such an amazing scene

“Shut up,”… “Shut up!”

“Don’t you get it? It’s all your stupid fault!”…“You hurt the people around you! So it isn’t my fault, it’s all yours.”

“You sicken me,”…“So I’ll agree with your request that day.”

“Let’s not be siblings,”… “Because I’m glad I’m not related to someone like you.”

A Thousand Years by Stars_Aligned (from Chapter 9)

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Do you have any hc about altean!lance being prisioner you would like to share? I just saw your BEAUTIFUL art of him in a cage and Keith being angsty about it and squealed about how breathtaking you made that scene. As always: your drawings are amazing :)


So it started off like most of Altean Lance Galra Keith stuffs where Lance is the Prince of Altea (Allura’s lil bro) who’s good at diplomatic stuffs (but a bit of a slacker). Meanwhile Keith is a ranked Galra officer. Keith is also a Blade of Marmora member so he’s a spy in the Galra military rank like Thace (who knows, maybe this version of Keef is a lot closer to Thace because of that). 

The Galra (Zarkon) is (as usual) the famous dictator, and Altea (who’s [obviously] not destroyed) is the prime opposing figure of the Galra’s power so they’re at war. Their relationship is so tense much like the canon counterpart, but in this point the Galra hasn’t become the almighty super powered nation yet. They’re strong, yes, but Altea and its technology can still match them.  

So the Marmora finally managed to contact the Altea and they promised of alliance. Keith is one of their members sent for secret mission to forge an alliance with Altea. But lo and behold he got a bit side tracked by Altea’s dashing prince (patience yields focus, Keith, apparently you don’t have that). They got close after that and who knows maybe secret romance bloomed.

And then Lance is sent out to a diplomatic mission to a planet (whatever planet), when his team got ambushed by the Galra. They captured and imprisoned him (and maybe used him as gladiator entertainment much like Shiro, maybe he can meet Shiro here? idk).           

So Altea is down a prince and their diplomat, which of course, sparked an all out war between the two. 

That’s basically what I had in mind? The scene I drew is a specific one where Keith (a ranked galra officer) had access to the prison and he went and visited(?) Lance. And it pained him because Keith was so close and yet he couldn’t save dear Lance asap (mainly because it would blow his cover), and maybe he had to watch Lance in the arena WHAT IF HE DIES all this setup wasn’t good for Keith’s heart.

Okay this became p long hahaha I hope you don’t mind. //slithers back to my cave     

I’m going to be honest and just say it: I was really satisfied with Alec’s scenes in this episode because he actually got to do things. When the episode started heavily empathising on how protective he feels of his loved ones, it was clear that it was building up to something, but the scene with Victor was amazing. I’ve always loved the fact that the show presents Alec as someone who can be easily classified as as a good person, but is definitely not above blackmail and violence to protect the people he loves and him so easily gaining back his control over the Institute was such a brilliant display of that.

And the fact that Shadowhunters who aren’t technically his subordinates followed him without a second thought even though it was clear that he hadn’t consulted Victor about it? I really, really hope that this is one of the changes the show makes and that Alec gets to keep the Institute at the end of… well, whenever the show ends. If there’s one thing I want for that character, it’s this.

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I just read your story and it's amazing!! 💗And I was just wondering if you could do a scene where Louis wants to be the big spoon for once? (Like a little ficlit?)

“Really?” Harry asks disbelievingly, one eyebrow raised. He leans back against the headboard, folding one of his arms behind his head just for the way Louis’ eyes dart to his biceps for a millisecond. “Really?”

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My top recommendations for someone wanting to watch something solely for Luke.

@scruffylookingpiratecaptain asked: What are your top recommendations for someone wanting to watch something solely for Luke?

Hello! This is a hard question, because it depends on what genres you enjoy, but I will try to do my best. :)

1. Dracula Untold

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Luke is the leading man and is in almost every scene. It’s not your typical vampire/Dracula movie, and has a good combination of action and drama. Luke looks amazing in it, and there are some nice scenes with his wife and son.

2. The Raven

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This is my favorite movie of Luke’s because I just love the character he plays, and the time period in which the film takes place. If I could marry any fictional character, Emmett Fields would be my first choice. :)

3. The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

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The Hobbit movies are long and and can drag a bit. Luke doesn’t show up in Smaug until more than half way into the movie I think, but this is the role that gained him a lot of fans. His character is a single dad of 3 who becomes a hero, so lots of feels. Bonus: Luke got to keep his Welsh accent.

4. The Girl on the Train

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His most recent film, in which he does a lot of face acting and is very dramatic and intense. Also, as you can see above, he has some amazing shirtless scenes!

I honestly could keep going until I listed all of his movies! I will put The Three Musketeers as an honorable mention, because although the movie was a bit of a mess for me, his character Aramis is a lovely, dashing, swashbuckling hero. Oh, and if you are a fan of Tom Hiddleston, then I would recommend High-Rise. Ok, I will stop now. :) Hope that helps!


Even with the little screen time they get they manage to pull off amazing and such powerful scenes. For example tonight’s episode, they got what 30 seconds but in those seconds I felt sooo much emotions, I needed a hug after that scene. I can only hope from here we get the Sanvers we deserve. Chyler and Floriana are both amazing actress that bring such life into anything they do!

Richonne 7x12 Party Day One

When did you start shipping Richonne? I started shipping Richonne after 3x7 “When the Dead Come Knocking”. When they are making eye contact at the fence, I knew they clicked already. After that, I loved all scenes with them together It’s been amazing to see how far they’ve come since the beginning. I love Richonne! ❤️

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The Stephen x Mordo fighting scene is so amazing because Mordo goes for brute strength while Stephen hits anatomically weak spots with strong parts (his elbow).

I mean, as a medicine student, I can say that if Stephen had hit Mordo with all his strength, he very very probably would have broken Mordo’s ribs.
But he hit Mordo rather slightly.
So amazing lol XD



>this a damn good song
>choreo is also topnotch(sasuga TAKAHIRO)
>better than Shoot Sign, good choice of members too rather than sticking with the old mariazono line up
>won’t be surprised if this gets more tv appearance than the Shoot Sign
>holy shit watanabe rika is the oldest member here

Hirate Yurina’s comment
I was allowed to experience something extraordinary. I learned a lot and it was really new to me. I felt tense and nervous all the time while working. Since everyone is a senior, “I have to do it properly”

Comments regarding Sakura and Jurina:
I always thought it was impossible for me to stand beside them. Until now, a lot of people still watch them on TV, so the Aura is really amazing.

MV’s recommended scene:
I think its the dance scene. Mr. Takahiro said the choreography is “geometric”, it was just small part of the song. I want you to pay attention to the dance, especially the first part (intro) challenge yourself with the choreo, by all means.

zootopia did a lot of really impressive things wrt to rendering both the animals themselves and all the unique environments but moana did that too and honestly in my opinion could’ve won for that amazing tamatoa scene alone