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Sonny’s friend Mike

Prompt: Sonny as a friend @sonnyvictimsunit

A/N: This came out more drabble head canon than drabble fic, but oh well. Also this ignores half of what happened in s17 finale. The blood clot doesn’t happen.

Sonny has always prided himself on being a good friend, and his ability to makes friends with anyone and make everyone feel welcomed. However, as Sonny sat in the gloomy hospital waiting room he wasn’t priding himself over the treatment of their wounded sergeant. From the day Dodds arrived at SVU he was branded as an outsider; someone that they needed to watch their backs around only because of who his father is. Someone that he didn’t get to know, someone that he didn’t succeed in making feel welcomed. Someone that they didn’t appreciate until he was knocking on death’s door. While waiting in that solemn room to hear what Mike’s fate would be Sonny made his silent promise to God ‘If Dodds survives this. It’s gonna be different. He’s gonna know we have his back. I have his back. I care to get to know him’. Sonny’s was pulled out of his thoughts when a doctor came in a spoke “family of Mike Dodds” 

Since Dodds’ miraculous survival, Sonny kept true to his word. He made it a point to visit Mike almost everyday after work that Mike was in the hospital even if only for a few minutes. The first few times Sonny would send Mike a text asking him if he has eaten anything decent or edible that day. After the third day of the response “hospital food sucks”; Sonny doesn’t bother asking if he had anything decent. Instead asking “what do you want to eat?” Sonny uses bringing Mike edible food as his way to get close, to learn about Mike. 

Sonny picked up on Mike being a major baseball fan after only two nights of coming in and Mike watching baseball or baseball related programming.

“Like baseball Sarge?” Sonny remarked. “Yeah, and hockey and football as well. But my heart is baseball. I played in high school.” Mike told. “What’s your team?” Sonny asked curiously. “The Yankees. What about you?” Mike said. Sonny smirked as he said “Seriously Sarge, the Mets is where its at. What about hockey?” “Rangers” Mike said. “Nope. Islanders. What about football?” Sonny quizzed. As soon as Mike said “Giants”, Sonny gave a goofy grin and a hearty “now that’s more like it.”

After Mike was released from the hospital, Sonny stopped by Mike’s place after his shift with a box of Mike’s favorite Hawaiian pizza and a bag of cannolis. While Mike is recovering at home, Sonny makes it a priority to see him at least 2-3 times a week, which Mike is very grateful for the company. Sonny knows that the family support that Mike has is a lot different than the support he would have if he was in Mike’s situation. Some days Sonny would help get Mike to PT and back. Other days, Sonny will come by with beer and takeout to watch a baseball or other sporting game. Or if Mike’s feeling up to it go to a sports tavern for wings, beer and sports. Sonny also makes sure to include Mike if the squad ever goes out for drinks or dinner after a case. 

“Don’t forget to invite the Sarge” he would remind the squad.

“We already did Carisi, he’s going to come” Rollins would say.

Even after Mike recovers and is back at work; him and Sonny get together outside of work at least once a week. Throughout his recovery, Mike has come to consider Sonny to be a brother; and Sonny has come to consider him to be a brother as well. 

One would think that nearly dying would bring a family back together; but it really didn’t. It made Mike and his dad a little bit closer and got his dad off his back some, but still didn’t stitch the family back together. So the Carisi family considers Mike to be an honorary member of the family. 

Sonny was who Mike confided in when his brother Matt relapsed again. 

“You would think that me nearly dying; would make my brother straighten his life out” Mike spoke woefully. “It’s not that easy. If Matt makes a mess again, you have to let him be the one to clean it up now” Sonny told his friend.

For Mike’s birthday, Sonny bought a pair of tickets for a Yankees game. Mike was in awe with a big smile on his face over the thoughtful gift. Mike was grateful to have a friend like Sonny, especially since he’s not used to having friends like this. 

“Happy Birthday buddy” Sonny exclaimed as he handed Mike the sealed envelope. “No way” Mike roared “thank you”. 

In return for Sonny’s birthday Mike bought a pair of Mets tickets. 

As Mike’s best man Sonny planned his bachelor party and stood beside him while he said his “I dos”. When Sonny’s time came, Mike did the same. Sonny was asked to be the godfather of Mike’s newborn daughter Addison. His jaw dropped as he said “absolutely, I’d be honored.” 

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simon's downfall is that he tried to make them a different version of 1d like. he should've made them different that's how kpop got fans. he keeps making different versions of 1d and they're gonna keep flopping lmao no one wants good value 1d how does that make sense. watch them be suuuper bromancy lmao.


Fanfic "Anything Could Happen" by theglamourfades!

Love this story!!! In between reading updates this was the fanfic story I reread this last week!!! So much to love about this :) bromance, Gwen , some ummmm angst (uuuggghh) lots of love!!! so much Banna!!!!!!!!

Prompts: BST and/or chess
Warnings: None
Ship: Theresa and Douglas bromance, nothing more (it’s my brotp)

Douglas reckoned that nobody, absolutely nobody in the world had done what he was doing at the moment.


He set down his bishop firmly on a dark square and leaned back, strategically eyeing his opponent.

The woman in front of him concentrated hard on the chessboard between them, idly tapping one espadrille sandal on the table. She’d taken off her shoes, claiming that it helped her to concentrate, but in reality she’d been tapping her right sandal on the little table for the majority of the game. It drove Douglas absolutely insane, but he kept quiet.

This is the Princess of Liechtenstein we’re talking about, he reasoned mentally. And I think that no commoner has ever been able to play chess against her.

Theresa wrinkled her nose in concentration, staring at the chess pieces, trying to reason out a way to capture his king. Douglas felt pretty confident about this game: he’d opened strongly and managed not to lose too many of his pieces. Theresa, meanwhile, had allowed him to capture four of her pawns, a knight, and a rook. In his opinion, Theresa was in a worse position than he at the moment.

Suddenly, with a movement as sleek and quick as a kingfisher, the princess leaped forward and moved her queen to capture his bishop. She sat back in satisfaction, amber eyes gleaming.

“Might not have been the best idea,” Douglas advised Theresa. “You’ve just used your most valuable piece to capture one that’s not that valuable at all.”

“Check,” she announced smugly and with a gentle toss of her wavy, short brown hair.

Douglas, shocked, looked down. Indeed, she’d placed her queen so that she was very threateningly staring the king in his face.

“That you have,” he muttered, slightly irked, and moved his rook to the king’s side to threaten Theresa’s queen.

“Ha,” Theresa said gleefully, and Douglas knew he’d done the wrong thing.

A few seconds later, Douglas’s king clattered to the floor, and a princess jumped up into a standing position on her chair.


Douglas looked up at the triumphant princess and sighed in defeat. 

“Fine, you can take the Camembert. Just…don’t tell Martin about this, will you?”

“You have my word.”



jackheon will forever be my favorite bromance :-)