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I've grown less and less interested in Pokemon GO over time, but I'm still so invested in your Spark comics. I just love them so much. The adorable character designs, and the subtle hints at a larger story, as well as just how cute, funny, and charming the comics are. I hope you don't mind me gushing a bit, but I really just think they're fantastic, and by extension, so are you.

Thank youuuu ^////////^

I’m glad you like the cute and charming aspect of them x) Kid Spark is so fun to think up scenarios for hehe.

Here’s a quick sketch xD Thank you for being kind and awesome, Anon!

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That anon's request raises an interesting question: can a client commission you for a Pokemon redesign that farther down the list? Like can someone commission a Deoxys or Garbodor?

That’s actually a really interesting question I hadn’t considered.

I’m not opposed to the idea, I’d be totally down but I do have one worry. If it’s open as a commission I’d be afraid people would want to add in their own ideas and their own standards to the redesigns, when the point is for me to explore the design my own way.

If people are okay with just seeing the Pokemon they wanna see and are willing to give me complete freedom, I definitely would not be opposed to it being something people could commission. At the same time, that’s kinda like just paying for me to skip numbers, but if that’s what people really want, then I guess I’m okay with it.

Why Gladion’s theme sounds familiar

SO basically Gladion’s theme here 

actually has the same kind of tune as this theme here from Red and Blue Rescue team (Not as upbeat) 

Where in the game (spoilers if you haven’t played) you end up having to run away with your partner from a town of angry pokemon and other rescue teams due to manipulation (by the bad guys in the game), so you’re considered a run away fugitive at that point. 

And Gladion himself is a run away fugitive as well, SO THAT’S A THING !! NICE LITTLE REFERENCE GAMEFREAK. 


Hello everyone~ I’m opening up some pre-orders for some new charms and merch, and reprinting some old designs as well, if you’re interested feel free to drop by and take a look! whatdoyoumeanitsbasicallyallvoltron?(*’∀’人)♥



I love him and his dorky fighting stance so so much.

I imagine this is how he was looking at you when you went over to his house for tea and snacks. Flowers and all.


Team Rocket reminders:

James comes from a super rich family and grew up severely sheltered and ridiculously “conditioned” to be ready for formal society, recieving little to no attention from his parents that didn’t directly have to do with prepping him to become an influential adult.
He ran away from home as a teen and joined a gang because it was as good a way as he could think of to get away from his family because anything “legit” he could’ve tried to do his parents would get involved with or try to talk him out of to instead just do whatever THEY wanted him to do to make even MORE money, marry some girl, have kids etc etc.
Not helped by the fact that the girl chosen by his family for him to marry is an extremely overbearing, controlling cruel girl who cared nothing for his feelings or well being. Only wanting him for his money and as a “trophy husband”.

In the original series, after a really cruel scheme by his family to get him to come home, get married, get a real job, make money, James left for good and forfeited his inheritance, effectively severing all ties with his family and their money.

His submissive personality comes from a childhood of strict upbringing and harassment from his supposed fiance as well as his neglectful parents. James struggles with being assertive or standing his ground as he’s been raised to believe his own emotions are not important and pleasing other people is all that matters.

Jessie was the only child of a single mother who was a high-ranking member of Team Rocket. Unfortunately, during an expedition to the Andes where there had been several sightings of Mew, Jessie’s mom went missing. Because Team Rocket is awful, Jessie was completely ignored by the organization despite her mother’s influence and she was booted to a foster home which had no money to look after her properly. She went a lot of times without food.

She tried to become a nurse but couldn’t get into the training school. She decided to go to another nursing school meant for Chanseys but eventually flunked that too since, you know, she’s not a chansey. She then went to a regular trainer school (where she met James) and eventually flunked out of that too. Which is where she and James joined the biker gang. She did some model work but it never went anywhere. She’s had a bunch of weird odd-jobs before joining Team Rocket.

She’s had a string of boyfriends but unfortunately seems drawn to scumbags as all her past boyfriends have treated her badly in some way or another. More than likely her childhood neglect makes her crave affection and she looks for it in bad places.

Meowth was a stray, moving to a big city believing it would be easier to find food and be taken care of there. At some point, he met a female meowth and became enamoured with her, but she rejected him, saying that she vastly preferred the company of humans to other pokemon, especially dirty strays with no trainers. So, in order to win her affections, Meowth went about learning to speak, and walking on hind legs (something I wish the friggen games would remember! The species don’t walk on hind legs!) But when he approached her again after he felt he had a good grasp on how to act more human, she called him a ‘freak’.

He joined Team Rocket as it was one of the first words he had learned to say and while there got himself to almost being in the position of Giovanni’s person “pet” pokemon. However, for unknown reasons, Meowth was kicked to the curb and assigned to Jessie and James, effectively “thrown away” by the organization who saw no further use for him and when the novelty of a talking pokemon wore off.

He has also effectively screwed up his own levelling as a result of the humans speech and mannerisms, and is unable to learn payday or evolve as a result.

Meowth is bad at trusting people and has a tendency to be sneaky and underhanded. Behaviour learned from trying to survive as a stray against stronger city pokemon and stealing food from humans to survive. He is still trying to win Giovanni’s attention and approval, possibly because he equates it to validation for existing.