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films watched — the girl on the train (2016), dir. tate taylor

hi, i’m rachel, and… this is day one, i suppose. i’m here because i… because i woke up this morning covered in blood. and i had bruises all over my arm, and… it’s usually from when i’ve fallen and someone has helped me up. my husband… he used to tell me what i’d done the night before… and i learned that when you wake up like that, you just say you’re sorry. you just say that you’re sorry for what you did and you’re sorry for who you are and you’re never gonna do it again. but you do. you do it again. and there’s… time missing. i need to remember… i need to remember.


- Are you hurt?
- Yeah, a little.
- A little?

“To be entrusted with a charge is very rare; it’s been millennia since the last time it happened,” he says finally. “It’s covenant, to be entrusted with a human soul to care for and protect from harm. The opportunity to know Creation in that way is a gift.“ 

Agincourt Calligraphy: no 26 - [Castiel to Dean] Map of the World, Chapter 7.