such an annoying photo to edit omg

headlesskitty  asked:

hi i'm so sorry if this is annoying or if you've been asked this before but i've been dying to know and too scared to ask people, but how do you get your screenshots to look so clear? mine are so tiny and grainy. i've tried googling to no avail. you don't have to answer this if it's a bother i have just been trying forever and i can't get it to look good. thank u so much

omg it’s no problem!! so i use the website upload my picture and pick these options: style: artwork, noise reduction: highest, and upscaling: 2x and then convert

and that’s it! it’s super easy. a lot of other people also use photoshop but i don’t have that so….i dont lmao

i originally got this info from cedarsprout’s guide to editing photos which also has info on how to edit in photoshop if you have that

hope this helps!