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BTS REACTS TO: You writing a song about them

Anon Asked: Could you do a reaction to BTS members finding out you wrote a song about them? <3 - TT (my nephews call me that so why not use it as my anon name?)

Bippity boppity boop - that’s what Cinderella’s sugar mama said when she made her dress and shit right? Or was that sleeping beauty’s??? IDK anyways, here lol - Admin Dayna


On the way back home from a successful anniversary date, Jin had been driving with his eyes focused sternly on the road. One hand on the wheel, the other hand on your lap, fingers entwined with your own. Meanwhile, you held your phone with your free hand, bluetooth connected to the Car radio. You were playing music off you phone and was preparing a surprise for him. You played some of the two of you favorite songs before it finally shuffled onto the one you made about him behind your back. You smiled the second you heard the first part of the melody. You looked to check Jin’s face. He furrowed his brows, obviously unfamiliar with the song, but the second he heard you voice singing he perked up. Sure enough he had been smiling ear to ear after it had dawned on him it was about him.

“When did you make that?”

“Not too long ago.”

“Ahh… ahhh! [y/n]! It’s so well done!”

“You recorded this on your own?”

“Oh no, Yoongi was big help, honestly.”

“Ah… [y/n]…”

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My take on our sweet, sweet wizard 🌮Taako🌮 from The Adventure Zone podcast. He is one of my top three favorite characters and I love him so much. He’s such a precious, fabulous bean.

Next pic I have of him I’ll remember to include the umbrastaff.☄🌂☄


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I was rewatvhing vol 4 and just noticed that they play armed and ready in chapter 11 when yang anf tai are talking. I love how they makea lot of different versions for the OST in the episodes like boop in the renora moment on the finale. I wonder how many like this have i missed

Oh you’re right. It’s like a slow, acoustic version of it. That’s really nice. I cannot wait for the volume 4 soundtrack. 

Maybe someone can help me here...

There was supposed to be a game released, where all the artwork of this game was like the cartoons of the 20s and 30s - like Steamboat Willie-Betty Boop-Merry Melodies type cartoons…

…but I can’t remember the name of the game. Anybody?