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Ace Keith Headcanons
  • He didn’t know it back then. He didn’t care about it. Ignored all his classmates who were passing around lewd magazines and just continued browsing why on earth pluto was no longer a planet. The injustice! 
  • When his classmates at the Garrison asked him if he ever had a girlfriend 
    “Never had one.” 
    “A boyfriend then?” 
    “Nope. None of that either.”
    “But why?”
    “I was not aware it was a requirement, Charles.”
    Others thought he was a snob and a bit snarky after that.
  • At night he just read books. Sometimes he drew things like spaceships and alien warships. He loved outer space and he was going to be an ace pilot and be the youngest pilot to go on a mission. His roommate gave up inviting him to parties to meet possible mates. “Have fun.” “You too.”
  • When he wanted to be alone, he snuck up to the rooftop just so he could trace the constellations and get more inspiration for his drawings. He liked the quiet and the natural light the moon gave him to see what he was drawing on his skethpad.
    “What are you doing in a place like this at this hour, cadet?”
    Keith looked up to see the one and only Garrison Golden Boy.
    “I could say the same for you, Sir.” He got back to drawing.
    Shiro sat beside him and just watched him draw in silence. 
  • It became a thing. Shiro finding Keith on the rooftop, reading or drawing. They usually didn’t even talk, until Shiro broke their usual silence.
    “How come you’re always up here? Why are you not with your friends? It’s not everyday you get to be in the city and have fun.”
    Keith shrugged. “Hmm. Not really my type of fun or thing.”
    “Huh. Interesting.”
  • They became friends after that. Their feet dangling on the rooftop as Shiro would tell Keith a joke or something that happened to him in class. Keith didn’t draw all the time, he’d have the sketchpad on his lap and just laugh and tell Shiro things too.
  • Their conversation led to talking about crushes one time, because that topic was always interesting.
    “Had my first crush back in elementary,” Shiro laughed. “A bit silly to be honest. Then she liked me back and we became a couple.”
    “Wow. That’s so… young.” Keith chuckled.
    “How about you? Who was your first crush?”
    Keith furrowed his eyebrows. “I’ve never had one.”
    “What?” Shiro asked, a bit scandalized at the revelation. “No way!”
    “I just haven’t seen anyone that way, I guess. If it happens, then it happens. But to be honest, I don’t think anyone will even like me since I’m not into that or see anyone like that.” Keith forced a fake cough. 
    Shiro was silent for a while and then he smiled. “Keith, do you know the word for that?”
    “The word for what?” Keith looked confused.
    “The word for what I think you are,” Shiro smiled fondly. “It’s asexual. Or ace for short. It’s basically someone who doesn’t experience sexual attraction.”
    Keith blinked. “Oh.” Then he smiled. “I like that. Ace. What a nice word.”
    “It is. You’re literally an Ace Pilot.” Shiro laughed.
    “Oh, shut up.” Keith nudged Shiro playfully, causing his skethpad to fall.
  • The next few months they were on the rooftop, Keith started the talk.
    “I think I have my first crush now.”
    “Oh really? Who is it?” Shiro raised an eyebrow, curious.
    “It’s basically someone you admire, right?”
    Keith nodded. “Okay, I’m sure it’s a crush then.”
    “Keith! Who is it? Oh my god. Don’t kill me this way, man. I must know!”
    Keith laughed. “Oh, I’m pretty sure you’ll know one day, Shiro.”
    Shiro sat back, thinking that was probably enough of an answer. “Okay, so you have this crush on someone now. What do you want to do?”
    “I might want to hold his hand one day. If he’d let me.”
    Shiro smiled at his friend. “I hope you get to hold that boy’s hand, Keith.”
  • A few months later, Keith asked Shiro if he could hold his hand.
Imagine taking an interview from the cast of Supernatural and Jensen can’t help but get distracted by you because he finds you attractive.

“Wh-what?” Jensen blinked when he realized you were actually talking to him, or more like repeating the same thing over and over again.

You giggled at his reaction, unable to hold yourself back and Jensen caught himself getting carried away by how he considered it to be the most beautiful sound he’d heard to how the way your eyes sparkled, making his heart skip a beat.

“Don’t mind him, he’s just too carried away daydreaming about your first date!”Jared said with a wide grin, hitting his best friend on the shoulder.

“Wait he hasn’t asked her out yet!” Misha exclaimed “We can make fun of him later.” he said and the both of them chuckled as you stared with raised eyebrows at the three of them.

“Alright…” you whispered, looking down and trying to hide your red cheeks.

You’re Mine, Got It?

Pairing: Mitch x Reader

Author: @ninja-stiles

Words: 4723

Author’s Note: I found a prompt and this is what came out of it! Thanks to @mf-despair-queen for proofreading this for me :) Enjoy babes!

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My boyfriend, Dylan, and I were heading to our one year anniversary when it all went down. Someone had run into us, making Dylan and I smash against the dashboard, his head smacking against the steering wheel. I groan in pain, hearing Dylan’s voice, but it’s like I was in a fishbowl, the accident making my ears ring.

“Baby? You okay?” He asks, pushing my hair away from the wound, touching it lightly, making me wince in the process. I nod my head, looking over at him, seeing a gash on his forehead. I see a silhouette behind him and I stiffen.

“D-Dylan, b-behind you.” I stutter, getting lightheaded. Dylan looked out the smashed window, squinting slightly to see the man in the smoke. My eyes drooped, my head laying against the dashboard, going in and out of consciousness. When my eyes were shut, a heard a gunshot go off, making me jump slightly, but stay still. I heard tires squeal, indicating the person drove off and I opened my eyes, seeing Dylan laying against the steering wheel, not moving. I tear up, reaching my hand towards him, shaking him slightly.

“Dy-Dylan? Baby?” I ask, slowly moving towards the drivers side door, gasping when I find a bullet hole burned between his eyes. I begin screaming and crying, trying my best to open the passenger’s side door, but not succeeding. I reach into my pocket, finding my phone and start to dial 911. I hold the phone up to my ear as it rings, taking huge breaths to keep myself conscious.

“911 what’s your emergency?” Dispatch asks me.

“Uh, m-me and my boyfriend were in an accident a-and a-a guy, h-he came out of the smoke and shot my boyfriend. I need help, I’m trapped in the car and I can smell gas, please…” I mumble, pressing my hand against my forehead.

“Alright, ma’am. Where’s your location?”

“Um, Fourth and Broad.” I recite, looking at the street sign that’s positioned to my right.

“Alright an ambulance will be there shortly. Try to keep your eyes open, alright ma’am?” I nod my head then remember that the woman on dispatch couldn’t see me.


*Flashback over*

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anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: Dirk asking awkward questions trying to test the waters and see if Todd even likes guys?

(this turned out way longer & more “serious” than I planned on oops)


“Todd.” Dirk tried to get his friend’s attention. Todd ignored him. He knew Dirk was just bored and he was actually trying to focus on the newspaper.
Todd read the same sentence for the third time.
“Oh my God, Dirk, what?” Todd finally gave up and put the paper down.
“I’m bored.”
“No shit?”
“I swear to God if you say my name one more time without following it up with anything, I will feed you to the shark in the cat.” Todd replied.
“You’re grumpy today.” Dirk said.
“I’m grumpy everyday. You’re annoying today.” Todd replied.
“I’m annoying everyday.” Dirk smirked.
“Did you have something you wanted or was it just to annoy me?” Todd sighed.
“I want to play a game.” Dirk explained.
“A game? This isn’t one of those games I literally have to run for my life at the end of, is it? I can’t do that shit again.” Todd said.
Dirk snorted. “No. A normal game.”
“Somehow I doubt that…” Todd retorted but Dirk ignored him.
“20 questions.” Said Dirk.
Todd lifted his eyebrows. “Seriously?”
“Yes?” Dirk replied.
“That is a lot more ordinary than I expected.” Todd laughed.
“I’m not all government fugitive psychic time traveller all the time, you know.” Dirk smiled.
“Could’ve fooled me.” Todd laughed. “Fine, let’s play 20 questions. Even though we’re not 15-year-old girls.”
“There’s an age limit?” Dirk questioned.
“Let’s just play, Dirk.”

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Fic: Squish

Summary: Dan gains some weight, but it doesn’t change how Phil sees him.
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 3K
Tags: Body Image, Weight Gain, Getting Together, Blow Jobs, Self-Esteem Issues, Hurt/Comfort
Trigger Warnings: Weight-related stuff and body image issues


It had already been going on for a while the first time Phil mentioned it, but Dan had been avoiding the conversation as best he could. The shame was just too much.

It was a Wednesday, and he’d gone shopping, but had brusquely dismissed Phil’s offer to come with him before running out the door and locking it quickly behind him. When he returned, he’d found Phil sitting on the sofa in the lounge with a serious expression on his face.

Dan, shopping bags in his hands, faced his friend and asked testily, “What?”

Phil sighed and brushed a hand along his fringe, tucking a bit behind his ear as was his nervous habit. “Could I talk to you for a minute?”

Dan looked away, then nodded reluctantly. How could he refuse Phil? “Let me put these bags in my room and I’ll be right back.”

In his room, he stiffened his spine, knowing what was coming. Phil was finally going to bring it up. Dan was dreading the conversation, but he’d known it would come eventually.

He went back out into the lounge and sat on the sofa, his jeans binding his waist painfully. Well, he’d be able to fix that as soon as they’d gotten this over with.

Phil didn’t hesitate, looking very concerned. “Dan, I know something’s wrong. You haven’t been acting like yourself and you’re just looking … unhappy. I’m worried the pills aren’t working anymore.”

Dan flinched. “Oh, they’re working. Believe me, they’re working plenty.” It had been a month since Dan’s doctor had recommended he give anti-depressants a try. He’d just been having a particularly hard time lately, and the pills had seemed to help. He was thinking about death less often, spending less time lying face down in the hallway feeling hollowed out and empty. But … the side-effects.

Phil was watching him, obviously concerned. “Then what’s going on? You always like me to come with you when you go shopping, but today you really blew me off when I asked.”

Dan gritted his teeth. Here we go. “I was going out to buy new jeans, okay?” he snapped. “Because these ones are too small now. Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed that I’ve gotten fat!” The doctor had cautioned him that the medication might cause him to gain weight, but he hadn’t taken the warning seriously. What were a few pounds? He was no slave to society’s beauty standards! So he’d been surprised at how much it bothered him when it happened.

Phil looked taken aback. “You’ve gained weight?”

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Exo Light Language Headcanons

Brought to you by this BRILLIANT POST FROM A BIT AGO.

It is a headcanon I’ve followed since I first saw the idea and naturally having a very expressive bitch of an Exo character I’ve had to describe her offensive face quite a few times. (All of this is quite affectionate I do love my poor rude baby girl.) Also got a couple other Exo characters in the works so a solid understanding of light language is getting important.

Here’s my personal headcanons, of course modify to your own characters and their personalities or your own headcanons. Totally fluid!

Some sort of have double meanings. Not sure why thats just how I think they are. I feel like context is an important thing to consider in a visual language.

  • Deliberately turned off- I won’t judge you, you can talk to me/ trying to not show emotion
  • Bubbly in the throat- teasing, lightheartedness
  • Bubbly and blinking irregularly, sometimes pulsing up the the cheeks too- Laughter
  • Soft glow from the cheeks- a blush of perhaps embarrassment or shame
  • Soft glow from throat and possibly also cheeks- blush of attraction or love
  • Eyes flashing/blinking- danger, surprise, fear
  • Full brightness, all lights solid and bright- anger
  • Flickering full bright- frustration
  • Light flickering- confusion/ irritation / attraction or a crush (you really gotta read into the context with this one)
  • Sort of draining away, starting at the cheeks and trickling down until they’re dim -shock, terror

Other Exo things:

  • Panting or opening their mouths when circuits in their heads need to be cooled
  • Resting, “sleeping” is a time to dump a cache that builds up in their mind like computer browser history. The go through all the information they gathered in the day and either delete it or move it to more permanent storage.
  • Pausing after a rapid action, like coming off an adrenaline high, they take a second to look over information again to understand what exactly just happened
  • The exasperated whirring. Can be mocking as well.

Thanks again to saltineofswing for the original idea! Show some love you guys!

You Had Me at Your First Goodbye

Request: (@imaginesyes​) “hey hun how are you? Can you write something with reader falling in love with peter parker at the moment she saw him and peter noticing something but he doesn’t believe someone like reader could actually like him? thank you <3″

Warnings: none

A/N: This is actually a really cute idea! Let me know if I should make it into a series!
Requests are open again (except ships)!! Feel free to send me anything HEREFor my master list, click HERE
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21st October, Saturday

“An iced latte?” yelled the barista at the local cafe. Your head perked up at her voice and walked over to the counter, taking what you thought was your order. You held the ice cold beverage in your hand, though unexpectedly, another hand reached for it the same time you did. You looked up, puzzled, and saw a young man who caught your eyes immediately.

He had pushed back brown hair, like the bark of an oak tree. Under the light at the cafe, his hair shined, like the colour of whiskey, matching the color of fallen leaves browned and sleek with the first rain of autumn. A few strands of hair loomed over his widely opened eyes, eyes with heavy lines underneath. He held your gaze steadily, just as you held his. Perhaps seconds, or even minutes had passed, but time froze between you two. His cheeks grew rosier as time goes. 

“This order is for Miss (Y/N). Here is your order, Mr…let’s see…Peter.” the barista broke the silence. This rather attractive stranger blinked a couple of nervous blinks, his eyes darting from you to his feet to the coffee, and managed to stumbled out a few simple words awkwardly, “Oh, yea right, I’m sorry, uh, Miss (Y/N), um yea, this is your drink. Haha. I guess I’ll just grab mine and go.”

You giggled at his lovely shyness, and you saw his lips curled up in happiness as he said his last goodbye before leaving in quick steps. 

23rd October, Monday, 7:22 a.m.

Mondays have never been your friend. Gloomy clouds swirled in the grey sky, sharp harsh winds threatening to cut your delicate skin every time they howl. With numerous heavy binders and files cradled in your arms, you boarded the subway as usual to get to school. 

The subway was packed with people when it got to your stop, so you had no choice but to squeeze in and stand the whole way to your school, having to balance all the files on your arms while balancing yourself. The bus drove over a speed bump, and that was all it took to throw you off balance. You stumbled and leaned onto the passenger next to you unwillingly.

Embarrassed, you apologised profusely as you tried to regain your balance. “(Y/N)?” you heard a familiar yet unrecognisable voice said. Your brows furrowed, confused, and looked up to see the same gorgeous brown hair and tired mahogany eyes. Immediate recognition flash across your mind as your search your brain for his name.

“Peter! You’re Peter, right?” 

He chuckled gently, and continued, “I thought you wouldn’t remember my name. What are you doing around here?”

“Oh I go to school around here. Wait, you too?” 

“Midtown High School. You?” His brows raised, forming a perfect arch. He looked at you expectantly, almost as if he was afraid that you’d say no. You looked away, afraid to get caught looking so intensely at a stranger’s face. However, you caught his gaze lingering on your face intently as you two talked. Before your overactive imagination could imagine anything, you shook off the thought.

“No way! I go there too! How could I’ve never seen you?” you answered enthusiastically, completely opposite to your mood ten minutes ago. 

You tried to convince yourself, but you definitely caught Peter’s expression change - the instant you answer, his nervous, expectant expression turned to one of joy, like he was excited hear that you, a stranger, went to the same school as him. You mentally told yourself that he had no reason to be excited, and that you were imagining it. Never in your wildest dreams, your silent wishes, would you imagine such an attractive, adorable guy would fall in love with you at first sight. 

24rd October, Tuesday, 1:28 a.m.

You tossed and turned, unable to fall asleep. Every tick of the clock, gush of wind, your own soft breaths add to your busied mind. For the past few hours, you had been going on and on, thinking whether or not you have overthought Peter’s feelings towards you. Your bedside lamp glowed in the dim room, flickering, like your darting thoughts. 

Eventually, you drifted off to sleep in the lull of your repeating thought. One particular one stood out, the one you tried the hardest to ignore,

“Could this grow into something more?”

Alec remembered the exact day that he vowed to always have a fire extinguisher in his apartment. Isabelle had come over, insisting that she cook a new recipe for him that she had found on the internet, and after less than an hour the stove was in flames. It ended with everyone in the entire apartment complex having to evacuate and stand outside as the fire department put it out, and Alec having to buy a new oven and some cabinets. Needless to say, from then on he always kept a fire extinguisher- or maybe two, but he didn’t tell Isabelle that- in his apartment. Just in case.

So when he opened his door to hear a beautiful, frantic man ask him if he had a fire extinguisher, he was all too happy to share the wealth. He rushed back into his apartment, pulling the tool out in record time. What he didn’t expect, however, was to be pulled into the apartment directly across from his.

“I just realized that I have no idea how to use a fire extinguisher,” the man, apparently Alec’s neighbor, said. Alec had always wondered who lived there, and only knew the man’s initials: M.B. However, that was not of importance in that moment, considering smoke was beginning to billow out into the living room from the kitchen.

Alec took a deep breath and ran inside, quickly finding the fire and pulling the pin on the extinguisher. He aimed the nozzle and squeezed, white foam falling over the flames and putting them out immediately. The two of them stood there for a moment once all was said and done, staring silently at the damage. The other man was the first one to speak.

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anonymous asked:

40 courferre

“Will you marry me?”

Premise based on true story. Except that I don’t have a good-looking neighbour.

Everything was going smoothly. The frozen pizza was in the oven, the shower was set somewhere between second and third degree burn and music was playing at full volume, while Courfeyrac belted out the chorus with shampoo in his hair.

He was being very efficient. Multi-tasking. A master of organisation.

A song later, Courfeyrac stepped out of the shower, ran a towel in his wet hair and wrapped it around his waist with the satisfaction of someone who’s finally figured out how adult life works. He checked the time: 5 minutes until goat cheese marinara heaven. He even had time on his hands. Confidently, he plugged in his hair dryer and switched it to maximum.

The lights went out. Pitch black. In his hand, the hair dryer stayed cold. In the next room, the oven went suddenly silent. Suddenly, Courfeyrac was very aware of how cold he was. Panic took over.

Quickly, his mind made an assessement of the catastrophe. He was alone in the dark, very wet and very naked, and barely knew how to change a lightbulb, let alone a fuse. 

Courfeyrac groped his way to the bed and found his phone. It was still reasonably early to ask for help. But he’d need to get dressed first. He dried himself up as efficiently as the circumstances permitted and grabbed a random outfit from the wardrobe, using his phone as a torch. Jesus, all that productivity for nothing. And he’d never spoken to his neighbours, ever. Sheepishly, Courfeyrac poked his head in the corridor and knocked on the door right opposite his. No one answered. He insisted.

“Please, er.. Is anybody here? It’s the next door neighbour. Maybe there was a power outage or something, I just-I don’t know. But I’d need-”

The door opened, and Courfeyrac came to two simultaneous conclusions:

  1. He should have bothered to meet his neighbour earlier
  2. His neighbour was the most beautiful person he’d ever seen. And that came from someone who counted Enjolras amongst his very selective list of best friends.

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Jean-Luc imagine - he realizes he loves you

Requested? Yes, by an anon
Word count? 759
Warnings? Just cheesy lovey-dovey stuff

The captain entered Ten Forward in hopes of finding you. The two of you had an argument earlier that day, and he was in agony thinking you could be mad at him. In all honesty, it was a silly and dumb argument, but it had made you mad. The things that were said between you two weren’t nice things, and a lot of it neither of you meant. You’d stormed out of his quarters and Jean-Luc hadn’t had the time to talk to you about it, yet.

His eyes scanned the room, trying to find you amongst all the people. Finally, he saw you. His chest tightened. You were sitting with Geordi, giggling and smiling at something he’d said. Jean-Luc knew he had no right to be jealous. After all, you two were just friends.

“Something troubling you?” Guinan asked from behind the bar.

The captain looked to her, not really hearing what she’d asked. “What?”

“You looked upset,” she clarified. “Something on your mind?”

“No,” he lied, eyes going back to you quickly.

“Ah. I see. You should go talk to them. They came in here looking pretty upset about an hour ago. Geordi went over to try and cheer them up.”

With a frown, Jean-Luc watched you. “How upset did they look?”

“Like someone had called them needy and selfish.”

He looked at her quickly, eyes widening slightly.

Guinan shrugged meekly. “I may have overheard the conversation Y/N had with Geordi.”

Jean-Luc rubbed his face and sighed. “I should go apologize, shouldn’t I?”

“Might be a good idea.”

He sighed again and made his way to you. He cleared his throat when he neared, and the laughter died from both you and Geordi.

“Lieutenant,” the captain said to Geordi.

Geordi nodded. “Captain. I … I should be getting back to engineering.” He stood. “it was nice talking with you, Y/N.”

You smiled softly at him. “You too. Thanks for joining me.”

He smiled before leaving.

Jean-Luc sat in his place, folding his hands together on the table. “Y/N …”

You held up a hand. “I know you’ve been under a lot of stress lately and I know I can be a bit much at times, but that doesn’t excuse what you said.”

“No, you’re right, it doesn’t. I shouldn’t have called you what I did. I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry, too. I guess I’ve just been bottling a lot of things up lately and kind of blew my top at you.”

Jean-Luc smiled sympathetically. “You shouldn’t have to bottle things up around me. You should know by now that you can tell me anything.”

You shrugged looked down at the table. “I don’t know. There are some things I’m too embarrassed to tell you.”

“Don’t be embarrassed, Y/N. You know I’ll never judge you.”

“I know,” you replied. “It’s just that I don’t know how you’ll respond.”

He reached across the table to take your hand loosely. “Tell me if you want to, but I won’t force you.”

You bit your lip and looked at your intertwined hands. “There’s someone on this ship that I think—I think I might be in love with them.”

At that, Jean-Luc’s heart shattered. He realized in that moment why he was jealous of Geordi making you laugh. Why he’d always been so protective over you and why he’d worried so much whenever you got hurt. Why he had been getting a funny feeling in his stomach whenever you were near him. He was in love with you. Utterly and completely in love.

“And I know that he’s probably not looking for a relationship right now,” you continued, ignoring Jean-Luc’s silence. “At least not with me.”

“Why wouldn’t he want to be in a relationship with you?” he blurted before he could stop himself. “You’re amazing, Y/N. Very clever and smart; very funny and fun to be around; very kind and caring; and very attractive.”

You blinked, startled. You blushed. “You really think so?”

He nodded. “I do. And if he doesn’t feel the same way then you shouldn’t bother with him.”

You smiled, giving his hand a small squeeze. “I think he just told me how he feels.”

Jean-Luc met your gaze, realization hitting him. “I’m the one you’re in love with?”

You nodded slowly, biting down on your lip as you thought of what to say.

“Well . . . that’s a relief,” he mumbled. “Otherwise this could have gotten very awkward.”

You laughed and Jean-Luc smiled, listening to the laugh he’d fallen in love with.

“Those are glasses.” 

Tooru lifts an eyebrow and rests one hand on his tilted hip. “So attentive, Hajime. Yes, they are.”

“Glasses,” Hajime echoes. “Which means you see better now.” He’s starting to sound a little bit like a parrot, Tooru thinks and can’t keep himself from snickering. But instead of scolding him for it, Hajime just stares at him as if he’d just stripped naked and tried to dance on the table (hey, that was just once, okay. College is a crazy place.) 

But suddenly, just when Tooru is about to wave a hand in front of his boyfriend’s face, Hajime jolts. “Okay. So. Yeah.” And strangely, he turns away from Tooru and lowers his head. “That’s fine.” 

“Sure as hell doesn’t look like it,” Tooru says and raises his other brow as well. What is up with Hajime? Maybe he thinks Tooru’s ugly now? Oh God. The sting inside his chest is ice-cold. “Don’t you like me with glasses…?” 

“No!” Hajime whirls around, cheeks burning, and it looks like he’s shielding his face from the sun because he holds his hand up really awkwardly. “I just. You always look good. I just. I mean, you see better now, right. Uhm.” 

This is getting weirder by the second. Tooru grabs his boyfriend’s hand and peels it off his face. “Come on, I can see something’s bothering you. Are they that ugly - put your hand down, what are you even - wait.” 

And somehow, it hits him. Tooru lets go of Hajime and his eyes widen. No. That can’t be - or can it? Hajime’s face has taken on the colour of a sunset, and he rubs his neck, staring to the floor. Tooru swallows, hard, and gently takes his hands. “Are you - why won’t you look at me?”

“Because maybe you won’t find me attractive anymore.” 

Tooru blinks. That is - “…the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.” He sighs, and lightly presses his forehead against Hajime’s. “Look. Hey, look at me.” And when Hajime does it, Tooru smiles, soft and mischievous. “I know how you look when you come, and I know that face up close. I know you drool when you sleep. Glasses won’t change how much I love you.” 

“You honestly turn every love confession into an insult.” Hajime gently punches him into his ribcage but still grins, and then he snatches the glasses right off Tooru’s face to kiss him, lifting his head up high to reach him. 

ice cream & haunted houses


pairing: chenle x reader
genre: super super super fluff you will vomit rainbows through your eyes
plot: date with chenle at an amusement park
word count: 2,429
a/n: i am TERRIBLE with scenario titles wtf. it’s my first scenario after one year of hiatus, i seriously hope u like it! 


He was already there when you arrived at the fountain, located near the entrance of the amusement park. The dusk painted the sky in shades of peachy pink and waves of soft violet, and you noticed how the colour of his hair matched harmoniously with the tints of brown trying to fit into the odd mixture of hues and saturations. He hadn’t seen you, not yet, but you took that as an advantage to study his handsome and soothing figure.

He was wearing that old pale pink oversized sweater he had since the third grade – the same sweater you were always complimenting -, even though the sleeves were having trouble  reaching out to cover his wrists. He insisted on wearing it as much as possible when he was with you, because he knew you loved how good it looked on him.

A paper bag loosely swung between his fingers and you couldn’t help but wonder why he had brought it there for. He kept turning his head from one side to another, perhaps looking for you, anxiously waiting for you to show up in front of him – or at least, that’s what you hoped for.

You raised your hand as if you wanted to touch the twilight sky, making yourself visible for the boy on the other side of the street who was blindly searching for you in all the wrong places.

“Chenle!” you waved your arm, clumsily standing yourself on your toes.

His head turned to the petite figure near the water fountain, worried eyes instantly turning brighter than the moonlight as they landed on you. Inside your chest, your heart skipped a beat the moment you watched the corners of his plump little mouth curl upwards into the smile he only made when he saw you in your graphic t-shirts, and your skinny jeans and your rounded glasses. He frantically waved back at you, gesturing with his hand for you to come closer.

The urge to have him closer to you was so intense that you mindlessly crossed the street, making your way towards him like a child attracted by the scent of gummy bears and lollipops.

The moon and the stars were already hanging from the tidal wave of the darkest blue like adornments in a marionette show. In less than a second, both of you were facing each other, with stupid in love smiles plastered on your faces. You looked up at him, taking your time admiring his looks and how soft he looked covered in your favourite pale pink sweater.

You and your pretty little mind were so caught up in Chenle’s soft smile that you didn’t even notice when his middle finger and thumb flicked against your forehead, earning a cry from you as both of your hands covered the barely hurt spot.

“Outch! What was that for?” you asked with accusing eyes.

“You didn’t even watch if there was a car coming when you crossed the street!” he nagged at you as if he was one of your parents. “Don’t ever do that again!”

Under your breath, you tried to conceal a smirk. Seeing him caring about you and scolding you for not being careful never failed to make your heart flutter and your cheeks become hotter than blue fire.

“Well, sorry.” You replied pretentiously, letting your hands fall to your sides as you wondered if Chenle would notice the shades of red absorbed in your face. “What’s that?”

Chenle diverted the sweet stare he was holding on you to the paper bag on his hand. His expression transformed immediately and, before you noticed, his eyes were a curved thin line and his teeth were showing in a wide smile. “Oh, this is for you!”

He stretched out his arm towards you and as he did, your lips slightly parted in pure surprise. You had gone in so many dates with Chenle, yet this was the first time he was bringing you a gift. You knew he was up to something, you knew him well enough to know. But what? Had something changed in your friendship that you didn’t quite pay attention to? If so, what had changed?

You took the paper bag in your petite hands, not only curious about what he had brought you, but also apprehensive. Chenle was one of the sweetest boys you had met your entire life; however, he was also one of the most mischievous.

The paper bag contained a medium sized black box, its cover involved in a silk bow. You grabbed the box in your hands and let the paper bag fall onto ground, carelessly. Giving Chenle one last curious glance, you opened the box to see a pair of round spectacle glasses with coloured lenses – the same glasses you couldn’t seem to shut up about for the past two weeks. In all of your dates, you would always drag him to the store just to whine about how pretty and cool they were.

You gasped at the sight of the most precious object you now owned. “Chenle… I’ve been wanting these for so long… You really didn’t have to… Thank you…”

He chuckled and you felt your heart jump a little. “Y/N, stop it… I wanted to give them to you for a long time, but I wanted to give them in a special day.”

“Special day?” You asked almost in a tone of negligence. You were still too focused on examining every millimetre of the beautiful glasses you could now call yours.

Chenle gently took your hand in his, helping you in the movements of your fingers to put the glasses back on the box as in a please pay attention to me request. You stared at him, bewildered, and you swore you had blinked hundred, a thousand, perhaps a million times when your cold skin touched his.

“I’m glad you liked the glasses.” He smiled, then pointing to the enormous and twinkling amusement park’s entrance. “Shall we go in?”

Holding the paper bag on your hands, your eyes shone at him like a million fireworks in the night sky. At that moment, you were the happiest girl in the planet.


The silver moonlight immersed into Chenle’s hair colour like a feather carried by the warm summer breeze. You were walking slowly around the amusement park, half trying to find the next attraction you wanted to ride on, half appreciating each other’s company while comfortably eating your ice creams in silence.

As you took the last bite into your mint chocolate ice cream, your eyes darted to relish Chenle’s feautures, from his beaded eyes, to his perfectly sculpted and defined nose, to the chubby apples of his cheeks and finally halting at the sweet form of his plump lips; he was too handsome for you to handle, but his personality was way more valuable than his looks. He was clever, funny, perceptive, enthusiastic of your interests and, above all, the strongest shoulder you could ever lean on. He knew you better than anyone else. He always offered to help you doing your homework whenever you had difficulties; he never failed to make you smile or laugh when you were feeling down and had tears threatening to slide down; he was your best reader, he knew exactly what each one of your expressions meant, you were like an open book for him, but just for him, no one else; listening to you talking with passion about the things you loved was his ultimate favourite hobby, he would never let you down or make you feel bad for loving the things you loved; his shoulders were always available for you, and only for you, and they were your favourite place to rest your head on at the end of tiresome days.

Your wandering thoughts were suddenly interrupted by Chenle’s cocky voice, accompanied by a mischievous wink. “Y/N, I know I’m handsome, but you don’t need to keep staring at me.”

You felt your cheeks heat up. “Ugh, stop it. I just thought I had seen a bit of ice cream in your face, that’s it!”

“Yeah, right!” He giggled. “So, what attraction do you want ride on now?”

“Hmm… I was thinking….” Your eyes roamed between all the surrounding attractions, with colourful lights blinking, unsynchronised, each of them drawing more of your attention that the one you had seen before.

Then, you spotted a darker attraction, filled with monsters and ghosts and bloody figures waving their dangerous knives and letting out evil laughs like in a horror cartoon.

“That one! I want to go on the haunted house!” You rejoiced, pointing excitedly to the attraction.

“T-the… The haunted house?” Your eyes met Chenle’s when you spotted hesitation in his voice.

“Yes…” He gulped. And you noticed. “Wait… Are you scared to go on the hauted house, Zhong Chenle?!”

“No! No at all!” He frantically shook his head no and you burst into laughter the second you realised he was lying. “If you want to go to the haunted house that badly, then let’s go!”

He started to walk towards the haunted house, determined to show you how fearless he was, and you followed behind him.

You insisted in buying the tickets and after a long argument about it, Chenle gave in and let you. Both of you patiently waited until the little carriage of the train who would tour you around the haunted house had a free seat and, as soon as other people got out, you sat side by side at the front.

“Are you sure you want to stay in the front?” Chenle whispered and when you looked at him, fear was all over his face.

You tilted your head to the side, comforting him with a soft smile. “Chenle, it’s okay… We don’t have to g-”

“No, I want to go into this haunted house with you.” He smiled. “It’s something you like and I want you to share the things you like with me too.”

Deep down, you knew he had always been terribly scared of anything that had to do with horror – and this time, you chose the haunted house not only because you liked the adrenaline it gave you, but also because you wanted to help him fight his fears. Although it might not be the best occasion to do it, you wanted to, at least, try.

Trying to conceal his fear, you watched him as he played with his fingers, anxiety beginning to erode him inside. Regardless of being overly responsive to every touch of Chenle – your heart skipped a trillion beats, your cheeks turn red and you always avoided eye contact -, this moment was one of those where you couldn’t let your shyness win over the love you felt for him. With your mind settled, you inhaled and slowly let your fingers search for his, entwining both of your piano hands together. Chenle held your gaze with an incredulous look plastered onto his face, probably surprised by the fact that this was the first time he was not making the move on you. You curled your lips to him in a smile which he returned with glittering irises and dilated pupils.

The moments Chenle shortened the distance between your bodies and let his head fall upon your shoulder, the train started.


Honestly, you almost hadn’t paid any attention to the haunted house tour. In fact, you hadn’t paid any attention at all. Your whole world had stopped the second Chenle tightened the grip on your hand and leaned onto your shoulder for comfort. Your heart was beating faster than the speed of light, harder than a meteor shower crossing the atmosphere and cratering the earth. Although the air was filled with other people’s screams and laughs within the haunted house, the sounds of your heartbeats had been loud enough for you to fear that Chenle would listen. He had spent the entire trip clinging onto your shoulder while pressing his lids together from time to time. And you… you had spent the entire trip staring at him.

Staring at Chenle in secret was always the same as clicking in a button to mute all the noise buzzing in the world. Then, your favourite love songs started to play in the background of your mind and you admired his every feature and flaw and thought about how it would feel to have his arms wrapping up around you in an embrace full of care and love and support. An embrace you could only imagine and, much to your disappointment, were not able to bring to reality.

The haunted house train arrived at its final destination and Chenle detached himself from you, yet not breaking your sweet and warm holding hands. You got out of the train and Chenle was guiding you silently through the crowd of people wandering round in the amusement park, always looking over his shoulder to make sure you were still there with him. Something was not right. Why was he acting this oddly?

As soon as you reached the frontier that separated the amusement park and the river, Chenle stopped under a pretty tree showered by the beautiful moonlight and shining stars and immediately enveloped both of his arms on your neck, pushing you against the warmth of his sweater.

You gasped, caught in surprise by his sudden act. Your arms were hanging loose, with an unknown place to settle. Chenle wasn’t much taller than you, but tall enough to rest his chin on the top of your head as one of his hands played with your hair, gently and purely out of love. “I really like you, you know?”

When you woke up from your static state, you managed to place your arms around his waist, linking your hands together on his back. Your eyelids clung into each other and you sank into his embrace as if there was no tomorrow. “I really like you too…”

His chin parted from the top of your head and that allowed you to look up at him in delight. For the hundredth time tonight, he caught you by surprise by leaning in and placing a sweet kiss onto your forehead.

There you stood, two kinds in love under the starry night and ocean of silver moon, in the arms of one another. You felt warm, protected, loved. You were smiling and your head sank into his chest even more.

At that moment, everything was right in the world. At that moment, you swore you were the happiest girl in the entire universe.


Originally posted by nikole-and-shy

Characters: Cas x Reader, Sam and Dean breifly 

Word Count: 1373

Warnings: Fluff, Confused Cas, Saucy Language, Swearing, It’s a crack fic

Summary:  Cas is oblivious, so the reader turns to less than orthodox methods to get his attention.

A/N: *pushes glasses up nose* To the best of my scientific knowledge, this is not a thing, not really.  So maybe, just tell someone you like them.  Or, idk, maybe chocolate does work on most humans.  

Today was the day.  

You’d been lusting after Castiel forever with not even the slightest notion that he was aware.  Today was that day that changed.  You’d made a list, done your research.  All you needed was a false pretense to get him in the bunker, and another one to get the boys out of the bunker.

The second part was easy enough.  You’d always had a good eye for finding cases.  It wasn’t long before you had a case for them.  The only hang up was explaining why you would be hanging behind. 

 Luckily for you, neither Sam or Dean really understood the concept of what “Lady Problems” included.  They were all too happy to let you sit this one out after a little melodramatic overreacting.  

(“Are you okay,” Dean asked, watching you limp around the bunker like a sad penguin.

“Yeah, why?”  You said woefully.  

“You don’t look so great,” he said, taking in your baggy sweatpants.  

Cue the fake tears. Adios, boy!)

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