such an underrated female friendship

Supergirl 3x01

…and 5 things about it.

1. Kara is so dark in this ep and I really liked how they decided to show her like that. She was always this optimistic ball of sunshine, but all this time she was dealing with a lot of loss and losing Mon-El was just too much. Now we actually have a superhero who needs to face grief and mental health and that’s amazing. She says that Kara Danvers is dead, but at the same time what she’s doing makes her even more human. That leads to another thing - she’s a strong woman and she’s allowed to have problems. Lately in fiction there’s this trend that a “strong female lead” pretty much can be read as “a heartless bitch who kills first and asks questions later” and that’s bullshit. A woman (anyone for that matter) can be strong even if she cries or grieves or is scared, because that’s normal. We’re not robots, we have feelings and it’s not sth to be ashamed of. Therefore a show with a MC who breaks down, but then is able to stand up is a big yes for me.

2. I’m looking forward to more Lena x James scenes. No, i’m not shipping them (at least not yet ;p), but considering their worldviews and personalities, this can turn into a very interesting relationship. James seems to be focusing a bit more on his work at CatCo (I approve as his Guardian storyline last season was kinda lacking for me) and Lena is as badass as always (looking forward to seeing her wreck Edge, because the guy from Heroes is, of course, a jerk ;p). And more Lena x Kara friendship please! (because female friendship is so underrated in tv.)

3. I absolutely loved the scene with Danvers sisters (great acting!). The confrontation was amazing - they both had a point and it was hard to pick a side, because I had this feeling that if I were Kara, I would be doing what she does and if I were Alex, I would be saying what she said. 

4. J’onn is a blessing. He is a father figure through and through and I loved how supportive he was of his two big “daughters”. I got this feeling he understood Kara best (he also lost someone) and that’s why he was the only one who never pushed her and therefore was the one she finally opened up to a little. Also the scene with Alex at the end <3 I teared up, because he’s such a dad! Just the best!

5. And last but not least - karamel! The scene at the beginning was beautiful (even despite the fact that the scenery kinda looked like a commercial of a washing powder ;)) and heartbreaking at the same time. We got it as the first scene and then were suddenly thrown into an action sequence. The light world vs the dark world. The world that Kara wants vs the world that she have. Great contrast and cool cinematography. But then we get the “wake up” scene and it got me thinking - is it possible this wasn’t actually a dream? And they are connected in some way? It’s suspicious and I want more ;3

princessdirtpig  asked:

Are Feferi and Kanaya friends in your bloodswap? (they're one of the most underrated hs strong female friendships imo!)

haha well they’re not immediately best friends or anything. kanaya has a weird aversion to favors, or relying on other people at all, that feferi thinks is stupid.

feferi is a good friend of karkat’s, and when karkat and kanaya start dating pale, kanaya sometimes comes to visit him. So kanaya made the effort to be friends with his friends, and feferi is generally pro-friend and was no problem at all.

(eridan, of course, WAS a problem and alternated between being slightly nasty and being too afraid of kanaya to say anything.)

but yes they got to be friends! they get along pretty well.


George and Annie.

(full spoilers ahead)

As a relationship, it’s never as valued as the show’s romances or male/male friendships or the also underrated female bond between Annie and Nina. And that’s too bad, because George and Annie had something special, something fans claim is almost non-existent in popular media: The male/female friendship. Two unrelated people of aligning sexualities who love each other — really love each other — without a hint of sex. They were “just friends,” but they were more than that: They were a force of nature.

In the beginning, George wasn’t thrilled to learn that the house was occupied by a ghost, least of all a bubbly, talkative, tea-making ghost. He wanted control over his situation, and, at first, she threw that off. Then things started happening. It was Annie who (involuntarily) brought Tully’s true nature to light. George was a dick about it, but afterward, when he realized he was wrong, he knew that he needed to be on Annie’s side — no one should come between them. When Nina entered the picture, not only did she not come between George and Annie, she would make them stronger. It was George who got Annie off the couch when she was in deep despair, telling her she was needed, giving her the strength to fight the vampires with him (albeit awkwardly). When Annie’s door appeared, it was George who begged her to stay.

In Series 2, when the trio started to fall apart, George and Annie didn’t. Sure, George found a new girlfriend and she was no Nina (Sam did unintentionally threaten to come between them), but he always found time for her. They spent more time alone together. They bonded. When Saul’s ghost was ordered to force her through the door, it was George who tried desperately to help her. When Annie wanted to make it up to Hugh for “disappearing” on him, George helped her reunite him with Kirsten. And, of course, when Mitchell came home blood-drunk and made sexual advances toward her, George put Annie’s well-being above all else, and removed her from him and from the home, not knowing if he’d ever see Mitchell again. (This was highly traumatic for Annie, and it unfortunately brought her right to Kemp, but it was one time — the first time — George refused to look the other way.)

George wasn’t willing to put Mitchell’s life on the line for much, but, difficult as it was, he was willing to do it for Annie when she was trapped in Purgatory. In the end, George and Annie had to be a force strong enough to accept what had to be done. Annie would have stayed — she did stay — by him until his dying day. She never would have chosen to lose him and Nina, but through their tragic losses she became the one thing she thought she’d never be: a mother.

Some people question whether Mitchell was waiting for Annie on the other side of her final door. But whatever fans think about vampire souls and the afterlife, everyone knows one thing for sure: George was there waiting.

Thanks to psmith73 for the gifs and caps!

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