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As always, me and my father can’t stand to see animals suffer and we found out today that this one was dumped after the owner moved out of the building three-ish weeks ago. After seeing her around, scared, hungry, suffering we couldn’t just let it be like that for her. With some help, we got her to the vets today and are now calling her our own.

The vets confirmed she was owned by someone who used to live here due to her chip. Her name, according to the records, is Zelda. She’s sick, but nothing that can’t be taken care of. Tonight is the first night she’ll be with us. I hope to make this a good home for her.

Welcome to the family, Zelda!


I really really love that scene!
I know that Gregg didn’t cry saying all that stuff to Mae but I imagined him crying! This is soo sweet, Gregg is sweet and a good person! (Fox 😂) how adorable creature he is… ❤
Tnx @therealjacksepticeye for playing this amazing game I put in the favorites list ahhh
I hope you like it! I know It’s a lil suck but I tried =) ❤ ohh quiznack my hand still hurts… but was worth it to do it I really enjoyed ❤

Humanity is so beautiful

So I learned two cool things about humans: 
Humans have stripes!
Human skin is overlaid with what dermatologists call Blaschko’s Lines, a pattern of stripes covering the body from head to toe. The stripes run up and down your arms and legs and hug your torso. You cannot see them without special equipment as the difference between the stripe cells and the non-stripes are too subtle for human eyes to pick up. You will also notice them at if something irritates the skin, as rashes and moles can form along these invisible lines.

Humans are bio-luminescent!
We glow in the dark. Natural chemical reactions in our cells let out some energy in the form of visible light. Unfortunately this light is very weak, about 1000 times weaker than the eye can see. Scientists still don’t know if there are animals capable of seeing this light in humans. 

So, it gave me an idea, and I will be writing something on it, but I’m also eager to see where others would go with the idea: what if humans met a race that could see our stripes, or our glow, or both! 
My take on the idea will involve the aliens adoring these glowing stripy creatures. Humans, meanwhile, are really confused about why these aliens find us so much more attractive than the more colourful creatures out there. Their compliments would confuse us. We literally cannot see what makes us beautiful to them. 

Anyone who wants to write this, feel free to go other places; love, hate, disgust, confusion. Any reaction from the humans, or aliens, can make a good story. 


Screenshots of Cartoon Network’s new short, Villainous. It’s about an evil organization called “The Black Cat Organization”, the organization is led by a character named Black Hat, an elegant, cunning and wicked man. Helping Black Hat with his evil plans is Dr. Flug, who’s a scientist that has a tendency to get nervous. Black Hat’s assistant is Demencia, who loves to destroy things for fun. Last but not least, there’s 5.0.5, a failed experiment by Dr. Flug, an adorable teddy bear-like creature and is the complete opposite of being evil.

I just found out this last night and I already starting to like it. Black Hat reminds me of Mike Schmidt from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Murdoc Niccals from The Gorillaz. As for his scientist Dr. Flug, he reminds me of Jeff. Demencia is like Marceline and Amethyst into one.

Anyway, I hope it gets a TV show of it’s own someday. If we live long enough to see it.


First, please have an apologise from me for being inactive ;w;, school and life been rushing me lately.

I present you Zero Gravity AU - Monster Falls AU eddition~!
You might be questioning “this looks like some pirate AU”. Well! Cause I want something different for ZeroFalls XD

Original Monster Falls has Bill as hunters while the Pines as adorable creatures so this time reverse~ The Ciphers as those sneaky little hybrids and the Guardian Pines as pirate XD Good pirate tho~ Travel to protect the 7 seas and get that journal back XD

Oh, and bonus XD  

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What about Yura and Yuuri on catnip

  • Yurio gets fucking lit, and runs around the home until he passes out. Victor doesn’t get anything with catnip in it often because he’s trying to save his apartment from the cat rendition of The Purge.
  • Yuri gets so cuddly when given catnip. Like 0-100 calm, adoring creature. He’s like a soft toasty marshmallow.

When Yura’s passed out, Yuri often brings him presents,