such beautiful artbooks ;;

Kanto Dexholders to Sinnoh Dexholders

Scanned from the “Colorful Collection” artbook doujinshi that was sold at COLORS 2016 Event. Please credit/source to this page if posted elsewhere.

Contact me if you want a higher resolution~

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eternallyskyed  asked:

I just received the Star Crossed DGM artbook and it's just absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much for drawing a bunch of DGM art <3 <3

Thank you so much!! I’m so grateful and happy to hear that!! Especially to know there’s still so many DGM fans in this day and age, more than happy to do more for this series~! <3

anonymous asked:

Hello Kayla, I just got the pdf of your artbook and I'm so hype! It's gorgeous, beautiful and so, so inspiring. Thanks so much for making it ;u; I'm curious tho, who are Rog'Dul and Elizra? :)

Thank you so much for the kind words and support!

They’re both side characters in Valkari’s story.