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Spirited Away: Character Study

Chihiro: Virgo Ascendant, Pisces sun, Gemini moon

Haku: Capricorn Ascendant, Cancer sun, Aquarius moon

Yubaba/Zeniba: Scorpio Ascendant, Leo sun, Capricorn moon

Kamaji: Taurus Ascendant, Virgo sun, Sagittarius moon

Rin: Leo Ascendant, Gemini sun, Taurus moon

No-Face: Capricorn Ascendant, Scorpio sun, Pisces moon

The Iterations of Arya Stark

Within A Song of Ice and Fire, there are a number of Arya proxies you can find, both by look and by personality. I think it’s interesting to study them side by side to see what the characters have to say about her as a person, as well as the authorial intent, parallels, and possible foreshadowing. There was Lyanna, a wild beauty by most standards; Ygritte, the fiery first love; Meera, the ever-protective sister and huntress; Margaery, the cunning pretender; Jeyne, Lady of Winterfell; Leaf, a small vessel of old magic; Willow, a fierce little girl who acts as a queen; and finally Alys, the grey northern girl with a frosty winter crown. 


“Lyanna might have carried a sword, if my lord father had allowed it. You remind me of her sometimes. You even look like her.” (Arya, A Game of Thrones)


Something about her made him think of Arya, though they looked nothing at all alike. “Will you yield?” he asked, giving the dirk a half turn. And if she doesn’t? (Jon, A Clash of Kings)


Jojen was so solemn that Old Nan called him “little grandfather,” but Meera reminded Bran of his sister Arya. She wasn’t scared to get dirty, and she could run and fight and throw as good as a boy. (Bran, A Clash of Kings)


A few days past, he had taken Ned aside to show him an exquisite rose gold locklet. Inside was a miniature painted in the vivid Myrish style, of a lovely young girl with doe’s eyes and a cascade of soft brown hair. [..] The maid was Loras Tyrell’s sister Margaery, he’d confessed, but there were those who said she looked like Lyanna. (Eddard, A Game of Thrones)


The girl was slim, and taller than he remembered, but that was only to be expected. Girls grow fast at that age. Her dress was grey wool bordered with white satin; over it she wore an ermine cloak clasped with a silver wolf’s head. Dark brown hair fell halfway down her back. And her eyes…

That is not Lord Eddard’s daughter. (Reek, A Dance with Dragons)


A cloud of ravens was pouring from the cave, and he saw a little girl with a torch in hand, darting this way and that. For a moment Bran thought it was his sister Arya…madly, for he knew his sister was a thousand leagues away, or dead. And yet there she was, whirling, a scrawny thing, ragged, wild, her hair atangle. Tears filled Hodor’s eyes and froze there. (Bran, A Dance with Dragons)


Gendry was the closest thing to a man grown, but it was Willow shouting all the orders, as if she were a queen in her castle and the other children were no more than servants.

If she were highborn, command would come naturally to her, and deference to them. Brienne wondered whether Willow might be more than she appeared. […] Brown hair, brown eyes, skinny….could it be? Arya Stark’s hair was brown, she recalled, but Brienne was not sure of the color of her eyes. (Brienne, A Feast for Crows)


The girl smiled in a way that reminded Jon so much of his little sister that it almost broke his heart. […] The snowflakes were melting on her cheeks, but her hair was wrapped in a swirl of lace that Satin had found somewhere, and the snow had begun to collect there, giving her a frosty crown. (Jon, A Dance with Dragons)

I’m not mad at you, Korea. Just disappointed. While you’re lining up to watch yet another middling drama about corporate shenanigans (gag me with a spoon, to quote people of my generation), you’re ignoring some amazing television. Tomorrow with You is easily the most tender, genuine representation of a new relationship that I’ve ever seen in a drama. It’s about a thousand times better than Goblin, its limp, poorly plotted–and enormously successful–predecessor. It uses a compelling sci-fi premise to tell a story about real people, with its male lead’s tendency to time travel being used primarily as a roadblock to intimacy with his love interest. This show is at once an insightful character study and a gripping time-travel thriller, and you’re overlooking it at your own expense.

A bit less successful at mixing story and character is the nonetheless fun Missing Nine. Late in its run, this show is suffering W Syndrome–it’s so stuffed with plot twists and big reveals that it has lost sight of the charming couple at its core. Recent developments suggest that this is about to change, though, so how about you throw off the tyranny of Nam Gong Min phoning in another bland performance and try something new?

(Let’s not evern talk about Saimdang, which you’ve actively ruined with your inattention. Low ratings prompted a re-edit that turned this drama from an intriguing time slip mystery into just another sageuk. Thanks a lot.)

Get it together, Korea. If you must watch dick-centered workplace procedurals, watch American TV. God knows there are plenty of them to be had here. You, I expect better of.

This is a theory I have been working on, and I think it’s safe to post it now that Sanji’s past relationship with his siblings has been more or less fully revealed. 

I think it’s simply amazing how all these new revelations about Sanji’s past are bringing about an entirely new dimension to the zosan dynamics. We can understand their relationship much better now, at least from Sanji’s standpoint, because everything about Zoro is just bound to bring back memories of his horrible birthplace. 

The fact that Judge mentioned ‘sword’ out of all kinds of weapon existing in his militaristic kingdom makes me headcanon that the main training given to Sanji was to fight with a sword. Whether this is true or not, what’s important is that this sword training is definitely not a good memory to him.

Because, not surprisingly, he got shit beaten out of by his brothers and god, do those bamboo swords remind you of Zoro’s childhood or what. I think Oda inserted this sword-training scene intentionally and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of the reasons why Zoro gets on Sanji’s nerves so much, being the swordsmanship maniac he is. A guy who’s the same age as him who always tries to one up him with his sticks? Sanji’s certainly not going to give him an inch. 

Moreover, just look at Sanji’s mildly pissed/troubled expression as he stares at the brawny men who have nothing but training on their minds. I bet the first image that comes to his mind (apart from the abuse he suffered) whenever he is reminded of the Germa Kingdom is the men training their asses off like there’s no tomorrow. Doesn’t it ring a bell? Maybe this is the reason why we have never seen Sanji train himself, at least not in the conventional style of lifting weights which Zoro usually puts into use. But Sanji sees Zoro who gets brawnier by the day doing all those crazy trainings on a daily basis and hey, he would be jesus christ if he wasn’t pissed at least once because the swordsman reminded him of his trauma.

However, the most ironic and touching side of their relationship is that although Zoro possesses plenty of traits that might bring back Sanji’s unpleasant memories, the swordsman is the exact opposite of the cook’s blood-siblings, a true brother that he very much deserves. Unlike when he fought the Vinsmoke brothers, when fighting Zoro Sanji is able to compete his strength against him and more than anything, have fun. They cuss on the surface but have an unshakable brotherly bond with each other, something Sanji could never even dream of with his so-called brothers. One does not need to ship these two to thank Oda for ushering Zoro into Sanji’s life (and of course all the other Straw Hats :’) ).  

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what are your fave narumitsu fics? top 5 pls i'm looking for stuff to read :D

!!! I’m not sure how new you are to p/e fic BUT I’ve already got a post of some of my all time faves + a general fic rec tag, though I can make another rec for newer fic rn?? especially since the ones in that first link are some of the most popular/well-known already in the fandom 

SO OK more recent fic rec under the cut !!

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hey so like guys

Where’s that au clash where team voltron meets their opposites or something along those lines (come on guys i need a smoking shiro) preferably (and a serious pro sniper lance tolerating or glaring at ((your choice)) a constantly prodding keith)

I wish the fandom paid more Satya Vaswani. She’s a super compelling character with the potential for a redemption arc just as compelling as the one that seems possible for Widowmaker. She’s a fundamentally good person doing the wrong things for the right reasons and the ambivalence she expresses towards Vishkar in A Better World feels like its potentially a very rich mine for interesting narratives and character studies. 

Plus there’s interesting interplay between her and Lúcio. Like they have similar backgrounds but ended up on opposite ends of a conflict and it’d be so interesting to develop that. They’re really cleverly designed foils I think, from a character background perspective.

And also she’s like… gorgeous.

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Could you recommends some Faberry fanfics pretty please?? I just discovered this fandom and I NEED to read some good five 🙏🏼


Since you said you are new here, I’m going to rec all of my faves (several of which include like really popular ones in the fandom):

By stix04 (she’s like the ultimate) -

I’ll Be - Can Quinn pretend to be in love with Rachel just to get out of Lima? Can Rachel pretend to love Quinn so she’s not so lonely in New York? And what happens when both girls realize they’re no longer pretending?

Mirror Mirror - When Quinn looks in the mirror, who does she see? And why is her reflection talking back?

Santa’s Little Helper - Rachel was just trying to be nice when she bought Quinn the massage kit for Christmas…she didn’t realize HOW nice a gift it truly was.
(this is smutty (she writes REALLY good smut - she has another smutty series that I would suggest reading, too) but like it’s honestly laugh out loud funny)

By FlyingFleshEater -

Simple Parts - That awkward moment when you travel thirty years forward in time and find out you’re married to your high school nemesis? Yeah, it totally sucks…except…maybe it doesn’t.

By BattleKitten -

Never Asked To Feel Your Halo - The thing was, neither of them wanted this-whatever it was, but since when did the Universe care about what Rachel or Quinn wanted? Their cards had been dealt the moment they’d entered that shower together. Now it came down to how well they played them.

By K'sChoiceofAFI - (honestly, like everything she writes is really good)

America She’s Beautiful - AU. She walked in with long curly blonde hair, hands clasped behind her back, and a red smile, and all Rachel wanted to know was why large, burly men were following her everywhere. / She walked in to find an ordinary brunette to strike up an argument with, and all Quinn cared about was that Rachel hadn’t the slightest clue who she was.

The Heart is a Machine - AU. Future fic. Quinn Fabray, former blade runner, is called back into the force when a group of androids called replicants crash land on Earth and go on a killing spree. When a seemingly unique in her own way android weasels her way into Quinn’s life, Quinn begins to question what it really means to be human.

What Doors May Open - AU. Rachel comes out as gay after dumping Finn. People slowly start to find out and, when Head Cheerio, Quinn Fabray finds out, Rachel knows her life will never be the same again.

Substantial Evidence To the Contrary - Quinn corners Rachel in a bathroom stall and asks her to do a very important favor. (this is honestly like 2k words of smut, and it’s both like really good smut, and also an interesting character study)

Revelation - You’re pretty sure you’ve hit puberty. And not the puberty in the sense that you’re growing breasts and getting your period because, been there, done that. But puberty in the sense that you’re starting to become attracted to the most random things like low tones of voices, people innocently brushing against various parts of your body, hugging.

By roxystyle011 -

Bedtime Stories - Beth is babysitting and the kids want to hear a bedtime story, so she tells them the story of how her parents got together. Faberry.

Deal With the Devil - Rachel doesn’t understand what it is that Santana has that makes all the boys go crazy. When Santana denies her a simple kiss, Rachel enlists the help of Quinn to make her jealous. Faberry.

The Closest Thing - Rachel finds a leather journal full of lyrics in the choir room and begins investigating each member one by one, but only because she thinks that she just might be in love with the writer and their words. Faberry.

By poetzproblem -

This Kiss - One pivotal moment can change everything. Rachel and Quinn share a kiss during a game of spin the bottle, and the gleeks decide to play cupid. Faberry.

Magical Mystery Tour - It’s impossible to keep pretending that this future, or dream, or whatever it turns out to be, isn’t exactly what she wants. Faberry Week, Day Seven: The Future.

Acceptance - The first time it happens, Rachel is twenty-one. She knows that she will always remember the moment exactly, sitting on the sofa in her fathers’ house. A look into Rachel’s future.
Remembrance - Now it’s all bright lights and fake smiles and yearning to have those moments back when she was still swaying in the background with eyes closed and heart beating to the rhythm of a perfect song. A look into Quinn’s future. Companion to Acceptance.
Convergence - All the missed opportunities and diverging paths have still somehow led them here, and where they’ll end up is anyone’s guess. Follow-up to Acceptance/Remembrance. Faberry Week, Day One: Reunion.
(these are all in a series, they are each only a chapter/2 chapters)

Must Be An Angel - The thread between them weaves together into a gorgeous tapestry, alive with promise. Rachel and Quinn get a little help from above. AU.

By WaveGoodbye -

Rainbow Bright - Rachel Berry is hopelessly in love with McKinley’s head cheerleader. Convinced that they are on a two way street, she seeks the truth. But what happens when teen witch Tina Cohen-Chang casts a spell on some sprinkles to bring out Quinn’s true feelings? (this is mostly smut, but it’s amusing, and the sequel isn’t smutty, but it is really good)
Through the Looking Glass - Rachel seeks to repair the damage caused by cursed sprinkles and invites a reluctant Quinn to a sleepover at teen witch Tina Cohen-Chang’s house to prove to her that they are still normal people. Things don’t quite go as planned. Sequel to Rainbow Bright.(these are a series and are both 1 and 2 chapters, but longer chapters)

Riding in Cars With Girls - After Quinn quit Glee club and joined a band Rachel feels the gap Quinn has left and sets out to get her back, whatever the cost. But what happens when Quinn’s only condition involves her car and Rachel’s lips on hers every day at five? Punk!Quinn

By tothevision -

Rough Beginnings - Quinn decides she needs to end this obsession once and for all, but life doesn’t always work out the way we want it to. Sometimes it’s so much better. Faberry.

By vondrunkaton -

Kissing Quinn Fabray -   Quinn comforts Rachel after Finn says something oafish. Rachel is surprised by how sweet Quinn is. There’s also some making out in delicious detail.

By shaddowsong -

You Hit Like A Girl - The summer after her sophomore year, Rachel Berry has three goals: 1. Prepare for Glee 2. Befriend Quinn Fabray 3. Create a Lasting Romance with Finn Hudson. By the fourth week of summer she’s completely failed two of them. Now what is she supposed to do?

honestly, I have more. But I’ll stop here for now lol. Enjoy!

fyi anything done by any of these authors is great.

I’m honestly legitimately shocked that ryuji isn’t my fave guy, but I guess he reminds me too much of yosuke while not being enough of a disaster to make whenever he Messes Up an interesting character study. He’s not sweet enough to be a friendship delinquent, he’s… a friendship rowdy boy. I love him but at some points he’s too much of A Standard Dude
Abernathy's Agonies - Megii_of_Mysteri_OusStranger - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Okay, so I changed my mind about posting it in the morning. Why hesitate with a good thing?


Abernathy knows how most of MACUSA sees him: a greasy little bootlicker, the estranged son of an Italian-American mob boss, a short little man who tries to rise above his station–but when Tina Goldstien ends up under his supervision, he really does have her best interests at heart. Character study where Abernathy is a good friend.

Sinners and Saints (Envy/Kindness)

I honestly don’t know where this came from. I wasn’t planning on writing for this fic today and yet here we are with the third installment. Sometimes I just want to write about Roy (okay all the time) and this has been an interesting way, for me at least, to do it. I like character studies. Also, I like an excuse to write Hughes and even more parental!Royed.

iv. envy

It hits Roy like a punch to the gut when he watches Elicia toddle through the door, the biggest smile on her face, squealing at the top of her tiny lungs. She trips over her feet, toppling forward, but Hughes scoops her up effortlessly, like it was meant to happen that way. He swings her in the air, cooing at her in some ridiculous voice, and then pulls her close to his chest so that he can press kisses all over her face. She giggles, cries of “Daddy, Daddy!” ringing in the air, and wraps her arms around his neck as best as she can.

As she nuzzles into his neck, Hughes looks back at him and waves a hand. “Come on inside, Roy! Gracia almost has dinner ready.”

To be honest, going inside of Hughes’ apartment is one of the last things that Roy wants to do, but he finds himself walking inside anyways in something of a daze. He blinks when he hears the door shut behind him, not quite sure how he got in here, and turns to see Hughes grin at him and brush past him. What is he doing? He doesn’t belong in here. This is… This isn’t his element. He doesn’t know what to do or say.

(He thinks of Hughes passionate statement back in Ishval - how he was going to swallow down every horrible thing he did in the War and smile when he was with her. He would do it for her, be the man she loved for her, even if he didn’t always feel like he was that man himself. Roy doesn’t think he has that sort of strength.)

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‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Jessica Capshaw Previews ‘Really Tense’ Midseason Return | Yahoo

The doctors of Grey’s Anatomy have taken on a lot of difficult cases over the years, but this one might be one of the toughest yet.

The medical drama from Shonda Rhimes returns to finish its 13th season this week with an intense episode featuring just three of the doctors: Bailey (Chandra Wilson), Jo (Camilla Luddington), and Arizona (Jessica Capshaw).

The docs leave the hospital to treat a pregnant teen — in prison. Anna Jacoby-Heron guest stars as Kristen, a very troubled, combative 16-year-old who’s serving 20 years to life. She needs a procedure to save her baby girl, but the doctors are horrified to discover what it’s like to provide medical care behind those iron bars.

Yahoo TV chatted with Capshaw about this unique episode, Arizona’s flirtation with hot new doc Eliza Minnick, and what to expect from the rest of Season 13.

This is such a different and unusual episode, just focusing on Arizona, Bailey, and Jo. It’s pretty intense. What was your reaction when you got the script?
We had a table read and I knew then that it was going to be a bit of a different side of Grey’s. It’s obviously the same characters, but they were going to be in a very different environment. That allows for a lot of fun for the actors and characters to play in different ways. I sat down and we open up the first page… and all of the sudden, Chandra, Camilla, and I — you could just feel all of our bodies got really tense. We were genuinely, physically closer to each other and a little bit huddled, like we were on this team, like we needed to fight the elements. The way it was described, it felt totally like this other world. It made us all think of like Silence of the Lambs and that first walk Jodie Foster has down that hallway, not knowing what to expect. It was really exciting because it’s not that often you get that kind anticipation on the show.

It really is just the three of them — no other doctors in other storylines. It  must have been interesting to take part in this narrow, in-depth character study.
Ultimately, we’re all together and with this X-factor patient, where any given moment we’re not really sure what’s going to happen and we’re not really sure how we’re going to help her. And it’s right when we have this information that perhaps Alex has turned himself in and we’re going to lose him. It’s a lot of anticipation and a lot of anxiety. Having just the three of us there, we certainly got to band together in a way that maybe our characters normally don’t.

The show — I truly can’t believe it’s been 13 seasons — when you look at all the things they’ve done, our writers are the best in the whole world, because they come up with new stuff to do. So for us to be in an environment and situation that we haven’t been in before, it was super thrilling. We were in different sets. I mean, it was a lot of work. My daughter turned six when we were doing the show, and because there was so much to do, she had to celebrate her birthday on the set of Grey’s Anatomy. We had a trailer party complete with decorations. It was really great.

Do you feel like the writers are experimenting more with different styles and forms? There’s this episode, and then there was the one where they have flashbacks while operating. There’s another Jackson/April episode coming up.
I do. I think, and this is just me talking and interpreting, but I imagine after writing — not that everyone’s been there since the beginning, but Shonda has. Grey’s is so focused on characters, it’s a character-driven show. With the breadth of characters, what I hear from fans is that not everybody loves Arizona, but maybe some people love Alex. Or not everyone loves Alex, and some people love Jo. And there are die-hard Meredith fans.

There’s a character for everyone to identify with or root for. When you have this huge group of characters, you can get a lot of different kinds of stories going. It’s an exciting thing for the writers to say, well, we have this myriad of characters and we can put them in a bunch of situations. And it doesn’t have to be the same kind of show every week. I think they have the freedom to try it out and luckily we have this incredible fanbase that will go along with the journey. And now, thank God, we have Twitter, so they can tell us their opinion!

Arizona’s been through so much recently, with the custody trial and then having her daughter Sophia move across the country with Callie. And then Alex’s trial. But there’s a light on the horizon in the form of Dr. Minnick. How will that relationship evolve?
Shonda is so genius. When you think back on Meredith and Derek, you see them totally fall in love and be all flirty, and then she introduced Kate Walsh’s character that completely challenged the notion of their relationship.

With Eliza and Arizona, you have this flirty fun, Hepburn and Tracy banter. They’re constantly trying to one-up each other and in each other’s face — just close enough but not too close. But it’s complicated by the fact that if Arizona did fall into that relationship, she would be betraying Richard. It’s not love or anything like that. It’s a really flirty promise of something that could be great. Yet, it’s sort of forbidden. The stakes are raised a bit by that.

The winter finale left on a few cliffhangers, with Alex possibly taking the plea deal, Amelia running off. This episode keeps the pin in on those. Will we see resolution on them soon?
Absolutely! There’s a ton of stuff that’s up in the air. It’s fun! It gets you to think during the breaks about the way you want the outcomes to be. It makes it more interesting to watch — there’s an interactive aspect of it. You get a little bit more invested, a little more excited, a little bit more anxious. But ultimately, there’s always an understanding of where the balls fall when they all come down crashing out of the air. Yes, there will be resolution. Some of them are still stories that are in process. I’m on my way to a table read right now, episode 19. We’ve got some serious, serious, SERIOUS drama. There’s going to be some crying.

Of course!
I know, I know. But not romantic heartbreaking crying. More heartstrings and tenderhearted [crying] circumstances.