such bus

“I’m socially awkward so I’m sitting in a bus/subway with my over-sized earphones and blasting music when you, who is sitting next to me, start bobbing your head and tapping your foot to the rhythm and oh you’re tapping to my music and.. Oh God now you caught me staring, but instead of trying to talk to me you just smile sweetly, and I don’t think I’ve ever met a person more beautiful. WHAT dO I DO nOW?” AU

- (@  akirisa19)

Brian’s stream 1/20
  • joined by Scott, Craig, and Nogla! they’re playing Fortnite
  • Brian avenged Craig and dabbed on three people he killed before he backed out and Scotty went “I hate you SO much” 
  • Lanai’s in the chat lol love u
  • “This kid’s got a mansion in LA and he can’t even buy an Ethernet cable” —Brian, talking about Mini
  • “you know if I’m making fun of somebody then they really suck” —Brock, in chat
  • AW BROCK “baby’s crying, gotta go” bye honey hope ur doing okay
  • Im enjoying the fact that Marcel’s talking with them in chat and chillin out
  • the salt emotes are going crazy and even Lanai joined in after Scott and Nogla were yelling at each other lmao
  • I was wondering why Mini went silent and then I realized that he got completely disconnected due to his currently shitty WiFi in the house. FeelsBadMan
  • Tyler said “good luck” on Skype and Brock said the same thing on Twitter I love their friendship
  • LMAO BROCK IN CHAT “#muteNogla”
  • Craig is always the one to die first??? probs bc he hates playing Fortnite, sorry love
  • Mini left the call, love u
  • they’re looking for a 4th player and Scott said “maybe Kyroz?” and then Brian says all sweet ‘n shit “Marcel? Are ya done cleaning? We know you’re watching” AW
  • DELIRIOUS JOINED HELLO MY LOVE “I’ve been watching”
  • they keep on dying and they’ve only made it to top three rip in pieces
  • Marcel’s still in chat and he’s being hilarious ily
  • okay I’m gonna go for now and keep watching I hope they win lmao

Dead Phrases In The Fandom Dump

“the vanoss crew”

“mini is annoying”

“lui left”

“delirious is dumb”

“brian is cocky”

“vanoss is the leader”

“x/y is better than x/y”


feel free to add on, there’s alot of stupid shit people say.

Cats and Dogs: OhmToonz 1/2

Hey hey! Hope you are all having a good weekend! So this was just something that I got inspiration from when I saw a video about a guy going out of his way to help a dog in need. It kind of spiralled out of control from there. Shout outs are in order for @etherealvibespls for helping me stay on task, and @sparktheblaze because she’s awesome and wanted some OhmToonz. I hope you enjoy!

Prompt: “I’m totally a cat person but I saw your dog tangled up in his leash and he tipped his bowl over so I broke into your yard to free him and now you’re home and I’ve been hanging with him for an hour and holy shit you’re super hot.” 

Cats and Dogs

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  • Daithi: So, We're picking up this "friend" of yours?
  • Wildcat: Yes, just a friend! And you two better, not fucking play that song, you hear me?
  • Terroriser: What song? *snickers*
  • Wildcat: You know what fucking song I'm talking about!
  • Daithi: Relax, we won't play it.
  • [Later]
  • Daithi: Pussy! Pussy! Pussy!
  • Terroriser: Marijuana!
  • Terroriser: Juana!
  • Kelly: *looks at Wildcat*
  • Wildcat: *about to kill them*

I needed a soft so I wrote a soft.

It’s either the weird ass position Cartoonz finds Ohm in or the fact that the smaller man looks like he’s about to slide off the couch and onto the floor in an uncomfortable heap / puddle that makes him chuckle under his breath and drop down next to him. The sudden movement seems to do nothing save for drawing a groan out of the other before he slides further down, shirt riding up and exposing pale skin.

“You gonna stay like that all day?“ 

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