such attract

Jungkook has such a killer body…… like I look at his body and it makes me……. want to work out lol


he just complicates things okay?!

I can’t deal with the combination of this:  




do i even need to put THIS

and his laugh is like my new fave thing

and if this isn’t a problem, i don’t know what is…

The part that was left out is that our inner guidance is reliable and constantly available. It’s there anytime you choose to listen, same as CNN is on anytime you decide to switch on the TV. It’s that reliable. And you are free to put it on the spot, to demand clear answers. Now.
—  Pam Grout, E Squared

Tokyo Sunset 1803 by Krzysztof Baranowski
Via Flickr:
with Mt Fuji.