveniently given opposite gender love interests. (Must I name names?) Why? Because not everything needs to be gay right? I mean it’s not like 99.9% of the relationships in the media are straight, right? I mean it’s not like LGBT relationships exist, right?

  • <slash> CW</slash> CBS Supergirl: *built a fulfilling relationship between Supergirl and a poc throughout the first season*
  • CW Supergirl: *introduced a powerful female character who had great chemistry with Supergirl*
  • actually if we're being honest there were several powerful women who had great chemistry with Supergirl
  • one of those women was even of Lebanese descent
  • CW Supergirl: *puts Supergirl with Mozzarella Cheese*

Karen Fukuhara was at Comic Con Germany yesterday and apparently spoke a little on the chemistry between Jared and Margot :)


Didn’t you do this(left her key in his car) all on purpose to try and seduce me?