such bus

  • Vanoss: [walks into the room] Oh hey Delirious!
  • Delirious: Hey van-
  • Delirious: [sees Vanoss's very large and pregnant belly] -oss... What happened to your stomach?!
  • Vanoss: [Confused] What do you mean? I'm pregnant.
  • Delirious: [nearly falls over] Pregnant?!
  • Vanoss: With your baby. [Points at Delirious]
  • Delirious: [freaks out] How the Fu- [wakes up]
  • Delirious: ...
  • -five minutes later-
  • Vanoss: [wakes up to see delirious lifting up his covers] What the fuck dude?
  • Delirious: [looks at Vanoss] Just making sure you weren't pregnant.
  • Vanoss: ....
  • Delirious: ....
  • Vanoss: Go back to sleep, Jon.

So I’m watching Mini’s roadtrip video and honestly I love his and Brian’s friendship so much??? They just seem so at ease and carefree and it’s just really nice to see them talk and discuss things in person