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Good Bye

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Requested by captainelsaeverdeen: Can you please do Newt Scamander imagine, where the reader is muggle woman and he falls in love with her, and he wants to take her memory about him away by Obliviate?

Pairing: Newt Scamander x reader
Warnings: angst
Fandom: Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts

*Newt’s pov*
To why Newt didn’t use the Obliviate spell on you as soon as you saw him use magic was still a mystery even to himself. You were a muggle and those were the rules however he didn’t regret it because of the time he got to spend with you after the fact. He hadn’t intended on falling in love with you but he did.

Newt showed you all his beasts. The look you got in your eyes was amazing. His creatures loved you and you seemed to love them right back. You were so gentle and caring and he was sure he’d never find someone as good as you but there was one problem. He had to leave. He had to go back to Europe and you lived in New York.

Newt took a breath and looked back at you miserably. You were smiling yet there were tears in your eyes. He didn’t want to see you like this. He knew he shouldn’t have let you come wish him good bye.

“So this is it” you said wiping your eyes “you’re going to get on that boat and leave”.

“Yes” Newt replied looking down at the ground.

“I want to come with you…” you started.

“But you can’t” Newt finished “this is where your family is. This is your home”.

“That’s the thing” you said taking his hand in yours “I feel like you’re my family now too”.

He chuckled “I’ll miss your dearly [Y/N]. I won’t forget you”.

“Me neither” you whispered. All of a sudden your lips met his. Those tears finally escaped your eyes and rolled down your cheeks. Newt knew him leaving would bring you so much pain. He knew what he had to do. Slowly Newt pulled out his wand and whispered “obliviate”.

With that he pulled away from you. A look of confusion suddenly crossed your face. You looked around trying to identify where you were. That’s when your eyes met his as if it were the first time.

“Sir do I know you?” You asked.

Newt sadly replied “no” then turned and boarded the boat. He wouldn’t allow you to feel the misery he was feeling right now. He wanted you to live a normal muggle life. It was for the best but he’d always remember you no matter what.

hoseok: *breathes*
yoongi: look at this WONDERFUL creature breathing. he is so amazing y'all i love him so much like have u all seen him in the bst mv he literally SHINES in it but yeah ofcourse he shines in the bst mv because he’s my sunshine ohmygod J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOPE!!!!!!!

Imagine Woozi getting slightly jealous when he sees you getting hyped while watching a music show because he thinks it’s another boy group but in reality, you’re actually excited over a girl group.


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With all of Newt’s beasts captured and accounted for, the wizarding world let out a sigh of relief. They didn’t see the creatures as anything but a pest. You on the other hand, thought differently. Newt had brought you into his world and you were enthralled. The creatures were living, feeling things that just needed someone to take care of them. 

As you follow Newt down into his case, you find yourself once more in a world of amazement and love. These beautiful, fantastic creatures are harmless when properly cared for by their mother, Newt. You watched as he ran around his creatures and cared for them. He had began to trust you with his creatures, and handed you his Niffler to take to his enclosure. 
“More trouble than you’re worth, really,” Newt said with a smile clearly stating that he wouldn’t trade this Niffler for the world. 
You gently carried the Niffler to his pile of gold. He began rearranging the shiny objects. 

You were walking back to Newt when you heard his scream. You took off in a sprint to find Newt in this maze. When you found him, he was clutching his chest, blood soaking his shirt. 
“(Y/N) grab that vial over there and bring it to me. Then, grab,” he pointed to a bowl of leaves on his desk, “those.” 
You brought Newt everything he asked for and knelt down beside him, unbuttoning his blood-stained shirt as he made a remedy for his injuries. When you saw his chest, you couldn’t help but gasp. Scars lined his built frame. He rubbed the remedy he concocted onto his chest and relaxed in relief. 

“I’ll be right back,” you said, kissing Newt gently on the forehead. You jumped up and exited the suitcase and emerged into Queenie and Tina’s apartment. 

Queenie looked at you and jumped up. “Frank attacked him?” she asked as she ran some tap water onto a towel. You nodded, tears in your eyes. 
“He must have been spooked or something. Frank would never do that,” you said sniffling. 
Queenie handed you the towel and you went back into the case, grabbing a fresh shirt from Newt’s stash. You returned to see he had made his way to a chair. His face was flushed of color and he was sweating horribly. You removed his shirt the rest of the way, revealing even more scars. You gently cleaned up all the blood on him and wrapped his wound. 
“I’m really glad you were here, (Y/N). If Queenie was doing this I might’ve fainted.”

You half-smiled and helped Newt put on a fresh shirt. “Why is that, Mr. Scamander?”
“Well, Miss (Y/L/N) I don’t trust too many people enough to take off my shirt and see all my,” he paused, “scars.”
You pursed your lips and looked into Newt’s striking blue eyes. 
“I think it’s beautiful. Some of these creatures have hurt you and you still see them as more than beasts and you care for them.” 
“If a creature has been treated like a beast, it will act like a beast,” Newt said gently. 

“Well,” you began, standing up. “I believe it’s time for you to go to bed, Mr. Scamander.”
You extended your hand and he took it, and slowly the two of you made it into the apartment. You helped Newt into bed, and turned to leave. 
“(Y/N), I think my wound would heal faster if you laid here with me.” 
You smirked. “Is that true?” you asked, making your way over to him. 
He nodded. “Makes the potion work faster.” 
“Well, in that case, I guess I must.” You gently climbed into bed with Newt, careful not to touch his wound in any way. 

Newt grabbed your hand and the two of you fell into a peaceful sleep.

The secret isn’t to find someone you love spending time with - I love spending time with a lot of people. The secret isn’t to find someone that you find attractive - I find a lot of people attractive for many different reasons. The secret isn’t to find someone who is nice - there are tons of nice people in the world. The secret is to find someone who wants exactly what you want. Someone who is ready to give you all they’ve got, and in return be ready to accept all the love you have to give. The world is filled with people in relationship of “loves you more” & “I have to act mean so they will like me back” or “I am just not ready.” Please do not waste any more of your precious time. You are an amazing creature. You deserve to be loved until your insides melt. Don’t give up on all the things you want. When you meet the right person you will have zero doubt in your mind. Zero.
Fantastic beasts

So, I watched “Fantastic beasts and where to find them” yesterday…


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The world, characters and creatures! There is so much love and effort in this movie. Not to mention the shocking plot twist in the end…

And, of course, this adorable little thief:

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I am so excited about this! 

just watched hunchback of notre dame and god

frollo is one of the cruelest and terrifying and complex but cOOLEST AND MOST INTERESTING villains I’ve ever seen

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: GOD i really love whales like whales are just amazing creatures can you imagine cetaceans JUST IMAGINE how beautiful they are i freaking love orcas for example like look at how crazy majestic they are all black and white and SMOOTH LOOKING and orcas are just BRUTAL LIKE SOMETIMES THEY WILL FLIP SHARKS OVER JUST FOR THE HECK OF IT AND DID YOU KNOW THEY TRAVEL IN PODS AND ARE MATRIARCHAL also narwhals guys narwhals are basically just unicorn whales except the horn is kinda like it's on the nose sometimes i forget that NARWHALS are a real thing ain't that the most amazing shit I CANNOT GET OVER THAT UNICORN WHALES ARE A THING AND DON'T GET ME STARTED on beluga whales look at those silly dumb boops with their high foreheads and smooshing their faces against things they're kinda like the dolphins' half-sibling or something don't you think by the way blue whales are hella rad just think they're so gigantic and enormous DO YOU REMEMBER THE WHALE FROM FINDING NEMO THAT WAS JUST INSANE you know honestly whales are amazing and did you know

Space Jellyfish as a possible reality is my favorite concept to think about. Imagine them out there, drifting among the stars, absorbing their nutrients from the stars as they float delicately throughout the endless expanses of galaxies, nebulas, and planets. Calm, steady comets in their own right. 

I just love the thought so much. So, I made terribly photoshopped pictures of space jellies.