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Thank you, Janelle, for sharing with us the depth of your soul and thank you, Issa, for giving us insight into the scope of all our experiences and thank you, Yara, for your beautiful battle cry. It’s a joy to watch you as you make your voice and presence known.

I really wanted to take a moment to give a well-deserved shoutout to an incredibly gorgeous soul, @feyherba. She handcrafts these beautiful, organic products for your mind, body and soul. If you love organic, herbal splendor as much as I do, than I highly recommend checking out her Etsy shop. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

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Hey howdy my pal, I've been stuck sitting around recovering from surgery all day and looking through your art is keeping me sane so thank you!!!! I love it all~

hello and thank you! I hope your recovery is going well!! your cosplays (and doodles!) are super awesome; keep up the amazing work!!

George Harrison appreciation post

So, today is George’s birthday. It’s the first one I get to celebrate along with thousands of other amazing people all across the world. And it means so much to me. As some of you know, I don’t really think about that “favourite Beatle” crap or anything, but George has always been different. Special. I don’t know why, but it’s just like that. The way he talked. The things he said. The way he sometimes just started into nothing, that thoughtful look on his face. His dry, unexpected jokes in random places. His smile. Everything about him is just perfect. I truly value him, not just as a beautiful soul and wonderful songwriter, but as a true friend. He has no idea how much he did to me. How much he did to thousands of lost people around the globe. He helped me out numerous times. He was there for me when nobody else was. And I am forever thankful for that. So I should feel happy today, right? It’s my “best friend’s” birthday today! But I just don’t feel happy. I can’t feel happy. I feel empty. Just empty. Because even though he’s always there, he isn’t. Y'know, today I realized he’s gone. That feeling when it hits you really hard: he is not coming back. I’ve been told that I shouldn’t worry, that I should be calm, that he is in a better place now. I know he really is in a better place, but, still, I can’t think that I will never be able to put my hand in his. To feel the warmth of his body pressed against mine. There is no chance I’ll see him smiling upon me. But there is still something I can do. I can say thank you. Thank you, George, for helping me. Thank you for making my life complete. Thank you for everything. Just thank you.

6 ways to heal.

1.) understand that the world will always revolve, just because they stopped loving you does not mean your world has stopped, the earth is yours to explore

2.) stop worrying about what happened and what will happen, focus on what you’re doing today and now

3.) go out for walks, breathe in nature and laugh at the beauty of the little things in life, for once just let go

4.) don’t let the world turn you harsh, hold onto the kindness you were born with, the same kindness that shaped you, someone will appreciate it one day

5.) pray

6.) always remember you are beautiful and a soul in work, every hardship is a blessing and every mistake is a lesson, don’t be too harsh on yourself and understand that everything happens for a reason.

—  TheSmilingAkh
Another World Entirely pt6

Peter Pan x Reader

Warnings: Swearing, smoochies, kinda fluff maybe idk, soul crushing beautiful-ness of Peter Pan eyyy

Word Count: 2,078

(Gif ain’t mine)

At some point I woke during the night. It was quiet and there was hardly any light coming in through the windows. My eyes eventually adjusted and i looked over at Peter. He was laying on his side with his back to me. The blanket he’d taken with him only covered his legs, leaving his toned back exposed.

As quietly as I possibly could, I shuffled to the very edge of the bed and reached over to him. 

I poked his shoulder with my index finger and withdrew my hand quicker than light. 

He stirred a little and gave a moan but didn’t wake up.

With a little giggle i rolled over and went back to sleep.

I awoke to a light snoring. I opened my eyes and took in the morning light flowing in through the windows. I was laying on my stomach with my face half under the pillow. I lifted my head and looked over the edge of the bed to see Peter in a very funny position. He was laying on his back, with one arm hugging his pillow, his mouth hanging open as he slept deeply. One of legs was propped up on the side of the bed and the blanket he had was wrapped around his other.

He shifted slightly which alerted me to the fact that my hand was hanging over the edge, my fingers entwined with his.

I was so shocked that i simply stared at our hands, dangling there. I suddenly felt anxious. My chest was tight and my stomach quivered. 

I was about to take my hand away when Peter stirred and his grip on my hand tightened. When he rolled away from me he half dragged me with him.

And this woke him up.

with a frustrated groan he lifted his head and looked around. as if not remembering he volunteered to sleep on the floor. His eyes finally fell on me and our hands.

   “Mornin’” he mumbled, and flopped back down to the ground, rolling back onto his back and closing his eyes.

   “Good morning” I said quietly.

   “Are you okay?” he said with a squeeze of my fingers.

   “Yeah,” I rested my chin on the edge of the mattress and looked at the morning sunlight hitting his cheeks, making them glow a rich gold.

   “Yo,” I said, finally after about a minute of being unwilling to tear my gaze away from his face i decided to ask. I held up our hands. “When did this happen?”

   “You don’t remember?” He opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbow. “You woke up at one point and were freaking out. I held your hand while you went back to sleep,”

   “I don’t even remember waking up,” I lied. I did wake up but I’m remembering something different. “Sorry if i disturbed you,”

   “It’s okay,” He sat up fully now, letting go of my hand to stretch.

Suddenly a loud knocking at the door startled the both of us. 

   “Peter!” Devin’s voice came through the door. “Peter! No one can find Y/N!”

With a groan Peter stood and rubbed his eyes, walking lazily to the door. I stared as the early light cast a caramel glow over his skin, his muscles rolling under it as he moved.

   “Calm down!” he shouted, snapping me out of my dazed staring and opening the door.

   “But Y/N isn’t in her hut and we can’t find her anywhere!” Devin was frantically waving his arms about. “We’ve even searched the dark wood! As best we can but-” Then he saw me. “Oh,”

His looked from me on the bed to shirtless Peter a few times then he raised his eyebrows and his mouth opened in an o shape.

   “What?” Peter asked. “Why are you looking at us like that? What do you think- ohhh… Oh!”

Realizing what he was thinking i jumped up and threw a blanket around Peter. 

  “No!” I pointed at Peter. “No it’s not what you think. He slept on the floor. Go away and tell the other boys I’m fine. Bye!’

I pushed him back and slammed the door.

   “Where is your shirt?!” I yelled at Peter.

He just stood there, wrapped in the blanket, staring blankly. 

Well blankly isn’t entirely true. It was more the look one gets when lost in thought. Daydreaming.

I snapped my fingers in front of his face.

   “Hey!” I shouted. “Teenage boy, get your mind out of your pants and get dressed!”

He comically blinked a few times before poofing over to the chest by the window and pulling out his shirt. 

The blanket I’d wrapped around him was left in a pile by the doorway so i picked it up and made the bed. retrieving his other bedding items from the floor and placing them at the foot of the bed.

   “Thanks for that,” he gestured to his now tidy bed.

   “No worries,” I hummed as i put my shoes on. “Are you ready to go?”

   “Yeah,” he smiled and held out his hand for me. I took his hand and with a familiar tingle, we were standing by the edge of camp. And every lost boy was staring at us. 

I quickly let go of Peter’s hand and walked to the nearest lost boys.

   “What?” I snapped at Curly, who was standing next to a very nervous looking Devin.

   “Nothin’,” Curly’s smirk disappeared and he scuttled away.

I turned to Devin, who once making eye contact with me, looked as if he would shit himself.

   “What did you say to Curly?” I said menacingly.

   “I just told everyone who was looking for you that i found you,” He said quickly. “They all asked where you were so I said with Pan,”

   “IF THAT’S ALL YOU SAID THEN WHY ARE THEY ALL STARING?” I shouted in his face, the boy (who is much taller than me) cowered away from me.

   “Because of what happened yesterday,” a new voice joined in.

Felix stood by the wood pile.

   “Neverland is no stranger to violence but it’s not everyday that we see a lost boy die. Let alone at the hand of one us,” he nodded to Peter. “They aren’t staring at you Y/N,”

Everything suddenly clicked and I looked from face to face. Some were watching me and my slight rampage but most were looking at Peter with either plain or slightly afraid expressions. And it really pissed me off.

   “Do they know why he did that? Have you told them what James tried to do to me?” I yelled at Felix. I looked at Peter and saw how blank his face looked. Not as if he didn’t care but as if he didn’t know how to react.

   “If I had been stronger I would have slaughtered James myself,” I spat. A few boys raised their eyebrows in surprise. “They may have been there for the after math but do they know what actually happened?”

There was a light murmuring through the boys as the exchanged looks of confusion and worry.

   “I am not anyone’s property.” I stood up straight and look out over the boys. “I may be a girl but I am a lost boy just like all of you. When James thought differently he decided to show me what he thought. Seeing me as small and weak. He was right in a sense. I am neither small nor weak but he was just bigger and stronger than me.”

The lost boys all looked shocked at what i was telling them.

   “I fought back. I did. At least I tried,” I looked down at my hands. “If it weren’t for Felix I wouldn’t be saying this. He stopped James before he could actually do anything. And if it weren’t for what Peter did I would’t feel safe here,”

Peter’s head shot up at that.

   “I’m content with what happened so you all need to do what I, the victim, did and get on with more important things,” I scanned the crowd of boys until i found Nibs. “Speaking of important things. Nibs, feed me,”

I had found some bread and then stormed off to my hut to assess the mess before tidying up.

I remembered it worse than it was. Probably because when i came back to it last night i was still in a messed up head space.

I ate my bread and tidied my room, creating a nest of sorts on the ground rather than set up my hammock again.

I was admiring my work when a knock at my door distracted me.

  “Hey,” Peter was leaning against my doorway. A sudden image of James flashed into my mind and i felt a little sick.

  “Hold on I need to get out,” I pushed my way passed Peter. “Sorry, what’s up,”

  “Are you okay?” He asked. “You seem a bit skittish,”

  “I’m fine. What did you come here for?” I brushed dust from my jeans.

He looked at me like he didn’t believe me.

  “I told you that I would start teaching you magic,” he got a sly look in his eye. “Now is when we start. C’mon,”

He grabbed my hand and with a fizz we were no longer outside my hut but on a beach I didn’t recognize. It seemed we were sanding in the mouth of a cave.

   “Where are we-” I suddenly knew where i was. “Skull Rock,”

   “Yes indeed,” he nodded. “We haven’t really spoken much about your knowledge of things but I s’pose since you would know about this place, you can come here. You do know about this place right?”

   “This place was created with your decision to stay on Neverland. It houses the giant hour-glass that counts down to when Neverland’s magic and your life will run out,” I ran through my knowledge of the small island.

   “You have no idea how unnerving that is,” he looked at me with raised eyebrows.

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   “I would assume that having a physical reminder of your impending demise would be,” I took a step forward and examined the cave mouth.

   “No, I mean- Well yes that is unnerving but i was speaking about how detailed your knowledge is. I haven’t told anyone that,” He sat down on one of the steps leading up into the skull.

   “Oh,” I have no idea what to say to that. Should I talk to him about his past? “Do you think about your time before Neverland at all?”

I saw him tense a little.

   “Not very often. I haven’t forgotten anything like the lost boys tend to do. But the memories I have aren’t fond,” his voice was plain and monotonous.

   “Sorry to bring it up,” I stood in front of him and offered him my hand to help him stand from the low step. “Lets get to the magic lesson,” I said with smile.

   “Right,” He took my hand and I pulled him up. “First lesson: 
Imagination. I’ve noticed you don’t use the imagination power of the island. So I want you to imagine something and summon it up in your hand,”

   “Anything?” I looked at him sideways.

   “Anything.” he stepped back and crossed his arms as he watched me contemplate what to think up.

I held my hand out in front of myself and thought of something, anything I wanted but didn’t have.

I found the thing I desired in my mind and tried to picture it in as much detail as I possibly could. 

   “I can see that you’re thinking too hard,” Peter’s voice interrupted my focus. “You’ve got a dimple in your forehead from frowning,”

   “You broke my concentration I nearly had it!” I whined at him.

   “You aren’t meant to concentrate. It’s your imagination. Simply wish it into existence,” He smirked at me as I poked out my tongue in defiance.

I held out my hand again and closed my eyes thought of my item. I wished for it wordlessly and i began to feel a slight tingle on the palm of my hand. I suddenly felt a weight in my hand and snapped my eyes open. 

   “What’s that?” Peter asked.

   “A Polaroid Camera…” I hummed to myself. Then the realization hit me that I’d actually done it. “I DID IT!”

I jumped up and down. dropping my camera on the beach and throwing my arms around Peter. He caught me as I was mid jump and he stumbled back a bit. 

And then he kissed me.

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I have gotten so much love for the past few days on my Hamilton imagine blog @iputmyselfintothenarrative, and I think that it is very much partly because of your #bekindtowriters initiative! I try to send love to writers as well, both on- and off anon. Thank you fo being SUCH a beautiful soul! Thank you for being you! Thank you for sharing your kindness and talent with the world! God knows we really need people like you. Keep on swimming, will you? We all got your back! <3

I am so, so happy to hear that you have been getting love for the past few days! 

Thank you so much you are way too kind to me oh gosh <3 


Have you ever seen a man so beautiful you started crying????

Get You Someone...

Aries: Who you’ll treat like they’re fragile China

Taurus: Who you’ll listen to 

Gemini: Who can calm you down without offending you

Cancer: Who makes you feel like you can tell them anything

Leo: Who can pamper and squash your ego at the same time

Virgo: Who can go on philosophical rants with you

Libra: Who you won’t be afraid to completely be yourself around

Scorpio: Who will treat you like the Queen you are

Sagittarius: Who will be your partner in crime

Capricorn: Who will get you out of your comfort zone

Aquarius: Who will love you for all your light and dark sides

Pisces: Who will be your shoulder to cry on and your arms to lift you up


chris made vik promise to take him for a ride asap (i will NEVER be over that pink car, it’s too much))