such beautiful lyrics


the person who hosted the wedding ceremony (that jonghyun sang at) said, “was it a daebak wedding song, kim jonghyun-ssi!” and he introduced that the song was a song jonghyun composed together with a bride. jonghyun said he wanted to sing a meaningful song and sang it live for the first time. he also said he has sung in front of millions of people, but singing in front of two people (ie: the newlyweds) made him more nervous.

from the person who shared the account: “when i think of the lyrics it makes me think of hard times. the lyrics are beautiful. his voice is also beautiful.

edit! the song performed was actually “하루의 끝 (the end of a day)”. the friend that he did the song with / the person who was married is his long time best friend, sojin, who he worked on “내일쯤 (around tomorrow)” with. (source: bysagyehan via _051106_)

[note] jonghyun tweeted about the wedding after attending.