such bad maknaes


ARIES: P-Goon claiming that he motivates group members with a whip because he can’t afford carrots

TAURUS: Xero nearly killing Jenissi pushing away a chair in order to win a game

GEMINI: B-Joo being interviewed by a PD after being scared in an empty street and replying that he “didn’t care”. The footage rolls, B-Joo ran away from the prankster and his legs got so week that he had to crouch in the middle of the road.

CANCER: Jenissi’s oral memoir of being an exchange student in Italy

LEO: A-Tom threatening to kill Nakta after being accused of being a bad maknae

VIRGO: Nakta inviting A-Tom and B-Joo to sing “Downtown Love”, except A-Tom and B-Joo do a terrible job (Hojoon joins too and Hansol breaks out laughing) but Nakta keeps singing as if his life depends on it

LIBRA: Hansol freaking out over how much B-Joo, A-Tom, and P-Goon mentioned underwear

SCORPIO: Xero and B-Joo thinking that Rome was the capital of Greece and lowkey not believing that they’re wrong

SAGITTARIUS: A-Tom volunteering for the intimate Brazilian wax treatment (additionally, the hysterical laughter and noises he made when Nakta walked in on the scene)

CAPRICORN: Sangdo pulling out an umbrella when doing the pepero challenge with Hojoon because their lips touched 


PISCES: Xero, after spending a good half hour actively participating in a group pose for a photo shoot, asking in a dead serious tone what they were doing and what was happening because he forgot

when your otp too real and you need a moment
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my take on what was going on [very rough trans]:

Kyungil : *points to the red stripes on his shoes* “Aka” idk know if my spelling is right but whtvr

Akai/Aka = japanese for red

Kyungil:  “Aka”   *points to the red thing on his shirt*

Kyungil: *points inside his clothes (his underwear specifically where he’s pointing out the color)

Yijeong: *tries to sneak a peek*

Kyungil: *slaps Yijeong’s hand away* Naughty brat says the look on his face 

(idk what the mc is saying tho)

There you go. Kyungjeong for the soul. I TRIED.

why cj is cute

1. her name? i mean, cj cj,, wow !! it’s so short and sweet and suits her so well like w o W, im naming my firstborn cj

2. she is so pure in her love for (actual ray of sunshine) min yoongi [aka suga, aka agust d, aka min yoonji, aka jung hoseok’s soulmate]

no evidence here because u all know this already and all that love would turn this simple essay thing into an epic longer than artamène (lack of capitalisation to make it look like i didn’t just google ‘the longest book ever written)

3. her spelling i mean she’s such a cutoe what a cutOE.. i mean she makes the tiniest spelling mistakes but they’re so Cute and make me smile – i mean, here have some examples, for educational purposes:

“yoongi pla”

“ur damn right he’s a giy”


sweaters lol

sweaters harder,,,,,,,, 

that’s my new life quotemake sure u put that on my grave” 

* “fantasties”

*used in a purely innocent manner, ofc

4. she sends me cute pics/gifs of park jimin all the time that instantly make me feel 100005% better and also make me think ‘wow,, i am so blessed to have cj as my friend because she geTS ME sO WELL’

5. she once forgot to reply to my message but thought that i was the one who hadn’t replied so she read a children’s book whilst waiting for me to reply

me: meg hasn’t replied yet

me: asdfhjkl i forgot to send MY reply no wonder she hasn’t replied yet,

im sorry but the cute here is just… otherworldly my hear t i s jus t

6. she makes cute puns,,. especially bee puns i mean.. BEE PUNS cute lil buzzy bee puns *

*w/n: man, i just love puns

7. she is scared of cooking.

“ tbh i’m scared of cooking full stop “

8. she is an innocent, Pure lil bean - the actual human personification of the flower girl (◕ᴗ◕✿) emoticon - breathe if u agree

9. okay this is an important one a REAL BIG CUTE ONE.. she always sends me cute posts when she knows i’m asleep and wow they make waking up something to look forward to !! like this one she sent the other day

Have you ever met someone on the internet that you liked so much that you sometimes sit there and think “Oh man there are people who are lucky enough to see this person IN THE FLESH ON A REGULAR BASIS and I wonder if they realize how LUCKY they are”  

me @ u n chloe

i just … w o W .. me and chloe are #blessed 

9. b) i once woke up to literally 24 messages from her and when i looked they were all memes?? like goddamn i am weak for memes, im clutching my heart as i type this……………….

and tbh i can’t go on anymore because my heart is gonna burst but there are literally 5400303 more things to say on ‘why @ceiuu is so cute’ so stay tuned for pt 2, that’s all for now folks



Insecure Jungkook

Bad Dream {Maknae Line}


Missing You

Bad Dream {Maknae Line}


Bad Dream {Maknae Line}

Good Morning


Broken Headphones

Bad Dream {Hyung Line}

Poly w/Yoongi



Bad Dream {Hyung Line}


Everyday 1.0 

Bad Dream {Hyung Line}

Poly w/Namjoon


Ruining A Sweet Moment

Bad Dream {Hyung Line}

Red Velvet Reaction to: Seeing You Workout Shirtless for the First Time

Irene: even though you were shirtless, her eyes still fell on your butt. what can she say? she’s a butt person

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Wendy: gets hella excited at first and is about to scream but then she composes herself because she doesn’t want to look crazy

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Seulgi: is a thirsty mofo and needs some water to quench that thirst

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Joy: “whoa, you look so cool! stay strong and keep getting healthy! hwaiting ~” seulgi comes to observe the view too

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Yeri: runs off to grab seulgi and joy. “unnies, what do I do?” and the two decide they need to check you out themselves before they can advise the maknae. too bad they end up getting distracted …

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