such elitism

Pokevember Challenge!

Day 24 - Elite Four #1 - Normal!

“Ah.. Hey.. W-welcome to my l’il fortress of solitude. I’m, uh, glad you could make it actually, thanks. My Eevee just evolved before you came.. You wanna help me give it a test run in its newly evolved state? ..gosh I’m so nervous..!!

Mandi is a hikikomori, a person who withdraws from social life, often seeking extreme degrees of isolation and confinement. Mostly she spends her time on the internet surrounded by toys, it is the most comfortable of spaces for her.

She has studied and researched and trained her hardest whilst cooped up, her only means of wishing to try and reach out to others. She is an introvert and suffers from social anxiety, finding comfort in solitude she still wishes to have friends outside of her laptop and her Pokemon. It is seen as something bad for an adult like her to be so reclusive so she is trying her best to break out of this.