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Roommates (Draco Malfoy)

Part 1

Summary: Reader finished Hogwarts and is now ready to live her life. But, she finds out that her roommate isn’t someone she would expect, Draco Malfoy.

A/N: This is an au, enjoy :). Also, I made the readers house Ravenclaw.


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Here’s clips of my performances from Sunday night showdown at Attitudes nightclub. 

Due to tumblrs limits I could only show snippits, but it’s 4 minutes of vid. Also I’m sorry about the first one. For some reason, the video the audience member got was terrible quality, where as the second performance was really GOOD quality. 

Anyway, enjoy.


Mick showing his support for Keith during a press conference about Keith’s court case sentence, of which he was arrested a year previously as he was pulled over in his Bentley for reckless driving during the Stones’ European tour, and found with cocaine and LSD on his person. The results were he was found guilty for possessing cocaine and fined €750 plus court costs, but not guilty of possessing LSD, 1977.

I know how you all feel and why

but I’m in no way giving up. Please hear me out.

If something in this show doesn’t make sense we question it. Think about the skull picture. The lost plot lines. John’s fucking letter! Arwel’s elephants. TPLoSH references. The lost footage from setlock. The promises of explaining everything, of making history, of the best writing they have done. These haven’t been met and they will be.

On an emotional level I am gutted, like most of you, but logically?

Think of every tjlce video by rebekah @quietlyprim and the metas from everyone but in particular that first ‘operation johnlock is go’ by nattie @loudest-subtext-in-tv and all that evidence we have burned into our minds and the interviews with the cast and writers. Remember Sherlocked when the music producers said they would keep us specifically in mind for writing the score.

All of those references to clue and to the princess bride.

“I’m not actually gay.”
“Well I am… Look at us both.”

“There’s always two of us.”

“The things you wanted to say but never said.”

“It’s always you. John Watson, you keep me right.”

This is not queerbaiting. This is romance AND WE KNOW THIS. We have done all these years.

Yes this is a really terrifying stunt, it’s honestly horrible and I won’t try to justify their actions with how it has affected our community tonight.

I’m begging you all. Please do not forget all that we know. This series and this episode are wrong and ‘off’ for a reason. The writers did NOT suddenly forget their show and how to write. The actors and crew did NOT suddenly forget what good writing is and call this series ‘the best’ against all their tastes of good television. The BBC did NOT commission a series of a show that loses all it’s previous tone and quality for no reason - because TFP was truly terribly written and presented.

But we have been told repeatedly - ESPECIALLY in this series - to not lose hope. We had a character named Faith in and episode where the meaning of a name is absolutely relevant and essential (Eurus, the East Wind). We had nurse Cornish saying that John’s blog has gone down hill a bit - in obvious reference to what the writers KNOW they are making of the show. Sherlock told us people always give up after three, but they really shouldn’t. There are hints at a fourth episode and I really believe we will get this.

It’s scary and horrible and please take time to care for yourself and mourn if you have to, but what we have here is not wrong. We said it’s elaborately planned gay or absolutely defying all laws of reason trash, and it appears we ended up with the second tonight, but it does just as I have said - it defies all reason.

In order to doubt TJLC you have to believe that the writer’s have suddenly forgotten how to write, that the actors suddenly have no taste, that the designers are suddenly so sloppy that they allow for a skull picture to be differently lit multiple times in the same scene (which arwel has explicitly said on twitter that it is completely purposeful). You also have to believe that thousands of people saw something and proved it to be there only to be told it isn’t in a way that not only defied us but defies the show itself and it’s creators.

This isn’t the end.

We WERE told.


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"So, it was you" tony/bucky

“So it was you,” Tony’s voice was a deep menacing growl.

Bucky chewed on the chocolate chip cookie he’d snatched from the jar. “So it was I what?” Bucky asked.

Tony pointed accusingly at Bucky. “It was you who ate the last of my cookies!”

Bucky paused mid bite. He recalled taking the last cookie from the jar a week ago, but the last time he checked the cookies were for everyone, so he really didn’t understand Tony’s point. “Prove it.”

“You’re eating my cookies now! No one else does.”

“Wrong,” Bucky said. “Natasha and Clint do.”

“Ha!” Tony smirked in victory. “You’re right, but I had them sign a contract that says they will not eat the last cookie without replacing it. You have signed no such contract.”

Bucky raised an eyebrow. “You had them sign a contract?”

Tony made a disgusted face. “Stop talking with your mouth full.”

Bucky swallowed. “You’re some piece of work.”

“You say that like it’s a bad thing. Besides, you’re dating me, so there must be some good qualities to this piece of work.”

“Oh there are,” Bucky let his eyes slide suggestively over Tony’s body, “but a contract for cookies? Doll, I love you, but that’s just nuts.”

“You’re distracting me from the real issue here, which is that you are a cookie thief and an asshole. Who takes the last cookie and doesn’t refill the jar or at least put a new cookie in?”

“As I said, you have no evidence.” Bucky popped the last half of the cookie in his mouth and grinned. “But if you want your cookie back so bad, you can take it back.” Bucky opened his mouth to show off the partially chewed cookie.

Tony grimaced. “You’re disgusting.”

“But you’re dating me, so there must be some good qualities to me,” Bucky mocked.

Tony glared. He went over to the cookie jar, opened it, picked it up, and showed off the empty contents inside. “Maybe I can’t prove it was you last time—except I can, because I have FRIDAY—but I have proof that it was you this time.”

“How do you know I wasn’t about to fill it?”

“I will get FRIDAY involved, Bucky, if you don’t fess up.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “Fine. I’m a terrible person. I ate the last cookie and didn’t replace it. I’m a monster. I couldn’t control my hunger. I’ll probably eat us out of house and home. Not even Stark Industries can save us from the bottomless pit that is my stomach. I’ll probably even eat your shoelaces one day because I’ve mistaken them for spaghetti. And you know what’s worse? It’s not just the insatiable hunger; I didn’t even stop to think about refilling the jar. I am clearly scum. I lower than dirt, I am earthworms.”

Tony huffed and put his hands on his hips. “That was a spectacular guilt trip filled with sass and sarcasm that would make any parent proud. Now either make a new batch of cookies from scratch or go out and replace the old ones.”

Bucky sighed in exasperation, but couldn’t stave off his smile of fondness for Tony. “I love you, you cookie crazy genius.”

“You’re still replacing the cookies, you jerk.”

If you want to talk to me about fucked up how about you start by mentioning the fact that Emily sabotaged the Grayson’s Nightline interview and was planning to use Patrick against Victoria, despite overhearing the fact that he was born from rape when Victoria was a teenager. Nothing on this show will ever disgust me more than that so forgive me if I’m not appalled by the fact that Victoria told David Emily’s to blame for her life being in ruins. Is it fucked up? Totally, but so is everything else on this show.

Emily kidnapping her sister, psychologically traumatizing her, coldly standing by as she has a panic attack, not bothering to check up on her in the six months she was living it up at Grayson Manor, having her mother committed, sending her fake postcards to make her believe her mother had abandoned her, and letting her think Amanda was her sister even after she passed away is a close second on the fucked-up list. At least when Victoria goes after people she doesn’t emotionally scar her loved ones to do it.

I’m not saying she’s justified in what she’s doing, she’s so definitely not, but considering all of the other shit the people on this show have done it’s hardly surprising. The entire concept of the series is deranged and always has been; nothing’s changed. If anything, it’s become increasingly darker with each passing season. It doesn’t matter who you root for on this show, unless your favorite character is Little Carl, chances are they’re not a good person.

But you know what? That’s fine. There is nothing wrong with rooting for a character who’s a terrible person. Everyone has the right to like whoever they want without being shamed for it. We all have our reasons for admiring the characters we admire so instead of trying to prove why one is worse than another, why don’t we just celebrate the fact that every person on the show is made up of both good and bad qualities?

Morally grey characters are fascinating, and we’ve been given so many. It’s time we stop fighting about them with one another and start appreciating these characters regardless of whether or not we like them. At the end of the day, they all make the show what it is so the least we can do is acknowledge that they’ve been well-written as human beings as opposed to saints and monsters.

If you want to preach about morality and decent characters, I’ve got some news for you: you’re watching the wrong show.

I mean, just LOOK at those eyes. They’re like PAINTINGS.  …which is cool, because they actually are paintings in a way :D

In principle photography their eyes started something like this:

External image

and in post production they went to something like this:

External image

How’d they do it?

[absolutely crazy numbers of photos behind the cut. you have been warned.]

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So I heard you want to quit smoking?

Before I delve into any hardcore scientific facts, I’d like to make some points clear to the smokers and family/friends of smokers who’d like to help them quit,stopping smoking is a gradual process, it took a couple of years for the habit to develop, so it may take a while before smokers can go cold turkey. Please be patient with them as much as you can.

Also to any future healthcare professionals like myself, if your patient do not want to stop smoking when you have counselled them and ensured they understood all the facts and they still do not want to quit. You can’t stop them.

  1. Ok, so the good ol’ classic, why give up? Because you could start seeing benefits after just 20 minutes of stopping! That’s not saying 20minutes is sufficient, but the health benefits would show up pretty quickly after you quit!
  2. Smoking takes 10 years off your life. Fact. It also contributes to a terrible quality of life for the last couple of years before you pass away. Just think about what you could do with that 10 years of life?! Travel, see all the wonders of the world, spend more time with your family? 
  3. Think about all the money you can save! Take 2 mins, sit down, grab your calculator and work out how much you spend each week on cigarettes. 
  4. Ok you have more than enough motivation to quit, but you can’t, why not? Statistically people who turn to NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) to help control their cravings have a much higher rate of success than people who just quit straight away!
  5. But I have to buy those patches and gums and weird stuff - it costs so much! Trust me, cigarettes and hospital bills (especially in the US) costs way more than those little things that could potentially help you kick the habit.
  6. I stopped for a while but couldn’t resist it, it feels so awful and I feel guilty - what’s the point of trying if I can’t achieve it? As I mentioned above, it may take a few attempts and sometimes it’s just that the product you’re using doesn’t work for you, or you haven’t found the right motivation, or you haven’t tried another method! Keep trying and speak to your local pharmacist, nurse or primary care doctor/GP if you need any medical or emotional support, you’re not alone!
  7. Try it with a friend! It doesn’t have to be that you both want to give up smoking, maybe one of you want to give up junk food and the other alcohol, and you can do it together! Keep each other in track and motivate each other!