such good quality it shows up terrible

agenthufflepanda replied to your post “Sorry about the Eobard spam- I’m done for now. I just? I can’t deal…”

Saw this and thought, “Okay, okay. More Eobard. He has a nice face.” Scrolled down, saw a shot of him in a white NASA suit, and suddenly I was dead. How dare.

I know, right? NASA flightsuits are a quality aesthetic all on their own, so add Eobard’s annoyingly interesting face into the mix and it’s just deeply unfair. Then there’s his ridiculous smile, and the fact that he finally showed up in decent lighting (the artist in me is cheering), and it’s as if this episode personally targeted me. And that’s not even mentioning the fact that he was hanging out with Ray, who I also love, and doing science and actually being remarkably non-terrible for once… What a Good episode.