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The nation’s leader Jonghyun & Hyunbin during the preparation for the ‘Sorry Sorry’ stage ★ [trans cr.]

+bonus: Jonghyun encouraging Hyunbin


Wanna one Hyung Line : Sungwoon - Jisung - Jaehwan - Minhyun - Daniel - Seongwoo

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BTS Reaction:   (Mature content will be marked with an M)

BTS falling for you at first sight

BTS being impressed by you

How BTS Would Hug You

BTS Reaction To You Calling Them When Someone Breaks In

BTS Anti-Ideal Type

BTS Reaction To You Having a Migraine

BTS Reaction To Someone Else Flirting With You

Who’s An Ass Man, And Who’s a Boob Man?

BTS Reaction To You Having a Panic Attack

BTS Reaction To You Having a Kid

BTS Reaction To You Praising Their Tan Skin

BTS Having A Crush On A Female Idol

BTS Reaction To You Pranking Them

BTS Seeing You Win an Award (Idol S/O)

BTS Reaction To You Pouting

BTS Reaction To You Dyeing Your Hair An Unnatural Color

BTS Having Sex With You For The First Time (On Their Birthday) [M]

BTS Having You Sleep Over At The Dorm

BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Go on Vacation with Them

BTS Reaction To Realizing They Love You

BTS Reaction To S/O Wearing Their Hoodie

BTS Reaction To Dating a Popular Idol

How BTS Would Cuddle

BTS Reaction To You Getting a Tattoo To Cover Up Scars

BTS Reaction To You Having Low Self Esteem

BTS Reaction To You Farting

BTS Reaction To You Coming Out As Gay

BTS Reaction To You Being Pregnant

Why BTS Would Break Up With You

BTS Reaction To Your Smoking Addiction

BTS Reaction To You Kissing a Girl on a Dare

BTS Reaction To (Mistakenly) Thinking You Want Them To Move In

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Being a Virgin

BTS Reaction To a Meaningful Fan Letter

BTS Reaction To You Being Transgender

BTS Reaction To You Calling Them Daddy In Bed [M]

BTS Reaction To Their Long Distance S/O Surprising Them With a Visit

BTS Reaction To You Flinching During An Argument

BTS Reaction To You Being a Dancer

BTS Reaction To You Having Twins

BTS Reaction To You Hitting Them In The Face While Asleep

BTS Reaction To You Having a Grunge Style

BTS Reaction To You Being Taller Than Them

BTS Reaction To Having a Crush On Their Makeup Artist

BTS Reaction To You Being a Stripper

BTS Reaction To You Being Mad At Them

BTS Reaction To You Having An Anxiety Disorder

BTS Reaction To Idol!S/O Being Angry About Their Revealed Relationship

BTS Reaction To You Sleeping Naked

BTS Reaction To You Being Submissive In Bed [M]

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Baking

BTS Reaction To You Crying After a Nightmare

BTS Reaction To You Having An Exotic Pet

BTS Reaction To Their S/O Learning Korean

BTS Reaction To Having a Small But Strong S/O

BTS Reaction To You Wanting Them To Eat You Out [M]

BTS Reaction To Idol!S/O Being in a Fake Scandal

BTS Reaction To Your Abusive Ex Approaching You [M]

BTS Reaction To You Slipping/Falling During Shower Sex

BTS Reaction To You Doing Song Covers

BTS Reaction To Your Dog Being Protective While You’re Pregnant

BTS Reaction To Idol Crush Being Cute

BTS Reaction To You Being Asexual

BTS Reaction to S/O Working as a Disney Villain

BTS Reacting To Finding Out You’re Pregnant When They Cheated On You

BTS Reaction To You Squirting [M]

Hyung Line:

Hyung Line finding out about your bad past relationship

Maknae Line:

Maknae Line finding out they were your first kiss


Namjoon As a Boyfriend

Seokjin As a Boyfriend

Jungkook’s Reaction To Hearing a Soulmate Bell Chime

Jimin’s Reaction To Hearing A Soulmate Bell Chime

Suga, J-Hope, and Jimin Reaction To You Ignoring Their Kisses

Most To Least:

MTL To Date An Idol

MTL To Date A Foreigner

MTL To Get Freaky On A Plane

MTL To Be In A Poly Relationship With Another Member

SCENARIOS:     (Mature content will be marked with an M)


Rap Monster:

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Faded Echoes

My Name Is Min Yoongi  / Part Two (YoongixReader)

Sexual Misconduct (Officer!YoongixReader) [M]





Club Omelas (Vampire!JungkookxReader)

FANFICS:          (Mature content will be marked with an M)

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Of Lust And Blood (Vampire!JungkookxReader) / Part 1 /

The Syndicates Series:

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Bulletproof Wings:

Bulletproof Wings (teaser) [Taekook]

Bulletproof Wings / Part 1 /



BTS Inspired Outfits

BTS Preferred Lingerie [M]

BTS Concepts They’d Like on Their Idol S/O

Rap Monster:

Award Show With Namjoon


Award Show With Jin


Date Night With Yoongi






Rap Monster:

Neon Namjoon Aesthetic




Mint Aesthetic


A Son of Apollo


Neon Taehyung Aesthetic




Amusement Park Date

A Son of Hades

Masterlist - Reactions

All of my reactions so far~

Accidentally finding your weak spot

Accidentally walking in on S/O in the shower

Arguing with S/O

Being a cheerleader

Being an overprotective boyfriend 

Being immersed in a tv show

Binge watching anime

Bringing home 3 cats

Deaf S/O

Doing musical theatre

Emotional on your period

Failing your driving test 

Finding out their crush is too young

Finding out their girlfriend is kinky af 

Finding out you smoke 

Getting a big role in a musical 

Getting in an accident and having amnesia 

Girlfriend always wears heels

Going to an anime convention with you 

Going to Oktoberfest

Having a Latina girlfriend

Having an eating disorder

Having an emotional breakdown

Having bpd

Having one leg

Heartbroken crush

In denial of liking them 

“I never want to lose you” 

Insecure about your teeth 

Jay Park has an interest in you

Jealous S/O

Kissing them when you think they’re asleep

Leader of a kpop group

Learning their friend’s native language

Lifeguard S/O

Losing weight because you’re receiving hate

Making a bad pun 

Maknae of a co-ed group

Meeting a tall fangirl

Meeting S/O parents for the first time


Not their S/O’s bias

Not wanting to cuddle bc it’s too hot

Other members see a hickey 

Pregnant wife has mood swings and cravings

Randomly asking for sex

Randomly horny S/O

Really shy S/O

Running a fanart account

Seeing scars on your wrist 

Seeing someone sing their song on the street

Seeing S/O without makeup

Short S/O

Slightly underweight S/O

S/O cries because they are overweight

S/O doesn’t contribute to conversations much

S/O has nightmare disorder

S/O is in hospital and their heart rate increases when they kiss them

S/O reads dirty fanfics

Spending lots of money on makeup

Stealing their food

Telling them you’re asexual 

Telling them you’re pregnant 

Their girlfriend is a figure skater

Their girlfriend works as a Disney Princess

Their partner doesn’t shave regularly

Their S/O doesn’t realise they’re being hit on

Their S/O has a child

Their S/O has a cute concept

Their S/O is close to Yugyeom

Trying to learn one of their dances 

Waiting till marriage 

Walking in on you in the shower 

Wanting to break up due to negative publicity

You being shipped with a Monsta X member 

You call them daddy 

You don’t want to have kids 

You have sasaeng fans 

You surprise them on tour

You previously dated a female idol 

You want to adopt kids 

You’re a virgin 

You’re gay

You’re having twins

You’re not a virgin


ARIES: P-Goon claiming that he motivates group members with a whip because he can’t afford carrots

TAURUS: Xero nearly killing Jenissi pushing away a chair in order to win a game

GEMINI: B-Joo being interviewed by a PD after being scared in an empty street and replying that he “didn’t care”. The footage rolls, B-Joo ran away from the prankster and his legs got so week that he had to crouch in the middle of the road.

CANCER: Jenissi’s oral memoir of being an exchange student in Italy

LEO: A-Tom threatening to kill Nakta after being accused of being a bad maknae

VIRGO: Nakta inviting A-Tom and B-Joo to sing “Downtown Love”, except A-Tom and B-Joo do a terrible job (Hojoon joins too and Hansol breaks out laughing) but Nakta keeps singing as if his life depends on it

LIBRA: Hansol freaking out over how much B-Joo, A-Tom, and P-Goon mentioned underwear

SCORPIO: Xero and B-Joo thinking that Rome was the capital of Greece and lowkey not believing that they’re wrong

SAGITTARIUS: A-Tom volunteering for the intimate Brazilian wax treatment (additionally, the hysterical laughter and noises he made when Nakta walked in on the scene)

CAPRICORN: Sangdo pulling out an umbrella when doing the pepero challenge with Hojoon because their lips touched 


PISCES: Xero, after spending a good half hour actively participating in a group pose for a photo shoot, asking in a dead serious tone what they were doing and what was happening because he forgot


A couple years before your incident, Jungkook stood in the middle of Namjoon’s office and looked at the assignment. Your name accompanied a small file folder of information that would be necessary for the guys to get to you and the basics of what was happening in your life.

What the hell? He asked Namjoon, who chuckled. I thought we were supposed to be protecting people who actually had lives to protect. The infuriated tone just made Namjoon shake his head, while Jungkook stood there, a look of disbelief and anger glazed over his features.

Just because YOU don’t know her name doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t know her name. Just read up on the assignment and we will go over the logistics in the meeting. Namjoon said as he passed the maknae and patted him on the shoulder. Jungkook turned around on his heels and walked out of the leader’s office. Their headquarters was broken up by teams, with each team getting their own area to work and research. Jungkook walked out of the large glass doors of Namjoon’s office into the main area where a large conference table sat, then near it was a group of desks, all huddled together with desktop computers and file folders strewn throughout. The desks is where the six other guys on the team sat throughout their days, usually passing along information and helping each other with various research points.

Jungkook had been working with the team for a few months now and they were only given temporary assignments. As bodyguards, they were forced to put their lives on the line for so many different kinds of people. Diplomats, politicians, and celebrities, all of them who came but then they were also given various other people to protect that Jungkook really didn’t want to vow to save. People who just needed protection for some reason or another. This was Jungkook’s first permanent assignment, which meant that the team would be working with you for more than a year, and he was being put on as the main guard. But as he read your name over and over, he drew a blank as to who you were. Finally, scooting into his desk, he pulled up google.

Alright, Y/N. He mumbled to himself as he slowly typed the name into the search engine and suddenly a large search sprouted up on his screen. Articles, photos, and speculation seemed to emanate from you and Jungkook was suddenly intrigued.

Huh? He murmured. From the articles, Jungkook was able to infer that you were a scientist who had been working with a team of four other scientists on a secret international project. His eyebrows scrunched up as he looked at the various articles that all speculated why each scientist was turning up dead. Dr. Axel Müller was found dead in his Berlin apartment. It looks as though it was linked to the death of his cohort, Dr. Elissa Rossi. She was found dead in her home in Turin. Jungkook read aloud as he started to see that you were the only remaining member of the group. Dr. Lucas Silva was found dead in his home in Manaus. The latest member to be found dead is Dr. Marceau Laurent in his Paris apartment. The only person that remains from this team is Y/N, she is currently in hiding after all of the scientists were slain in their various homes. The link between all of them is this top secret project that has still been kept under wraps. The four scientists were found in their respective homes which has caused for even more speculation as to who the killer is and if it is one person or a group of many.

Jungkook continued to read various articles that chronicled the events. So all of these people are just showing up dead and no one is wondering what this project is? He asked the empty room, but that was the exact question on everyone’s lips. This project was obviously causing for many to end up dead, so who was trying to stop these scientists and why. The intercom came on as Namjoon called for the group to convene at the conference table. Jungkook quickly printed out a spread of the articles and brought them to the mahogany table that stood next to the floor to ceiling windows. Their floor was one of the top floors and allowed for them to look down at the city of Seoul and see the people like ants running around the streets.

So have you heard about this new assignment? She’s definitely on someone’s hit list. Jimin mumbled to Tae as they sat down. Jungkook sat next to the two younger members and listened in on their conversation.

Namjoon told me that she’s not talking much. Tae responded and Jungkook looked down at the articles.

Why wouldn’t she be talking? He asked and the two guys looked at him, shaking their heads sadly.

I’m guessing it’s a case of fear and shock. When everyone you’re working with suddenly dies, no one can be trusted. We are trying to get information about this project, but she’s kept herself holed up in her room. Jin said in his usual professional manner, but Jungkook could see a tinge of sadness in the elder’s eyes. Before he could ask why, Namjoon was standing at the head of the table, looking at the group of men with a determined gaze.

So, let’s talk teams. Tae and Jimin, as per usual, you two are going to work as the friends. Yoongi and Jin, you two handle tech. Finally, me and Hobi will work on management. Jungkook, you are lead on this, you do not leave her side unless you have it approved by me and there is someone to replace you. She’s scared and we know there is someone out there looking for her. I don’t want any fuck ups. Got it? Namjoon said in his commanding tone and the guys all nodded.

Each assignment brought a similar role that each guy would play. Tae and Jimin were known as friends, which meant that they would pretend to be a friend of the client, talking to people in the client’s building, work, etcetera, this would allow them to gain incite into the client’s world. Both Jimin and Tae had a way of buttering up even the most closed off person. Jimin had a way of smiling and flirting his way, which in turn gave people a reason to trust him. Tae had an innocence that people trusted almost right off the bat.

Yoongi and Jin both had ways of understanding technology, they spent most of their days working alongside one another and infiltrating various systems to better protect the client’s work. Yoongi was the type to spend days not lifting his head from his computer, he would hack into system, build firewalls, and formulate encryptions to better protect the client in the digital realm. While Jin was more comfortable with making all of the calls and communicating with the team.

Finally, Hobi and Namjoon worked as a team to guide the men. Hobi had an amazing, charismatic nature that people fell in love with and he used it to get the client’s to talk to him. Namjoon was more of the natural born leader, he could command a room by standing up and used it on many occasions to get what he wanted. Jungkook being the newest member had been shadowing each of the guys to find out which area he was best at, but Namjoon had realized early on that Jungkook was their chameleon, he seemed to thrive in any situation, so Namjoon hoped that you would entrust more information with Jungkook and lean on the youngest member.  

All seven guys were trained to physically be able to fight off anyone that tried to endanger their client. Each of their physiques was a tad misleading because they were much stronger than they looked. And they all knew how to handle firearms that they carried with them at all times. All of these things combined made their team seem practically unstoppable, but now they were being dealt a difficult hand.

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Just Happened To Be (5)

Summary: Jimin was an asshole, yes. And you were supposed to be nice, meek, and afraid of people like him. But you weren’t; even with a knife at your throat you stayed quiet and unforgiving–and he wasn’t allowed to like it.

Based off this request:

Anonymous said:So how about bad boy Jimin I mean that’s cool I guess cause I mean who need bad boy jimin right pft not me.”

Usual warnings . This is a drug gang fic so naturally there’s gonna be a lotta shit.

Part One /  Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Six / Part Seven

“Are you sure you’ve got this, hyung?” Jimin whispered, fishing in his bag for the lock-pick kit while Namjoon kept watch in the shadows of the alleyway.

The older man snorted. “Taehyung knows we’re coming regardless of whether I’ve got this or not. Besides, it isn’t me that he wants to kill; make sure you watch out.”

Jimin snapped the zipper closed on his duffle. “He’s the one who needs to watch his ass.”

Namjoon grabbed Jimin’s arm as he started towards the bar, stopping him in his tracks. “Just…just don’t do anything stupid, okay?”

“I already did.” Jimin murmured. “And you’re here doing it with me.”

Before Namjoon could say another word, Jimin ripped himself from his hyung and hightailed it towards the back of the bar. The initial plan was that Namjoon was going to go in through the front entrance and become an instant distraction–that would give Jimin enough time to find you and get you out. Honestly, it was stupid and bound to fail, but, then again, this was a mission that was built upon grasped straws.

Jimin started towards the back entrance–his initial destination–when, as he was passing by the wood cellar doors buried in the grass, he overhead angered mumbles filtering up between the slats. Jimin immediately changed his plan, dropping to the ground so he could press his ear against the wood. As he listened, his eyes examined the lock on the doors to see what tools from his kit would be needed to crack it.

“Yah–make sure she’s still breathing.”

It was Taehyung’s voice.

And it was all Jimin needed to hear.

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