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Had such an amazing day today. I’m kinda sad that’s it’s over but I’m also so happy that I got to see them live. For so long I thought I’d never be able to see the green Irish bean ever in my entire life, and then this happened. I’m so happy and I can’t stop crying. It was so much fun and amazing and just incredible. Thanks again for coming to Norway, guys ❤️ and jack, please come to Norway at your single tour pretty pretty please! @therealjacksepticeye


Dream Daddy game is amazing, Damien is the best and if player character is not dating Damien or Hugo, those two TOTALLY get together. Also their sons start dating. These are good facts.

Note: I don’t ship Ernest and Lucien in a same universe where their fathers get together. Theirs is a separate thing. Once they have grown up and maybe gotten some brains on them.

Yesterday was a top moment in my LIFE! I got the see 3 gorgeous people with many wonderful people at Stockholm.

They played mario party and we got a chance to play with them! I got on the stage and I got hugs! *cries* I’m still super proud of my pickup line for Arin Handsome and the crowd went wild!

Thank you Sean, Danny and Arin for an amazing evening yesterday! You are very much loved


This one wouldn’t let me go until I got it out. It hit me as soon as episode 114 ended, and I’ve worked on it in bits and pieces since. I wish I had the time to make it true to what’s in my head, but other projects demand my attention. A lot of artists have been doing fan art of that episode, which is a testament to how powerful it was as a whole.

But this part was what hit me hardest. I took a lot of liberties with combining IC and OOC stuff with my own personal take on it, but I hope it comes across as at least a fraction of how the moment hit me. These characters are amazing and I will deeply miss them, but it’s the players and GM that make everything special. I can’t wait to see what’s ahead, both the bitter and the sweet.

Oh, and as a note, I don’t ship Vax and Scanlan, though if you do that’s cool. But one thing I love about Vox Machina is the open, raw love they have for one another, both platonic and romantic, that makes them family. Their expressions of that (and especially the players’ affection outside the game) reflect something we all need more of, and I think that’s part of what makes it all so compelling. <3


(Before you say anything, i know my phone is awful at taking pictures in the dark okay? :D)

But OH MY GOD! I just got back home from the “Ready Player 3” show in Amsterdam and it was fucking amazing! Had so much fun!

You guys were awesome and I wished it never ended! Thank you for making my day!



what i love more than anything about Roy Mustang is his entire ~persona~ centers around him as a cool smirking angsty powerful war hero but in reality he is a huge nerd all his dates are his mom’s informants. he can’t drive for shit. his favorite game is chess he loves puppies and making prank phone calls he’s such a momma’s boy roy mustang is tHE BIGGEST DORK IN THE WORLD AND THAT’S WHY I LOVE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH

420 blaze it

context: our party was adventuring & came across a normal farm. OOC, one of the other players & i were talking about weed (i forgot how the topic came about) & me being the chaotic player i was, i got an idea.

me: yo DM, does the farm have any weed?

DM: wtf. you know what, fuck it, fine. roll

my friend rolls for me & gets a natural 20. 

our party ended up selling weed to the church in a nearby town & because they didn’t know what weed was, we told them that it was god’s blessing. the next day, half the town was high & it was amazing

shoutout post for all u dms and gms out there (especially you newbie ones), y’all have such a difficult medium of storytelling to work with and it must feel like you’re herding cats 99.8% of the time but you guys have the absolutely amazing ability to engage your players in such a rich world where their words and actions matter and you turn absolute chaos into such a beautiful story that your players are so proud and happy to have had a hand in shaping and just….you’re all fantastic and i love you

Probablybadrpgidea’s session  full of probably bad rpg ideas

So, I don’t normally put my rpg escapades on this blog but I am putting this one because it was a fiasco from start to finish.

So, I was GMing a low-power game set during the christian apocalypse. Fire, locusts, darkness, etc. An angel had come down to help them. What do the players do?

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From a Certain Point of View

(Context: After using Dimensional Anchor to kill one of the recurring baddies that’s been harassing us way before we were supposed to, our Synthesist Summoner got torn apart into two separate near-fatally injured individuals. The only way to heal their wounds and make them whole again was to reach an ancient temple deep in the Dwarven Kingdom, where our one-eyed and disgraced-for-bullshit-reasons Dwarf Skald is treated with contempt by all who see him. We then try to rent a goat-driven cart to take us to this temple.)

Rogue: “We need to get to…” I just realized that we know where we’re going, but the location has been lost to common knowledge. Where’s the region this temple’s in?

DM: It would be in the Sheer Drop Cliffs.

Rogue: Oh, well of course it is. “Can you get us to the Sheer Drop Cliffs?”

Cart Rental Dwarf: “…Are you gonna off someone there?”

Rogue: “…More like the exact opposite?”

Cart Rental Dwarf: “So… you’re trying to… un-off, or… un-kill someone… on a cliffside full of sheer drops?”

Rogue: “Yes, the irony is not lost on me.”

(And our Dwarf Skald returned from his business.)

Cart Rental Dwarf: “Woah woah woah, what the fuck is this?!”

Rogue: “…One of the passengers you’ll be taking. And I’ll actually pay you extra to limit yourselves to petty insults.”

Cart Rental Dwarf: “How about fuck you?”

Rogue: “…Alright, let me level with you. When we return from the Sheer Drop Cliffs, there will be one less of us.” And I will roll bluff. (Nat 20!)

Cart Rental Dwarf: “Ah, say no more.“

Summoner: That was amazing!

Rogue: And technically true.

Petition to ban every male involved in tennis from speaking about Serena Williams forever. And ever. +10 if they are white.

when jack first starts off in the nhl, the hardcore fans think they know him.

before, on the ice, he was a rough player who would run over anyone who tried to stop him from scoring. he made a beeline for the goal whenever he got the puck, and yeah, he made passes, but always with the intention of the puck returning to him. he had to be the best. he was the best. off the ice, he was solemn and quiet and looked much older than his seventeen years. during interviews, he gave short, clipped answers and finished up as soon as he could. when fans met him, he kept up general, polite conversation, but it sounded rehearsed and he never smiled. he’s just serious about his game, they thought. his hockey attitude follows him off the ice. it’s what makes him so good.

but as he makes his presence known in the nhl, years older and grown comfortably into his skin, they realize that they were wrong. they didn’t know jack zimmermann at all. they knew a boy on the verge of breaking, who was barely holding himself together for years. because this, the real jack zimmermann, looks nothing at all like that boy in the minors. jack is smart about the way he plays, and uses his speed and strategy over his strength in order to get the puck in the goal, even if he’s not the one that puts it there. he knows that he’s part of a team, not just one man on the ice. jack is serious on the ice, but not overtly so. he smiles and shakes his head with a laugh when a teammate bumps or chirps him. during interviews, he still seems a bit uncomfortable because press just isn’t his thing, but when he’s asked a question, he gives thoughtful answers and never rushes to finish. he gives them his respect and his time.

and when he meets the fans, he gives them wide smiles, asks them how they liked the game, or how their day is going, or if he sees that they have another team’s jersey on, he’ll give them a few chirps. he signs things and spends too long high-fiving kids and taking pictures after an away game, so long that someone more times than not has to come and drag him to the bus.

that is the real jack zimmermann that the fans didn’t know before. one that loves his job so much that he doesn’t make it seem like just that. one that greets fans enthusiastically, if a little awkwardly, and is amazing with kids. the smart, fast, thoughtful, and kind hockey player is not the one that they saw when he was younger, but it’s obvious that it was always who he was meant to be. they see clearly what going to samwell did for him, and how it saved not only his career, but his life.