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bad ending to “the shape of water”: eliza dies, abe is sadman deadgf, abe is tortured and battered at the end but its only hopeful for him but eliza just dies and is forgotten about

neutral ending to “the shape of water”: eliza doesn’t die but she and abe fight and they have a ~~bittersweet~~ ending where he just swims off into the ocean or something and they stay angry at each other forever

acceptable ending to “the shape of water”: eliza and abe don’t break up but they can’t be together; he has to be one w/ the water and be kept hidden far away but he visits her often and the future is good for him

GOOD and TRUE ending to “the shape of water”: eliza and abe dont break up and he doesnt leave, he just sorta finds a way to live in her apartment and be w/ her. the conquer the haters and everyone just sorta becomes cool w/ her having a fish husband. he wears hats and scarves sometimes when they go out so he can disguise himself as a human….kinda and he thinks its the neatest disguise. they’re cute and live together forever and somehow get married. they reinvent love. the end.

In honour of Nick and Louis having a PERFECTLY DELIGHTFUL interview that has brought me NOTHING BUT JOY and I would like to listen to forever, here, have an I Had Rather snippet. <3

Louis reaches for him, curling his fingers around Nick’s bare thigh.

“What?” Nick says.

Louis presses his fingertips into Nick’s leg, thumb stroking over the rough hairs. I love you is on the tip of his tongue. He shakes his head instead. “Nothing,” he says, and Nick’s smile curves up at the edges.

“No, what?”

Louis shrugs a shoulder. “You still all right for my mum’s next weekend?”

“Yeah, course. Getting my new pyjamas and everything. You don’t back out when you’ve got new pyjamas.”

“You know we can’t leave until after I’ve finished work.” Work next Friday means filming an interview with Jonathan Ross then a segment for Children in Need. It’ll be late by the time they even get to think about leaving London. It’ll be even later when they finally get to Doncaster.

Nick nods. “Yeah. I know. Don’t need to worry about it affecting the PJs situation.”

Louis refuses to think about what next weekend’s going to look like, him going home and bringing Nick. Bringing a boyfriend. Going home and not being straight. He’s rooted to Donny in a way no one else can ever fucking understand, a constant fucking heartbeat underneath his skin, a thread pulling him home when he’s halfway around the world. It’s all caught up in one tangled cat’s cradle, being home, his heart laced together with each of his family’s, tiny flickering threads all held together in the tiny pockets of time they share that Louis doesn’t ever get enough of.

If it’s not the same, if it’s changed, if home feels different then Louis doesn’t fucking know how he’s supposed to leave again. Sometimes he only manages to travel away from them because he knows he gets to come back at the end of it all, that no matter where he is in the world there’s this keeping him rooted to the ground.

He taps his finger against Nick’s thigh. “All right.”

me in 2008: hi this is my warrior cats oc named cloudspots and i sorta took a canon character and slightly changed her a bit to be my oc but yeah pls dont be mean,,,,

me in 2010: hi this is my warriors oc midnightfur and her fur is dark gray with white and black swirls in it and her eyes are a dark dark blue, shes got this whole emo backstory to her like shes got a hard life lol

me in 2014: Hello this is my warriors oc named Avocetfang; he is a black-and-white tom with amber eyes, he possibly has British Shorthair ancestry. I did a lot of research to make sure he’s genetically accurate and that his name matches with his description.

me in 2017: lol this is my warriors oc sheepnose hes a fluffy white tom and idk anything about him hes just kinda dumb and gay and nice and i love him sm

i think one of my fave things w/ the shape of water movie coming out is not just bc it’s a monster loving movie lol like true, that initially is what grabbed my attention

n i know that theres a high chance it’ll end sadly bc thats just how that stuff is, but i’m really,,,, really excited bc it’s finally a monster movie where it’s just, about a human and a monster finding a way to communicate and slowly falling in love in a happy and healthy way. i know we’ve just seen the trailer but, so far it seems like it’s moving awayyyy from the tropes that most of those movies follow thru

and honestly,,,,, the fact that the human lead uses sign language and thats a BIG part of how they communicate / and how she communicates w/ everyone, that just makes me rLY happy and im genuinely excited to see where this movie goes and what happens tbh


Samantha Barks sings When He Loved Me at 54 Below, July 21


well okay or I could do this instead of starting actual work this morning- just an alternate take on the new Gladstone design! done kinda quick but I had fun (colours of last two are based off the old comics and the modern comics)

tried to smush the concepts from the other designs?

it’s not my fault officer I was provoked