such bad taste if true

i feel so bad for people who hate cilantro is it true that cilantro tastes like soap to u :((((( u all got the short end of the stick and i’m sorry 


Draaaculllaaaa! Following the rule-book of mass tourism, the shopping area of the Cluj airport dedicates an entire area to the local celebrity, the Transylvanian legendary dark prince. No duty free product category seems to be forgotten, Dracula here and Dracula there and space is the only limit - as Cluj is still a tiny airport… Is this a true celebration of bad taste? Um, airport souvenirs aren’t exactly known for class are they. I didn’t actually try any of the liquors so I can’t vouch for their quality but well, I’m sure I would grab something on my way out if relatives wouldn’t regularly bath me in their homemade schnapps. And surprisingly enough there’s also no Dracula beer, is it… so this is going to be about a tasty roast of crisp malts, refreshingly fizzy with just an afterthought of sweetness, a new brew called Gaura Neagra (black hole) from the local masters “Bere à la Cluj”.

Aces and Queens Ch. 1 [BTS Mafia AU]

Disclaimer; In this series, there will be mentions of blood, violence, sex, murder, and other things of that nature.

“You were such a good kid. He broke you.”
You gripped the staircase.
“You say that about Jimin again and I’ll break
you, Hoseok.”

Cold. Manipulative. Calculating.

He spoke more clearly as he polished his gun.

“Cold, manipulative, calculating; all things that you need to learn to be, Kook.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes, cracking his knuckles and huffing a large breath. He brushed his hair out of his eyes and chuckled, snatching Jimin’s gun from his hands.

“Take your own advice, champ. That ‘friend’ of yours has you going all soft.”

Jimin scoffed, cocking his head to look at his partner. “I’ve still made more deals than you within the past two months, so I’d be careful who you call ‘soft,’ punk.”

Jungkook stared at Jimin, lip quivering in anger, one hand on his gun.

Suddenly, Jimin busted out laughing, Jungkook following behind, lifting his hand from the gun. “To think you’d really threaten me?” Jimin choked out through bursts of laughter, reaching forward and ruffling Jungkook’s hair, something he’s always hated.

“Now, where’s your ‘baby doll?’“

“Hey,” Jimin warned, grabbing his gun from Jungkook and loading it. “Only I get to call her that.” Jungkook raised his arms in fake surrender, watching carefully as Jimin popped bullets into the gun, cocked it, and slipped it into his holster. “Come on, we have a job to do.”

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Vampire Juice
逆巻アヤト (緑川光)、逆巻カナト (梶裕貴)、逆巻ライト (平川大輔)、逆巻シュウ (鳥海浩輔)、逆巻レイジ (小西克幸)、逆巻スバル (近藤隆)
Vampire Juice

Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition tokuten:
ヴァンパイア★ジュース ~届けられたお歳暮~

Vampire Juice ★ Year-end gift


*tastes the food*
Reiji: Hmm… It tastes fine. Excuse me, would you mind setting the table, please?

*you take the dishes*
Reiji: No, they are not right. Why are you using those plates with a course like this one? The colour is wrong. You do not get even the simplest things, do you?  

*bell rings*
Reiji: Hm? Who could it be at this hour? I am sorry but could you go open the door, please? I will reach you as soon as I turn the fire off. 

*you open the door*
Reiji: Why are you getting so stiff? …I am terribly sorry for making you wait. Oh? Familiar spirits from the hell(1)? Huh? A present from Christa-sama (2)

*takes the package*
Reiji: What is it? A gift for the end of the year(3)? For Subaru? Ah, I have to sign, right? Is it fine here? Perfect, so it is accepted then.

*familiars go away*
Reiji: It is pretty unusual, don’t you think? A gift to Subaru from Christa-sama… besides, it is really heavy… I wonder what there is inside.
Kanato: Reiji, did something happen? Making such a noise at this hour…
Reiji: Oh? Did you wake up, Kanato? Anyways no, not really. I have just received a end-year gift for Subaru.
Kanato: You mean that package over there?
Reiji: Yes.
Ayato: An end-year gift? Why? Well, who cares. Let’s open it! Heheh

*attempts open the package*
Reiji: Ayato? Since when—- Woah! You can’t open it! It is Subaru’s! 
Ayato: Eh? But Subaru’s surely sleeping inside his coffin. Besides he’s more or less our little brother, right? In other words…
Kanato: Subaru’s things are ours too.
Ayato: Just right. And our things are all mine of course.
Reiji: That sounds a bit questionable to me.
Ayato: Shuddap. If Subaru gets angry then you’ll apologize and the problem is solved. Come on, Kanato. Let’s open it!
Kanato: Sure.

*start opening the package*
Reiji: Why should I take part to your pranks?! Don’t even joke about it…!!

*grabs the package and starts pulling it towards himself*
Kanato: Let it go Reiji!! We’re just trying to check what’s inside!
Reiji: Not now! You can do it when Subaru opens it!
Ayato: Stop being so annoying! It’s fine if it’s just a little, right?!
Reiji: Let it go…!
Ayato: Huh? Shut up, Chichinashi(4). Mind your own damn business!
Kanato: He’s right…! Besides we’re not fighting…
Reiji: …you, don’t just stand there! If you have nothing to do then help me!
Ayato: You’re too obstinate, Reiji!
Reiji: Nnngh…!!
Kanato: Let it… GO!!

*the package breaks and the content flies away*
Raito: …OUCH!! It… HURTS!!
Reiji: …ah! Raito?!
Kanato: Heheh, great timing.
Raito: Shut up! I was wondering what was all that noise so I came here… what was that just right now?! You hit right my face! It hurts awfully, you know!
Ayato: Hahah, look at all that blood! A vampire with a nosebleed—- hahah!
Raito: Wha—- Ayato-kun, there’s no need to laugh! …what is this bottle? And why did you throw it to me?! If you don’t have a good explanation I won’t forgive you!
Reiji: Nobody threw it. Those two were trying to force open Subaru’s gift and the content flew away. Then, it accidentally hit you…
Kanato: Reiji! You’re into this just like us! 
Reiji: Hmpf, I was only trying to stop you. I am not responsible for the fact that that bottle hit Raito—-

*steps approach*
Shuu: You’re all so noisy… What time do you think it is? You’re not children, don’t make so much noise this late.
Raito: So even Shuu woke up.
Shuu: Hm… Raito…? You’re face is covered with blood…
Raito: I know that! It’s Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun and Reiji’s fault!
Ayato: It’s not our fault! It’s you who were right in the trajectory of that bottle!
Shuu: Huh? Bottle? What is this supposed to be…?

*picks the bottle up*
Shuu:A Vampire Juice made in Hell for my beloved son
Reiji: Hmpf, that seems to be a end-year gift from Subaru’s mother.
Subaru: Huh? From my mother you said?
Raito: Oh? Even Subaru got up?
Subaru: That’s because you were making such a noise that I couldn’t sleep! Anyways, that juice… is it really from my mother?
Kanato: There’s the name of the sender… it’s written “Christa”.
Subaru: Huh? Is it written on that torn-apart paper?! Speaking of that… the bottle too is almost broken—- Aah! Even the package’s been broken to pieces!
Raito: It seems that who did that were Ayato-kun, Kanato-kun and Reiji. And thanks to them that bottle hit my face and now I’m like this.
Ayato: Ah..! Raito, you bastard! Don’t go blabbig it!! 
Shuu: Raito, don’t provoke Subaru. If that brat gets angry and destroys the house I’ll be the one to be told off.
Subaru: What do you fucking mean with “brat”?!
Shuu: Don’t start quarrelling over it, Subaru. Ah… I’m sleepy…
Subaru: Tch. More than that, don’t you even think about drinking it!
Kanato: So you mean that you want us to drink it, right? Huhuh
Subaru: It’s not like that at all! Th-this thing…!
Ayato: What a bother. Hey, Chichinashi! Come here!
Reiji: What are you planning to do, Ayato?
Ayato: From what Subaru was saying drinking this juice could be dangerous, right? So I was thinking to make her drink it first.
Kanato: Ah, I see! It’s a pretty good idea, isn’t it? Heheh
Reiji: Well, that is a gift from Christa-sama, so I do not think that it should have dangerous effects but… as it is you who have to drink it, I am not so sure anymore… heheh
Raito: I think so too. But you know, I look forward to seeing what will happen to this Bitch-chan here♪ 
Shuu: Same here. Hey, if you have time to make such a dumb expression why don’t you have a taste of that?
Subaru: Wait, don’t—-!!
Kanato: Subaru, don’t try to stop us.
Subaru: Tch. I won’t take any responsabilities for what might happen, okay?!
Ayato: Then…

*opens the bottle and pours the juice*
Ayato: Come on, Chichinashi. Drink it.
Raito: Eeeh? You don’t want to? You don’t have any right to refuse, you know? Bitch-chan, we’re not asking you to drink it. We’re ordering you so. 
Kanato: Come on, it surely tastes good… heheh, don’t worry. We’ll drink it too… right after you.

*drinks it*
Subaru: …hey, are you alright? …huh?
Ayato: It tastes unexpectedly good? Tch, boring. I got all worked up for nothing. You were supposed to say that it tastes terrible, weren’t you??
Kanato: I too was looking forward to enjoying your disgusted expression… all for nothing.
Ayato: Well, if this Chichinashi here says that it’s good then it’s okay right?

*ayato drinks it*
Ayato: …it’s true. This thing’s pretty good, isn’t it?
Kanato: Then I’ll have a taste, too.

*kanato drinks it*
Kanato: …it’s really as you said… it’s good… Teddy, would you like to drink it too?
Raito: Eeeh? It’s good? It has such a strange colour that I was sure it tasted bad.

*raito drinks it*
Raito: …ah! It’s true! In spite of the appearance it has quite a  fresh taste.
Reiji: Hmpf, it seems that there was no need for a food taster. Well, since I am a bit thirsty I will try it too.

*reiji drinks it*
Reiji: …mmh, it is quite tasty for something which seems to be bought in the marketplace…  pls Reiji
Shuu: Even if it was bought in the marketplace we’re talking about a made in Hell product, right? …well, I too wanted to drink something since the moment I got up so this works just fine… well, to speak the truth I’d rather have your blood but…

*shuu drinks it*
Shuu: …well, it’s not bad, isn’t it?
Subaru: Huh? What is it? If I drink it? No, I’m fine. Why did that woman sent me something like that? To be honest I thought that drinking that thing would cause some strange effects to happen… but you seem to be pretty fine, right? Then I guess it should be safe…?

*ayato opens the bottle again*
Ayato: Hey Chichinashi, pour me another glass.
Kanato: I’ll have one too, please. Huh? What is it? 
Raito: Are you worried that we’ll drink too much? Like usual Bitch-chan do a lot of worries, don’t you think? It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll have one more too!
Subaru: Hey you lazy-asses, do that by yourself!
Shuu: Hey, I want more too.
Reiji: Then me too, if you do not mind.
Subaru: Listen when people speak! I don’t care about what might happen later! Shit!

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Ayato: We drank a lot… there’s no more?

*bottle rolls away*
Ayato: Nngh… my heartbeat… is getting awfully faster… it’s strange… Huh? Chichinashi, you… you can divide?! Th-there’re two Chichinashi! It can’t be—- could it be that you are that thing?! That thing that… disappears in the smoke… it’s something japanese… what was it…?
Reiji: …a ninja.
Ayato: Ah yes! That! A ninja! Hey Chichinashi, show your real form!! Wha—?! Don’t run away! Here..!! —what? Hey Chichinashi, I’m telling you to stop! Huh? You’re not running away? Don’t lie!
Shuu: Ha…hahahah…! What is Ayato doing…? Hahah! He’s getting angry facing a wall… hahah, it’s so funny… hahah…!!
Subaru: …ah, that’s why I warned you… Hey, what are we going to—-
Kanato: You… is there something wrong? Huh? If I am drunk? There’s no way I am! Besides you also drank it and you’re fine now. Leaving that aside… won’t you come closer to me?

*kanato hugs you*
Kanato: Mmh… what a good scent… ne, won’t you caress me a bit? Won’t you? Please…
Subaru: Hey you, stop touching her—-
Raito: Wait a moment, Kanato-kun! Don’t cling over to Bitch-chan without me saying so. Besides… stop doing something so perverted such as hugging her! She’s feeling uneasy!
Kanato: You’re so cruel! What are you doing Raito?!
Ayato: He’s right! Hey Chichinashi! You’re a ninja, right? Then try doing some amazing stuff… you know, like getting naked without using your hands(5)…  stuff like that heheh
Raito: Ayato! Don’t try courting Bitch-chan, please. Speaking of that, you too Bitch-chan! What do you think you’re doing? Letting two men courting to you… are you happy with that?! Since when have you turned like this? Bitch-chan, do you get it? Since there’re all these vulgar guys here who try to get close to you, if you’re not determined enough you’ll be in danger!
Shuu: HAhahah why are you so angry Raito? Aren’t you the one who courts her the most? Hahahah it’s so funny! Hahah I’m crying..!!
Subaru: Tch, shit. You’re noisy Shuu!! You too, don’t stand like that with your mouth open! We don’t know what they might do, come here!

*subaru grabs you*
Ayato: Wait a sec, Chichinashi. How is it that you can divide but you can’t make your breast bigger? In the end you’re always a Chichinashi.
Raito: WHA—!! Why are saying something so rude to Bitch-chan, Ayato-kun?! Don’t say something so vulgar like “breast”!!
Reiji: Sniff… Raito… you finally came to understand it…

*reiji punches Ayato*
Ayato: Ouch..! What do you think you’re doing, Reiji?! Don’t joke with me!
Reiji: Shut up! In the end… even Raito succeeded in correcting his behaviour… This is such a happy thing… don’t obstacle my happiness!
Ayato: Gwoaah—!

Shuu: Hahah Ayato doesn’t seem to get up hahah
Reiji: Such violence… it is not like me… however… Ayato disturbed me… right when I was praising Raito for becoming a better person… It’s for the good of the family… I had to punish you… you too understand, right? I’m doing this for you too…!
Raito: Wait a moment, Reiji! No matter how many vulgar expressions Ayato said, you can’t use violence to solve problems! What will we do if Ayato dies?! 
Reiji: …you are so noisy!

*reiji pounches raito too*
Raito: Gwoahh—!
Shuu: Hahah Raito can’t wake up too…! Hahah Reiji is too strong…! HAhah
Reiji: I was… speaking… Why did you interrupt me?!
Shuu: Hahahah Reiji cries while being angry..!! He got so worked up hahah…! …you, are you angry too? Because we made you drink this stuff…? hahah
Kanato: Wait, wait, it’s not fair if it’s only Shuu! Look at me too! 
Subaru: Good grief, not you again… Hey, don’t come near her!
Kanato: Ah… it’s hot… you too are, right? 

*kanato starts stripping*
Kanato: Huh? You’re asking me what I am doing? It’s hot so I’m taking my clothes off… isn’t it obvious?
Subaru: K-kanato, stop it!
Kanato: You know what I am thinking about? Couldn’t you come here and stroke my body gently? …HEEEEEEEEEY!

*kanato tosses his upper clothes away*
Subaru: Wh— DON’T LOOK! Keep your eyes close!

*raito wakes up*
Raito: Nnngh… my stomach hurts… h-huh? Kanato-kun… what happened? Why are you chest-naked?! It’s so indecent!!

*ayato wakes up too*
Ayato: Shit… My head hurts… Oh, I see! Kanato, you’re a ninja too! That’s why you were able to strip in a second!
Subaru: As if it wasn’t already getting enough complicated…
Ayato: You’re a vampire and a ninja too! That’s so cool! I want to become a ninja too! I’M CRYING Hey Kanato, how can I become a ninja?!
Subaru: You prats, cut it out and sober up!! You can awaken as a vampire, a ninja, I don’t care! Just don’t try dragging her into something troublesome!
Raito: Subaru-kun! Why can’t you speak without using such a vulgar expressions? Your big brother here is always telling you so! Using vulgar words is bad!
Subaru: I never heard anything about that! And what are you doing now? Acting like a big brother…

*ayato grabs subaru*
Ayato: What are you doing, Subaru? Are you refusing to listen to what your great big brothers tell you?
Subaru: Why are holding my shoulders now?! …hey you, what are you laughing about? Don’t just watch and help m—- KANATO! DON’T TAKE OFF YOUR PANTS TOO!
Kanato: Nnnngh… Subaru is so annoying! Since when have you become like Reiji?
Raito: Kanato-kun! You can’t! Stop undressing!
Ayato: Are you going to do that ninja-stuff again? I finally get to take a close look!
Subaru: You… CUT IT OUT!!!

*and the roof gets a hole*
Subaru: Huff, huff…
Reiji: Whaa—- Subaru, what a cruel thing… now… there is a hole on the roof… it is so sad… why did he get this angry…?
Subaru: Huff… I-it’s not my—
Reiji: Sniff… what is it? You are giving me a handkerchief because I am crying… Y-you really… 
Shuu: Hahah Reiji crys a lot, doesn’t he? Hahah
Reiji: It is fine because these are tears of joy… however Shuu! I always want to shed tears when I see how lazy you act..! From now on get a hold of yourself, please..!
Shuu: What did you say…?

*shuu grabs reiji*
Shuu: I always… had to control myself… because you’re my blood little brother… yet you always speak to me in such a cheeky way…
Reiji: Shuu…
Subaru: H-hey—!
Shuu: You really—-!! Hmpff—
Reiji: Aah…! …huh?
Shuu: HAhahahah that expression, Reiji..! Your eyes are full of tears! What a terrible expression..!! Hahahah
Reiji: …you are really nothing but… a good-for-nothing! …ah, you’re so cruel…!!

*you tell shuu something. probably to defend reiji*
Shuu: Huh? What? So you want to join us too?
Subaru: Hey, don’t talk so inconsiderately!
Reiji: To tell the truth it is since you came in this mansion that things like this keep happening… Our pace has being thrown out of order… why is it like this?! 
Shuu: You’re sweating… it’s not bad at all seeing you this nervous… hahahah
Reiji: Wait a moment, Shuu! You are getting too close to her! It was me who was talking to her!
Shuu: Hahahah don’t get so upset, Reeeeiji I’m sorry Why are you crying so much..? Hahah
Subaru: You’re both too close to her!! Aah, shit! What a bother!! And you! Try doing something by yourself!!
Shuu: Hahah even Subaru got angry… Hahaha..!! What’s happenning with you all today? Aren’t you getting too upset? Hahah
Reiji: Subaru… talking like that to us who are your big brothers… but I know that you are kind… why do you force yourself to behave like that? Your big brother—- your big brother is so sad..!!
Subaru: Why are you all suddenly acting like big brothers?! Tch. Hey, you two! You’re getting too close to her! Let her go!
Shuu: No.
Reiji: No, I will not.
Subaru: Nnngh—- LET. HER. GO. I. SAID. Aah, you! Come here!
Shuu: What are you doing? She was playing with us.
Reiji: He’s right!  We were right in the middle of a conversation.
Subaru: Ah, this is sickening… LET HER GO I SAID!!

*subaru punches them. or something like that*
Shuu: Ugh—!!
Reiji: Ugh—!!

*everybody aside from you and subaru fly off the hole*
Subaru: Huff, huff… ah, I did it again… More than that, why are you still fine if you drank that juice too? Huh? You’re totally fine? You’re pretty fast at judging things… Eh? Ah, let’s just ignore the—- sigh, you’re right. It’s a bother but let’s go looking  for them…

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Raito: Kanato-kun… why are you naked?
Kanato: …I was wondering the same thing… Ayato, why am I naked?!
Ayato: Why should I know something like that? Ah! Kanato! You’re all wet! Are there tears?! Ouch— My head hurts… I don’t remember anything since I drank that Subaru’s odd juice…
Raito: I don’t too… but I remember that you were obsessed with ninja… 
Ayato: Huh? I’m not obsessed with ninja!
Kanato: But… I remember something like that too… Raito was strange too… 
Raito: Eeeh? Really? I’m always the same right?
Ayato: No, you acted strange. I can remember that too. I don’t know why but you got very angry.
Raito: Eeh? I never get angry! You’re both quite rude, huh? Aside from that… why are we in this place? Besides… my whole body hurts… 
Kanato: And then… IT’S COLD!!
Ayato: Kanato, calm down! Let’s just go home now.
Raito: You’re right—- oh, for some reason there are our big brothers too right there… have they passed out? What do we do? Do we piggyback them home?
Kanato: I won’t do it! If it’s necessary you two will do it!

*ayato and raito piggyback the other two*
Ayato: Why are they unconscious by the way? What the hell happened?
Raito: Who knows… 
Kanato: Thinking that these two are our big brothers… it’s so shameful…
Raito: That’s right… Having to make such an effort to take them home… us who are their little brothers…
Ayato: True story…

・゚:*✧・゚:**: *:・゚✧*:・゚ *:・゚✧ *:・゚: ・

Subaru: It’s a while that you keep smiling like that… it makes me kind of sick. Huh? You’re glad that in spite of what we say we’re able to act like brothers? What?! You’re with us from a while now, what the hell makes you think somthing like that?! It’s that idiots’ fault if I’m here looking for them! Huh? It’s not like that? Ah… I don’t really get you sometimes… Well, from time to time it’s not so bad having five brothers to look after… Hey, I said “from time to time”! Stop laughing so much! Tch… come on, let’s look for them!

An Unlikely Pair (part 1)

A/N: Hey there, I created this story based off of the prompt “you are born with your soulmates initials and they burn more intensely the closer you get to meeting them”. This is my first story so I would really appreciate feedback. Tell me how you feel! Thanks for reading :) NO CIVIL WAR SPOILERS 

Pairings: Bucky/(F)Reader 

Warnings: none I think? wrist pinches. this is basically a build up to their meeting

 Bucky had never been an outsider. From the day he was born and all through his school years he was extroverted and playful and always willing to make new friends. He had never felt different or odd, he had always felt comfortable with himself, but when his teenage and eventually early adult years rolled around, he began to feel left behind. 

 See, everyone on this Earth was born with the initials of their soulmate. If you didn’t have any initials, well you just weren’t human. Never had it been recorded that a human was missing the letters permanently seared into their wrist. How though, you may ask, does one know that they had found their soulmate? There were millions of people with identical initials, how could you possibly know who is yours? Pain! That is the wonderful sacrifice of love. The closer you get to the day you meet your one and only, the sharper the burning on your wrist is. The minute you lay eyes upon your other half though, the burning immediately goes away and the pain is nearly forgotten as you dance into the sunset with your lover. 

 James “Bucky” Barnes has never felt even a tingling on his wrist. In fact, sometimes he feels he will never find this Y/IN, and that is the reason for his increasing sorrow. As the people he’s grown up with leave and find their partners, he is stuck here in Brooklyn with Steve, wondering if he’ll ever find his lover in this life.

 Bucky wouldn’t feel his wrist tingle for 70 more years.

 Y/N was born with a very faint soul mark. Her mark wasn’t readable until age 6 and even then, it was hard to make out the subtle ‘JBB’ on her soft skin. 

 Y/N had never worried of her soulmate as other girls her age so often did. At 8, she was fascinated with nature. 11, space. 13, biology. And at 16, she had decided her career would concern science. Then, by 23 she was soaring through school faster than anyone she knew and it had suddenly occurred to her that she was very much alone. 

 Her best friend had found her soulmate in second grade. A new student who had made her way to their school from several towns away. The parents had been surprised at the early revelation, but not shocked. Though second grade was young, the two girls certainly weren’t the youngest soulmates. However, the destined lovers never got along until high school, where they realized that elementary affairs were a thing of the past and, as anticipated, Y/N was maid of honor at the wedding only 5 years later. 

 That was Y/N’s first taste of true love. And it wasn’t a bad experience, but she never truly felt a need for openly seeking out her mate. She figured as soulmates, their paths were destined to cross. She wasn’t aware of how lonely she was, though, until she felt a small pinch on the inside of her wrist. Dropping her pencil on the lab table, she pushed the sleeve of her white lab coat up to find the JBB on her left wrist was no longer as faint as it had been. 

Bucky kept his head down. He walked through the streets of whatever city he was in and just observed. People watching, he found, was something he was very good at since his escape from HYDRA. He could sit at a cafe table and just watch. All day. Then he would make his way to whatever hotel he stayed at for the next couple of days, and do it all again the next day. 

 One particularly sunny day, he found himself sipping cheap coffee at some street side cafe when he got the feeling he was being watched. He slowly turned his head to each corner of the street. Each building, every person around him, every car that drove by. So when Steve sat across from him he practically jumped up and ran to the other side of the country. But something kept him seated. Looking around he spotted a man in glasses across the street who just waved. Bird-man. He’d done a number on him at the Triskelion. He turned his attention back to Steve. 

“You remember me?” Steve asked. Bucky didn’t answer. 

“Bucky, do you remember me?” Steve asked again, stern. Bucky nodded. 

“Buck, I know you’ve heard this a thousand times, but I really mean it. We can help you. I know you are going through a tough time on the run, you are probably having nightmares, always on edge. Just come with us, and you don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

And Bucky didn’t know is it was because he was tired, the cheap coffee, or because his wrist pinched at the words come with us but he nodded his head. 

And he was starting over. 

 Bruce Banner and Tony Stark were like her old married grandparents. Y/N was so grateful for the chance to work with them in the lab but anytime she mentioned it Bruce would always say something like “That you are even in this lab shows we are equals. You are as important as me,” while Tony would quip “I’m grateful I get to see your pretty face everyday.

 The environment was perfect. She never really liked high school, she got on fine in college, but working in Avenger’s Tower with two genius avengers (and a couple other lab technicians or SHIELD agents) was practically what she was meant for. The friendships she had made in the tower were stronger than any friendship she’d made in her life. Whether it be a SHIELD agent or an Avenger, they treated her as a human. And that was more than she could ask for. 

 Among her greatest friends were two SHIELD agents, Agent Byron Johnson and Agent Tina Cordell, and practically all of the Avengers (the closest being Wanda, Natasha, and Clint). She spent more time with the Avengers themselves, however, making upgrades to their suits or even going as far to patch everyone up after missions. 

 The Avengers thought of their sweet Y/N as their little sister. They loved her bright, bubbly personality and how she could make any dreary day better. So when she began to feel down about her long lost soulmate, it’s no wonder they noticed so soon.

 Steve came to the team after Y/N had left for the lab one morning. "Have you guys noticed something off with Y/N lately?”

 "I haven’t noticed anything. She seemed sunshine this morning. Why?“ Clint responded, munching a spoonful of Cap'n'Crunch. 

 Steve sighed, "it’s not that she isn’t ’sunshine’ it’s just… there’s something bothering her. I can’t place it.”

 "She’s lonely,“ Wanda spoke from behind them. 

 ”Jesus, I didn’t even see you there!“ Clint coughed. 

 Wanda narrowed her eyes at him then spoke to the team again, "Y/N has never met her soulmate, and she is beginning to feel lonely." 

 They all nodded their heads in silence. "Well I don’t know how a pretty girl like her hasn’t met her soulmate yet,” Sam chuckled. 

 Everyone smiled. “I have a feeling she will meet this person very soon,” Vision spoke, before the group dissipated to their daily activities. 

Bucky’s rehabilitation had been a tough experience, but he was making progress and even he could see that. But no matter how distracted he could get with the new technology Tony tried to introduce, the new life of living around the avengers, or even trying to keep his memories together, he still felt a familiar longing for someone to go through life with him. 

His wrist had tingled (again) one day during a therapy session. His day had been made to say the least. He was ecstatic! but he couldn’t tell you why. Somewhere deep inside him was jumping for joy and the reddened Y/IN, and that wasn’t a bad thing at all but he had never remembered feeling this way about a girl before.  At least, before he escaped the grips of HYDRA. 

 But now? Now that his wrist had tingled? He couldn’t get this person off his mind. He needed to find her. He wondered if this was James “Bucky” Barnes’ deepest desire. Maybe this girl would make him human again.  

It was almost more important than getting better. 

In My Room - Yellow Claw (Swazz)

“We Can Do Anything, All Your Wildest Dreams”
I sit with Swazz in the car in total silence. It’s so sexually tense, I can feel it. I replay my new favorite conversation in my head, even though it just happened 20 minutes ago.

“Wanna head back to my place?” he said.

I just nodded and bit my lip. I’d only had a couple Jell-O shots but Swazz had me feeling drunk as ever on him. He already had us pulled close together in a quiet corner, but he came even closer, whispering in my ear. “And what do you wanna do when we get there, mami? We can do anything you like.” He kissed just below my ear.

I shivered a little and I could feel his smirk against my neck. “Anything?” He nodded.

Normally I wasn’t very forward with what I wanted in bed, but Swazz opened a new part of me. “I want you to tie me up, and tease me until I can’t stand anymore, then fuck me as hard as you possibly can, so that I won’t even be able to walk tomorrow. Can you do that for me, papi?”

Swazz had one of his legs resting on the wall between mine. I felt his dick jump against my hip, and and I giggled a little and grinned. His eyes nearly rolled back into his head.

“Let’s go. Now,” he said as he dragged me out of the nearly empty basement to his car.

And that’s how we ended up here.

I looked up at the house, which was huge. “This is your place?” I say in awe. I lived in a small condo.

He nodded, already getting out of the car. “Me and a couple of my friends rented it out. But don’t worry, they’re all still at the party or at their girlfriends’ houses.”

He pulled me inside and I followed behind him, still in awe of the place. It seemed like it took forever to get to his bedroom.

Once we finally did, I followed him in and he immediately started kissing every inch of my skin he could reach with his lips, while taking off every item of clothing we both had on.

He pushed me onto the bed and grabbed a large bandana from his drawer. He pulled both of my arms up and tied both of my wrists around the bedpost. Then he took two more and tied me feet to each end of the bed. I felt so vulnerable, but turned on at the same time.

He ran his hands up and down my seizes a couple times, running over my breasts once or twice. Then he moved to my inner thighs, and started taking turns sucking on my nipples. It took him a minute but he finally started actually stroking me, using one finger to play with my clit.

I moaned. “You like that, mami?”

“Yes,” I moaned out.

“What do you want?”

“I want to taste your cock so bad,” I say. And it was true, I’d been longing for it ever since he and I started making out at the party.

“Beg,” he commands.

“Please, please, please, let me taste your cock. It looks so fucking old and I’ve never wanted anything more.”

He comes up toward me and I open my mouth, just as presses in. I lick and suck to my heart’s content, smiling whenever he groans or involuntarily bucks his hips.

“That’s enough,” he says. “I can’t take anymore.”

He leans back down and unites my feet so he can adjust me the way he wants. Then he enters in slowly and it’s a moment of sheer pleasure for the both of us. He starts to move after a second, getting faster and faster with each stroke.

After a minute I feel so close. His pounding feels so fucking good, I’m so glad no one else is here to listen to me scream out his name. Suddenly, he stops pounding, and begins just grinding in slowly, going deeper than I thought possible. It feels just as good, if not better.

He starts rubbing my clit again, and I orgasm so quickly even I’m surprised. I pushed him out of me and the most intense feeling took over me, and I realized I was squirting. It just came out of nowhere. He just smiled and came right back in going just as hard.

Seconds later, he came too. He untied my hands and pulled me against him. “That was hot as fuck,” he said.

“Which part?”

“All of it,” he told me, “especially when you squirted.” I blushed, and then a worried look came over his face. “We didn’t use a condom.”

My eyes were already half-shut. “Don’t worry, I’m on birth cont…” I couldn’t even finish my sentence. I was exhausted from the best sex of my life.

I would definitely be back to his room.

A/N: Thanks for reading, hope you liked it. To the requester: I hope you enjoyed it! A lot of the lyrics repeat in the song so there wasn’t much to write about but I really like that like “we can anything, all your wildest dreams” so I base it off of that.


Mermaid AU Part 24

Dear @massivespacewren,

You didn’t think I forgot your suggestion/helpful advice when I got hit with writer’s block a while back, did you? XD

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3/ Part 4/ Part 5/ Part 6/ Part 7/ Part 8/ Part 9/ Part 10/ Part 11 /Part 12/Part 13/Part 14/ Part 15/ Part 16/ Part 17 / Part 18/ Part 19/ Part 20/ Part 21/ Part 22/ Part 23/ Part 24/ Part 25/ Part 26/ Part 27/ Part 28/ Part 29    

“I know you and Steve are more partial to your shipwreck, but I have to say, I’m going miss sleeping in the cavern.” Tony plopped himself down on the eroded captain’s desk. Something poked Tony in the butt. Without even looking at it, Tony picked up the object and flung it across the cabin—not like tidiness mattered when your home was a sunken ship.

“I’m just happy not to have the kids waking us up every morning.” Bucky sighed and joined Tony on the desk. He placed his hands on Tony’s shoulder then rested his chin on top of them. “I miss sleep.”

“It is going to be odd not sleeping together,” Steve said as he glided through the water on his back, taking in the room. Steve and Bucky had both said something about the ship seeming a little different, but Tony suspected that feeling was caused more from time away from their home than any real changes.

Sam, who had tagged along for what Tony dubbed “the ship warming party,” made a face at Steve. Whatever he was thinking though, Sam quickly dismissed with a head shake.

“You three could always cuddle up close together.” Natasha tugged at one of the loose floorboards. “You don’t need to be in a confined space to cuddle.”

“You mind not tearing up our home?” Bucky asked.

Natasha’s brow furrowed. “Something’s caught down there though. It’s shiny too.”

Tony snorted in amusement. He barely knew Natasha but she didn’t seem like the type to be mesmerized by shiny things. “That’s why you’re ripping the floorboards out?”

“Unless you have another plan,” Natasha stated.

Tony frowned in contemplation.

Bucky lightly head butted Tony’s cheek.

“I might have an idea,” Tony said. Tony cocked his head to the side so it rested on top of Bucky’s. “Actually two. One that isn’t destructive and one that is. Let’s try the one that doesn’t involve me building a lever or finding a crowbar to crack open the floor.”

“A crowbar?” Sam asked, befuddlement in his tone.

“It’s a lander tool,” Tony explained. “I know a lot about their tools, if you’re ever interested in learning.”

“You’d probably get along with Jane,” Sam commented.

Tony shrugged and pushed himself off the desk. He swam to the small crack and peered through it. Something glinted not far below. It looked like the item could be a pocket-watch.

“I need a hook and some string or a thin chain.” Tony fingered the necklace around his neck for an example.

“I think I saw a hook around here somewhere,” Steve muttered and swam out of the room.

“I got a chest full of necklaces and rings lying around here,” Bucky said. “I can probably find something for you to use.” Bucky followed Steve’s example and took off.

It wasn’t long before the two returned with the items they had promised as well as a few extra ones that they thought might help Tony get the glinting object out from under the floorboards.

Tony lay across the floorboards and pushed the hook in a larger crack. He stuck out his tongue and bit it as he finagled the hook around until he felt it latch onto the object below. Tony held his breath as he slowly lifted the object out from between the floorboards.

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All I Want {Sirius Black}

Originally posted by softsiriusblack

h/n= house name; b/f/n= best friend’s name; d/n= door mate's name

All I want is nothing more

to hear you knocking at my door

You bit your lip as you continue to hear Sirius knock at your dorm door in (H/N), he had been knocking for at least an hour already. “Please! (Y/N)! Give me a chance to explain!” He pleaded through the door. “(y/n)” (d/n) said hesitantly. “Maybe you should give him another chance” b/f/n says beside you, you bit down your lip hard enough to draw blood.

   You stood up and crossed the room, opening the door. “Ten minutes.” You said to Sirius, who stood up to attention upon seeing the door open, his eyes were teary and his hair messier than you had ever seen.

‘Cause if I could see your face once more

I could die a happy man I’m sure

  You were going through troubling times, you were flunking and your parents didn’t help by yelling at you for being a freak, and not being able to fit in a school for freaks.

     You sat the top of the Astronomy Tower, feet dangling dangerously over the railing. “Careful, you might slip off the railing.” Someone said, you turned to see Sirius Black, the playboy of the school, you took a swig from the bottle before you replied. “And why would you care.”

   You faced the night sky again, ignoring him even as he sat beside you, he plucked the bottle of your hands and took a drink from it, he made face while he did it. “That’s some strong stuff.” He stated. “No one asked you to drink it.” you scoffed.

   True it tasted bad, a mix of vodka and firewhiskey but it was the fastest thing to numb your heart and make your brain fuzzy. “What’s your story?” He asks. “Like anyone else’s.” You answered. “Which is?” He asks, a curious and amused edge to his voice. “We live. We study. We graduate. We work. We die and the next generation repeats the bullshit.” you answered, he chuckles. ”It’s the things in between that makes life worth it.” He whispers, he gets up and leave.

After that you start to feel better about your life, that and you enjoy your night talks with him.

When you said your last goodbye

I die a little bit inside

“What would you say if this was the last time you saw me?” Sirius asked, your heart filled with panic. “Please don’t do this. You didn’t do anything, it was Peter.” You begged.

    “You know that, no one else has to.” He says, before he lets the Aurors drag him away. ‘I love you’ he mouths to you, you stand up stiffly and leave only shedding tears when you were sure no one could see you.

I lay in tears in bed all night

alone without you by my side

You stared at the space across you. Empty. You cried yourself to sleep that night, unable to sleep peacefully. Without your human-sized teddy bear, Sirius was a cuddle whore something your learned a few months after you met him.

So you brought out the best in me

a part of me I’ve never seen

you took my soul and wiped it clean

our love was made for movie screens

You were a depressed muggle born in Hogwarts, at 5th year the pressure was to much, you couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and you began drinking on top of the Astronomy tower, hoping to be drunk enough to fall over the edge, but Sirius would always arrive at the nick of time before you could actually start to teeter over the railing.


in exchange for the therapy lessons, you introduced him to the muggle things you still loved movies, music, candy, anything.

You and Sirius’ first date was during the summer break, he’d taken you out to a movie theater and watched the muggle movies which he found entertaining.

But if you loved me, why did you leave me?

Take my body, take my body

You stared at the veil disbelievingly, the battle was over and ministry officials were pouring in, you ignored everyone who approached you, until Remus came over and gave you a hug. “He’s gone.” you muttered. “He loved you.” Remus muttered. “He’s gone.” you repeated starting to cry.

All I want is, and all I need is

To find somebody, I’ll find somebody

“I declare Sirius Orion Black, not guilty!” Minister Shackebolt declared, banging the hammer down. “Though the action may not bring him back he will now be honored as a war hero.” He said. “I apologize for the injustice this government has served him, Mrs. (y/n) Black.” He adds smiling.

   You bow your head smiling back, Harry was beaming at you as he came down the stands you hug your godson-in-law tightly. “A war-hero.” You heard him mumble, your smile widened. “He’d be flashing to everyone.” You said, Harry pulled away with a laugh. 

 “Shall we go tell the good new then?”  You asked him, gesturing to the door where the  Weasley’s + Hermione were waiting for the word.

“The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them. In here <3″  -Sirius Black

So I did a thing.

Originally posted by xgifittomex

I wrote a Owen x Claire (aka Claire x Owen (aka Clawen)) fic. I’m officially trash and I don’t even care.

It’s the same scene that’s been done a thousand times. But once more isn’t gonna hurt, is it? Mwah ha ha.

Title: “Everything Has Changed”

Author: shipperwriter

Synopsis“I know you’re the anti-damsel-in-distress, but I’m here for you.” Claire asks Owen to stay at her apartment after the events on Isla Nublar “because I don’t want to be alone and you shouldn’t be”. And neither of them can sleep.

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Literally, nothing.

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Been off for 10 days and i am just listening to Genesis of 2PM tracks and Jun. K’s No Love… it was such an emotional songs.. I love how Jun. K always suprised us with all different type of genres but still has a strong characteristic.. I came here because of the music, and probably will stay as long as they keep doing music.. The boys never failed me, never.. if,,, if, their next Korean comeback doesnt get an appropriate respond just like Grown, then my original thought about Korean music taste is true (means bad taste in music).. From what i see and i heard, 2PM always making a great progress in music, things that you will never heard in Korean music before (i assume this after watching music program FROM THE BEGINNING TO THE END OF THE SHOW..). So, my fellow HOTTEST lets support the boys through thin and thick and keep the popularity rank aside.. We all know how far the boys has grown up and how talented they are.. Lets just keep this 2PM and HOTTEST bubbles alive…

Characters/Pairing: Kaneki Ken, Kirishima Touka, Kirishima Ayato, Touken.

Words: 1376~

“I’m fine. Just go to work already. You’re going to be late.”

His eyes follow her movement, watching her slowly sitting up from her comfy bed and wipe her nose with her pink handkerchief. He frowned, making his way towards her and sit on the edge of the bed, “Are you sure you can stay here by yourself?”

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exolmao  asked:

I request a creepy Luhan post XD

Oh my! I have so many xD

did someone said Sehun?

did someone mentioned baozi?

I’ll take you in one mouthful like cheese

aw yiss tities

aegyo level : lolnopeletmerapeyouinstead

a must have in the fandom

mmh sehunnie you smell like bubble tea, let me taste you!!!

I wanna do bad things with you *true blood intro plays in bg*

oh hai thurr

eyy wanna see something my D?


ok kylux fandom we gotta slow down now……. we cant overtake stormpilot if that happens i will personally punch this entire fandom…,, the gap is growing smaller every day…….. stormpilot has to keep the crown we must make sure…………..

anonymous asked:

Is it weird that I sometimes feel like MJ is not given enough credit? Not sure if I described it correctly, but I just feel like when people talk about him, they say all the good stuff BUT *insert a slew of negativity* as if that should distract from his artistry. & they constantly say things after Thriller was a "disappointment." I'm bringing this up because I was looking at his iTunes page & they do exactly what I just said. It seems so disrespectful & it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

It’s not weird, it’s true. People don’t give him enough credit. And I find that most people who say that “everything after Thriller was a disappointment” are the same ones who never took the time to even listen to his other stuff. It’s the same as those who say he wasn’t any good when he stopped working with Quincy Jones. Those are the same close-minded individuals who have never given his other music a chance. And honestly, they’re just saying this because of how popular and well-regarded Thriller was to the rest of the world. It is a good album, but it had strengths and weakness just like all his other albums. It’s unfair to say that his early 80s work was his best when you’re not even giving his 90s and 2000s work a chance. I’d also like to add that another reason why they do this is because of the content of the songs on each album. People were used to hearing fun, rhythmic pop tracks from Michael (granted the context of songs like Billie Jean and Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ were anything but fun but I digress…), but when he poured his soul into a project and wrote anthems about not only his struggles but the struggles of others, those works were grossly ignored. And MJ was so brave and so unique for writing and putting out material like “Childhood” and “Heal The World”… songs that seem very unconventional for a pop artist to write, produce and proudly and passionately  sing. And to this day I don’t think we’ll ever see another artist lay out some work like that because of fear of declining sales or some other shit.

Perhaps it’s just me being a music enthusiast in general that makes me see the genius of his other works, but to me other people have very narrow tastes  when it comes to MJ. There’s nothing wrong with not being into certain genre’s, but to say that his other stuff wasn’t as great as Thriller is unfair. The only think negative about MJ was how much he trusted others and how much he revealed about himself even when he shouldn’t have. None of those people know the truth about him and none of them will ever know all the shit he had to deal with in his life. They probably don’t care either.

But that’s a rant for another time…back to his music. I feel like artistically speaking, everything after Thriller were some of his best, most profound works. He actually sung about shit he cared deeply about without fear or judgement from the rest of the world: Earth Song, Childhood, Stranger In Moscow, Keep The Faith, We’ve Had Enough They Don’t Care About Us, The Lost Children, Heal The World and most of his unreleased tracks.

I don’t know if other people consider that bravery but I do. To be thought of as weird and to be laughed at, ridiculed and made fun of for things he couldn’t control (and some he could)…yet still managing to create material straight from the heart WHILE being a ridiculously famous pop artist that everyone expected to make fun dance tracks out of all the time…I think that was brave of him. And it makes listening to all his most profound work all the more enjoyable. I don’t want to say that those people have poor taste in music…but I will say they don’t know what they’re missing out on.

And as far as I’m concerned–with the exception of his dancing–I think Michael is severely underrated in terms of his creativity and what he provided for the world in general.