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Got7: How They Kiss


I know people say Mark’s all quiet and shy, but honestly, still waters run deep, so I think he can get passionate when kissing his s/o. He’s all in for sweet morning kisses, when you’re making breakfast and he sneaks up on you, hugging you and pressing a feathery smooch onto the back of your neck or shoulder. Mark really isn’t all that shy when he’s kissing, and his favourite place is definitely the neck. He’s a big kisser too, so movie night means you’re getting smothered. It’s a way to let you know how much he loves you, without having to say it over and over again.


Hmmm…I think Jaebum’s a shy one. An adorably shy one. He seems like a really badass kind of guy, but he’s a cheesy sweetheart, honestly. He doesn’t kiss your neck unless he’s feeling particularly…frisky, but cheek and forehead kisses are a bit of a must with him. I think he’s not nearly as daring as Mark is, so maybe you’d have to persuade him with some aegyo to get a little kiss once in a while. Jaebum probably prefers subtle gestures like holding hands, and I think that channels into his kissing as well.


This lil’ puppy probably kisses exactly like you think he would. A bit sloppy at times, but overall really, really passionate kisses. Jackson likes to show how manly he is during make-out sessions, so be prepared for…whatever happens. Also, when he comes back from a tour, expect those cheesy airport kisses where he twirls you around, because this boy is not afraid to show off! He’s generally a cheek/lips kind of guy, but he likes to give you forehead kisses during movies too. That is, if he’s not screaming at the TV.


Jinyoung’s probably one of the more awkward kissers, well, not awkward in general, but I feel like he’s the kind of person who wouldn’t be able to be serious during a ‘moment’, because he’s nervous about kissing you or something. He’s generally a straightforward type of guy, so if he wants a kiss, he gets a kiss, no matter where you are. He’s a pretty big fan of cheek kisses, but if you’re getting particularly hot ‘n heavy, he’ll go for the collarbone. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Can we all agree that Youngjae is a cute kisser? I mean, it’s already a widely known fact that Youngjae is a happy virus. In my opinion, he’d be that guy who’d giggle and then peck you on the lips, or smile while kissing you. He loves the forehead and the cheeks, and passionate make-out sessions are pretty rare. You’re both just happy with cute, innocent, smiley kisses. Also, did I mention that this boy will pepper your face with kisses if you’re feeling down?


Bambam’s…interesting. Needless to say, he’s probably the one with the dirtiest mind in GOT7, so I think his kisses would be a bit hungry and sexual. Bambam’s quite young though, so he’s probably not very experienced, but he learns quickly. Very, very quickly. He’s a big fan of casual make-out sessions on the couch, and he loves to randomly surprise you with a kiss, not like you’re complaining (I mean, have you seen those lips?). Him being a bit sloppy and hormonal doesn’t mean he can’t be sweet, so occasional cute pecks are definitely a thing!


I feel like Yugyeom, being the youngest and all, is pretty shy. His usual demeanour is quite childish, so I think he’s not too keen on very deep kisses. Yugyeom probably prefers the kind of innocent, cute, high school drama kiss. He might get jealous pretty quickly, because he’s so young and inexperienced and all, so he thinks you’ll leave him for someone better (really though, who would?); jealousy kisses in front of guys who are hitting on you are bound to happen. I think Yugyeom’s the kind of guy to try to kiss you because he’s bored or whiny, which honestly just makes him all the cuter.

Good evening!

So I’ve been pretty obsessed with GOT7 lately, as you can see. I do feel like this one might make you cringe, I don’t know. Maybe you’ll end up liking it, I hope you do. I had a lot of fun writing this scenario, and on a different note, congratulations to BTS and all our fellow ARMYs who helped BTS fly right up to the stars! We broke a record and I’m so proud of the boys and the entire ARMY fandom! Love you!


I didn’t think I could love Iko even more. I was wrong. 

Today is also Marissa Meyer’s birthday, so happy birthday to an amazing author who created THE BEST CHARACTERS EVER. My life would be very different without her and her books.

Okay I just finished watching all the Star Wars films (except Rogue One but I'll get to it) for the first time in my existence

And just a few things:

•wow Luke Skywalker really does look like Sebastian Stan
•Harrison Ford in the first movie was very, very underwhelming but I grew to like him.
•Princess Leia is so adorable
•Sorry Carrison, I ship Han and Luke
•Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker had some serious bromance going on.
•"I loved you"
•Boba Fett sounds like the most badass bubble tea.
•Anakin was real cute with the long hair
•And lmao Anakin’s mom is letting him race at like what? 8? My mom still won’t let me do what I want.
•I’m growing really fond of the millennium falcon
•I’ve always loved light sabers but damn I have a new found respect for it *goes to the toy store to buy all the light sabers*
•I love the way Jar Jar Binks talks?
•YODA IS ADORABLE and a badass like damn the only other time I’ve seen that combination is with Dwayne the Rock Johnson
•Storm Troopers look so cool
•Confession: I thought the storm troopers were the good guys
•Finn is so cute
•Rey is so cute
•Poe is so cute
•Crying bc Darth Vader had to wear the mask bc he couldn’t live without it, Kylo Ren just wore it for the aesthetic.
•Um?!! The line wasn’t “Luke, I am your father”, it was “I am your father”??? My whole life is a lie.
•Omg R2D2 and BB8 so cute
•the fuck they kill Han Solo for? By his own son?? We didn’t deserve this bullshit.

Yeah I didn’t think I’d ever be a fan, but shit happens. Sup’ Star Wars fandom, there’s a new kid in town.

May the force be with you.


‘Araya Flamefist hails from a monastery deep within jagged and forbidding Spine of the World mountains, where discipline and attaining balance of all four elements is valued above all else. Her eagerness to prove herself in battle and tendency to seek out combat whenever she could was what ultimately saw her sent out into the world to recruit new acolytes for the monastery. Together with her raven Tenzin, her elvenphant Kyoshi and a group of adventurers that are almost family to her, she now battles the Cult of the Dragon… or Dragon Club, as she has taken to calling them.’  

~ This engaging fire genasi Monk was commissioned by the gratuitous Charredlore, for one of his adventurers.

‘Located within the North Ward of Waterdeep, just off to the side of the High Road, lies Lingrim’s Lustrous Loot – a shop that sells magical weaponry, armor and trinkets. It is owned by Grimhildur Goldenshield and Aralinathra Syolkiir: an incredibly enthusiastic Dwarven lass with the most marvelous of crimson beards and her long-suffering, tall and graceful moon Elven wife, respectively. They were all too glad to finally find a group of adventurers that they could sponsor in return for a hefty increase to their revenue. Contracts were signed, garbs and armor enchanted with their insignia, and off into the world Araya and her friends went to foister faintly sparkling pamphlets onto just about everyone.’   

 ~ This fancy shield belongs to the OC’s of Charredlore. A crest design in the distinctive golden ‘Dwarf-Deco’ style in combination with a stylish purple ‘Elf-nouveau’ (or ‘Elvendstil’ if you like) eye, if I may be so bold to label the styles myself ;)…

The absolute respect and adoration detective Mun feels towards Sun is amazing. He found out she was this bad ass Amazonian warrior princess he fought when he was young and he immediately was like “My QUEEN”. Like he knew she was at the cemetery and instead of turning her in (because ya know, she a known fugitive) he wants a fucking rematch because he wants to see her skills in action again. He spends the entire fucking fight making heart eyes about her abilities and telling her what a badass she is. He worships her and his feelings of awe and respect make me so happy honestly