such an unattractive film


Elizabeth Taylor in The Driver’s Seat (1974), in which she plays a lonely and strange woman named Lise who has detached herself from society, and who goes on vacation to Rome to find a man. But she doesn’t go looking for love or a romantic affair: she searches for a man who will stab her to death.

Widely panned and mocked by critics upon release, the movie (unfairly) faded into obscurity. Liz filmed the movie during her divorce from Richard Burton, and during filming told the director Giuseppe Patroni Griffi; “It takes one day to die, another to be reborn.”

However, Lise is a character who has completely abandoned, or has been abandoned by, humanity and decides to rid herself of own her life by searching for a man who will take it from her. Rather than classic Hollywood tales of finding romance in Rome, The Driver’s Seat subverts this by portraying a self-destructive and completely detached woman who is averse to, and even disgusted by, romance and sex and who wants only death.

Liz is also totally unlike her glamorous Old Hollywood persona in this film. She is not afraid to look unattractive, garish, crazy, scary, aggressive, and mentally unhinged, and she puts her all into her performance. In the scene depicted above, Lise applies makeup not to appeal to those around her, but rather cakes it on like a form of war paint to make herself stand apart from others. And it works: the people around her often remark about her deranged appearance. However, Lise revels in her alienation and doesn’t seem to care anymore.

Ultimately, Lise finds peace only in her own self destruction and demise. This is a movie that can often be campy and darkly humorous at times, but also one that is a disturbing yet honest portrait of a distraught and unhinged woman who has lost her sense of self, and it is one of Liz Taylor’s great forgotten roles.

Katherine Parkinson on Humans, being a working mum - and never escaping Maltesers"

"How did that work with a tiny baby?”

“I had an electric pump to breastfeed while filming. Those things are so unattractive. I was using it next to Colin Morgan (Leo) in the make-up chair – one of the sexiest actors ever. And I’m trying to feel like a woman next to him, but the noise it makes, good God.

People who say Ghostbusters isn’t feminist must live in a world where women who aren’t attractive by hollywood standards, specifically and especially fat women, dominate the movie industry as protagonists in a film where their being fat or unattractive/not conventionally attractive isn’t a running joke

I mean when was the last time we got a female-led film where the woman was fat and not conventionally attractive and yet the protagonist (not the well-meaning side kick to a hollywood beauty queen) and didn’t have to have some magical weight lifting transformation to be attractive to the men in the same film? And she wasn’t the butt of jokes for being fat or “ugly”?

Spy 2015, directed by Paul Feig 

And I suppose Hairspray, before that? I’m not coming up with any more tho. I’m thinking about Rose in Agent Carter, but she was still a side character so idk if that counts.

Whenever I see women complaining about the Ghostbusters film being the wrong kind of feminism, I think “Yes skinny pretty white girl who dresses fashionably, wears the kind of makeup you see in movies, and looks like a plethora of white actresses in hollywood, tell me more about how this movie where the women don’t look like you,is not your kind of feminism”

Wonder Woman is coming out and it’s gonna be great, but Gal Gadot is still basically a supermodel / goddess who guys are crowing over. Mad Max was fantastic because Furiosa looked put through the ringer in the way most women magically don’t when put in an apocalyptic film, but under all that, she was still Charlize Theron and still was the attractive leading lady Hollywood would call for.

I’m always happy to see women like Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones in a film that isn’t one big fat joke. I can’t wait for the sequel to Spy, if there is one.

ALSO! Kristen Wiig was skinny but not Hollywood skinny, she wasn’t set up to be “the pretty one” and it’s so so good to see a woman who’s skinny onscreen without having to be magically hollywood sexy 


EzrA is A clues in 5x21-

Ezra was conveniently out of town this episode. Doing what, I might ask?

Cyrus gives Hanna and Aria a piece of appear that says Varjack.
Some background info-
Varjack is Holly Golightly’s neighbor in the film Breakfast At Tiffany’s. He goes from unattractive/unlikeable to handsome/likeable throughout the movie. This is actually called the Varjack Effect (creds to Wikipedia).

Ezra used to call Alison Holly Golightly. Audrey Hepburn plays her in the movie. During this episode, Aria looked really similar to the character of Holly (her hair).

Finally, Alison’s fake passport. HOLLY MOTHERFUCKIN VARJACK. Holly, as Ezra called her, Varjack, which I think is safe to assume as A’s alias.

Ezra could be Varjack (and ultimately A) because of this whole Breakfast At Tiffany’s parallel. Also, Ezra sorta experiences the Varjack effect throughout season 5.

The season kicked off with Ezra being the creepy stalker that crazy stalked them for years (still not over that). Slowly but surely, all the girls begin to forgive him, and now everyone considers him as good and trustworthy as he was pre-book reveal.
But that’s not all.

As a blogger (sorry can’t remember who) pointed out, the ‘bandage mummy’ that hurts Cyrus has EZRAS shoes! And he also has a similar body figure!

At this point, Ezra is screaming A to me.

Oh yeah also fun fact- an anagram for Ezra Fitzgerald is Defeat Razz Girl. Razz means tease playfully. Sounds a lot like Alison, doesn’t it?

Rant on Taeun

Because of this post.

For starters, it’s fine that you didn’t like Taeun as a couple on wgm because everyone has their dislikes. It’s also fine that you like the fact that Taeun “won’t be a thing anymore.”

However, it is not fine to make assumptions about things that you know nothing about.

Granted, none of us really know much about any of our idols, only what they claim to be true. 

Taemin does like extreme sports and Naeun was willing to bungee jump with him because of it. She did a lot of things that he has suggested. 

“Naeun doesn’t fit his ideal type.”

Everyone has an ideal type that they look for in a person, but honestly, if everyone went around expecting to find someone that met their ideal tastes, everyone would be single.

An ideal type is basically a pretty term for a person that you dream to be yours. If everyone expected their dreams to magically appear before them, then they’d be missing some really great chances with some really great people.

Yeah, it would be nice to date somebody with your ideals or shares your exact same interests, but the chances of finding someone that fits your description down to a T is very low.

“Taemin’s persona on the show was idiotic.”

When has Taemin’s personality ever placed him as smart? This kid acts so childishly during concerts where he gets the chance to interact with fans. This is the same kid that makes the most disgusting faces at cameras because he is just that dumb. This child will eat so unattractively and not give one fuck that he is being filmed. He is the most stupidest of all my biases and because he is not afraid to act a fool in front of a girl that he will have to let go of soon enough, shows that this Taemin is the same Taemin that we all see on stage while making horrible faces into a camera. 

This Taemin that had ideals for a girl he would come to like, expections, totally forgotten because he met someone that was the complete opposite of his ideal girl; a girl that laughed at jokes that we are embarrassed for him telling. A girl that bungee jumped with him despite her being terrified. A girl that ate, really ate despite there being so many cameras. A girl that shed tears for Taemin because she didn’t want to say goodbye. 

My point here is that any person, especially boys will act a fool in front of a girl they like. They will do the stupidest shit just to show off in front of them, say things to get the person to like them more, or even act a certain way because they may think that it’s what that person wants to see from them.

And Taemin and Naeun are just one of many examples that you can find a person that you really like without that person fitting your ideals.

((((((((((Now for my immature small note: it’s fucking okay to have your own fucking opinions, but i’m so sick of you little shits bashing the fuck out of my otp and bashing naeun. like it isn’t enough that she has seen such bashing but fuck. you have to bash her even after they left the fucking show? Like we all have our own fucking opinions and shit, but be fucking honest with yourselves. you’ll never find someone that you dream of- sorry, I mean, that your ideal type is. that isn’t how this works. and so what if naeun isn’t what taemin was fucking looking for? he sure as shit isn’t going to fly to your city and start dating you because you are #1 taemint and you deserve to date him because best fan. if he fucking likes naeun (which he clearly does i mean this boy cried for her), let him like her. don’t get fucking butthurt because you aint her.))))))))))