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Logan ★★★★☆


In the near future, a weary Logan cares for an ailing Professor X in a hide out on the Mexican border. But Logan’s attempts to hide from the world and his legacy are upended when a young mutant arrives, being pursued by dark forces.
- Written by Twentieth Century Fox Films

Film Review:

Logan is nothing like the previous instalments of the Wolverine franchise produced by 20th Century Fox.  Even with high expectations for this film-knowing that it’s the last of the series, still, I was in awe. From beginning to the end, this action-packed film was an exciting experience. Transformed into a kid again, I could feel myself wanting to go through the screen. It made me feel I was part of it and wanted to be an X-man too.

Although intense and dark with boosted fight scenes (the movie was given Rated R for that alone), this film was a very touching movie. It’s emotional, with a display of deep caring, love and sense of familial belongingness. Logan (Hugh Jackman), may be Wolverine but he is still a human being trying to survive to help and provide for his ill friend Charles aka Professor X (Patrick Stewart). Both of them dependent on each other’s life, scared of losing the only person they care about most. Charles who always remind Logan to take care of himself and Logan who keeps track of Charles’ medication.  The movie shows co-dependence between two very close friends, almost like father and son. Although Logan looks younger than Charles, he is, in fact, older than him. I find this element fascinating.

There is also that connection between Logan’s past and future that will come as a surprise.  A revelation that is crucial for the survival of the mutants. There’s also this particular scene that is highly intense among the other scenes wherein Logan is confronted by someone who has links to both his past and future. This scene has a very symbolic aspect to the movie. And this is certainly one of the great things different about this film from the other Wolverine movies. A very exciting twist that’s added richness to its content. 

The story has the depth that is unlike other X-Men films. It shows human from both mutants and non-mutants. Even though the human nature of mutants is overshadowed by their unique abilities, they are still people with emotions after all. They get scared, tired, and feel regret but mostly they feel love and compassion. This highly anticipated film is completely worth the wait. Everything that you could hope for a proper ending for Wolverine is here. 

NZ Release Date: March 2, 2017

And the Oscar to the best entrance goes to … JIM PARSONS  ⭐ ⭐

I love how Jim is so natural and shows us bits of his life and all those little anecdotes that make him so extremely cute, like yesterday at the Oscars, so fun! - If you do not know about, go to his instagram and you have the whole story - 😂😂

So proud of him for been in such amazing movie, he is very talented, I can´t wait to see him in more movies and to see him goes to the Oscars with his own nomination, I know he is going to be an amazing movie´s actor!

I hope you like it! Happy Monday!  💗 💗 


I decided to become an artist when I was about your age. I liked to draw so much, I almost hated to go to bed. And then one day, all of a sudden, I couldn’t draw anything. Everything I drew, I didn’t like. I realized that my art up to then was a copy of someone else, things I had seen somewhere. I decided I had to discover my own style. It’s still difficult. But then, the results… They seem to be a little better than before. It’s nice to be a witch, isn’t it? I like the idea - to be a witch, to be an artist, to be a baker… It’s an energy bestowed by the gods or someone, right? Though thanks to it, we do have to suffer at times.

Okuyasu & Josuke’s Great Bizarre Adventure!!!

I’ve been meaning to draw Josuke and Oku as Bill & Ted for a while; dunno if anyone’s done it already ??? This will be up on Redbubble in a few moments. (I’m terrible, I have print designs to finish and end up drawing new ones instead OOPS)