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Complete Bi Overhaul Update 4

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This mod is now compatible with Improved Romance Scenes. Y’all have fun with all this cause, good lord, wow. I never thought that there was too little sex and romance in DAO, but apparently this person did and they certainly took care of that.

Below is the IRS (unfortunate acronym I know) version of the first time with Alistair. Don’t worry I spared you from the actual sex scene, but it’s still a bit nsfw. You’re gonna see some tidy whiteys is all im saying.

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#which has an unfortunate acronym yess omg this annoys me so much! it's easy to write stg for zayn or jho for louis, why does liam hate me?! :(

Buy and stream ST– errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr LIAM’S SONG


But, er, don’t, er, use the acronym when Twitter trending 🙈

The one, the only...

Television: Beauty School drop outs and FBI.

⬆ It wasn’t a dream or implanted fake memory, The X-Files (No. 5) really did premiere this week.
☆ An unfortunate acronym, a positive ranking. The SAG Awards came back at No. 11.
☆ It’s the live action musical we want (ooh, ooh, ooh, honey). Grease: Live debuted at No. 14.

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Movies: The next big reunion isn’t for another 15 years.

Lazer Team (No. 6), the movie that Kickstarted off with $2.4 million, was released. Sorry, Zach Braff.
⬇︎ The reunion is over, everyone is going home. High School Musical is slowly dropping out at No. 9.

Music: Wiz Khalifa has cool pants.

⬆ You’re pro-Anti. Rihanna dropped her album and moved up to No. 2.
☆ Which was almost overshadowed by Kanye West’s (No. 4) feud with Wiz Khalifa.

Celebrities: Always down to sip their tea.

Amber Rose is at No. 2 after issuing the clapback heard around the world. #WeWon’tUseTheHashtag
⬇︎ Gigi Hadid, or Zayn Malik’s current muse, moved up to No. 6.
Leonardo DiCaprio’s (No. 17) date to The Sag Awards was a vape pen. Vape life, etc.

Games: M.R.E.A.M. Memes rule everything around media.

⬆ The stars aligned and Fire Emblem Fates climbs up six spots to No. 8.
Super Mario 64 debuts at No. 16 nearly a decade after it was released thanks to a meme.
⬇︎ Animal Crossing: New Leaf is hanging on by a thread at No. 20. Please water your fandoms.

Web stuff: A BFF shake-up.

AmazingPhil turned 29 and, for the first time ever, surpassed danisnotonfire to claim No. 1.
⬇︎ danisnotonfire (No. 2) did not turn 29 and, for the first time ever, fell behind AmazingPhil.

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I see comments about you on various Youtube videos, and some of them are ones that say how they've lost respect for you. The reasons they give is because it seems to them that you're treating this too much like a job and that your tone has become a lot more harsh, turning you into a caustic critic. You ratio of atrocities to admirables is highly unbalanced, so after PiMP (an unfortunate acronym), you need to get back to reviewing more good stuff, like Strawberry Eggs, MtR and Samurai Jack.

Can someone please  tell me what I’m doing now is more different than what I’ve usually been doing? Except for maybe having the bad stuff be worse than usual? Because I really can’t see it. And how is this turning into a job? I’d probably have a lot less delays if that was the case :/