such beautiful lyrics

Beauty without Brains

Phaedrus, Fables 7 “Vulpis ad Personam Tragicam”

A fox by chance had seen a tragic mask:
“Such a splendid face,” he said, “but alas, no brain!”
This tale fits those whom Fortune’s given status
And glory in spades, but robbed of common sense.

Personam tragicam forte vulpes viderat:
“O quanta species” inquit “cerebrum non habet!”
Hoc illis dictum est quibus honorem et gloriam
Fortuna tribuit, sensum communem abstulit.

Terracotta tragic mask of a youngster.  Artist unknown; 1st cent. BCE.  Now in the Louvre.

no offense or anything but i love simon le bon w the entirety of my dumb gay heart & i hope hes having a good day