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Honestly I am relived Neutral Frisk is dead. I found a new bae. X-Chara is new bae. IM NOT PEDO I SWEAR. I AM PROPRIATE AGE FOR DESE THINGS.


Maybe xD


So now we have our characters in groups but please everyone send me your soul horses so I can make a desing for them. I tagged everyone

So far I know:
Astrid Starwright - Midnight (friesian)
Zelda Dusknight - Phantom (friesian)
Vera Lightmoore - Prism (firesian)
Amira Darkhall - Cethin (black lipizzaner)
Allison Nightstar - Alex (chesnut TB)
Astrid Bluenest - Rockstar ( @leafpool2014 / @astrid-bluenest-sso please correct me if I’m wrong and what color is that horse exactly?)
Colette Mitstar - Hawk(heart) (jorvik WB)
Eden Dawnvalley - Phoenix (buckskin morgan)
Emilie Catnight - Henry (I guess you only mentioned one horse so… @emilie-catnight can you tell me which color please?)
Dakota Moonchild - Baymax (white/gray shire)
Esmeralda Shadowlord - Dancer (dapple gray w/ black mane jorvik WB)
Kate Swiftsea - ? @swiftseaequestrian
Aaliyah Archdotter - ? @sso-aliarchdotter
Samantha Waterwright - Honey (’buckskin’ mustang)
Lara Easthill - ? @laraeasthillstarstable
Odette Fauna Lee - Rose (bay jorvik WB)
Danielle Rivergarden - Rose (jorvik WB)
Alessa Duskhill - Star (dark bay jorvik WB)
Dakota Lightwood - ? @that-sso-raven
Crystal Rainsmith - ? @crystalrainsmith
Anne Greenbell - ? @annegreenbellsso
Katelyn Silvernose - Suki (black lipizzaner)

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Eu quero dizer sobre a história do AU :P

aah….. bom. Vo escrever aqui o básico ( pq vai contar mais sobre a história do AU na comic )

ElementalTale is an Universe that every of the main characters have a different an unique element. The other characters are normal, but have a different desing, the relationship between the characters are different too.