such a wonderfull place

thequeenisdeadboys  asked:

Stop acting like comic book fandom is a wonderfull place that only have a few assholes, when in reality is a giant structural problem, that still work in the same mentality that fucking racist country club on upstate new york that only allows poc/lgbt/women when they know their place and/or prove their worthy

Go fuck yourself.

Did you do a comphensive SURVEY of EVERY goddam person invovled in comic book fandom to determine whether or not they pass a good/bad test criteria?


So how in the Hell do you get off broadbrushing people like that.


What did I ACTUALLY say to invite the idea that fandom only has a few assholes?

Not to mention your argument isn’t even logical.

You’ve conflated FANDOM and the INDUSTRY.


Comic book FANDOM is diverse and has it’s assholes and it’s nice people.

There are ignorant morons of course, but more often than not the ones who take that into asshole territory are NOT the norm to my observations over 10+ years.

The INDUSTRY is different. The INDUSTRY is actively hostile to women, queer people, trans people and pocs.

But fandom, comparatively is not.

OF COURSE prejudiced dickheads exist but are they over 50%?

That can’t be determined off the cuff. The stories I hear of such behaviour comes from both online harassment and harassment at conventions.

Except the online harassers 

a) Are comprised of a noticable number who aren’t even fans int he first place

b) Are nowhere near representative of the majority of comic book fandom.

The majority of comic book fans, of Marvel fans, of Avengers fans, of Mockingbird fans even NEVER harassed or agreed with the harassment of Chelsea Cain.

Nowhere even close.

ONE person doing that was far, far, far, far too many but they weren’t representative of most of the fans at all. When i checked, and I admit my numbers might be faulty (so correct me if I am wrong). There was less than 1000 examples of harassment against Cain. Way less than that.

All those who participated are piece of shit scumbags and steps MUST be taken to address that thing happening in fandom, on twitter and so on.

But don’t fucking pretend that represents the whole, the majority or anything like that.

Less than 1000.

FFS there was like at LEAST FOUR TIMES that number reading her book by the END of it’s run.

So how the fuck can those less than 1000 asshole ‘prove’ that MOST of the fans operate along similar lines of thinking?

Because in following the story, I’m sorry, I’ve seen so many MORE people in fandom speak in condemnation of the harassment Cain was victimized with than ever actually participated in it.

THAT is why it is to my perception a few assholes as opposed to a few people who are NOT assholes.

Same deal with conventions but more poignant because, knock, knock idiot MOST FANS DON’T GO TO THE CONVENTIONS!

The conventions are far away from where a lot of fans live and are expensive as fuck. They are also attended by more people who are there primarily or exclusively for things that AREN’T comic book related than the people who are there primarily or exlucisvely for that.

The harassment in such places also needs to stop but again, you have fuck all way or statistically proving based upon what happens there that yes MOST comic book fans are garbage people because you have no way of proving the people who do garbage things there were definitely comic book fans nor that they represented the MAJORITY of comic book fans.

Do a fucking census survey and then maybe talk to me jackass.